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  1. Great white North

    Great white North13 seconds ago

    Smart bull nothing like a shield of cows.

  2. Chris Gardenheir

    Chris Gardenheir32 seconds ago

    I just like meat in the freezer but I'm at that point. It looks like plenty of hard work. Looking forward to the next few episodes.

  3. Myron Martin

    Myron MartinMinute ago

    Snow, wind, and elevation are the antagonists in a great running narrative. Thanks guys for the awesome work.

  4. Gaelan De Leone

    Gaelan De LeoneMinute ago

    Great shot

  5. Art Trumbo

    Art TrumboMinute ago

    All this talk about elevation has me wondering what elevation you actually found that bull at.

  6. N2Elk

    N2Elk2 minutes ago

    Some hard working guys right there! Two elk in one day is quite the accomplishment! Especially with bows! 😎🏹

  7. Jim Lee

    Jim Lee2 minutes ago

    Congratulations! Total team effort! Vast majority of hunters would have started that fire Cory and just called it in but not the ELK101 team,you guys are real studs for scaling that cliff again (John is the man for his role in this crazy adventure!) and were rewarded with a truely,well-deserved , beautiful bull.Donnie on the back-up gun showed what a true friend and hunting partner he is and yet again proves that you guys are the best duo in the business today.Glad you took Randy 's advice and used Beau's liamas,hooked now?Awesome guys,the best!

  8. Clay Dysert

    Clay Dysert2 minutes ago

    Those rifle setups...🙌🏽

  9. Bearded Ninja

    Bearded Ninja3 minutes ago

    Too tired to keep hiking but to cold I cant stop hiking lol, I think we've all been there! Did you pick up that shed antler?! I would have been completely side tracked by it!

  10. David Fowler

    David Fowler3 minutes ago

    Awesome footage! Congrats on the bull and what a great team effort!

  11. N2Elk

    N2Elk4 minutes ago

    Well done guys! Awesome bull! 🙌🏼 You definitely earned that one 💪🏼

  12. WA_ryan

    WA_ryan4 minutes ago

    Watching with my son, as they are packing bull out he starts giggling and laughing, me: whats so funny, my son: they showed the llama's butt...

  13. Nathan Cornelius

    Nathan Cornelius5 minutes ago

    Really big bodied bull. Built for the country he lived in.

  14. N2Elk

    N2Elk5 minutes ago

    Way to endure guys! Some tough hiking and packing right there but that is what hard work will get you 💪🏼🔥

  15. jkhuntfish

    jkhuntfish6 minutes ago

    Looks like a grind!!

  16. Tanner Nielsen

    Tanner Nielsen6 minutes ago

    Did you know alligators can live up to 100 years? That’s why they’ll probably see you later.

  17. Jeremy Bowman

    Jeremy Bowman7 minutes ago

    They is a beautiful bull

  18. Chuck Wilds

    Chuck Wilds7 minutes ago

    Getting up earlier than normal and then packing out a bull late into the night sure makes for a long day. I bet looking back now though it was worth it.

  19. Scott Willett

    Scott Willett11 minutes ago

    Great hunt by some great guys, showing heart, dedication and fortitude....many would have given up.

  20. Stephen Karvonen

    Stephen Karvonen11 minutes ago

    Great bull! Rugged hunt. Commitment pays off. Awesome job!

  21. Michael Aungst

    Michael Aungst11 minutes ago

    awesome hunt! the high and lows of elk hunting are what make it some of the best hunting .

  22. Gregory Church

    Gregory Church12 minutes ago

    Perfect examples of selflessness all around...No you shoot...I’ll go get the llamas...how about some fresh elk steak...you guys are a great team for sure!!!

  23. Lawrence Styles

    Lawrence Styles13 minutes ago

    Another fine episode. Way to stay with it on a difficult hunt.

  24. Jarrad Bache

    Jarrad Bache15 minutes ago

    Props to john for going the extra vertical feet! Good shooting corey.

  25. Bill Stiger

    Bill Stiger15 minutes ago

    How far was that shot?

  26. John Waldron

    John Waldron18 minutes ago

    Then lamas are pretty neat, now shoot an elk lol

  27. James Barnes

    James Barnes19 minutes ago

    Great end to a tough hunt. Climbing that mountain not only physically tough, but mentally tough also. Major props to the camera man, not only going back for llamas but great footage also! Congrats to everyone.

  28. Eugene J

    Eugene J19 minutes ago

    Tough hunt! Keep it up guys!

  29. Wapiti

    Wapiti20 minutes ago

    Nothing gets the heart racing like a screaming bull

  30. hushlife777

    hushlife77721 minute ago

    That must have been a good omen to see the big elk shed before shooting that bull lol. Way to persevere guys! Awesome hunt!

  31. Frank Saulteaux

    Frank Saulteaux21 minute ago

    Kudos to John for the great footage. I can't imagine what it takes to get all those shots never mind the kill shot. Great Bull guys. That was a tough hunt and I wasn't even walking them ridges and I was tired just watching. Can't wait for more episodes

  32. Chris Haines

    Chris Haines21 minute ago

    Great hunt guys. Love that rifle.

  33. Jim Woods

    Jim Woods21 minute ago

    Great elk! Great teamwork! Great llamas! Llamas 🦙

  34. Barrie Salmonson

    Barrie Salmonson23 minutes ago

    It’s amazing the taste of fresh meat in the woods. A group of us used to go fishing on the Kenai river and the very first fish of the trip was pulled from the water and went straight on the fire (no seasoning), it was the best fish I’ve ever had!

  35. Jerry Hembree

    Jerry Hembree24 minutes ago

    ''If I don't leave now, I never will', is a conversation I have had with myself half way through the season every year since my I turned 60. Have to admit, that on a couple of occasions, the answer was to pull the bag up over my head and roll over. Those llamas would be a blessing for the bad back and knees.

  36. Tom Bradsher

    Tom Bradsher24 minutes ago

    I can't imagine fresh Elk Backstrap over an open fire. Probably better than Chestnuts!

  37. Bill Stiger

    Bill Stiger25 minutes ago

    Cory your killing Donnie! LOL.

  38. Myron Martin

    Myron Martin25 minutes ago

    I was waiting to see a couple of mountain goats and then I saw 3 of them right in front of the camera. Their names were John, Corey, and Donnie. Hahaha

  39. Dale Goytowski

    Dale Goytowski25 minutes ago

    Nice bull! Llama's really help out on a backcountry hunt.

  40. Tyler Gibson

    Tyler Gibson27 minutes ago

    Since hindsight is always 20/20, wouldn't it have made more sense to take the llamas up the mountain with you so you didn't have to go back to camp to get them? Thanks for sharing this great hunt in beautiful country.

  41. Vincent Rhea

    Vincent Rhea27 minutes ago

    I think this is the best episode I've seen ever other than the one with your daughter. I would love to do a hunt like that but at my age it's not going to happen. Keep filming these great hunts it keeps me young at heart. Beautiful bull. Donnie as back up shooter. Love it.

  42. Bud Mcfarren

    Bud Mcfarren27 minutes ago

    That is an incredible testament to your friendship that you don't argue over who gets to shoot the bull. And want the other to shoot. Every episode makes me enjoy you guys more and more. Thank you

  43. Brandon Craft

    Brandon Craft30 minutes ago

    Not enough can be said about having hunting partners you can count on. Pretty cool to watch your videos and relive my own experiences while learning from you all! Thanks for all the tips

  44. Aaron Poloni

    Aaron Poloni31 minute ago

    Amazing effort from all of you guys!! Absolute savages! Well done

  45. Chris Parker

    Chris Parker32 minutes ago

    Awesome hunt! Great bull! Lucky Donnie did have a spasm and squeeze the trigger on his rifle before Corey shot it.

  46. Fenmancan

    Fenmancan32 minutes ago

    Wondering if the Llamas had it easier coming out? Even though they had the elk to pack, at least they didn't have Donnie's "snack bag"!!!!! Nice job getting it done fella's.

  47. Jason Alderfer

    Jason Alderfer32 minutes ago

    What caliber are you shooting in your Sig Cross?

  48. Daniel Huffman

    Daniel Huffman34 minutes ago

    Glad to hear that unicorns do exist. Congrats Jess!

  49. Kurt Zalewski

    Kurt Zalewski35 minutes ago

    Great Bull, way to get up early and get it done. Kudos to John for hiking baa as ok yo get the llamas.

  50. Luke Langton

    Luke Langton38 minutes ago

    Got it done.

  51. Kelly E

    Kelly E38 minutes ago

    Reward well earned

  52. Magnuson13

    Magnuson1338 minutes ago

    Awesome elk hunt! That was some wicked country. And great job John! You managed to keep your shirt on this year!

  53. Robert Tipton

    Robert Tipton39 minutes ago

    Congrats, persistence pays and the lamas what save some backs on the packing. Steep countryside!

  54. Loren Olson

    Loren Olson39 minutes ago

    Looking for the dad joke!

  55. Beau Baker

    Beau Baker39 minutes ago

    Looks like a blast boys! Beau knows! Plus he’s got a dandy name 💪

  56. Jim Woods

    Jim Woods40 minutes ago

    Makes my legs hurt just watching the climb!

  57. Matthew Briggs

    Matthew Briggs41 minute ago

    Binge worthy show

  58. Michael Cafferty

    Michael Cafferty42 minutes ago

    It's so cool to here that those lamas allowed you guys to go back farther and higher then you otherwise would. An amazing experience. Always thankyou for the great content content.

  59. Chad Leger1

    Chad Leger142 minutes ago

    Definitely have to get llamas

  60. Josh Mullen

    Josh Mullen43 minutes ago

    Congrats Jessi!

  61. Levi Clarke

    Levi Clarke44 minutes ago

    I loved this video! Absolutely awesome. Stud bull, stud llamas, and even bigger stud camera man and friend! That's what it's about..... but.... did anyone pick up that shed antler?

  62. Cole Lanier

    Cole Lanier46 minutes ago

    That’s some climbing for camera man John! Hope he got the best part of that backstrap

  63. Richard Cummings

    Richard Cummings46 minutes ago

    At least we know Randy didn't tell you about that spot, if he did we would have seen the shed in a tree...

  64. Eric Kendall

    Eric Kendall46 minutes ago

    Great hunt, great bull and bet you will hunt with llamas more often. Definitely a game changer there.

  65. cheryl outdoors

    cheryl outdoors47 minutes ago

    Se videos go from high to low, this one goes from low to very high. These guys were dreading it first thing in the morning. I like seeing the llamas in action. Wishing Beau good health.

  66. Jason Thomas

    Jason Thomas47 minutes ago

    What a stud!! Congrats Corey!!

  67. Agkoh Outdoors

    Agkoh Outdoors47 minutes ago

    Great hunt, congrats

  68. Andrew Bossen

    Andrew Bossen47 minutes ago

    Very cool

  69. Nathan Garvin

    Nathan Garvin48 minutes ago

    Congrats on the great bull!

  70. Jamie Cook

    Jamie Cook49 minutes ago

    Great job u guys. That’s what persistence does.

  71. Nathan Garvin

    Nathan Garvin49 minutes ago

    Brutal hiking. Looking forward to the next day's hunt.

  72. L K

    L K52 minutes ago

    So, I'm guessing for packing out, when Corey took two Llamas back in must have been the next day?

  73. M E

    M E52 minutes ago

    Awesome bull. Congrats.

  74. Alan Jackson

    Alan Jackson55 minutes ago

    You never gave up even though you not seeing much good job John did the extra you are a great team thanks for the video

  75. Dustin Hislop

    Dustin Hislop56 minutes ago

    Hi John, nice to meet you! Very impressive! That is exciting and some tough country. Did you pick up the shed? Great team effort you guys.

  76. Justice Fall

    Justice Fall56 minutes ago

    Great bull and an awesome hunt! Absolutely a true team effort! Shout out to Beau, great man and great Llamas! Thank y’all for sharing this with all of us!!!

  77. Cole I

    Cole I56 minutes ago

    I would rather take a an animal that has unique antlers over a giant! They are super cool and have character. Nice job!

  78. Matt Kosanda

    Matt Kosanda57 minutes ago

    At least the scenery is beautiful I guess...🤷‍♂️

  79. J. Willie Montoya

    J. Willie MontoyaHour ago

    Hunting isn't the same without the comradery in camp and on the mountain. Congrats on that "spectacle" of a bull!

  80. Kelly Rosas

    Kelly RosasHour ago

    Congrats on the great bull! Gnarly country. Great job guys!