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  1. allegra braun

    allegra braunHour ago

    Gosh the stupid act of stupid laughing.

  2. Samantha Izaguirre

    Samantha IzaguirreHour ago

    Lol all the focus on the puppy, but dang, this guy was funny anyways!

  3. Harsh Sinha

    Harsh Sinha2 hours ago

    I want zombies

  4. Lauren B

    Lauren B2 hours ago

    I truly understand that people need help. I hate how all of this has played out and truly send my thoughts and best wishes to the ones who do not have much of an income coming in or none. I know it’s not just an easy answer for all of this and I’m so sorry for all the ones struggling. I do have to question this much in stimulus checks though. How will this affect the individuals not willing to fight for a job, who are completely able to work and have job openings available in their community? I’m not trying to be a jerk at all. But, I worry about rewarding individuals who may not ever want to attempt a job and just say, “yep! I’ll let the government pay me to stay home. Sounds great!”. This is TONS of money being paid. Money doesn’t come free. So, what are the plans for us paying this back? Will it affect many people down the line and raise taxes, goods, and services, etc.? These are the questions we need to be asking, as well. Again, I realize many people are in some of the worst times of their lives. I just think this may be a temporary solution while creating much bigger issues that would get all of us in an even bigger hole.

  5. YUNG TraSE

    YUNG TraSE2 hours ago

    Good thing I watched all seasons of the walking dead

  6. hw clark

    hw clark2 hours ago

    I can tell you why the cops shot this man. They wanted to. Cops are violence junkies, and serial murderers. They never miss a chance to murder a black person. Cops are scum.

  7. Casino Loc

    Casino Loc2 hours ago

    The fact that this is actually real news who we relies on is really crazy man this shit is trash please y’all use y’all common sense


    PTSDDGSD2 hours ago


  9. Brenda Echols

    Brenda Echols2 hours ago

    The puppy was happy and wanted to play

  10. Celia Trice

    Celia Trice2 hours ago

    We all hurting now and we all need help

  11. Anthony Muzyczek

    Anthony Muzyczek2 hours ago

    The fact that these snowflakes are laughing about this is offensive

  12. Anthony Muzyczek

    Anthony Muzyczek2 hours ago

    The most important things you will need in a zombie apocalypse are weapons. Assault rifles, shotguns, and handguns. So the government should give us all these things or relax the laws regarding them so that people can properly prepare themselves

  13. Dr Panther

    Dr Panther2 hours ago

    I can survive I have 4 years of call of duty zombie training

  14. Sandra

    Sandra2 hours ago

    Has it gotten so bad that when trying to get a weather report or see a cute dog we have to hear about our news people’s political beliefs? Crazy!

  15. vegan4life

    vegan4life3 hours ago

    whoever owns this dog needs to not own it! Don't just let your puppy outside without you! letting a puppy out without protection is like letting a 3 year old out to play in the street! Come on use your head people!!!!

  16. Kenma Kozume

    Kenma Kozume3 hours ago


  17. U Shakur

    U Shakur3 hours ago

    Sad concepts will come to harm each one is GANG BANGING

  18. Tom Hogan

    Tom Hogan3 hours ago

    That was adorable!

  19. Anastasia Kalaitzakis

    Anastasia Kalaitzakis3 hours ago

    this was more of a talkshow that journalists reporting news.... what a mockery they've made of themselves

  20. Omni King Bey

    Omni King Bey3 hours ago

    Soo you really think "THEY" gonna release zombies out here that you can easily kill by cutting the head off & shooting it in the head GTFOH smh.

  21. Anon Shrimp

    Anon Shrimp3 hours ago

    This is the greatest reporter I have seen.

  22. Dj Paparazzi Official

    Dj Paparazzi Official3 hours ago

    This dosent look like a joke... if everyone's remember this video

  23. Omni King Bey

    Omni King Bey3 hours ago

    They laughing like thw shit is funny but I take this shit very serious.

  24. William Rowlands

    William Rowlands3 hours ago

    Think there's already an army of zombies walking around all day with their faces buried in a smart phone screen. We don't need any more zombies among us. 😎

  25. Vanessa Brown

    Vanessa Brown3 hours ago

    They think its

  26. T J

    T J3 hours ago

    Just in case huh? 🤔🔫

  27. N4ME7ESS

    N4ME7ESS3 hours ago

    The vaccines are gunna turn people to zombies

  28. Diana

    Diana3 hours ago

    The difference between paid actor (the dude that gave him $20) and pure talent

  29. Lori

    Lori3 hours ago

    best broadcast ever.😁😁😁

  30. GarageStudio

    GarageStudio3 hours ago

    Reminds me of *"I Am Legend"* shortly after the vaccines there was a Zombie apocalypse and considering that the vaccines came out and the CDC is releasing this, it's quite worrisome...

  31. woodro blue83

    woodro blue833 hours ago

    They already been testing this on animals if u heard about that dear few years ago

  32. Me You

    Me You3 hours ago

    It has already happened look at all the Democrat zombies running around with masks on killing babies and distroying everything.

  33. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow3 hours ago

    Their taking the vaccine, now we got Resident Evil in real life on our hands.. damn it, thanxs a lot.

  34. woodro blue83

    woodro blue833 hours ago

    This scary very bra

  35. Real Mccoy

    Real Mccoy3 hours ago

    Can't take this serious with the way they're delivering it.

  36. Nibirus here

    Nibirus here3 hours ago

    I hood it happens

  37. galina -purplelina

    galina -purplelina3 hours ago

    I needed the laugh. Thank you!

  38. Blossom Utonium

    Blossom Utonium3 hours ago

    Well that didn’t happen😂😂😂😂

  39. rickster348

    rickster3484 hours ago

    - well that was cool.

  40. {x Lucifer x}

    {x Lucifer x}4 hours ago


  41. thisbarb

    thisbarb4 hours ago

    Support your local news!

  42. 9th gate dim

    9th gate dim4 hours ago

    Human rabies

  43. Combat The Ignorance

    Combat The Ignorance4 hours ago

    This world is evil. Have faith in God my people. Don't let these demons scare you

  44. Archiliesx

    Archiliesx4 hours ago

    I'll be a skin Walker

  45. Kim G

    Kim G4 hours ago

    Where my Call of Duty players at ? Time to shine

  46. Talia Ruvalcaba

    Talia Ruvalcaba4 hours ago

    What about for the people that get SSI are we going to get one to

  47. Jest'in Case

    Jest'in Case4 hours ago

    Where is the representation of the non working public. You know the other half of the civilized country being ignored by the rich and reporters.

  48. Vhs Vcr

    Vhs Vcr4 hours ago

    i love local news

  49. S Edney

    S Edney4 hours ago

    Fetanyl and Crystal Meth makes people 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  50. Nigol T.

    Nigol T.4 hours ago

    If you owe the IRS and had to file your 2020 taxes in order to receive the 2nd Stimulus check, you can kiss your $2,000 stimulus goodbye :(

  51. Algo Real

    Algo Real4 hours ago

    Things the media say arent predictions, they are plans of the elite

  52. Yuri Boris

    Yuri Boris4 hours ago

    Democrats lost their minds their policies are killing their city's

  53. Kashun Whitworth

    Kashun Whitworth4 hours ago

    If u can bring people back to life than I don’t wanna live here no no....jthats impossible

  54. Merps

    Merps4 hours ago

    how and why is this funny to them.

  55. L

    L4 hours ago

    I love that reporter. Everyone’s attitudes should be like those in this video. 🥰

  56. SIKE01

    SIKE014 hours ago

    1:51 thank you (you're welcome)

  57. Fred Mo

    Fred Mo4 hours ago


  58. Merps

    Merps4 hours ago

    i hate fox 5.

  59. Madelyn Buzek

    Madelyn Buzek5 hours ago

    I’m glad I moved during the pandemic if this is real I have a basement 😅 (disclaimer I don’t believe it no scientist would do this but I still think it should be taken seriously just in case)

  60. Ezinma88

    Ezinma885 hours ago

    That was worth the wait through jokes about ice scraping. What a cutie.

  61. Freeman Jr

    Freeman Jr5 hours ago

    America’s great again, bunch of pussies. What’s nonsense guy

  62. Rachel Rapp

    Rachel Rapp5 hours ago

    Tip: If your dog gets out of the house, DON'T RUN AFTER IT! I know this sounds counter productive, but if you chased your dog it'll think it's a game and will keep running. If your dog is really slow then it's fine to run after it, but if it's really fast and not in immediate danger, then just sit or lay on the ground (maybe use treats to tempt it into the house) and it'll get bored and come to you.

  63. SoyCow

    SoyCow5 hours ago


  64. Jerry H

    Jerry H5 hours ago

    These 4 ignorant, so called adults, are so unprofessional and acting like 4th graders!

  65. xl obey lx

    xl obey lx5 hours ago

    They laughing

  66. douglas bagshaw

    douglas bagshaw5 hours ago

    Adorable puppy

  67. TFWP Hootashi

    TFWP Hootashi5 hours ago

    Round 2021 Get Ready Boys ITS time. Remember what Nocolai, Dempsey, Rictofhen, and Takeo taught us all! Be Safe Out There!

  68. RICO lll

    RICO lll5 hours ago

    Mfs be saying "I'm good I've played COD for years" yet dey dont even know how to properly reload a gun and make it ready for use again 😂

  69. douglas bagshaw

    douglas bagshaw5 hours ago

    Got to defrost before scraping

  70. G Will

    G Will5 hours ago

    Follow God not CDC. You need to live a righteous and godly life before you die. Repent of your sins before it is to late.

  71. Big Fish

    Big Fish5 hours ago

    Laugh now; cry later.

  72. LASHK001

    LASHK0015 hours ago

    Look at all the kisses!

  73. Walter Payne

    Walter Payne5 hours ago

    Give that man a raise

  74. Entropy Emerald

    Entropy Emerald5 hours ago

    He’s so positive and the dog is cute

  75. whutzat

    whutzat5 hours ago

    Ted Cruz is awesome


    LADYOFFAITH XOXO5 hours ago

    This is gettin crazy but we need not laugh to hard at this remember the boy who cried wolf

  77. Savannah Mallory

    Savannah Mallory5 hours ago

    Tell them bring that sht on hurry up with it 300Deep locked and loaded

  78. Counter parts with V Vendetta

    Counter parts with V Vendetta5 hours ago

    Bill Gates the real Russian spy

  79. Light House

    Light House5 hours ago

    They're telling the truth. They're serious when lying and humorous when honest. The elite must tell you what's going on. 🦋

  80. Stephanie James Keenan

    Stephanie James Keenan6 hours ago

    I love pierogi!!