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Langley Firearms Academy is dedicated to providing the next generation of Firearms Training. We utilize top of the line video technology to take the next step into the evolution of self defense.

On this channel we explore all things guns, reloading, caliber education, and gun / gear reviews. I am especially fond of ballistics tests and accuracy challenges.

- Braden Langley


  1. Man dingo XL Man dingo

    Man dingo XL Man dingo8 hours ago

    I will join 💪🏾

  2. Louisa White

    Louisa White8 hours ago

    You know they can find votes stop playing 🤣 criminals can find votes.

  3. Bryan St.Martin

    Bryan St.Martin8 hours ago

    Trump needs to make a TV show of the weakest link: Congress. Now there is a blockbuster.

  4. Robert Jones

    Robert Jones8 hours ago

    Just let us know what we can do. I'm with you 100%. Enjoy the newsletter, btw.

  5. Bryan St.Martin

    Bryan St.Martin8 hours ago

    So , no holds barred didn't work out as expected? That's life.

  6. Eduardo De La Garza

    Eduardo De La Garza8 hours ago

    Please let your followers know Do not skip the adds this is how you get paid. Love the content, keep it up

  7. van hill

    van hill8 hours ago


  8. Robertlovesmelissa Cruz

    Robertlovesmelissa Cruz8 hours ago

    But these people have armed security and high fenses as walls where they liv n work

  9. Dakota Hoffmann

    Dakota Hoffmann8 hours ago

    Congrats I also signed up on the news letter. I'm really having a hard time finding 45/70 government. If anyone would know anywhere I can get some I would be in their debt

  10. Luke Porras

    Luke Porras8 hours ago

    Before 2019, New Zealand had some of the least restrictive gun laws in the world. It also had some of the lowest crime rates in the world. Then the Christchurch shooting happened, and the government said “no more guns.” In a matter of a couple months, the government stripped them of their guns. It happened out of the blue. Now of course, they had some form of a national gun registry before hand, but it should be a reminder to all that this can happen anywhere at any time. We shouldn’t pretend that it couldn’t ever happen here, because there is a whole lobby of people who want those exact policies in the US. Stay alert and stay mindful.

  11. Frankiecoast

    Frankiecoast8 hours ago

    This guy must live on MARS... Biden will definitely ban "assault" weapons and high capacity mags without a doubt!!!

  12. James w Mallory

    James w Mallory8 hours ago

    I don't shoot bricks, but found this interesting.

  13. SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan

    SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan8 hours ago

    Who is going to collect these guns. More than half military is in foreign countries. Small percentage of national guard is in foreign countries. And the police. Most small towns only have couple police officers.

  14. John Walker

    John Walker8 hours ago

    What is happening on March 4 in Washington DC

  15. Electric Universe

    Electric Universe8 hours ago

    Hate to repeat what you already know but *“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”*

  16. Caleb Reutener

    Caleb Reutener8 hours ago

    Make your calls/emails and hit the gym/range.

  17. Jamtarus “JJ” Johnson

    Jamtarus “JJ” Johnson8 hours ago

    I have that same Lee press and powder measure! Thank you exercising your right under the 1A to protect the 2A!

  18. Logan Salt

    Logan Salt8 hours ago

    Good to hear something positive for a change

  19. Michael Stein

    Michael Stein9 hours ago

    Just subbed yesterday,love the channel

  20. Mike Arth

    Mike Arth9 hours ago

    Why does the most popular president ever with the majority in the house and senate need to sign so many executive orders.??? Democrat or Dictator

  21. Rock Hammer

    Rock Hammer9 hours ago

    When I saw, "Deals another blow", I thought it was about Harris trying to get another promotion.

  22. Al Anderson

    Al Anderson9 hours ago

    Semper Fi

  23. Mr Tootsie

    Mr Tootsie9 hours ago

    Except no president can executive order guns away.

  24. Barry Simcox

    Barry Simcox9 hours ago

    We The People are on the move!!!!!

  25. Truth WillOut

    Truth WillOut9 hours ago

    He find the vote by changing the rules to mail in voting, vola 99 votes to 2 in the Dems favour, easy man.

  26. Shelby Seelbach

    Shelby Seelbach9 hours ago

    When guns are outlawed, I'LL BECOME AN OUTLAW!

  27. paw crawl Owens

    paw crawl Owens9 hours ago

    Impeach Biden for treason against America and Americans

  28. Richard Gould

    Richard Gould9 hours ago

    Salvation is … WHAT? --- Can simply saying that you “believe” in Jesus the Christ save you? Do you really, honestly, “believe” that? Does it matter to you what Jesus said about those who “believe” in him? AVKV John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also ---- Why was Jesus sent to the earth? Luke 4:43 And he said unto them, I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for therefore am I sent. ---- Jesus said the he was sent here, to the earth, to preach the Good News of God’s Kingdom, and this is something that Jesus ordered YOU to pray for; Matt 6:9 “You must pray, then, this way (this was repeated in Luke 11:2-4): “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth. --- PLEASE CAREFULLY NOTE; “You must pray, then, this way: Please read this carefully; Matt 7:21 “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the Kingdom of the heavens, but only the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. --- What is the Will of the Father? 1 Tim 2:3 This is fine and acceptable in the sight of our Savior, God, 4 whose will is that all sorts of people should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth. --- What is the Truth? Jesus said; John 17:17 Sanctify them (the disciples of Jesus) by means of the truth; your word is truth. --- How are the disciples of Jesus sanctified? By putting into practice what they learn from the Bible. ---- James 4:8 Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you indecisive ones. --- This is how clear the Bible truly is. IF…. You study it. If you want to know more, please ask, or, Email me at [email protected] Any way that I can help you to understand more from the Bible is always free, as is commanded in the Bible; you received free, give free.

  29. J Burnett

    J Burnett9 hours ago

    You can't count on Romney for any votes.

  30. awizardalso

    awizardalso9 hours ago

    I'm already subscribed here. Anti-gun politicians need to be told they will not be elected again. I have owned firearms for the last part of 40 years of my life. I now have my Ohio Concealed Handgun License. Over all, I have never shot or killed anyone and never used one to commit a crime. I'm quite well versed in handling firearms and currently own 5 and each for a specific purpose.

  31. Randy Pitts

    Randy Pitts9 hours ago

    Please add shotgun ammo to the news letter

  32. Alexander The Greek

    Alexander The Greek9 hours ago

    She has no soul

  33. Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson9 hours ago

    400,000 buy June first offer a giveaway?

  34. David Harris

    David Harris9 hours ago

    Thanks brother for organizing this. I will gladly and diligently spread the word. People are wandering around thinking they are alone with little hope against the Bidens of the world but not anymore. Carry on Brother.

  35. Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson9 hours ago

    Congrats 350 keep spreading the word

  36. D F

    D F9 hours ago

    You can’t EO away the Constitution. Infringement of the Constitution will lead to civil war. Even Democrats are coming out against Biden policies. The NFA is unConstitutional.

  37. john K

    john K9 hours ago

    The politicians that push gun confiscation don’t care about saving the lives of the ordinary person. They do it to control us, they do it because you’re told to by the people who really run the world.

  38. milcoll73

    milcoll739 hours ago

    gee, law breakers having no compunction what so ever about breaking the law.......imagine my shock. this is my shocked face. no really.......

  39. Ricky Schadel

    Ricky Schadel9 hours ago

    He's good at "finding" votes

  40. quellenathanar

    quellenathanar9 hours ago

    wait a minute....You're telling me that criminals aren't abiding by the law? I'm shocked.

  41. Kenneth Heern

    Kenneth Heern9 hours ago

    Don’t forget Romney. He’ll probably go with the democrats.

  42. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam9 hours ago

    Come and take...

  43. Donnie Dickerson

    Donnie Dickerson9 hours ago

    Lol,,China Joe O'Biden 🇨🇳 "Found" enough Votes To Steal The Election , I Think They Dug Those Votes Up In China At The Last Minute , You Know When they Said They was Suspending The Vote Counts Till Morning,,And To All Our Surprises They Had Changed Their Minds And Just Forgot To Tell Conservative Trump Supporters ,

  44. Eddie Pate

    Eddie Pate9 hours ago

    No on are going to controll

  45. Dale Paul

    Dale Paul9 hours ago

    Wasn't the second amendment written when you still had the JAMA ball down a barrel with a stick we're talking about automatic weapons not weapons you have to jam a ball down a barrel with a stick

  46. Abe Voorhees

    Abe Voorhees9 hours ago

    It's not final. They're still fighting it as we speak. I live in Santa fe N.M and it's very liberal. But the state itself is mostly conservative. But they won't tell you that. Trust me if it passes our shitty gov is going down. She's worthless

  47. Romak 47

    Romak 479 hours ago

    So several times commented on the horrible sound quality and thay with so many viewers maybe invest in a microphone. Never a response so un subbed

  48. Karen Reaves

    Karen Reaves9 hours ago

    Under our Original Constitution our military transition is delayed 60 days.

  49. Marta Amance

    Marta Amance9 hours ago

    I hate to deflate the spokesman's ego, but those "honest" citizens, for the most part, did not hand in their guns. Of course this island is immune from any importation of guns...NOT. Australia has been suffering from gun smuggling since they began the "buy back", don't expect the gun smugglers to miss a golden opportunity.


    NANCY ANDERSON9 hours ago

    The old guy in the oval office is not a leader and should be impeached!!! Corrupt and making America broken!!!

  51. Denys Poyner

    Denys Poyner9 hours ago

    Those who would seek to disarm you, are not doing it for the "safety of the community". They seek to do so because they want to do things to you that you would shoot them in the face for ! Death to Tyrants !

  52. Yellow lab Davis

    Yellow lab Davis9 hours ago

    Executive Order does NOT override the CONSTITUTION!!!!


    RICARDO GONZALEZ9 hours ago

    They want to Take Away Our Guns We got a Problem

  54. Easy Money

    Easy Money9 hours ago

    Neither one of those are armor piercing. True armor piercing rounds AR 556 with black tips and a Tungsten core. They cut through body armor like butter and if you're a civilian and you are caught with them you'll be going to the federal penitentiary for a while. This whole gun and ammo debate is just another attempt to take away rights. There are plenty of laws already in place on what kind of ammo and guns you can and cannot have. The best argument is just say no. No you cannot take my guns and no you cannot take my ammo I do not care what straw man argument you can come up with the answer is no.

  55. Dragonstaye

    Dragonstaye9 hours ago

    I remember when they wore those "African scarves" that they are wearing here, before. Guess some things never go out of style

  56. hlf_coder

    hlf_coder9 hours ago

    Still though, it’s absurd that we need to remain constantly on high alert of our government taking away the fundamental rights guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. We can’t survive much longer with half the country being in diametric opposition to our founding principles

  57. Daniela Hecke

    Daniela Hecke9 hours ago


  58. Johnny B

    Johnny B9 hours ago

    Biden cabinet picks are rabid ant-gunners from the Obama and Clinton era - just saying they're looking to sweep arrest conservatives, vets and the law abiding or just make sure you participate in commerce - just saying

  59. hlf_coder

    hlf_coder10 hours ago

    "When government takes away citizens' right to bear arms it becomes citizens' duty to take away government's right to govern" - George Washington

  60. Michael Benoit

    Michael Benoit10 hours ago

    He can’t physically do that cuz it violated the constitution, but then again they’ve done it before, so whatever.

  61. William Lynch

    William Lynch10 hours ago

    Don't know the bill number yet, just heard about it today!! When and if I get more info, will post it!! All I know, it's a bill to undermine Article 1 section2 of the constitution putting election management in the hands of congress bypassing the states!! Do not know the hard facts just that for now!!

  62. Sherry

    Sherry10 hours ago

    I’m seeing a lot of #BidenRegret.

  63. Jeremy

    Jeremy10 hours ago

    I’ve thought about the 2A... and it occurred to me that the authors of the US Constitution intended that The People have the right to keep and bear arms because those people may one day have to establish a well regulated militia to ensure the security of a free State. (Which may occur any day now) And shall not be infringed - even by the Potato Head Pretender or is clearly incompetent diversity hire cabinet.

  64. Jeff Padilla

    Jeff Padilla10 hours ago

    The sad thing is even with proof they will still try it here in America

  65. Sherry

    Sherry10 hours ago

    I cant' believe I’ve never heard of this channel before. New subscriber.

  66. Michael Thur

    Michael Thur10 hours ago

    Democrats not operating together because 46 is not a leader

  67. Not You

    Not You10 hours ago

    Hey, kiwis, you wanna buy a gun? Meet me outside your territorial water boundary. I'll be in a small flat bottom boat. Bring cash, lots of cash.

  68. Deepblu dude

    Deepblu dude10 hours ago

    Its simple "shall not be infringed" any common sense gun laws are all BS.

  69. William Dunham

    William Dunham10 hours ago

    500,000 that’s the goal! Keep it going! Congratulations.

  70. Lee

    Lee10 hours ago

    New Gun Bill. What a joke !!! We handle a new bill or no bill. We don’t give a fuck

  71. Mark Skeldon

    Mark Skeldon10 hours ago

    Citizens have a Constitutional right to bear arms. Felons should not have that right as they have demonstrated their malice and danger to the citizens around them.

  72. Lee Burkai

    Lee Burkai10 hours ago

    Common sense should tell us that Joe Biden has capitulated to China's Xi, who in a public statement made it known that China would like to see every American citizen DISARMED! Joe is now supporting Xi's desire. Joe is bending over to Xi's pressure. A President of the United States kowtowing to Xi. Got spinal leak Joe? F! Americans and kiss Xi's rear?

  73. Steve Sims

    Steve Sims10 hours ago

    From the New Mexico "energy corridor"...yeah our government is absolutely outrageous. Luckily, my little SE corner of the state routinely provides more than half of the state's budget (literally the 3 oil rich counties of state fund the majority), so they really don't mess with us too much. They love to propose these OUTRAGEOUS bills, then realize that us God-fearin', Bible thumpin' deplorable roughnecks won't go along, so the bill dies. At the end of the day, they are CRAZY LEFTISTS, but they are not stupid enough to cut off the hand that feeds them.

  74. Krelian A

    Krelian A10 hours ago

    If the 200,000,000 gun owners stand up to Biden we can easily break the base that supports them. Rally the states and the people. Tyranny is knocking on our doors

  75. Rievven

    Rievven10 hours ago

    Sounds like it worked as intended to me. Disarmed the law abiding people and increases the power difference between them and the criminals. Therefore, the government will need more power to "protect" people.

  76. Danny Gonzales

    Danny Gonzales10 hours ago


  77. Bruce Bashore

    Bruce Bashore10 hours ago

    Another site for the mentally impaired!

  78. Hell's favorite Salty Masshole

    Hell's favorite Salty Masshole10 hours ago

    This comment section gives me hope for America. People, I've been stripped of my second amendment rights because of something I did at 16 YEARS OLD! I had a legal gun license with 0 issues till I was age 32 and they did a background check for some reason, I don't remember why and they went into my juvenile record and found something when I was 16 YEARS OLD! And stripped me of my guns and permits! DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU! I'M A SITTING DUCK! PLEASE DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!

  79. C K

    C K10 hours ago

    I'm sorry but no matter what happens I'm NEVER letting my guard down. Trump was our best hope and he even really wasn't a champion of 2A.

  80. John Hanley

    John Hanley10 hours ago

    I'm from the mountains of North Carolina , I'm with ALL of fellow PATRIOTS!!!!