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AMD at CES 2021

AMD at CES 2021

16 days ago

Gigabyte HPC Solutions
Driving the Future of HPC
AMD Ryzen™ Momentum
Porting CUDA to HIP
GPU Programming Software
Intro to HIP Programming
  1. mihail Telefob

    mihail Telefob6 hours ago

    Приветствую Вас друзья из АМД вышлите мне пожалуйста видео карты на пробу. В наших магазинах их не купить по адекватной цене!?

  2. strom120

    strom1206 hours ago

    Future no stock, future amd radeon software 2020 NICE

  3. strom120

    strom1206 hours ago

    future 2020 amd radeon software

  4. Nobzu

    Nobzu9 hours ago

    Where is stock O.o

  5. Arif TechHunt

    Arif TechHunt10 hours ago

    I should say something that everyone says……… So that's how it all started…

  6. Apo458

    Apo45812 hours ago

    Earlier, Intel said: "We have the best mobile chips for laptops" And yes, they were absolutely correct... For only a single day...

  7. Roland Vass

    Roland Vass14 hours ago

    when he said 14,435,000,000,000,000 I 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  8. Maverick Last

    Maverick Last15 hours ago

    Hiring remote interns?

  9. Alfonso Garcia Pappaterra

    Alfonso Garcia Pappaterra15 hours ago

    really ? responsibility? when you release a radeon driver 20 days later and doesn't even redesign, put any relevant feature that we where asking the hole year and not just that, this drivers are essentially the same 2020 garbage with bug fixes that are not important at all, that take from the few awards that you have in reliability and stability , not to mention they are crap for polaris and RDNA GPUs, you should think twice about responsibility when you cant even make a driver that doesn't mess everything

  10. 3121_Eby T

    3121_Eby T16 hours ago

    We Love you AMD...Keep Pushing the Limits ❤️

  11. RoastedSushi

    RoastedSushi18 hours ago

    Hi, I have a question, if you wouldn't mind sharing it what are your yield rates on zen 3? Itd be nice to know also in just 4 generations you have beaten intels 10 generation strong cpus. Great job!

  12. Mylestheone

    Mylestheone18 hours ago

    And keeps embarrassing intel LMAO 😂 😂

  13. Ali Alqahtani

    Ali Alqahtani19 hours ago

    Intro music?

  14. Balfourzero

    Balfourzero19 hours ago

    Nice upload


    PRO GAMER19 hours ago



    AVX ИНСТРУКТОР19 hours ago

    Everything is accessible and understandable. And a good render!👍

  17. Nathan Gamble

    Nathan Gamble19 hours ago

    Having a "value chain" is all well and good, but what about your _supply_ chain? Where are your RDNA2 GPUs?

  18. Harira Normal

    Harira Normal19 hours ago

    16 mins - 56 views. Hmm

  19. G C

    G C20 hours ago

    Awesome animation 🙂

  20. Samuel Raja Singh

    Samuel Raja Singh20 hours ago


  21. Kevinb5

    Kevinb520 hours ago


  22. stevin47

    stevin4722 hours ago


  23. kebinresi .resi

    kebinresi .resiDay ago


  24. rogerg0834

    rogerg0834Day ago

    I would LOVE a 2-in-1 with a Ryzen 5000!!

  25. Holski77

    Holski77Day ago

    totally worked for my 5900x

  26. Aren Kemmer

    Aren KemmerDay ago

    can i upgrade it later on though?

  27. Sun He Chen

    Sun He ChenDay ago

    i just feel like she was resisting her best to roast the crap out of intel lol

  28. Classic City Vapors

    Classic City VaporsDay ago

    AMD when are we going to get new better mid budget gpu the rx 500 series is old we need something better!!!...right guys!...who's with me?

  29. mucxlx

    mucxlxDay ago

    Why bother? You can sell it to content creators only. Only rich people can buy grafic cards nowadays. You said the Top Tier RDNA2 GPU costs 999$ and now you get like the lowest Tier for that money now. What u did is a scam to increase the price. I thought AMD is different, but its the same greedyness like NVIDIA. I wanted to buy a good midrange GPU for like 300-400$ but now i cant even afford like the 3060 level that costs like 800$ here. Guess the best way is to go to Ebay and buy old stuff. Also the Rich kids already paid AMD for it a couple of years ago so my money doesnt go there. I usually bought new cards, but now its not possible anymore. Even thought about a 6800, but now i have to settle with a NVIDIA 1650 or somethingThanks. By doubling the prices i hope only a quarter of people buy it and half as often, so it hurts a lot.

  30. CFS Fire

    CFS FireDay ago

    AMD, stop kicking intels corpse he’s already dead!!!

  31. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytDay ago

    Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♦️

  32. ManosHAF

    ManosHAFDay ago


  33. IamNotYourMate

    IamNotYourMateDay ago

    @AMD what is the music you used i realllllyy would like to have the full song

  34. stalksover

    stalksoverDay ago


  35. ApexKage

    ApexKageDay ago

    It’s lit the design is hot

  36. Lostie DeMonde

    Lostie DeMondeDay ago

    When you realized that these scams affect their own ffamily you can see how deep their heart are corrupt ... so deeply ! I do not like Intel, I do not like AMD, I do not like Nvidia, I do not like game developpers, I do not like gamers (so stupid), I do not like programmers because they are like soldiers **they execute the orders even if the orders wil affect their own family** And it's the case ! ... ... **you all are a band of scammers** People, **CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT GAMES USED IN BENCHMARKS ARE THE UNOPTIMIZED GAMES** ??? Are you enough clever to understand this simple fact ? People don't realize but **it's the new reality** ... nothing will be the same again! **This is why i see Linus, JayTwocents, nexus as scammers** ! There is some incompetent & dishonest behaviors there ! But what about AMD & Nvidia & there poor 2000$ products ? ... The new way of life is this : ... You will have your PC for at least 5 years minimum! ... we will have to do things retroactively now ** instead of being the fastest OF the world ** every year .... no it's time to dig into the second hand (used) ! Stay in the **used PRODUCTS** and do your stuff retroactively ... and **it will be fine** ! I was about (last October) to build a PC but the new products announced made me wait ... and when I noticed that ** the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt ** asked for an FX8350 only (which I 've currently) ... I understood that although we say a lot of bad things, the FX8350 was a safe bet for The Witcher and also for Cubase pro 10.5 that I use (without too many unnecessary plugins). .. Yes, about the audio plugins you just have to choose ** plugins that are well optimized ** and that do not require the CPU ... the majority of plugins ** ARE TRAPS FOR IDIOTS ** ... 99% of the time! Here is the thing ... for games, millions of super interesting games exist on Windows Store, Steam ect ... AND THAT ARE NOT SELLERS OF CPU AND GRAPHIC CARD ** ... this **SHOULD BE SAID ** ... but even there, the optimization is not there. In our world, there is a tremendous amount of incompetence in the gaming and computer industry ... sales are prioritized and release times shortened! ... Here is the problem ... USlikesrs sellers know this but they don't alk about that **of course they are sellers** When you notice that there are complete games that only require a few hundred megs ... ** you immediately think of optimization and competence **! Very rare thing! When you have scammer like Linus, JayTwoCents, Nexus ect .. ** WHO ONLY TALK ABOUT TECHNOLOGICAL GAMES **, we ** easily ** understand that they are there only for the sale of trendy products! ... ** they are raptors disguised as clowns **! They will never talk about economic stuff ... Note this : Witcher 3 is very well optimised, It's a large world & dynamic world with drastic weather change & very attractive ... so how it's possible that they dont used it anymore as benchmark ? **BECAUSE THIS GAME IS TOO WELL OPTIMIZED** to be a good seller of PC component ! ... The Witcher 3 cannot be a good hardware sellers anymore ! ... People, **CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT GAMES USED IN BENCHMARKS ARE THE UNOPTIMIZED GAMES** ??? Are you enough clever to understand this simple fact ? Many old games have great technologies that ARE USED TODAY AS NEW ONES ! **THEY JUST PUT ON TOP ... TEXTURES** Make your duty, return to the past & see ! They just sell you TEXTURES, FALSES LIGHT FX, NON-EXISTING PHYSICS, NON-EXISTING AI (wich is pathfinder) ect ... the most of the time these games are tiny & closed by wall everywhere & **THEIR DEMAND IS VERY HIGH ON CPU & GPU** ... it's only possible with UNOPTIMIZED STUFF or **intentional degradation** 100% ! Again ; I do not like Intel, I do not like AMD, I do not like Nvidia, I do not like game developpers, I do not like gamers (so stupid), I do not like programmers because they are like soldiers **they execute the orders even if the orders wil affect their own family** Bastards ! **you all are a band of scammers** When you realized that these scams affect their own ffamily you can see how deep their heart are corrupt ... so deeply !

  37. Kas In USA

    Kas In USADay ago

    How was this applied during 2020? How are schools using this in 2021?

  38. Poua Kazemi

    Poua KazemiDay ago

    fix your driver. my 5600 xt stuter in gmes.

  39. CH Lim

    CH LimDay ago

    Asian mum gamer leeeesa suuuu

  40. TheGuyOfGames

    TheGuyOfGames2 days ago

    The processors are better but I gotta say Intel took the cake for the trailers because of their jingle at the end

  41. LightzScar

    LightzScar2 days ago

    i can barely achieve 165 fps on medium or low with my rtx 2070 please fix the game ubisoft

  42. Star masterc

    Star masterc2 days ago

    Now they have to put the cache like Intel's Skylake iterations so they can reduce latencies even more. So 32MB divided by 8 means that each CPU core has 4MB of L3 cache, Intel only has 16MB of cache but due to their monolithic design and the layout of the cache, the latencies are very low and overall very solid. Intel before Skylake already had shared cached. AMD is learning from them and they have TSMC for better perfomance per watt. Watching the core layout of Zen 3 reminds me of Intel's Sandy Bridge or Haswell before Skylake destroyed them.

  43. Bed Wars asmr

    Bed Wars asmr2 days ago

    amd:no NVidia:yes

  44. Earnest Neary

    Earnest Neary2 days ago

    AMD is the best


    POBDARO2 days ago


  46. Light Knight

    Light Knight2 days ago

    hi, what happens if my ssd fails working? do I suffer data loss?

  47. GamING MAniac

    GamING MAniac2 days ago

    Where is the directml super resolution???

  48. gregorio wavreille

    gregorio wavreille2 days ago

    How many fps fortnite??



    Can you make processors for smartphone

  50. Maisha Farjana

    Maisha Farjana2 days ago

    22:56 TO BE CONTINUED....................

  51. hasan ayham

    hasan ayham2 days ago

    I dont get it what is ssg

  52. Horked

    Horked2 days ago

    pictured as a hardcore coder, use pointing fingers to type

  53. Zacfren 999

    Zacfren 9992 days ago

    Thanks amd i can buy now 4000 series than the 5000 series that have no gpi

  54. Shadow67

    Shadow673 days ago

    Brilliant Woman that had saved us from the 4 cores intel domination for years that sold us overpriced crap made us buy celerons. Never forget my Phenom II 2 cores that unlocked to 4 cores faster then a top intel at that time for 100$

  55. Andry Saputra

    Andry Saputra3 days ago

    Finally my laptop use athlon 3050u ❤❤ oh thanks for AMD 🙏 good performance and top for casual users but modern / advanced features ❤.

  56. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy3 days ago

    nice ray traced reflections on the floor where Lisa Su's standing

  57. R D bhai

    R D bhai3 days ago

    bhai alok dena plz

  58. Jensi Oquendo

    Jensi Oquendo3 days ago

    And this was the moment where "The Only Thing They Fear is You" plays.

  59. axeblue

    axeblue3 days ago

    This very early conversation 🥴 Clearly, AMD is making a change in recent years.

  60. Redicrafty

    Redicrafty3 days ago

    2:30 Great use of default cubes

  61. Redicrafty

    Redicrafty3 days ago

    Intel: Slowly takes a pen and paper from the table

  62. Darryl JH

    Darryl JH3 days ago

    Yeah well the future for AMD is nowhere to be found all the new GPU's and CPU's are out of stock and only place to get them is through scalpers charger twice the price. Nice team release when you actually have stock for consumers jackasses.

  63. The3D

    The3D3 days ago

    I hope see this replace my A9-9420

  64. Phillip Lemmon

    Phillip Lemmon3 days ago

    I'm glad they didn't make a dedicated mobile gpu like they did with the 5500m/5600m They stunk... And only maybe 2-3 laptops had them out of the THOUSANDS that were out on the market. Great move that way.

  65. Skilia

    Skilia3 days ago

    Nv is better.

  66. NEWMAN X

    NEWMAN X3 days ago

    Now my pc start but my screen doesn't show anything. What should I do to deactivated? Please help!!!

  67. Johan Ferreira

    Johan Ferreira3 days ago

    Does the workstation card support SR-iov for multiple vm's? Or only single pc use even through remote desktop?

  68. Yee Yee Ash Haircut Ninja

    Yee Yee Ash Haircut Ninja3 days ago

    AMD Ryzen will work better with AMD Radeon

  69. Yee Yee Ash Haircut Ninja

    Yee Yee Ash Haircut Ninja3 days ago

    Intel is better with Nvidia, AMD Ryzen will work better with AMD Radeon

  70. Sane

    Sane3 days ago

    What's the cost of making one Ryzen 5 5600x?

  71. Maks shapovalov

    Maks shapovalov4 days ago

    Don't work Machine Learning denoiser in 3ds Max plugin, please fix it!

  72. Battle galaxy Pro

    Battle galaxy Pro4 days ago

    Far better than INTEL I have i7 and it's not there power of ryzen 5 2500u or ryzen 5 3500 RYZEN ALWAYS POWERFUL HOPE THEY R THE NUMBER 1 AND THEY R ALREADY NUMBER 1 KEEP IT UP ❤️

  73. Hazard 1nc

    Hazard 1nc4 days ago

    I've always been a fan since back when I bought my first and phenom and my visontek 5770 oc graphics card, I paid so much money for that computer lol, but it was worth it, I never seen such amazing WoW graphics and guild wars water was absolutely amazing to look at!

  74. Iliililiii iiliilii

    Iliililiii iiliilii4 days ago

    I don't even care about the CPU but how do you draw in space?????

  75. fan shenq chan

    fan shenq chan4 days ago

    YY ur’s English........tue tue?

  76. anonymouse

    anonymouse4 days ago

    Amd: "Here our new CEO Lisa Su" Intel: *Why do I hear boss music?*

  77. Henry Bole

    Henry Bole4 days ago

    Finally AMD is winning againt Intel. Well done Lisa Su and AMD

  78. cheena z.

    cheena z.4 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was harry styles performing lmfao

  79. Brentwood House

    Brentwood House4 days ago

    All I am asking of AMD is not to become another Intel.

  80. druidof thefang

    druidof thefang4 days ago

    This was a top of the line cpu, yes? with 16 cores. the new i9 5950x has 16 cores i think? which is for "normal" "people". nice deveopment!