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Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat is an animated series featuring the mischievous and often hilarious antics of a fat white cat and his owner Simon, stories that any pet owner can relate to!
The channel includes:
Simon's Cat Shorts - Funny animations that observe life as a cat owner.
Our extra content includes:
Simon's Cat Guide To - The world from Simon's Cat's eyes.
Simon's Cat Logic - An informative series that looks at why cats do the crazy things they do, and what we can do to help them live happy and healthy lives.
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AMBUSH (At home special)
HOW TO DATE (Cat Edition)


Year ago

Sunny Spot

Sunny Spot

Year ago

  1. Netra Naik

    Netra Naik3 hours ago

    Which software do you use

  2. Migail Nario

    Migail Nario5 hours ago

    I Iove this cat I'm buy cats

  3. Barbara Brizola

    Barbara Brizola5 hours ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying

  4. P Heart

    P Heart5 hours ago


  5. La L

    La L5 hours ago

    I was tearing up when Teddy went into his box hungry....but then...yay, a happy ending!

  6. Dan Ciobotaru

    Dan Ciobotaru5 hours ago

    Its the cutest

  7. Kris Red

    Kris Red5 hours ago

    С переноской та же херня. Фиг запихнёшь, а в больнице фиг вытрусишь🤣

  8. Snowfang00

    Snowfang005 hours ago

    My cat always sleeps on the top of the couch, sometimes he falls off from leaning off of it so much. He loves it there. If he’s not there he’s always sleeping in the armchairs when someone isn’t sitting there.

  9. The Original Chefboyoboy

    The Original Chefboyoboy5 hours ago

    surprised Simon left out the cats stopping in the middle of a conflict to suddenly lick and preen for a moment and then get back to it...

  10. Amsyar Siddiq

    Amsyar Siddiq6 hours ago

    This cute cat pretty good

  11. Nik Nabeelah

    Nik Nabeelah8 hours ago

    Where is the ending where Simon came and take it home?

  12. International Cat

    International Cat8 hours ago

    Very funny and successful channel <3

  13. Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ

    Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ8 hours ago


  14. Saskia Persephone

    Saskia Persephone8 hours ago

    Purr-sonalities 😽

  15. Morpheen_ Moon

    Morpheen_ Moon9 hours ago

    Awwwww thanks you to give best end as possible (*wet-eyes :$$$$ *) Take care and be safe&attention ♥♥♥ =^.^=

  16. NinjaNarutoJapan

    NinjaNarutoJapan9 hours ago

    good heart cat

  17. Georgina Gilroy

    Georgina Gilroy9 hours ago

    I’ve been watching this since I was like 12

  18. Rudy Myers

    Rudy Myers10 hours ago

    nailed it

  19. Little Paws

    Little Paws11 hours ago

    Simon's Cat is the real life a cat lover leaving with his cat :)) I simply love you. Regards from the Little Paws

  20. Αιμηλία Μπέλμπα

    Αιμηλία Μπέλμπα11 hours ago

    The butterfly thing is too romantic even for human standards 😍 except the eating part 😂

  21. Daniel Renouard

    Daniel Renouard12 hours ago

    Damn that stray cat was such a gent. Didn’t steal, didn’t intimidate, asked politely. Absolute G of a creature.

  22. Vivian V.

    Vivian V.12 hours ago

    Aww..this is so cute and warming..poor kitty

  23. LoxyTheReindeer

    LoxyTheReindeer12 hours ago

    I’m sorry but the stinkin beach ball gets me every time xD

  24. Dave Lithonius thong

    Dave Lithonius thong12 hours ago

    Simon have a good hearth

  25. Yoouu Youuu

    Yoouu Youuu13 hours ago

    to be continued maisy: eats the fish simons cat: @@@###$$$₽₩£¢€¥#!

  26. Kushal doxt

    Kushal doxt13 hours ago

    Before:Why did It came in my recommendation. Now: I love you USlikes and this video.

  27. scruffs by Cartoon Fish

    scruffs by Cartoon Fish15 hours ago

    I really hope Simon adopts the little cat!

  28. haileyisim

    haileyisim15 hours ago

    Okay, I cried watching this. I wish I could feed and love all the kitties

  29. Axel Rodriguez

    Axel Rodriguez15 hours ago

    Simons cat is a simp

  30. орозалиев Селим

    орозалиев Селим15 hours ago

    Как классно любимый былый мультик

  31. Pablo Carvajal

    Pablo Carvajal15 hours ago

    Mi gato ni de loco soltaría un pescado. 😂❤️

  32. evan shrestha

    evan shrestha16 hours ago

    Simon's Cat

  33. Pam Harvill

    Pam Harvill16 hours ago

    Love watching Simon ❤

  34. purple _ genshin

    purple _ genshin16 hours ago

    That so cute

  35. monica novaro

    monica novaro16 hours ago


  36. caspence56

    caspence5616 hours ago

    If I could be given one "super power", it would be to give all the cats and dogs in this world loving homes.

  37. Deborah Skillman

    Deborah Skillman16 hours ago

    I like Simon's Cat seikatsu anyway is British that's my story and I'm sticking to it

  38. michael palmer

    michael palmer17 hours ago

    Teddy Looks Like A Tall Version Of The Kitten

  39. Cool dude Guinea pig

    Cool dude Guinea pig17 hours ago

    Dying of laughter

  40. Cool dude Guinea pig

    Cool dude Guinea pig18 hours ago

    Wow so old..

  41. Cool dude Guinea pig

    Cool dude Guinea pig18 hours ago

    Yes a cat that is crazy

  42. Tom Turnbull

    Tom Turnbull18 hours ago


  43. cqvio doli

    cqvio doli18 hours ago

    This one made my eyes water.. I really hope Simon's household has "room for one more".. I want Teddy to have a home..

  44. Lisa Ferrara

    Lisa Ferrara18 hours ago

    Simon Tofield’s cat, Teddy, was found in a box in the woods. Teddy was a kitten then. Maybe this is Teddy’s story?

  45. Carolina Rega

    Carolina Rega19 hours ago

    Quanta tenerezza🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️

  46. Patricia Brown

    Patricia Brown19 hours ago

    This made me teary. I have 3 fat boys inside and feed 3 regulars and a few walk-ins at my back porch. I want to TNR them.

  47. Tanya Ware

    Tanya Ware20 hours ago

    As much as you do not think you have...some else in the world has less.... huge life lesson and I am going to do better about giving back to the universe that I live in.

  48. Cheshire Kat

    Cheshire Kat20 hours ago

    People, if you want to do something about the suffering of homeless and abandoned cats and kittens... then spay or neuter your own!

  49. Ecclesiastes 3:8

    Ecclesiastes 3:820 hours ago

    Ha working together with the mouse I love it.

  50. Feather

    Feather20 hours ago

    I cant find hiiiim but he's really old so he's probably dead somewhere. Idk what to do he's my best friend he's just nowhere

  51. F F

    F F20 hours ago

    Love him🐱🐈♥️

  52. alida doria

    alida doria21 hour ago

    Oggi mi d' morta la mia Ele sono molto triste e addolorata mi fa molto bene guardare Simon' cat me la ricorda anche lei era così, adorabile e tremenda😢

  53. Bertha Villarreal

    Bertha Villarreal21 hour ago

    Can they become friends please!! Like to agree.

  54. Dandelion Li

    Dandelion Li22 hours ago

    Бедный тощий котик.

  55. ezin20 Айна

    ezin20 Айна22 hours ago

    👍👍 творим добро! Для всех.. )))

  56. Fred Flinstone

    Fred Flinstone23 hours ago

    Me To

  57. Fred Flinstone

    Fred Flinstone23 hours ago

    98 ttf7tf7,8yf

  58. Diana_cactus 1122

    Diana_cactus 112223 hours ago


  59. Bjr Adrian

    Bjr AdrianDay ago

    love ragdolls. 29 pounds is really large. is his vet ok with that weight?

  60. Emma Cat

    Emma CatDay ago

    What a lovely episode. <3

  61. Sude Özvariş

    Sude ÖzvarişDay ago

    Please color!!!

  62. Potatoe Man

    Potatoe ManDay ago

    And I'm thankful for Simon's Cat because it's still alive :D. When I was like 5or6, I used to watch all of these videos and I forgot about this channel. I was on tik tok that was power rangers vs gorila, and it was all white like these animations, and It reminded me of Simon's Cat. Thank you for still making this content. God bless u :'>

  63. TheRedWitch

    TheRedWitchDay ago

    Such a sweet short. I hope that cat finds a loving home someday.

  64. Crystal Simmons

    Crystal SimmonsDay ago

    Lol 😂 cute cartoon 🤣 Reminds me of my cat 🐈 Spooky bear .. tfs .. and God Bless !! ☺️💚

  65. Maruko Chan

    Maruko ChanDay ago

    People hear talking about days their cats have been missing and here I am watching this video after I can't find my cat for past 4hours😅

  66. LadyYvaJ

    LadyYvaJDay ago

    I know how Teddy feels, it's my birthday today, and we had to go and get take out because none of the restaurants were open. I seriously started crying when I saw this video today. I just wanted to hug Teddy.

  67. Limi V

    Limi VDay ago

    The gesture of giving that food is especially meaningful coming from Simon's Cat


    DJMETTATON!!!Day ago

    i wonder whats the story did the hedgehog told the cat

  69. Lps HK

    Lps HKDay ago

    Oh fuck... cats are annoying

  70. Allovimo

    AllovimoDay ago

    This was so poignant. When his little toy broke it took my heart with it.

  71. Saskia Persephone

    Saskia PersephoneDay ago

    Well done fish 😝🐳

  72. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotooDay ago

    wounds took one month and half months to heal. He is now the most energetic of my 4 cats.

  73. Luciano Vallejos

    Luciano VallejosDay ago

    Esa es la hiatoria de simons cat

  74. AAA Chan

    AAA ChanDay ago

    Thank you for your video, I lost my cat today. I will never give up looking for him!

  75. Goga Mitrovic

    Goga MitrovicDay ago


  76. 유혜인

    유혜인Day ago

    Cute 💘

  77. Alycia Young

    Alycia YoungDay ago

    Awe! Way to go Simon's Cat! I feed a colony of 30 feral cats and it's so rewarding! Expensive but rewarding☺️🐈