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    like im being honest when i say horror movies/series don't scare me but that jumpscare in the car... it has traumatized me

  2. sashaamsterdam

    sashaamsterdam10 hours ago

    Near the end when Dani gets in Jamie's car, she's got 1 dark coloured eye and the other is blue. I figure the dark coloured eye represents Viola. Why is this not adressed? Also, why do Rebecca and Peter disappear- rightly so as they are dead and now released- but Miles is alive again? Rebecca confirms to Dani that her and Flora have fooled Peter but that its too late for Miles. And shouldn't Owen also be dead if he's communicating with Hannah all the time? And Henry's been long dead or else he wouldn't be haunted by the double of him. Lots of plotholes. And why don't we see Perdita's ghost after she's murdered by Viola? It was an okay series to watch but glad there won't be a sequel.

  3. Demo Gorgon

    Demo Gorgon10 hours ago

    Rosé's scenes made me want to melt. She just wants to make music and she can't even do that, she said that's why she misses her trainee days. Her story was so touching.

  4. Jared Chan

    Jared Chan10 hours ago

    i knew i shouldn't have clicked the video. all the memories and tears came back

  5. C Kumarie Pun

    C Kumarie Pun10 hours ago

    THANK YOU Caroline Suh, Rosé part is my favourite too, got me teary eyes, so emotional, loved the documentary.

  6. Shab sms

    Shab sms10 hours ago

    That was so reliving

  7. Shaunak Pai

    Shaunak Pai10 hours ago

    I liked the series very much, technically and artistically a cinematic masterpiece but I would never put it in the horror genre, it gave me some thrills in moments but I wouldn't call it a horror story, it's the suspenseful drama that is more captivating me or maybe it was scary for others and I've just become desensitized to the horror genre at large.

  8. Destriyana Aulia

    Destriyana Aulia10 hours ago

    And i can't think of any reason does this story funny to normal people.. ??? The story teller does not play it as a comedy 🤔🤔🤔🤔..

  9. Neil Zulita

    Neil Zulita10 hours ago

    There should be a new movie with cristina reprising her original role as adult wednsday

  10. S. Y.

    S. Y.10 hours ago

    Greatest character she is an icon 👸🏻👏🏻✨💕😎

  11. Jojie Geraldine

    Jojie Geraldine11 hours ago

    Good extra ordinary documentary in touching peoples lives through inspirìng them esp the blinks fan like me..congratz madam for a great work..😊💕👍

  12. harunotodoroki

    harunotodoroki11 hours ago

    Doomed lesbian romance

  13. Juls Stark

    Juls Stark11 hours ago

    I just want to know what was in the note.

  14. Johnny Huy

    Johnny Huy11 hours ago

    Take a shot every time she said “perfectly splendid”

  15. Vidhya Hanumanth

    Vidhya Hanumanth11 hours ago

    No I'm not crying.

  16. Dr. KARAN

    Dr. KARAN11 hours ago

    helena bonham played princess Margaret to perfection. A colourful person but with sad..sad..lonely eyes..

  17. Jamie Johns

    Jamie Johns11 hours ago

    You have to be SO stylish to wear a Mona Lisa dress and look gorgeous like Phoebe...

  18. Eshna Gupta

    Eshna Gupta11 hours ago

    Waaaaaaaaoow what's this show!?

  19. Bon Ricci

    Bon Ricci11 hours ago

    Noticed at 0:56 the lady in pink be like: How did she know that?

  20. camilamourart

    camilamourart11 hours ago

    Eleven - "What is that?" ME- I ASK "WHAT IS THAT!!!??" What scene is that? Seriously, no scene has made me cry, this way, like a baby, since Jack's death on Titanic. And I cried a way lot more with this scene. So powerful, so well like..the whole show for this scene to happen. We get so connect to the story and the characters, is like we've lived it all with them. In this much has happened...this is growing. We saw those kids to grow, we grew together with them. Such a bond! I can watch it a thousand times, and I will cry all of them, is just so real...congratulations to all Stranger Things team, to Netflix...a good story has such a power...Stranger Things is a MasterClass for all those who loves the art of wow wow. Such a master piece in the cinema industry. I am just so thankful. I never cried this way before. Touching, really touching. Now, expectation for the 4 Season, and trust the Duffers brothers that will be even better...

  21. M

    M11 hours ago

    Why did it sound like he was trying to imitate the queen in the way he was speaking lmao

  22. ujjwal sharan

    ujjwal sharan11 hours ago

    4:28 "HA"

  23. Agnes De Jesus

    Agnes De Jesus11 hours ago

    Asian Katy Perry :))

  24. Lauren Molina

    Lauren Molina11 hours ago

    So weird to thing he was a crazy man on invisible man

  25. Kim Nguyen

    Kim Nguyen11 hours ago

    And they were so polite to her at first 😭

  26. Annie X

    Annie X11 hours ago

    um hum um hum.

  27. Joesph Stalin

    Joesph Stalin12 hours ago

    Hey Netflix! Yeah I’m talking to you! Why did you guys kill off the guy who was to pure for this world?!

  28. dead call

    dead call12 hours ago

    Just imagine if you had filed a case against a Islamic prophet, you will be beheaded before the justice you got.

  29. Animka [*]

    Animka [*]12 hours ago

    I watched this episode several times and each time I cried, I believe the hopper is still alive ..

  30. ujjwal sharan

    ujjwal sharan12 hours ago

    I noticed that whenever Walt was about to do something insulting, or say something cool, he would tilt his head and get that scary look on his face for a sec..

  31. TheUnNamedBoog

    TheUnNamedBoog12 hours ago

    Cutest couple

  32. Laura Hyatt

    Laura Hyatt12 hours ago

    This is so amazing

  33. empith

    empith12 hours ago

    Loved the interview so much. The questions were relevantly probing yet remain respectful and the answerd from the director was really informative and well put together as well. Thank you so much for this interview :)

  34. daygotmoos_ and_some

    daygotmoos_ and_some12 hours ago

    Guuuuurl, yes. 💖

  35. Nolan Xayakoummane

    Nolan Xayakoummane12 hours ago

    idc that hoppers alive but this still hurts and makes me cry. hopper being alive kinda ruins the moment ngl

  36. vikas Madaan

    vikas Madaan12 hours ago

    I cried a lot watching this... I don’t know y but I did

  37. mari baek

    mari baek12 hours ago

    okay... im going to cry ab this for at least 3 weeks:)))

  38. AMONG Me

    AMONG Me13 hours ago

    I read and liked all the comments for u Netflix so they don’t feel bad

  39. bby tbbs

    bby tbbs13 hours ago

    Damn. I'm binging this show on Halloween 🥰

  40. PuffyDaPirate

    PuffyDaPirate13 hours ago

    There better be a sequel !!!

  41. Swati M

    Swati M13 hours ago

    I don't even know when I actually started falling for Steve !❤️🥺

  42. Tejaswini Singh

    Tejaswini Singh13 hours ago

    The thumbnail face is at 1:39

  43. Jordan Price

    Jordan Price13 hours ago

    The best horror films/tv series make us care for the characters and the outcome. I for one cared about the outcome for everyone, even Peter in the end

  44. REREtVU 5656

    REREtVU 565613 hours ago

    Netflix futures comments are disabled...........why?

  45. StellarBTS

    StellarBTS13 hours ago

    Why none of me agreed with them on anything except short hair coz so relatable...

  46. Nelson Gaitán

    Nelson Gaitán13 hours ago

    13:51 me trying to leave dramatically out of any confrontation

  47. Idah Clementino

    Idah Clementino13 hours ago

    “I’m not your bitch, bitch”🤣

  48. Highlight Heaven

    Highlight Heaven13 hours ago


  49. raspberryice

    raspberryice13 hours ago

    I’ve loved him in everything he’s done.

  50. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers13 hours ago

    Yes White Lady in the Philippines, REPRESENT! 🤣🤣🤣

  51. PlayfulPandaProductions

    PlayfulPandaProductions13 hours ago

    This is what it feels like to be canceled :/

  52. tokyoslays

    tokyoslays13 hours ago

    well at first i thought jamie got me so bad but no, it's amelia

  53. E L

    E L13 hours ago


  54. Brian Fleischman

    Brian Fleischman13 hours ago

    Nobel peace prize for lying to the world?! How many animals have gone extinct or are currently undergoing extinction on Attenborough's watch that have never been mentioned? All the while Polar Bears have been falsely touted as going extinct to promote the globalist climate change agenda. Polar bears have not ever been in any more danger of extinction than any other living creature on the planet and in fact have more than doubled in size since it was first touted they were endangered. Apart from driving climate change narrative nothing was ever done to 'prevent the extinction' of polar bears. Science proves climate change such as it is is actually benefitting the polar bear populations. Attenborough prefers to tell the opposite story. Sure the traditional polar bear habitat may very well be in danger of 'extinction' but this will only lead to an explosion in the size of polar bear populations. A-hole of a human, hero worshipped for no bloody good reason. Many many other naturalists out there were and are actually fighting to save individual and multiple species often at great cost to themselves. Not this pandered freak! Attenborough could simply point to China and put a stop or at least a dent or slow the destruction of many species and the world's oceans by highlighting the practices of this country and its peoples. But no that would risk his income and reputation. Far more important than actually saving or attempting to save any species. In fact a species becoming extinct would simply be more fodder to make Attenborough even more famous and fill the coffers even more.. Wake up people - try to fukkin think for yourselves and do some actual research.

  55. LazyTitan

    LazyTitan13 hours ago

    Sounds and looks like something you'd see at Eurovision ^^

  56. Brian Fleischman

    Brian Fleischman13 hours ago

    Ask Attenborough how much he has personally, from his own massive wealth, donated to causes and charities, etc. so prevent any animals from extinction.......... living fossil more like it. Time for th idol to be put on mantlepiece. Attenborough is an out and out liar, very good presenter and narrator but only in as far as he can advance his own reputation and secure his own legacy. Don't truly believe this person actually has any interests at heart other than his own importance or bank account. Search/Google Attenborough Polar Bear BBC and judge for yourself. Again - also ask Attenborough how much and to which charities and causes he has actually donated of his own personal income and wealth.....

  57. karen peguero

    karen peguero13 hours ago

    Oliver is a prince

  58. Saptadweepa Nayak

    Saptadweepa Nayak14 hours ago

    Neverending story part gave awkward reactions and goosebumps too. This is the best series.

  59. Stephen Hagen

    Stephen Hagen14 hours ago

    His american accent sounds like him containing Nathan.

  60. 1375chelsea

    1375chelsea14 hours ago

    The Balete Drive is true. A lot of cab drivers passing through has witnessed the white lady. A movie was even made about it.

  61. Nikita Blackmore

    Nikita Blackmore14 hours ago

    Charles is such a beautiful soul. You can tell if you have a Boyle caring about you, you got a friend for life ❤️

  62. Araminta Gileng

    Araminta Gileng14 hours ago

    "Clear your throat, lubricate now read that bitch!" Most savage line ever😂

  63. Falak Falak

    Falak Falak14 hours ago

    Ye movie hai

  64. Royal Shuvro

    Royal Shuvro14 hours ago


  65. Leif Gunnar Toth

    Leif Gunnar Toth14 hours ago

    This still tears me up a bit. Loved the show, and thought it was a worthy ending. Let's all hope they have a comeback in 10-15 years <3

  66. christina loftus

    christina loftus14 hours ago

    the most unrealistic thing in this whole series is how clean those bathrooms are.