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PS5 Teardown - LIVE!
iPhone 12 Teardown LIVE!
  1. Ave a Banana

    Ave a Banana10 hours ago

    SO -L-DER .... ----> L <----

  2. Domtu

    Domtu10 hours ago

    haha I don't have controller drift since I don't even own the PS5

  3. Xanas

    Xanas11 hours ago

    Another good reason why right to repair is important.

  4. Har

    Har11 hours ago

    cyberpunk controller edition

  5. 149-AR

    149-AR11 hours ago

    Ahh yes, another reason of why Xbox Controller is still better.

  6. ilyn Payne

    ilyn Payne11 hours ago

    I dont have ps5 yet watch this

  7. Sonam.Sherpa

    Sonam.Sherpa11 hours ago

    Are you feeling sleepy?

  8. Far A.R.

    Far A.R.12 hours ago

    Should do the swab in a BSC or laminar flow. But I assume the working bench has been properly disinfected

  9. Eric G

    Eric G12 hours ago

    Me clicking a random suggested video and seeing this man talk about the tech as if I knew what the tech was: “I like your funny words magic man!”

  10. AliAvv_

    AliAvv_12 hours ago

    i mean this is cool and stuff but its easy for thief to steal the phone and sell it for parts

  11. Smokie Cut

    Smokie Cut13 hours ago

    @ifixit I didn't see where you connected the red cable to to power on the ssd. Also does that mean once you install the ssd then there's no use for the cd rom?

  12. XSCARL

    XSCARL13 hours ago

    Well I mean they were taking it seriously when they said “ Next level gaming” think about if your playing fortnite (example) the controller plays the game

  13. Burkie TAA

    Burkie TAA13 hours ago

    Do the gimbal teardown please, as i need to replace the gimbal cable on my air 2 pleaseeeeeee 🙏

  14. That one bespin guard who died #3

    That one bespin guard who died #313 hours ago

    In my opinion they should use different joysticks than Nintendo and give a free new controller with better joysticks to ps5 users

  15. Megaman The Second

    Megaman The Second14 hours ago

    Almost $200 for the same hardware and shinny metal button's lol xbox

  16. tripttwe trip til the world ends

    tripttwe trip til the world ends14 hours ago

    The name of the game. Play me. Pay me. I'm sure they could make you $5-10 snap in pieces for the most sensitive components, but that's too much like right...

  17. Max Maximum

    Max Maximum14 hours ago

    Funny how I never had stick drift problems with ps3 controllers and ps2 controllers 🙂

  18. DJ Artyom

    DJ Artyom14 hours ago

    I thought phones had glue to try and "waterproof "them

  19. Tafsir Nahian

    Tafsir Nahian14 hours ago

    4 year warranty was my favorite.

  20. Duane

    Duane15 hours ago

    Would hand warmers work instead of iopener?

  21. Jkd ,s,sismo

    Jkd ,s,sismo15 hours ago

    I’ve had the Xbox controller that came with the console since the Xbox one launched and had no problems at all.

  22. Skcyte

    Skcyte15 hours ago

    How about you look into $100-200 phones? They're becoming more powerful and affordable each year. And make comparison to this.

  23. Beezus C Hrist

    Beezus C Hrist15 hours ago

    Ha Ha

  24. Itz Arze

    Itz Arze15 hours ago

    *I got my PS5 preorder yesterday and now I’m scared bc of the stick drift, or can I get a new controller?*

  25. Tune Masa

    Tune Masa15 hours ago

    More reason why Mouse and Keyboard is better and loved everywhere.

  26. mjc0961

    mjc096115 hours ago

    Shame about the Teracube. I'll take glue over a notch any day. Fairphone looks cool, but appears to be Europe only. Librem 5 seems to be overkill, I don't need a phone that thick just for removable wifi and cell cards. Doesn't really matter though, because the most green thing to do is not replace my perfectly fine Pixel 3a just because I saw a new thing. My phone still works, so I keep using it. Replacing it comes if it breaks beyond repair or becomes unsafe due to not getting security updates anymore (Google supposedly guarantees updates until May 2022, so I have a while before I even need to worry about it - maybe by then Teracube will learn how to not ruin the screen 😛). BTW, timestamps don't work unless you put the 0 in front of your less than 1 minute in stamps. You can't do :00 and :50, it has to be 0:00 and 0:50

  27. Dizzy Shows

    Dizzy Shows15 hours ago

    How to fix: Blow into your joystick and wiggle it about this will temporarily get rid off or reduce the drift

  28. wesley cominotti

    wesley cominotti16 hours ago

    pretty sure the drift isnt worth going through all that

  29. Matthew Newberry

    Matthew Newberry16 hours ago

    Between cyber pink,this and the rest I'm glad I don't invest in new tech

  30. Michael Mayhem

    Michael Mayhem16 hours ago

    The only surprise here is that this didn't happen during the PS4 era

  31. Josh R

    Josh R16 hours ago

    Aww I feel so bad😑

  32. IconicBananas 84

    IconicBananas 8416 hours ago

    The apple of consoles, if your disk drive fails, you gotta go to Microsoft directly and with apple if your face ID/ touch ID fails, you gotta go to Apple directly as well

  33. Nader Zein

    Nader Zein16 hours ago

    Planned obsolescence.

  34. One eggy boi

    One eggy boi16 hours ago

    move out the way joycon drift, duelsence drift is the hot new thing!

  35. SeniorCharry

    SeniorCharry16 hours ago

    But the Sony PS5 is perfect in ever single way. The "tech" is so futuristic that PCs can't even keep up. The hard drive is 100 times faster than anything on the market, and the PS5 can even run Unreal Engine 5, something not possible on Xbox and PC. You uncultured swines think the drift is a bug or malfunction? Nay, Sony future proofed the Joysticks to utilize gravitational wave to accurately predict high energy events that can increase the power of the glorious PS5. This is my recreation of a Play Station fan that worships the brand, and ignores the BS. I wish people, especially anime fans, would stop supporting Sony and their anti consumer policies that censor media and opinions.

  36. Wayne C.

    Wayne C.17 hours ago

    Ehhh, they consider the entire game pad as consumable so...

  37. John Smith

    John Smith17 hours ago

    I like the fact that one youtube channel can address the issue correctly, yet the multibillion companies didn't do a thing. Also interesting how Dualshock 3 designed, mine still works just fine, but there's other issues (not any drifting or/and any button pressing issues).

  38. The eye of Horus

    The eye of Horus17 hours ago

    Me and my series X watching this with some popcorn in hand 🍿👀

  39. SpoolySnail 32

    SpoolySnail 3217 hours ago

    Hi, I got a brand new Xbox cyber punk 2077 controller and accidentally dropped it. It now has the thing where the controller thinks you are moving the stick when you aren’t. Did the drop cause it and if I brought it to the Microsoft store do you know it it would be refundable or replaced?

  40. Kattianna White

    Kattianna White17 hours ago

    I got this new controller for xmas. And dude, it started drifting like mad, and I treat my eletronics with care. It pissed me off because it's 60 euros that I can't give!

  41. Scott N

    Scott N17 hours ago

    Things break by design. It has been this way for a very long time, and in no way am I surprised they cut corners here. They charge a crazy amount for their controllers, so of course they are made to break!

  42. Facts

    Facts18 hours ago

    I dropped my AirPods Pro once and if fully fell apart

  43. The Plant!

    The Plant!18 hours ago

    Same thing happening with ps4 controllers. No one seems to mention that. I brought a blue ps4 controller and within months it starting drifting.

  44. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez18 hours ago

    I guess Microsoft doing the old 'if it ain't broken don't fix' approach to the new Xbox controller wasn't such a bad idea after all.

  45. haziqsembilanlima

    haziqsembilanlima18 hours ago

    they could sell official spare parts like they used to but i guess it's easier to make money with a totally fragile phone than selling those

  46. Justin van Zuilekom

    Justin van Zuilekom18 hours ago

    Wait, that one controller that has modules for sticks and buttons makes sense now.

  47. taltigolt

    taltigolt18 hours ago

    it does have to be glued shut because of peoper waterresistance and also a unibody design it is very hard to have a properly made metal back that looks and feels unibody but also can be removed

  48. frank sam

    frank sam18 hours ago

    I haven’t had any issues on my ps5 or ps4 or I just don’t notice it.. hmm

  49. Mikki Hintikka

    Mikki Hintikka18 hours ago

    poor people problems. Only use custom build pc

  50. Jesse Rya

    Jesse Rya18 hours ago

    Honestly, anyone who has a ps5 already deserves what ever problem the console has. Be smarter. Problem solved.

  51. • c h e r r y •

    • c h e r r y •18 hours ago

    At this point I'm convinced they're all purposely doing this to sell more controllers.

  52. Cute Bridge

    Cute Bridge19 hours ago

    controllers getting more expensive but they dont last as long anymore neat

  53. Kayena Arellano

    Kayena Arellano19 hours ago

    Just solder contact points where the battery used to go,use the contact points from a broken set of buds plus.

  54. Carl Ynghrafnsson

    Carl Ynghrafnsson19 hours ago

    I bought a last gen XBox One controller; drift out of the box. I used Gamepad Tester for Android which shows it doesn't zero out. Messing with the potentiometer screws can lead to disaster. I bought the PS5 controller and I got lucky. The sticks zero out. This hit or miss is sad. Thank you for the video and I hope the industry sees this. It makes me wonder if there are aftermarket mfrs making controllers with better parts. Here is an opportunity.

  55. chris james

    chris james19 hours ago

    I got 190 ppl in my friend list. One of them is on a ps5. And I feel sorry for him. Poor victim of trend.

  56. kingofmonsters14

    kingofmonsters1419 hours ago

    welp... time to skip this generation.

  57. Landry Saathoff

    Landry Saathoff19 hours ago

    I can speak to the 400 hr lifespan of the potentiometer. The left stick on my XB1 controller would drift upwards without stopping (so dead zone adjust did nothing). I added up my controller time and my drift issue started at about 450hrs.

  58. Void Walker

    Void Walker19 hours ago

    I must have gotten lucky since my PS4 controller has been going strong since 2015 and it has to have seen over a few thousand hours of use since then to now.

  59. Smallest Goober

    Smallest Goober19 hours ago

    I'm sure my chinese knockoff of an xbox controller is less likely to drift.

  60. James Jackson

    James Jackson19 hours ago

    I've had ps5 since day 1 and still have no problems

  61. YouIndeedSuck

    YouIndeedSuck19 hours ago

    Wow it’s almost like they just want you to buy more controllers when your current one breaks Must just be a coincidence

  62. Sagiri Izumi

    Sagiri Izumi19 hours ago

    What are you wearing??? Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, a Target flannel 8 sizes too big and a giant watch cap that looks like a bag on your head?

  63. Mike

    Mike19 hours ago

    They skipped the part where the battery is completely glued in and extremely difficult to remove without breaking anything. "Use a plastic card"....

  64. EB

    EB19 hours ago

    i noticed my drift when i open my map on warzone

  65. Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p

    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p20 hours ago

    I have a very strong feeling there is product placement in this video, but I'm not sure what it is............... I know! But i don't need joysticks! ;-p ;-p

  66. illitero

    illitero20 hours ago

    I'm genuinely surprised a digital solution hasn't become a new standard at this point given how drift has been an issue for nearly three decades at this point.

  67. MariNate

    MariNate20 hours ago

    Yall don’t have a ps5 in 2021? Lmaooo cbm

  68. Guilherme Ferreira

    Guilherme Ferreira20 hours ago

    Me still using a ps2 controller... 🤨 Well the left joystick occasionally gets stuck but doesn't interfere with gameplay

  69. Aatish R

    Aatish R20 hours ago


  70. Kenji Nihipali

    Kenji Nihipali20 hours ago

    Been happening to my ps4 controllers for a long time. Sony’s qc has gone down hill and fast.


    ORIGINALDJZERO20 hours ago

    I got so much money when my stick messes up I just go spend $49-69 and get a new one.

  72. DabTakr

    DabTakr20 hours ago

    Day 4: Omg i hope my springs don't stretch

  73. Uh Oh

    Uh Oh20 hours ago

    Thats weird. I guess I got lucky. My controllers lasted over a year with 1000+hrs of gameplay with intense use. I’ve smacked this thing on my desk so hard its cracked all the plastic housings on the bottom left side. Xbox one S controller btw

  74. Kainoa Fragas

    Kainoa Fragas21 hour ago

    Mmm yes really useful for all those ps5 out there 👀👀👀

  75. Some Guy

    Some Guy21 hour ago

    Well, there goes any desire to get a ps5. I'd rather have a carbon copy of ps4 controllers with no fancy vibration features, than controllers with built-in defects.

  76. et de stellis

    et de stellis21 hour ago

    This is *precisely* the *exact* reason why I didn't buy one yet 💯 (P.S. I'm not broke but am accepting donations)

  77. Chris Oli

    Chris Oli21 hour ago

    Already ?


    BOOMIN KILLER6921 hour ago

    Just the thing I thought when I first saw dual sense I have ps4 and it's a very big issue

  79. Rooftop Rumble

    Rooftop Rumble21 hour ago

    It's not just the joy stick that experiences drift, it's the entire controller drifting across the room after playing fut champs