Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan

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When Will I Leave Japan?
Mount Fuji RUINED My Day
  1. Sus Simp

    Sus Simp9 hours ago

    2021 guy here:Keep the old but refined style.

  2. Shorty Cunningham

    Shorty Cunningham9 hours ago

    He would SMASH IT at the Download festival here in the UK!!

  3. jwace

    jwace9 hours ago

    Love how “needs to be nice” and she is like......No.

  4. Zetto

    Zetto9 hours ago

    5:01 didn't even need to put it in my mouth

  5. Abe Wan

    Abe Wan9 hours ago

    I've watched a TV show where the fished and cooked flounder all day. It was exciting at first but gradually becomes boring.

  6. Sus Simp

    Sus Simp9 hours ago

    2021 guy here: amazing travel video as always

  7. Philip Cable

    Philip Cable9 hours ago

    So....Doctor Jelly marketing team did you see this?

  8. Sus Simp

    Sus Simp9 hours ago

    2021 guy here: new definition of snake juice

  9. acrios90

    acrios909 hours ago

    For some reason when you were wearing the tokyo hat and the glasses you look like 15 years younger and like a totally different person!

  10. Morgan Smith

    Morgan Smith9 hours ago

    Man, this was all so funny! I hope to visit Japan in the next year and I plan on watching TV only for the experience, not enjoyment.

  11. Big Solid Boss

    Big Solid Boss9 hours ago

    It seems land slide can happen any minute there in that valley.

  12. It's HERI

    It's HERI9 hours ago

    I've been subscribe now, and どもありがとう for ことば! 😊😊

  13. Gel C Oliva

    Gel C Oliva9 hours ago

    she can show this to her future kids and grand kids.

  14. Kevin Diek

    Kevin Diek10 hours ago

    I actually started from 0 some years ago ... went to Hakone and then walked some hours as no bus was running anymore... After some hours some businessman was nice enough to take me to a train station a few kilometers away from the mountain. Some Japanese told me to get a hotel but they were all full so I walked the whole night, took me another 2-3 hours only to reach teh foot of the fuji. Next day around 8am I arrived at 5th station.

  15. Steve Mann

    Steve Mann10 hours ago

    Katsuki for the win!

  16. Sus Simp

    Sus Simp10 hours ago

    2021 guy here: i love the attitude and the apartment. And just now learned about your other channel and am headed there.

  17. Steve Mann

    Steve Mann10 hours ago

    An average life expectancy of 82 is still better what is in the UK which I think is about 75 😬

  18. Sus Simp

    Sus Simp10 hours ago

    2021 guy here: i really enjoy these longer travel vlogs

  19. cjd29

    cjd2910 hours ago

    Hey now. Nagano has lots of great sake (originator of no. 7 yeast!) and apples now, so that's definitely not a factor 😉

  20. Malik

    Malik10 hours ago

    Not even people who like Marmite eat it like that. Thinly spread on toast with butter is best.

  21. Porc Gag

    Porc Gag10 hours ago

    my internet connection force it to be 144p 🤣😭

  22. Captain Obvius

    Captain Obvius10 hours ago

    I want to marry the owner

  23. Kyl Olf

    Kyl Olf10 hours ago

    Let's face it, this flat is just large, but that's all. It has no style, it is honestly ugly (even the garden) And for 20 000 dollars a month it is not worth even 5 times this space. All you are paying for is the Harajuku or Omotesando area. I have a house in Tokyo i got a loan for it (i'm a foreigner) i just have to pay 70 000 yen a month so really really cheap and in exchange for that i have 250 square meters, 2 bedrooms. dining kitchen, 2 living rooms and an office room. plus a large garden, and a view on the mountains while being in Tokyo. Plus unlike this apartment, my house is made of concrete outside but entirely made of wood inside, real wood, and some of the walls are made of dirt and bricks. Nothing is fake or industrially made, everything is hand crafted, including the garden which has been there for 90 years (although the house is only 7 years old), but when the house was rebuild the previous owners made it a point to keep the garden as such, so some of the trees in the garden are 90 years old. This is what sold the house for me.

  24. Sus Simp

    Sus Simp10 hours ago

    2021 guy here: the force is strong with this one

  25. london man

    london man10 hours ago

    the state obsession with pedophilia densest bother you ?

  26. london man

    london man10 hours ago

    nothing bothers you as long as you accept that Japan is the victim of WW2

  27. no name

    no name10 hours ago

    12:05 ファ?!これヤバくない?

  28. Fiorella Lozano

    Fiorella Lozano10 hours ago

    Great video!

  29. Jilleman

    Jilleman10 hours ago

    Being from the UK, driving in Japan must be easy as you can just continue driving on the wrong side of the road ;)

  30. Maria

    Maria10 hours ago

    Very interesting, thank you!

  31. Sus Simp

    Sus Simp10 hours ago

    2021 guy here:Can i just say wearing black man only in japan is a new level of meta

  32. S7

    S711 hours ago

    Most have a car follow behind when doing long distance unknown territory biking.

  33. David Daris

    David Daris11 hours ago

    We love your videos and how you get out and and see Japan while providing an awesome dialogue. We're getting ready to move to the UK and are trying to find the same sort of channel related to living in the United Kingdom. All we found are people sitting in their living rooms and droning on in front of the camera for a half an hour which is frustrating. Can you recommend anyone that does videos like yours about living abroad in the UK? Thanks.

  34. Jean Pierre Polnareff

    Jean Pierre Polnareff11 hours ago

    eating deer is pretty common in germany too

  35. Franky gaitan

    Franky gaitan11 hours ago

    Hey Chris, i hope you get to see this comment. Huge fan from Winnipeg here! I have a question, is it acceptable in japan to take home the food you cant finish when you dine-in in a restaurant?

  36. Jean Pierre Polnareff

    Jean Pierre Polnareff11 hours ago

    is taking the apples illegal

  37. Juha Immonen

    Juha Immonen11 hours ago

    So in the end both western and eastern tv is comlete bs today... Well I wouldn't know I haven't turned my tv on in 6 months

  38. DoctorObviously

    DoctorObviously11 hours ago

    So Japanese is almost as impenetrable as French. Got it.