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11 months ago

NF - Nate (Audio)
NF - Time

NF - Time

Year ago

NF - The Search


2 years ago



2 years ago

NF - Let You Down
NF - 3 A.M. (Audio)
NF - Destiny (Audio)
NF - My Life (Audio)
NF - Lie (Audio)

NF - Lie (Audio)

3 years ago

NF - Outcast

NF - Outcast

3 years ago

NF - Intro III (Audio)
NF - Dreams (Audio)
NF - Know (Audio)
NF - Green Lights
NF - Outro

NF - Outro

3 years ago

NF - Warm Up

NF - Warm Up

4 years ago

NF - Therapy Session
NF - Real

NF - Real

4 years ago

NF - Breathe (Audio)
NF - Oh Lord (Audio)
NF - Real (Audio)
NF - All I Do (Audio)
NF - Statement (Audio)
NF - I Just Wanna Know
NF - Intro 2

NF - Intro 2

4 years ago

NF - Wait

NF - Wait

5 years ago

NF - Notepad

NF - Notepad

5 years ago

NF - Paralyzed (Audio)
NF - Face It (Audio)
NF - Motivated (Audio)
NF - Wait (Audio)
NF - Intro

NF - Intro

5 years ago

NF - Wake Up

NF - Wake Up

5 years ago

NF - Only One (Audio)
NF - Hands Up (Audio)
NF - Wake Up (Audio)
NF - All I Have

NF - All I Have

6 years ago

  1. Suchita Shukla

    Suchita Shukla5 hours ago

    I came here bc of jb.. He was listening this

  2. Mercy Akech

    Mercy Akech6 hours ago

    I still remember the look on my face when I saw marks on my classmates arms but what made me feel worse was that she always said she was "fine" 😭😭😭😭

  3. Ford Gaming

    Ford Gaming6 hours ago

    Who else thinks he should make an album or something with Witt Lowry. If you don’t know who that is he makes similar music as NF check it out!

  4. Gabe H

    Gabe H6 hours ago

    Poetry is the inclination and reflection of the heart. We all need to reflect and possibly write more. NF is so brutally deep, dark, vulnerable and honest. What lyric, song or poem do you resonate most with right now? "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise." Jeremiah 17-9, 14

  5. Midnight wolf

    Midnight wolf6 hours ago

    Who else noticed that trath bag falling out of the truck at 1:15

  6. Aiden Davis

    Aiden Davis6 hours ago

    When I have a bad day I listen to ur music and it makes me feel better so ceep it up pls

  7. muhammadahmad1994

    muhammadahmad19946 hours ago

    I would murder someone to meet this guy!

  8. Mr. Radiation

    Mr. Radiation6 hours ago

    My parents think my ocd and adhd and aphasia are fake conditions and just excuses.. Are they because now i am confused and distressed.

  9. countless

    countless6 hours ago

    hes back!!!!

  10. Nicolette Bedoyaニコレット

    Nicolette Bedoyaニコレット7 hours ago

    “Will always finds a way to cut you up and murder your faith” damn that’s true...

  11. Kalys Bourque

    Kalys Bourque7 hours ago

    Going to be November soon. Who else is vibing?

  12. •dark_butterfly•

    •dark_butterfly•7 hours ago

    i can relate A LOT to this song. I may only be 12 years old but ive been going through these things since i was 6. pls dont say that im just one of those kids who thinks depression is cool.

  13. Amanda

    Amanda7 hours ago

    This is most def my favorite BY U!!!!

  14. Joel Feria

    Joel Feria7 hours ago

    so good your new song i like it bro

  15. Boniface Sibanda

    Boniface Sibanda7 hours ago

    im so addicted to NF and his songs that i even went far to name my first born kid Nathan John Hills

  16. Dan

    Dan7 hours ago

    This song and Issues by Julia Michaels are two of my favorite songs that actually touch on emotions that most songs don't.

  17. Dan Lola

    Dan Lola7 hours ago

    Me to my mom everyday from 2008😭

  18. Benji Iyall

    Benji Iyall7 hours ago

    Does anyone know why he hasn’t posted over 10 months? But either way I’m happy he is back🙃

  19. Daniel Winslow

    Daniel Winslow7 hours ago

    Keep doing what your doing bro! The music is awesome!

  20. Preston Eisenach

    Preston Eisenach7 hours ago

    Is it bad I have this memorized🤔

  21. Itiba Aijaz

    Itiba Aijaz7 hours ago

    The search is the new rap god

  22. David Verma

    David Verma7 hours ago

    He just speak for the justice. He motivates everyone who used to be in dark. No Father of Church No Religion Try To Save Them But Just The Music And Music By NF

  23. norma escalante

    norma escalante7 hours ago

    This song speaks my language

  24. Sean Ngyuen

    Sean Ngyuen7 hours ago

    Bet this fan's losing their shit over this lol

  25. Katelyn Morrison

    Katelyn Morrison7 hours ago

    beautiful song <3

  26. Zelda Link

    Zelda Link8 hours ago

    As above so below

  27. Dwi Anggara

    Dwi Anggara8 hours ago

    From indonesia anyone in here ??

  28. Koa Dan

    Koa Dan8 hours ago

    when i grow up i wanna be A BARBIE GIRL

  29. Owen Boyd

    Owen Boyd8 hours ago

    Bro this is epic!!!!!!!

  30. Hugo Gonzalez

    Hugo Gonzalez8 hours ago

    NF the best

  31. The Dirty Doesnt

    The Dirty Doesnt8 hours ago

    had the same helped me...that song is real...I know the struggle

  32. Asad Ahmad

    Asad Ahmad8 hours ago


  33. Dia Roy

    Dia Roy9 hours ago

    He is special.

  34. Organic Watergoose

    Organic Watergoose9 hours ago

    Mom: wow that’s a good song! What’s the name of it? Me: no name Mom: oh ok Just realized this works both ways

  35. Frederico Holland

    Frederico Holland9 hours ago

    Me dont open the gun safe in my parents rooms and pull a trigger on myself

  36. Extreme_Fuel23

    Extreme_Fuel239 hours ago


  37. Joshua Kelley Kelley

    Joshua Kelley Kelley9 hours ago

    I have felt like this song for 2 going on 3 years but Ik I have to get over it Im trying very hard but she just left and I never saw her again I did not do anything to make her leave she just left I tried to find her but never could sadly

  38. der wurm

    der wurm9 hours ago

    this song reminds me of hopsin

  39. julia jordan

    julia jordan9 hours ago

    he's talking real life shit that happen's daly

  40. Seriously Real

    Seriously Real9 hours ago

    2:05 I don't judge myself but I judge the things i do

  41. Ian Freitag

    Ian Freitag9 hours ago

    NF looks like a Cop. Officer Nathan Foster. Am I wrong?

  42. skunks owner

    skunks owner9 hours ago

    It's hard for me to listen to this because my cousin passed away from heart issues but I always find myself back here.

  43. Brian E

    Brian E10 hours ago

    sam smith

  44. OfficialJulian

    OfficialJulian10 hours ago

    There are 2 types of people here: 1: People who just love NF 2: People who came from Madden 16 Im here from Madden 16

  45. Just Krazy

    Just Krazy10 hours ago

    A supreme being

  46. Just Krazy

    Just Krazy10 hours ago


  47. Kadari Jones

    Kadari Jones10 hours ago

    If your here in 2020 then your O.G and you just kinda thought about your ex or you thought about God and how you sinned all those times and how he felt all that pain for you☹️this song is just some thing you can relate to

  48. Thomas Walsh

    Thomas Walsh10 hours ago

    Don't Stop Believing Nate, And Thank you for making such beautiful music. I Pray the best for you. I Hope you reach all your goals & Dreams. <3


    ISYAHBOI YEET10 hours ago

    My sisters suicidal i dont know what to do please help someone

  50. Ceko Sharp

    Ceko Sharp10 hours ago

    Still listening here from Gladwin Keep it up!

  51. Juliany Paredes

    Juliany Paredes10 hours ago

    I have anxiety and I got a panic attac and started having trouble breathing bc I was crying

  52. Brady Mccue

    Brady Mccue10 hours ago


  53. Brady Mccue

    Brady Mccue10 hours ago

    ✅ ✅

  54. Brady Mccue

    Brady Mccue10 hours ago


  55. Brady Mccue

    Brady Mccue10 hours ago


  56. Brady Mccue

    Brady Mccue10 hours ago


  57. Weebruh

    Weebruh10 hours ago

    NF is the only normal rapper

  58. Ohbey Frost

    Ohbey Frost10 hours ago

    The comments are so inspirational 💯

  59. Weebruh

    Weebruh10 hours ago

    this reminds me of "love the way you lie" by eminem

  60. Angel Timmons

    Angel Timmons10 hours ago

    Sadest sdongs of 2020 but mesn somthing

  61. khyle gordon

    khyle gordon11 hours ago

    I wish i found this song before i started to love🙁❗

  62. tyrin owens

    tyrin owens11 hours ago

    military arms channel

  63. Angel Timmons

    Angel Timmons11 hours ago

    Home cookin get the grill

  64. Emmanuel Sanchez Carreño

    Emmanuel Sanchez Carreño11 hours ago

    Buena Wos

  65. Random Things

    Random Things11 hours ago

    This is my mom... I truly wish I could not think of her like this But It happens to the best of us It happens it’s life sad life life hard even when it seems good it isn’t there’s always something missing no madder what you do... If she still out there I miss you even tho everything thing you done

  66. Jayden Feliz

    Jayden Feliz11 hours ago


  67. XXX_Toxic Waste_XXX

    XXX_Toxic Waste_XXX11 hours ago

    it rlly sucks to make ppl happy and sometimes ur mind goes wild i have deppresion i tried to kill my self it did not work but when i found u it felt like u know what i go threw

  68. Fencesitter

    Fencesitter11 hours ago

    Unreal! This dude is the real deal that we need in this industry. Big rappers talk about saving the industry...this and've found the guy who will be the leader even if he doesn't want that kind of attention. His talent is beyond any that I have listened thankful for NF!

  69. XXX_Toxic Waste_XXX

    XXX_Toxic Waste_XXX11 hours ago

    hey NF i feel your pain

  70. Random Things

    Random Things11 hours ago

    Me and my mom used to listen to this song all the time!! But she wasn’t the best she needs time the first time I listen to list song I was in the car with her and something happen but I was to young to know but I still miss her but she needs more time..... If she still out there😖

  71. Maria Roberts

    Maria Roberts11 hours ago

    Depressive tendencies:check Insomniac tendencies:check Cry alot:check Anxiety:check Hate my looks and body:oh boy check!!,should I keep going

  72. Keksmo

    Keksmo11 hours ago

    If you are having Depression I would recommend you to look for professional help. Stay strong and try to be happy. If you need someone to talk to you can write me on Instagram. My name is tide_kekse.

  73. keem

    keem11 hours ago

    ga ada lawan

  74. Yung Kibbles

    Yung Kibbles11 hours ago

    anyone here from the zuko edit ?

  75. Midari The queen

    Midari The queen11 hours ago

    Other rappers: sex,money,drugs,girls,cars NF: what are swear words?

  76. Christopher Jamieson

    Christopher Jamieson11 hours ago

    Sorry nf not to you at all I don't hate you don't do what are please I beg of flipping God no fake DNA please don't do this to me ai

  77. xarti27

    xarti2711 hours ago

    I have no words for this song. Just amazing.

  78. Chill Shadow

    Chill Shadow12 hours ago

    i still remember this word "where is the person that i know"

  79. Ethan Gallien

    Ethan Gallien12 hours ago

    yoooo anyone there

  80. Eleryss D.Kheji

    Eleryss D.Kheji12 hours ago

    Some much underrated