Lael Hansen
Lael Hansen
Lael Hansen

lael - im all alone
  1. D1 Chapo

    D1 ChapoHour ago


  2. HB MIST

    HB MISTHour ago

    I missed your videos

  3. Decimate the Soul

    Decimate the SoulHour ago

    Yes she's back!

  4. PlatMaybe_

    PlatMaybe_2 hours ago

    Missed you so much!!

  5. LaVinn

    LaVinn2 hours ago

    glad ur back Lael, missed so much <3

  6. KYUMME -20

    KYUMME -202 hours ago

    Finally you back we missed u🖤

  7. Aidan Cameron

    Aidan Cameron2 hours ago

    Where the fuck where you I hope you’re doing well

  8. Abraham

    Abraham2 hours ago

    I love this, glad to have you back Lael. Wishing you the best!

  9. Big Derk2081 harris

    Big Derk2081 harris2 hours ago

    I'm super glad to see you back and I love this song and video. You really touch a lot of people through your vids including me I love you Lael your the best!

  10. Serwé Soranga

    Serwé Soranga2 hours ago

    This is a masterpiece I can’t stop listening to it 🥺💙

  11. Constipated Will

    Constipated Will2 hours ago


  12. Lord H

    Lord H2 hours ago

    Stunning voice

  13. Ángel Acuña

    Ángel Acuña2 hours ago


  14. ok

    ok2 hours ago

    We missed you. Happy to see you back

  15. Molly Is bored

    Molly Is bored2 hours ago


  16. Isaac Lawrence

    Isaac Lawrence2 hours ago


  17. Slowed Songs

    Slowed Songs2 hours ago

    I missed you

  18. Still__here

    Still__here2 hours ago

    Omg she's back after 2 years, hope she's aight now and doing great. Much lovee hun ❤

  19. Benq

    Benq2 hours ago


  20. Shady StopMotion

    Shady StopMotion2 hours ago

    I keep coming back to this, song gives me CHILLS 🥺💙

  21. zander and adam best friends

    zander and adam best friends2 hours ago

    Omfg no way no way yeeeeeees

  22. Woke Dre

    Woke Dre2 hours ago

    Thr goat is back

  23. Poised Python

    Poised Python2 hours ago



    THY PARADIGMS2 hours ago

    Now she’s gonna return in another 2 years

  25. Lashanda & Elaeleh Herring

    Lashanda & Elaeleh Herring2 hours ago

    so happy ur back

  26. Manwit Feelinz

    Manwit Feelinz3 hours ago

    Omg we missed you fam

  27. Bubbly

    Bubbly3 hours ago

    🙁 we missed you

  28. CloutGum

    CloutGum3 hours ago

    I just watched joker for the first time and I'm listening to this 😐 🔥

  29. R.T.R

    R.T.R3 hours ago

    WOAH! Why didn’t I see this earlier?

  30. H Watching

    H Watching3 hours ago

    She’s back

  31. H34RT BR34K K1DD

    H34RT BR34K K1DD3 hours ago


  32. Forever Alone

    Forever Alone3 hours ago

    damnn ur back remember watching ur vids all the time

  33. Jeyking aka jedwin

    Jeyking aka jedwin3 hours ago

    Long time no c

  34. RRRSoulEvan

    RRRSoulEvan3 hours ago

    My future wife is back 😍

  35. Julian Tolley

    Julian Tolley3 hours ago

    So this is where u at mentally

  36. Hxxrtlvst試

    Hxxrtlvst試3 hours ago

    We miss u💖🥺💫

  37. Kailei Cleary

    Kailei Cleary3 hours ago


  38. iDrxpYBU

    iDrxpYBU3 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 glad your back 😢👏

  39. Heart Rebelx

    Heart Rebelx3 hours ago

    Missed you lael.

  40. lil sky

    lil sky4 hours ago

    if you say so, im all alone again.

  41. Artxie

    Artxie4 hours ago

    Let's gooo

  42. Liam Gibson

    Liam Gibson4 hours ago

    Missed you

  43. Jim Lahey 2

    Jim Lahey 24 hours ago

    Bit pissed of she hasn’t updated us on why she left but hope her mental and physical health is ok great song

  44. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith4 hours ago

    This will be trending

  45. Ryan Castillo Centeno

    Ryan Castillo Centeno4 hours ago

    Is this video showing that she pass away 😭

  46. Edward Bryne

    Edward Bryne4 hours ago

    shit my eyes gettin a lil teary ngl

  47. Edward Bryne

    Edward Bryne4 hours ago

    damn I got goosebumps we here fo u lael love u❤️

  48. Angelo Quiroz

    Angelo Quiroz4 hours ago

    I don’t even know what happened to her, all I remember is that she would always cry even when she heard x name

  49. Lovely Kyla

    Lovely Kyla4 hours ago


  50. Austinstar

    Austinstar4 hours ago

    X would be so proud and happy for you

  51. HighWay

    HighWay4 hours ago


  52. VividCappo

    VividCappo5 hours ago

    X died and she ghosted for 2 years

  53. Dew

    Dew5 hours ago

    lael - im all alone ft. The Kid LAROI & Trippie Redd

  54. xxNate_ Rosarioxx

    xxNate_ Rosarioxx5 hours ago

    This is awesome

  55. lee

    lee5 hours ago

    Happy to see u back 🙌❤️

  56. Lil Bro’s

    Lil Bro’s5 hours ago

    Where are your vids😔

  57. Mason Murf

    Mason Murf5 hours ago


  58. xxx Elliana xxx

    xxx Elliana xxx5 hours ago

    Is she okay?!?!