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Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
  1. Dane Miller

    Dane Miller21 hour ago

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  2. Dheeraj Mundayur

    Dheeraj Mundayur21 hour ago

    I have a question. I had been searching for the answer in the internet. But sadly i was unlucky. So Can you please help and answer the Question. Here's the question : What will happen if both the front tyres of a car of which the front tyres are the tyres which is used for changing direction( I have heard of cars the other way) are turned in the opposite direction ? Like if both are changed towards each other or away from each other. Please if possible explain it with a short video

  3. Anon archist

    Anon archist21 hour ago

    Trying to fly on Mars *is* the experiment.

  4. Flower Flower

    Flower Flower21 hour ago

    please use kilogram

  5. Simply.strawberry Simply.strawberry

    Simply.strawberry Simply.strawberry21 hour ago

    U know when ur in class and everyone’s speaking or shouting when your trying to concentrate and u just want to shout and tell em all to shut up! Just me?

  6. JE Hoyes

    JE Hoyes21 hour ago

    Shampoos strip out natural oils and ensure that the hair and skin can’t achieve a healthy balance.

  7. Eduard Ritok

    Eduard Ritok21 hour ago

    problem is, that the chain has also some WEIGHT , which is added to the weight of the dumbbell.. so that is main reason why it accelerated quicker than the free dumbbell 😅😅😅

  8. Radosław Głębicki

    Radosław Głębicki21 hour ago

    And what if two wheels on stick rotating in oposite directions? What then? On one end or on two ends.

  9. John Wick

    John Wick21 hour ago

    good content

  10. Pepbob

    Pepbob21 hour ago

    god i hate imperial so much

  11. B Wire

    B Wire21 hour ago

    Don't they have cameras that have 100,000,000 frame rates that can watch light move through a room

  12. ConceptHut

    ConceptHut21 hour ago

    You can have two mirrored situations. One on each end. Then in addition you time stamp the laser with pulses that are read by the other side.

  13. kasper

    kasper21 hour ago

    i have an idea of how to measure it but i cant write it in a comment. but... does it even matter if light moves the same? its kinda like "is my purple the same as your purple?" it doesnt matter because we both agree *this* is purple... so i dont really see why it matters? but then again im only a stupid 16 year old on youtube xD

  14. Segev Pri-Paz

    Segev Pri-Paz21 hour ago

    I have a few ideas about how to measure the one way speed, so please correct me if I am wrong. First, if you send a synchronizing signal using electricity, you can know that speed and it would not be the speed of light, so can't you use that to find the difference in values. Also, can't you measure the speed of light in relation to other things. For example, what if you blew up a nuclear bomb in a vacuum, measured, with ONE clock, when the massive amounts of light reached the clock (i.e. by turning the clock on at that instant) and then seeing when the protons and neutrons reach. Then, do the same thing but with the clock on another side of the blast. Then you can see if there is any difference in the time measured, effectively measuring if there is a difference in the speed of light in different directions. Finally, can you not use the way that the speed of light was first discovered to be finite? Someone whose name I cannot remember looked at the eclipses of the moons of Jupiter and when they stopped being visible. He noticed that when Earth was farthest from Jupiter, the time that this was seen happening was a few minutes after when it was supposed to happen, and earlier when Earth was closest. If you know the distance of Jupiter at those times, can you not measure the speed of light in that direction? If I am mistaken, please explain how.

  15. Colver

    Colver21 hour ago

    I fuckin need this

  16. UGSilesian

    UGSilesian21 hour ago

    The masks are starting to fall off! "The Chinese biology lab in Wuhan belongs to Glaxosmithkline, which (coincidentally) owns Pfizer!" (the one that produces a vaccine against a virus that (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab, which was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci who (accidentally) promotes the vaccine! “GlaxoSmithKline (by chance) is managed by the finance department of Black Rock, which (by chance) manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (by chance) operates the French AXA! "Coincidentally, Soros owns the German company Winterthur which (coincidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought out by German Allianz which (coincidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock which (coincidentally) controls central banks and manages approximately one-third of global investment capital. "Black Rock (coincidentally) is also a major shareholder in MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder in Pfizer (who - remember? He sells a miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now the first KTO sponsor! Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China infected the ENTIRE PLANET! "

  17. Adal 1107

    Adal 110721 hour ago

    This woke up my cat

  18. Jozsef Hegedus

    Jozsef Hegedus21 hour ago

    mirror is not the only solution, two light beams into opposite direction will work as well

  19. Armughan Chughtai

    Armughan Chughtai21 hour ago

    I want him a my teacher

  20. Benjamin Whitehead

    Benjamin Whitehead21 hour ago

    Is anyone else thinking shadesmar?

  21. Jozsef Hegedus

    Jozsef Hegedus21 hour ago

    at 3 min - clocks get out of sync not because of special but because of general relativity due to acceleration

  22. Lee Steal

    Lee Steal21 hour ago

    No, I have not seen the video.

  23. TheMrarrie18

    TheMrarrie1821 hour ago

    It has Gyros, does it have Pita's too?

  24. doemijmaarfriet

    doemijmaarfriet21 hour ago

    Love the explanation, still most people I know with a sensitive skin have weeks (!) of irritated hair skin after use of head and shoulders, its apparently super aggressive to the skin. My theory (should be interesting to review), is that the use of metaloxides is not controlled and it oxides too much with the skin, thus nullifies the bemefits of better gene expressions results.

  25. Max Riley

    Max Riley21 hour ago

    15:40, the Nobel Prize techniques reset your cell to an embryo. 15:55, doing that to your entire body would cause it to become a tumor. Takeaway: kids are literally cancer

  26. BomberSam

    BomberSam21 hour ago

    Did he change the title?

  27. Robbie Porter

    Robbie Porter21 hour ago

    Very cool thanks.

  28. Emily Lovato

    Emily Lovato21 hour ago

    I find this interesting to for some reason it happens to quick but I believe that there will be no another covid 19. But I could be wrong.

  29. David Luscombe

    David Luscombe21 hour ago

    Bill Gates creates the next crisis. Stop feeding the Snake Oil Salesman.

  30. Rodger Myles

    Rodger Myles21 hour ago

    You need to get your sound recording adjusted properly. Some people are feinter and the narrator is too loud.

  31. Rudolph Stiener

    Rudolph Stiener21 hour ago

    You can measure the one way speed of light, i have done it... you take a length of fiber terminate it to the output of a laser... put a detector at the output of the fiber.. get a fast oscilloscope, trigger on the output pulse and put the laser output pulse on channel 1 and detector signal on the end of the fiber on channel 2. Measure the time difference and correct the speed using the index of refraction of the material of the fiber. The distance of the fiber is known... divide the distance by the index of refraction corrected time. You have the speed of light, one way.

  32. Filósofo Vassão

    Filósofo Vassão21 hour ago

    Why those shapes with identical sides are familiar to me? Oh yeah, rpg dices, of course

  33. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith21 hour ago

    It would take years to remove the hair on my back.

  34. Caleb Moseley

    Caleb Moseley21 hour ago

    Do you know how long I've been pronouncing Veritasium as "Veritaserum" from Harry Potter in my head? God, I'm dumb.

  35. Tygo games

    Tygo games21 hour ago

    So you wanna test if the 1 way trip is instant. Cant u Just do from start no clock a light then a mirror going diagonal with a clock that starts going to another place where there is another mirror that sends the light back to the clock and maybe if u want to also back to the 1st clock

  36. Hans O'lowe

    Hans O'lowe21 hour ago

    It's purpose is *not* to make scientific discoveries, it *is* the scientific discovery.

  37. Byron Holmes

    Byron Holmes21 hour ago

    I'm sure forced, prolonged silence could cause mental issues. Voluntary isolation in a "silent" room where other senses still are there wouldn't be a problem I'd think. You'll get heightened sense in other senses. The brain relies on sensory for all information, so the first few minutes would probably be a mixture of your brain searching for lost information intake. It'll fill that in with other things. I'd love to meditate in a room like this. lol I want to try a sensory deprivation chamber as well.

  38. Vi Tu

    Vi Tu21 hour ago

    Quantum Entanglement This would fix your time dealation issue since they spin at the same exact rate no matter the distance.

  39. Rudolph Stiener

    Rudolph Stiener21 hour ago

    Actually.. you can measure the speed of light... if you couldn't.. laser distance measurements wouldn't work.

  40. marxman00

    marxman0021 hour ago

    Why not use a balloon? and also tell where Nasa bought their magic physics elimination wand? please

  41. Arne Lidmark

    Arne Lidmark21 hour ago

    Not correct! 1 Cod flesh is not oily. 2 people further inland ate salmon from the rivers and reindeer, both rich in vitamin D, the laps did not have rickets. 3 The Nordic population in Greenland traded with Iceland, which have a lot if cod. 4 The vikings had vitamin C with them at their long journeys in the form of cloudberrys and lingonberrys. Both very good for long term storage. The polar expedition with Andre' is known for him not getting scurvy as all the other. Now we understand that it was his lingonberrys from his mother that saved him. As propably a viking descendant in Sweden I have seen that old people knew that eating the liver and the rom from cod was important, as well as eating herring, rich in vitamin D. The onset of little ice age oround 1350 made the waters around Iceland and Greenland hard to sail, due to lots of ice. This made trade problematic at the same time as the Inuits was pressing south. The Nordic Greenlanders could not keep their society going unde these sircumstances.

  42. Carmelo Agosta

    Carmelo Agosta21 hour ago

    Haha u updated the title. Cool!

  43. Crusader Blade

    Crusader Blade21 hour ago

    i saw a video by astrogeekz and it said that jupiter yeeted that thing out of the solar system im pretty sure that planet is the one that got yeeted

  44. Juan Marcano

    Juan Marcano21 hour ago

    well i would say ligth off is kind of adding to the anxiety, solitary confinement can affect your mental healt after all.

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    Quıx :D21 hour ago

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  46. Mark Madison

    Mark Madison21 hour ago

    This is called balls deep.

  47. Roger Sledz

    Roger Sledz21 hour ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me get through the pandemic!

  48. 3snoW

    3snoW21 hour ago

    What if you use sound as a comparing medium? We know the speed of sound, so turn on a light and make a sound at a fixed distance from a detector, you should be able to calculate the speed of light from the delay between the sound detection and the light detection

  49. Roger Sledz

    Roger Sledz21 hour ago

    Masks PROTECT YOU and people around you!

  50. GrapeSpaghetti

    GrapeSpaghetti22 hours ago

    why does it look a little lobsided

  51. Krzysztof Ochedalski

    Krzysztof Ochedalski22 hours ago

    this is very Buddhist. thank you

  52. Vacbanned88

    Vacbanned8822 hours ago

    Didn’t know a nuclear bomb could excavate, I thought they blew and made a crater, not excavate it lol

  53. Clément Bredel

    Clément Bredel22 hours ago

    At 10:40 if the two clock don.t Start at the same time we can see the difference between two direction

  54. R V

    R V22 hours ago

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  56. J T

    J T22 hours ago

    Hard to believe these are some of the same people who appeared on the recent NASA coverage of the Mars Rover landing which was just awful as it was done only for 2nd graders, in fact I’m guessing some 2nd graders were rolling their eyes at the horrifically stupid coverage

  57. Choxolet yo

    Choxolet yo22 hours ago

    Record is 45 minutes* Everyone reading this: that's insultingly low

  58. Sara 1

    Sara 122 hours ago

    Stop calling anything a conspiracy when you are not willing to investigate or prove it. It just pushes this fishiness.

  59. Joel Kunz

    Joel Kunz22 hours ago

    why didn't they integrate the solar panel into the rotors?

  60. Gas Mask

    Gas Mask22 hours ago

    The slow mo guys have filled light. What about that.

  61. Javier Angeles

    Javier Angeles22 hours ago

    Just realized you were born the same day as Carl Sagan, I'm skeptical towards astrology and all that but it's like you were meant to be a science communicator

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    Tobey Reynolds22 hours ago

    Everyone’s left ear is enjoying this

  63. Rick Pontificates

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    It has something to do with the ocean, right?

  64. Kyle Lackey

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    I didn’t understand any of this but Im excited


    Quotes22 hours ago

    I can remain their for ever. I created the same situation at my home but, when every sound gets cut off then I start hearing my heartbeat and my inner sounds so the result is you can't stop hearing unless you are deaf. The more the silence the more bodily sounds get amplified. just like you hear tic tic of clock at night but not during day.

  66. AvgCitizenGamer

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    He just happens to have a pack of straws on hand

  67. Stefan Krimbacher

    Stefan Krimbacher22 hours ago

    The argument of pressure is wrong ! You can solve the clapeyron equation to check out, if this is possible.

  68. ali azmandian

    ali azmandian22 hours ago

    That totally makes sense that speed of light might be different in different directions because as the universe is expanding, solar system is orbiting the central black hole of the galaxy, earth is orbiting the sun, and earth itself is rotating, we are moving! And even if we agree that in static situations the speed of light should be the same in all directions, it must be different on earth.

  69. MW XC

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  70. Cláudia Cristina Guimarães

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    Yes, I do expand when eating too much chocolate.

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    He makes a coaxial helicopter sound so complicated. Haha. My first rc helicopter was coaxial and the easiest thing I’ve ever flown!

  74. Sara 1

    Sara 122 hours ago

    How can anyone ignore that he confidently said he is FOR depopulation and vacination IS one method?? HE said it HIMSELF.

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    Hear that? It's the sound of your credibility evaporating.

  77. flache

    flache22 hours ago

    But in a way you also lose informations as you reduce the position to a single point from the Schrödinger equation ... So don't that makes order ? + it cost energy so it would make sense to create order for energy, no ? That might also be why quantum stuff happen, since you're small and low on energy you just become so anthropic that you become to act as wave to get maximum information from less energy and also why we aren't able to make big chunk of matter into some intricated state for instance in quantum computering ?

  78. Zepherius Collins

    Zepherius Collins22 hours ago

    Ben Franklin wrote “I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed...that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” We don't owe poor people anything because if we gave to some people without cause they would expect to be given when they gave nothing in return to the cause. It has to be an even scale of give and take and give some more. Socialism does not work simply because the public feeds the public and nothing is ever returned Look at Canada's healthcare system it's complete garbage where some people are just waiting years for their Socialist health care cards. You can't do that type of thing to people. There are always those who would take for granted that they got something for free and be back next week to collect their stiphons without contributing to the cause. Ben Franklin knew this.

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