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  1. Jc Perez

    Jc Perez5 hours ago

    This game is so fun i have it on my switch

  2. gabi white

    gabi white5 hours ago

    YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! thanks devs! I’m so excited!

  3. DO skor

    DO skor5 hours ago

    8 years ago and still more of an upgrade than D&P lmao. They also don't make them trailers like they used to.

  4. obama

    obama5 hours ago

    0:37 sus

  5. Jc Perez

    Jc Perez5 hours ago

    Bruh this is so old

  6. Dastardly Whimsicott

    Dastardly Whimsicott5 hours ago


  7. LouisG

    LouisG5 hours ago

    Can we just talk bout her turnip prices for a sec holy chap the tip ud have to pay to get on that island😳

  8. nightmare_black A

    nightmare_black A5 hours ago

    I saw this and I screamed 2 times with my sister. One of the screams was of excitement, the other was a disappointment scream at the end when it said 2022.😭

  9. BaconNuke

    BaconNuke5 hours ago

    Ahh memories... when used to think X and Y was gonna be the best thing... (and imo) and it only got better from there

  10. Bernardo da Silva Triches

    Bernardo da Silva Triches5 hours ago

    porra de fortinite mlk cadê o meu zelda ocarina of time ??????

  11. Hana Song

    Hana Song5 hours ago

    splatoon but if it was an anime op

  12. Its Yoshi

    Its Yoshi5 hours ago

    1:12 I did not realized that there were at new Mexico Man

  13. Alissa Spafford

    Alissa Spafford5 hours ago

    mog i cant wait

  14. 16 Enzo Gabriel Olvez

    16 Enzo Gabriel Olvez5 hours ago

    its going to be here tom so exciteddddddddd

  15. jose

    jose5 hours ago

    BRUHHH I wanted to play the first splatoon so badly when it came out but my wiiu never worked💀 lemme try to buy a switch

  16. commando azbo

    commando azbo5 hours ago

    I can’t wait

  17. Zach lad

    Zach lad5 hours ago

    Randomly recommended

  18. Professor Utonium

    Professor Utonium5 hours ago

    This is how we lure is the children.

  19. Pantherz 449

    Pantherz 4495 hours ago

    I wanna play as that fish dude on the subway

  20. Simok1234

    Simok12345 hours ago

    I actually didn't remember it looking as similar to the final game.

  21. Parsa Kondori

    Parsa Kondori5 hours ago

    Salty spitoon

  22. Haruo Hideaki

    Haruo Hideaki5 hours ago

    I’ve been really wanting to play animal crossings but I don’t have a switch 😢

  23. Master Kenobi

    Master Kenobi5 hours ago

    Sakurai must take a rest. His back must hurt for carrying Nintendo now

  24. Haruo Hideaki

    Haruo Hideaki5 hours ago

    I’ve been really wanting to play animal crossing but I don’t have a switch or a lite

  25. myles david

    myles david5 hours ago

    If anyone needs someone nice to teach them the ropes i would love to help out!

  26. Freerun boy

    Freerun boy5 hours ago

    All fun games until u see :2022

  27. Crunchiest

    Crunchiest5 hours ago

    I wonder if it’s possible to Homebrew this...

  28. Trash boat

    Trash boat5 hours ago

    Day 52 of commenting everyday until silksong comes out. Today I saw some really big plants, reminded me of mossy grotto. I’m a lil more hyped now

  29. KindaBad Meal

    KindaBad Meal5 hours ago

    Why do these graphics look years ago

  30. KindaBad Meal

    KindaBad Meal5 hours ago

    Persona 6 looks fire

  31. David Konevky

    David Konevky5 hours ago

    I need a direct like this for splatoon 3 now that it's been revealed, I'm so gosh darned hyped

  32. Bear Hurtubise

    Bear Hurtubise5 hours ago

    at the beginning you can tell she's reading a script lol

  33. David Konevky

    David Konevky5 hours ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how dang beautiful the illustrations from this video look?

  34. Captain Calamari

    Captain Calamari5 hours ago

    its impressive that they got into esports so congrats, but I thought aim was going to be a bit better lol.

  35. Rágne 11

    Rágne 115 hours ago


  36. Rágne 11

    Rágne 115 hours ago


  37. Jared Anacleto

    Jared Anacleto5 hours ago

    Also its crazy that Skyward sword is on a switch but not BOTW2

  38. meme bell

    meme bell5 hours ago


  39. Jared Anacleto

    Jared Anacleto5 hours ago

    I think the beat games are the ones that take times like this and so I thnk the seaquel will be a masterpice

  40. xXCookie GirXx

    xXCookie GirXx5 hours ago

    Yes finally Miis with different customizations besides just colors!

  41. Wagmaster27

    Wagmaster276 hours ago

    Why was this recommend to me? I’ve beaten the game 6 times already

  42. 1stAid

    1stAid6 hours ago

    Bring this Nintendo back

  43. solarlola 9

    solarlola 96 hours ago

    Who’s ready for bunny day 😉

  44. Van Nam Dinh

    Van Nam Dinh6 hours ago

    The distinct bike namely argue because girdle ordinarily flash on a glib gong. scary, third road

  45. Nic

    Nic6 hours ago

    I remember this like it was yesterday

  46. Adri ZZ

    Adri ZZ6 hours ago

    Rest In Peace Iwata sensei



    Switch port when?

  48. Russel'sTeaPot

    Russel'sTeaPot6 hours ago

    Family feud, here we come.

  49. ⵎⴰⵀⴷⵉ ⵙⴰⵄⵉⴷⵉ

    ⵎⴰⵀⴷⵉ ⵙⴰⵄⵉⴷⵉ6 hours ago


  50. Hi i’m Peyton!

    Hi i’m Peyton!6 hours ago

    Am I the only one that wishes this didn’t happen? Not Splatoon 3 in general but showing the trailer now. It’s gonna be agonizing waiting an entire year for it. They should have held off until later

  51. Shadow_ Plays

    Shadow_ Plays6 hours ago

    Hey I love splatfests please don’t end them..

  52. Dark

    Dark6 hours ago

    it looks better than cyberpunk 2077 and it runs 60fps on a mobile console, shame on developers doing lazy job on optimizing a game

  53. Anna Melissa Luna

    Anna Melissa Luna6 hours ago

    Hola Nintendo maníacos

  54. styln2nyt

    styln2nyt6 hours ago

    Just finished the Demo! I can't wait for this to come out. I've been waiting for a true follow up to tactics, and I think this is about as close as we get! I loved every min. Day 1 purchase for me! I played the original tactics when it first came out and have played multiple times since.

  55. Misty Rainbows

    Misty Rainbows6 hours ago

    I played this when it first came out it was difficult but you’ll get a hang of it

  56. Ultimate Gamers For You

    Ultimate Gamers For You6 hours ago

    And *I* want to pay off my home loan

  57. Frxnch crxme

    Frxnch crxme6 hours ago

    Theses are also my favorite

  58. Superb Starman

    Superb Starman6 hours ago

    Browser's Fury: 7/10 too much water - ign

  59. Professional Clown

    Professional Clown6 hours ago

    Yo when master hand dlc?

  60. gudetama

    gudetama6 hours ago


  61. ImACatJW

    ImACatJW6 hours ago

    So excited ᕕ(՞ᗜ՞)ᕗ

  62. Kabegami The Great

    Kabegami The Great6 hours ago

    all the gay fanart they had to siphon through and it still makes them look like lovers.

  63. Rhyz Leandro T. Mesias

    Rhyz Leandro T. Mesias6 hours ago


  64. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog6 hours ago

    Wish I had a Nintendo Switch for this new game😔😔😔😔😔

  65. Louis Holmes

    Louis Holmes6 hours ago

    The best pokemon games EASILY closely followed by B2W2

  66. ur mom

    ur mom6 hours ago

    Chad grenier: all of the guns are balanced The Mastiff: am I a joke to you

  67. Raven Victoria

    Raven Victoria6 hours ago

    I'm a simple lady, I see girl Laharl, I click.

  68. Kid

    Kid6 hours ago

    3:58:41 Who’s here after Splatoon 3 announcement? 🙋🏼‍♀️🥺🥺🥺

  69. Quinn O'Brien

    Quinn O'Brien6 hours ago

    Randomly recommended but xy are my fave games so I ain't complaining ✌️

  70. Reedo 1993

    Reedo 19936 hours ago

    You give me the secuel of persona 5 in a warriors edition...but a question you..........weres is my persona 5 royal for switch >:o

  71. Galactic Kong

    Galactic Kong6 hours ago

    This was great and all, but why's the description say the games Super Lucky's Tale?

  72. NeverDeathLP

    NeverDeathLP6 hours ago

    Brie Larson is the best :)

  73. Kevin Layne

    Kevin Layne6 hours ago

    Great Hot Shots Golf for Switch...hooray.....!!!

  74. Professional Clown

    Professional Clown6 hours ago

    This man is literally the most chill person that he has show to people with this reveal videos like dude he seems like a dude who would be fun to hang out with. Too bad this will probably never get noticed and dont try to email me I dont read my emails and if I do I rarely read the full thing.