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Lav Luka
Lav Luka

  1. David Peters

    David Peters

    Lots of smaller housed in USA. Newer housed usually quite large, but a lot of older neighborhoods with small houses.

  2. R. M. MacFru

    R. M. MacFru

    Pecans are pronounced as "puh-CAUN" in the US south and "PEE-can" in most of the rest of the country.

  3. Heidi that's who.

    Heidi that's who.29 seconds ago

    I've tried 10 times to watch this video and it won't load.🤷🏼‍♀️😥

  4. TheGalwayjoyce

    TheGalwayjoyceMinute ago

    I was disappointed in the Massachusetts offering, and pissed when I saw Roast Beef Sandwiches for MO. Google “North Shore Roast Beef”. The hot rare Roast Beef sandwich was invented at Kelly’s in Revere MA, over 100 years ago. The official Boston food isn’t baked beans, lobster rolls, or clam chowder. It’s a Super Beef, 3-way.

  5. Kassia Delgado

    Kassia Delgado4 minutes ago

    We have a radio show in the morning that does a contest called OTF. They play a story or read one and you got to guess if it's Ohio, Texas or Florida. Since the most insane stories happen in those three states.

  6. Rowena.

    Rowena.10 minutes ago

    I found your video today. Have you gone to the USA yet?

  7. lolita_iori

    lolita_iori10 minutes ago

    I forgot all about this show! It's good imo

  8. Rebecca V

    Rebecca V10 minutes ago

    love your content! just found you in my recommended and im 3 vids in! Ive lived in the US my entire life and didn't know most of this hahah

  9. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez11 minutes ago

    The observant engineering ipsilaterally promise because chord additonally attempt for a cultured wash. lush, kindhearted riddle

  10. MotoAtheist

    MotoAtheist11 minutes ago

    Tipping has become the complete opposite of it's intended purpose. Tipping was intended to show appreciation for somebody giving you good service. Now tipping has become expected no matter what level service you got and they all share tips. It's F'n stupid.

  11. Trentsum

    Trentsum12 minutes ago

    i also hate coconut flakes in food.

  12. Jesse Frost

    Jesse Frost18 minutes ago

    YOU KNOW YOU WANNA BE THERE British”LAV”Guy haha 💯‼️👍🏼

  13. xves themess

    xves themess19 minutes ago

    Instead of barfing or puking we say vomiting mostly. No never heard of hoagie or broil. We also say curtains mostly.

  14. Dixie Dever

    Dixie Dever21 minute ago

    Every time I watch one of his videos all I can think is, "Boy you need to live a bit more! You don't have a clue." When you don't even know what an apple looks like when peeled.

  15. Elyse America

    Elyse America23 minutes ago

    Yo I’m English decent, my great great great (ect.) grandfather was a General in the Revolutionary war he became a traitor to the crown alongside others like general George Washington, his name was Israel Putnam, there is actually a town my family created in England called Puttenham which was our sir name for hundreds of years, I would love to see what my families town looks like today.

  16. Alexandra W

    Alexandra W24 minutes ago

    Is nick kroll narrating this video

  17. Will

    Will27 minutes ago

    Alabama should have been Zaxby's, milo's is ass and I don't know anyone that eats it

  18. CY- Goated

    CY- Goated28 minutes ago

    Yeah he definitely from the uk saying kfc bust 🤣

  19. Chris

    Chris28 minutes ago

    Chicago deep dish its not a quiche lol. If you like cheese, It's pure heaven.

  20. Dale A

    Dale A28 minutes ago

    I'm still waiting on some driving around video's. Is that thing even moved an inch yet?

  21. April Vera

    April Vera29 minutes ago

    Universe in a nutshell

  22. Paul Davis

    Paul Davis31 minute ago

    In the South, you would have a very high chance of having neighbors like that -- very nosey, very apt to give you their bigoted and fearful opinions, and to try to drag you to their church, and be completely scandalized that everyone on Earth isn't a U.S. Southern Baptist. And the family that is all comic books/cosplay etc I don't find that so uncommon either, sure maybe the show wanted to throw that at the British family, but it just isn't that uncommon in the U.S. and there are a lot of people in the South who definitely will get into that as a reaction against the uptight Baptist surrounding them.

  23. AutumnRainneMusic

    AutumnRainneMusic33 minutes ago

    please react to more of his videos!

  24. Asaduzzaman Asad

    Asaduzzaman Asad33 minutes ago

    you may also react to this Bro

  25. Libertyloving Beckles

    Libertyloving Beckles37 minutes ago

    Hun Banana Pudding from the South will change your life..the banana taste isn't as overpowering as you think especially with vanilla wafers and whipped cream

  26. Travis Salvo

    Travis Salvo43 minutes ago

    Shake shack has one of the best fast food burgers

  27. Jordan Freidel

    Jordan Freidel43 minutes ago

    Jupiter has no solid surface until you get to it's iron core in the very center, but around that it does have an all around ocean of liquid metallic hydrogen but very much most of the planet is it's clouds.

  28. AutumnRainneMusic

    AutumnRainneMusic47 minutes ago

    disappointed in the choice for Oregon since i've never even heard of it and there isn't one in my city and i live in one of the biggest city in Oregon?!


    SAMPLE TEXT52 minutes ago

    Wawa slaps they just added burger and fries to the menu here in Pennsylvania and everyone is talking about it

  30. Anne Rosengarten-Adkins

    Anne Rosengarten-Adkins52 minutes ago

    Jell-O, not jell-y

  31. Seth iRoth

    Seth iRoth53 minutes ago

    "Another space type reaction" lol

  32. Richane Nuttall

    Richane Nuttall53 minutes ago

    Sweet potato pie is delicious! Similar to pumpkin pie but better. 😋 I’ve lived in Utah nearly my entire life. I have no idea who’s eating all that jello - I don’t eat it and I’ve rarely seen it at a gathering or event. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  33. Odysseus Rex

    Odysseus Rex55 minutes ago

    Luka, you might be interested to know that that parachute was made in England. Look up the Viking landers, the Pathfinder lander and Sojourner rover, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, the Phoenix lander, the Curiosity rover, and the InSight lander. Those are all of the successful Mars landers to date. The video you saw of the landing was taken and recorded as it happened of course, then transmitted back to Earth over a period of about two days due to limited bandwidth.

  34. lolita_iori

    lolita_ioriHour ago

    Dick's is called "Dirty Dicks" in Washington. It's just okay imo, but it's good if you're hungry and on a budget.

  35. God

    GodHour ago

    I'm like 99% sure that girl with the blurred out face is like 16 years old

  36. Val Hopeless

    Val HopelessHour ago

    As a Carolina native, Bojangle's is definitely my pick too, but Honorable Mention goes to Cook-Out for the best milkshakes you'll ever have. The eggnog shake, only available in December, is exceptional, but the Oreo Mint is my hands-down favorite.

  37. Adam Bullerman

    Adam BullermanHour ago

    Des Moines iowa is pronounced De Moine you drop the Ss I know it’s confusing but

  38. HighVoltage75

    HighVoltage75Hour ago

    As an Ohioan, I loved your reaction to the buckeye. I mean, chocolate and peanut butter, what else do you need? lol

  39. Victoria Brands

    Victoria BrandsHour ago

    FYI California Arizona and Texas tacos are all different

  40. rokko

    rokkoHour ago

    10% is the standard. 15 - 20% is too high unless it's the best service of your life. tipping culture needs to end.

  41. Randallphobia

    RandallphobiaHour ago

    Every stage has multiple accents. I'm often confused as to how a place as small as England can have so many accents. I enjoy your videos, but to me your accent is THICK. I'm a little bit of an Anglophile, but it took a couple of videos before I could easily understand you. Personally, I have a pretty thick Gulf Coast Texas accent that gets worse when I'm tires or cranky.

  42. rgonzalezjr1994

    rgonzalezjr1994Hour ago

    You should watch and review night vision hog hunts in the US!

  43. Stormy Rocks

    Stormy RocksHour ago


  44. Samantha Cohen

    Samantha CohenHour ago

    im from connecticut and i dont live in bridgeport but i drive through it alot and its actually one of the poorest cities in the US. Theres a lot of crime there and a lot of homeless people. overall it's just not a good town to go to. especially at night.

  45. Sidney Brown

    Sidney BrownHour ago

    East Coast has been populated longer than the West...

  46. FHFD

    FHFDHour ago

    would say if something seems too good to be true it is

  47. Amanda Paul

    Amanda PaulHour ago

    I love how inquisitive you are and how you look up things you are curious about. I am a homeschool mom so seeing that just makes me smile.

  48. Jared Pap

    Jared PapHour ago

    Mexican in the US is like Indian in the UK

  49. Lizzy Lambardo

    Lizzy LambardoHour ago

    I'm just going to point out that the tourist spots and the nicer areas of these cities aren't the places that have the gigantic crime rates. I go to school in Midtown Detroit. It's safe. We have our own police force. That being said, you have to be smart. Travel in pairs or groups (particularly at night), and don't go off campus very far. Same goes for Downtown Detroit. You're generally safe going to sporting events or to a performance at one of the theaters. But again, don't stray far from these safe areas and travel in pairs or groups. As a tourist, you likely won't have any problem unless you're snooping around the slums. But if you're snooping around the slums on purpose, there's something else wrong with you that no amount of advice can fix. If you're worried about it, carry pepper spray and keep your key between your fingers on the way to your car (as a substitute for brass knuckles). If you're near a college campus in Detroit like Wayne State or Detroit Mercy, keep an eye on those posts with the blue lights. There's an emergency button on every single one of those posts. Campus police for Wayne State can generally get to you in less than 1 minute. And maybe know the emergency phone numbers. In short, be smart and you'll be fine.

  50. Gwen Jackson

    Gwen JacksonHour ago

    Jello with whipped cream is delicious. And key lime pie is something everyone must try before they die.

  51. Jeanne Buntain

    Jeanne BuntainHour ago

    the Utah accent would have come from western New York and the Midwest with the Mormon Migration. That would be why they sound more eastern.

  52. AuntieCreed

    AuntieCreedHour ago

    Krystal's are locally known as "gut bombs". They are delicious little slider burgers, super soft buns. And you do not order just one. LOL And once you're able, you've GOT to go with your friends to Waffle House. I suggest the Patty Melt plate with covered hashbrowns, or get the Waffle with eggs and bacon. Waffle House waffles are the bomb. Oh and btw, bacon with ice cream isn't bad at all, it's actually really good with vanilla and caramel syrup, I've had it before so a bacon milkshake would be worth a try.

  53. Mr. Durden

    Mr. DurdenHour ago

    Cool reaction

  54. Kaitlyn Farber

    Kaitlyn FarberHour ago

    A suggestion for when there is text behind your camera to either move your face or read the text underneath. I would love to see what it says underneath! BTW, love watching your reactions. I live in the US and some of these videos are still very fascinating to me!

  55. A Neophyte

    A NeophyteHour ago

    The Northern Lights surrounds the magnetic north pole, not the geographic north pole and the magnetic pole is further south. So Michigan is closer to the magnetic pole than England.

  56. Alexandra W

    Alexandra WHour ago

    As a bartender in America, I don’t get vacation days. I have to save enough tips for the vacation and to make up for the time I request off

  57. Michelle C

    Michelle CHour ago

    Sweet potatoes are good for deserts tbh, I mean they're sweet plus you add sugar anyways. I make sweet potato pancakes as well, it's nice👍 Also I say pecan the same way you do, don't know where she got it from.

  58. Wise Guy

    Wise GuyHour ago

    Waffle House......NO!

  59. Supreme Gaming

    Supreme GamingHour ago

    The richest man in the world is Elon musk or Jeff bezos

  60. Paul Douris

    Paul DourisHour ago

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

  61. Muthah

    MuthahHour ago

    Muthah gives 5 stars to this video. Love it.

  62. Ignis Agni

    Ignis Agni2 hours ago

    For #10, its only for restaurants. We dont tip at fast food, convenience stores, food stands, etc. Just specifically restaurants.

  63. Kwest57

    Kwest572 hours ago

    BTW, I can't stand pickles on a burger. Also, mustard DOES NOT belong on a burger.

  64. Aubrey MacLeod

    Aubrey MacLeod2 hours ago

    Wow...this really is old!! Our exoplanet counts at present are btw 4000 and 5000. With more and more discoveries, this count is skyrocketing every day!!

  65. Eddie Love

    Eddie Love2 hours ago

    React to saving private Ryan Omahi beach scene!!!!

  66. Gaming with MrX

    Gaming with MrX2 hours ago

    New Orleans Louisiana has the best food in the country you should come to the south