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Airpods Max "Real Review"


3 months ago

  1. Nabeel Moazzam

    Nabeel Moazzam3 hours ago

    U should do more car vids

  2. Waheeb

    Waheeb3 hours ago

    We need top 10 earbuds We need top 10 earphones

  3. John Kavanaugh

    John Kavanaugh3 hours ago

    You're video,Definitely save me the money, excellent.

  4. Anthony Kavula

    Anthony Kavula3 hours ago

    What music platform do you use??

  5. Simeon King

    Simeon King3 hours ago

    Ah snap i almost went to lay in my bed to watch you watch Star Trek..... man that took me back. XD

  6. Simeon King

    Simeon King3 hours ago

    Killer instinct took me back to my teenie bopper years HAHAAAA.

  7. BuzTech

    BuzTech3 hours ago

    Just realized how much floss spit you got on that trash chromebook ....lol

  8. Manny carrasquillo

    Manny carrasquillo3 hours ago

    You tell them how it is! No f changer in the box, that why I kept my note 10 plus. They all followed Apple, if Apple stop phone in the box they all Follow too, but first they will talk shit about it, then do a Apple lol.

  9. Chris Birch

    Chris Birch3 hours ago

    You rarely sound as disappointed as you do in this video, Floss. Samsung owes you big time for this letdown.

  10. Alex Booyse

    Alex Booyse4 hours ago

    Celeron and i3? What year are we in?!

  11. SimmSational C

    SimmSational C4 hours ago

    Only reason why I didn't get the plus is like you said, the size. I'm really good with the note 10. Dope dope phone. And I love the feature of adjusting the equalizers to how you like listening to you're music. That is the best feature to me. I just happen to stumble upon it and my music sounds the absolute best. Yes sir!!!

  12. Brian Glaze

    Brian Glaze4 hours ago

    It should be called the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 1B 😂 😂

  13. Peter Klapko

    Peter Klapko4 hours ago

    name of tracks pls 😉

  14. Blooded Taurean

    Blooded Taurean4 hours ago

    I have yet to find a Chromebook that satisfy my needs other than the Pixel slate from 2019 with the I-5 inside. Which Chromebook do you recommend as an upgrade?

  15. Mikehunt hunt

    Mikehunt hunt4 hours ago

    Portible battery with wireless charging is my go to

  16. Bryen King'ara

    Bryen King'ara4 hours ago

    This video is a major major go! We love you shoes!

  17. David Dawson

    David Dawson4 hours ago

    7:36 Bruh I felt that scratch in my soul 😂😂😭 But fr tho for $700 you might as well fuck around and buy one of their Galaxy Tab S models and just use DeX.. them mf tablets are better than this and a better deal. ldk why Samsung has been following Apples plays these past few years and down grading everything that should be flagship level specs but it's some bs for sure.

  18. Elvis Robles

    Elvis Robles4 hours ago

    OMG! I just saw your video today so I went to Best Buy and got em. Yo, just like you said, I was blown away! But...then I paired it to my laptop. I dont know if you tried em on a computer but DAMN!!! Things went up about 10 levels!! They were great before but now they are like 20 louder!! I mean there is a BIG time difference from my Note 9 to the computer! Amazing!!!

  19. nolan Wilder

    nolan Wilder4 hours ago

    Happy birthday white shoes!!

  20. FN sirena

    FN sirena4 hours ago

    Happy birthday white shoes 🥰

  21. EyesTell AStory

    EyesTell AStory4 hours ago

    I bet the SGC1 smelt great! SGC2 Looks like it's fisher price.

  22. Musa Ndiaye

    Musa Ndiaye4 hours ago

    Hol up, hol up. Did you fire white shoes? First things first... and no shoutout to white shoes?

  23. 2 point 3 point 5

    2 point 3 point 54 hours ago

    let's go white shoes

  24. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    That inductive charging is what redeemed it fisho!

  25. Peter Doria

    Peter Doria4 hours ago

    Im gonna try not to say trash.....but its a trash....😂😂😂

  26. CosmoeStars

    CosmoeStars4 hours ago

    Thanks for making these videos bruh I’m about to purchase this phone now. I wanna step away from apple and Samsung your the 1st person I wanted to see the review for and funny thing is when this came out I watched it but almost a year later I’m ready to purchase this phone thanks for your time and dedication to educate the average consumer like me bruh

  27. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    Might as well throw something from wish website. Even it’ll manage to beat it.

  28. Laughing Orange

    Laughing Orange4 hours ago

    If you pay more than $500 for a chromebook, you have more money than sense.

  29. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    😲😶Oh my gosh and he did it a doggone phone.... I literally was just thinking it!

  30. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    You might as well throw a phone in there.... it’ll beat it.

  31. Andy Imrie

    Andy Imrie4 hours ago

    Good job Flossy, Trash indeed.

  32. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhrg! The doggone tablet!.......... so basically their inexpensive products are better

  33. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    Stop the testing you’ve made your point (crying)..... samsung what its up with y’all!!! Even the S was superior over the flex....... and its a performance laptop!

  34. cavittwayne

    cavittwayne4 hours ago


  35. mollerbt

    mollerbt4 hours ago

    Fuk man. You know it's trash when White Shows doesn't even bother to show up. Not worth her time I guess. Ill take a hard pass on this one. >_<

  36. Allysha Hooper

    Allysha Hooper4 hours ago

    "For $1,000+, I want overkill" is just common fuckin sense Fuck me up with ALL the features if I'm throwing that much cash at you, Samsung 🙃

  37. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    XD her go your tablet now get outta here!

  38. Stephen Sugalski

    Stephen Sugalski4 hours ago

    nice review , I got the boombox 2 love it ! whats the micro usb for ? first song , can I get a what ? by jay z . My brother felt it throug the floorboards lol

  39. Techonupnow

    Techonupnow4 hours ago

    Another dope vid fam.👊🏽

  40. Messner

    Messner4 hours ago

    No chromebook is worth that much. Not by any measure.

  41. Dyun Dyun

    Dyun Dyun4 hours ago

    On the audio side the Chromebook 2 has the better crisp sound.

  42. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    Watch the next chrome book have the best of both worlds but not have something significant

  43. Simeon King

    Simeon King4 hours ago

    I’m trippin off the downgrade. And they are both exceptional. Just backwards. Gotta talk to the tech team about this. Like they switch managers of each product project. Kinda like apple; they split the best features into the two year products i.e iphone 11 and 12 pro and non pro models. I could go on but you get the gist of what I’m sayin.


    PREMIUM4 hours ago

    Me with Asus zenbook which runs windows 10: Guys don’t waste money on Samsung laptops they’re overpriced Secondly windows can do everything that chrome books can do, just don’t waste your time and money on this I recommend windows for most people except if you have a child on his or her first laptop ,in talking about around 10 year olds and under or maybe 12 . Edit : if you guys want android on windows laptop just use blue stacks

  45. Ghosts of Hawaii

    Ghosts of Hawaii4 hours ago

    I really feel that true love vibe for White Shoes and completely understand the importance of celebrating her birthday! Having a cat I raised from a kitten I cherish every day I have with my fur angel! Happy birthday sweety and many more wished for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. youri poort

    youri poort5 hours ago

    I forgot that White Shoes has the same Birthday as me. Happy late Birthday Shoes

  47. Jason S

    Jason S5 hours ago

    I love nice box too

  48. Nick Baldonado

    Nick Baldonado5 hours ago

    I might buy it. I really just need a laptop to watch shows and surf the web

  49. GRD III

    GRD III5 hours ago

    The bass is way better on the new Chromebook but that's about the only thing better lol

  50. Hamed

    Hamed5 hours ago

    The new beast arrived Redmi Not10 pro, for next vid please!!

  51. Jonathan Robinson

    Jonathan Robinson5 hours ago

    I'm 😠 mad. Still giving my like tho! Floss got my loyalty!

  52. Joseph Robicheau

    Joseph Robicheau5 hours ago

    I have one and it is pretty good. Good sound seems solid .

  53. Dillon Sukram

    Dillon Sukram5 hours ago

    10:40 god damn!!!!!!

  54. Corey

    Corey5 hours ago

    No. Next question.

  55. Donnovan Mason

    Donnovan Mason5 hours ago

    *cue music* I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes, I lo.....*record scratch* Yo Floss, where white shoes?

  56. Chris

    Chris5 hours ago

    Is that yur beemer?! That car is sexy!

  57. TBW Pro

    TBW Pro5 hours ago

    7:36 Floss Scratches the new chromebook with the old one Bro i felt that my my heart

  58. Jorgis99

    Jorgis995 hours ago

    I dont get the whole chromebook vibe...for 400 dollars that most of them are selling, you can get a decent windows laptop with much more usability...

  59. Lebneney

    Lebneney5 hours ago

    That's a major, major, major NO

  60. abdelrahman orabi

    abdelrahman orabi5 hours ago

    Hey, Have you heard anything about the s21 ultra overheating from minimal use (no 5g usage) Maybe a solution ?

  61. ACE 22

    ACE 225 hours ago

    Maybe would pay $249 not impressed at all. But the real truth I wouldn't buy it, who downgrades for a newer model that should be better. It's just a tablet with a keyboard.

  62. massonhh

    massonhh5 hours ago

    Does this beat the iPhone 5c speakers ?

  63. Valdio

    Valdio5 hours ago

    Recently discovered your channel and now I'm binging reviews of stuff I can't even afford. You are incredibly fun and entertaining. Shoutouts to White Shoes for awesome quality inspection and always being uncalm. 🐈

  64. TMX86

    TMX866 hours ago

    Omfg can't believe I missed it, but happy birthday to shoes 😊🎂🐱. Lol she prefers cables, adapters, ear tips over the traditional cat toys lol she spoiled. Wish many more lives for cat shoes.

  65. Brendan James

    Brendan James6 hours ago

    omg videos like this are why floss is one of the best youtubers out there

  66. truth124

    truth1246 hours ago

    My god i missed this by a week im soo sorry, i was suppost to wwtch this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITE SHOES🎂🎁🎈🎉🕯🍰🥀

  67. neil hetherington

    neil hetherington6 hours ago

    Like the red colour but that’s about it 🙂

  68. Eray Kepenek

    Eray Kepenek6 hours ago

    Build urself a mid to range gaming pc for this price or buy an old alienware laptop

  69. Eray Kepenek

    Eray Kepenek6 hours ago


  70. Gumer Zambrano

    Gumer Zambrano6 hours ago

    I got my M1 McBk Air for $900 and then I got my S21+ . The air is definitely better

  71. MOH MAN

    MOH MAN6 hours ago

    there is only one god and he is our creator!!

  72. navigirao1975

    navigirao19756 hours ago

    White shoes?

  73. MrCbj102

    MrCbj1026 hours ago

    No chromebook is worth over $400, might as well get a android tablet at that point

  74. Coy Tinsley

    Coy Tinsley6 hours ago

    I agree! Trash! lol🤣

  75. dquintanlla

    dquintanlla6 hours ago

    Hey flossy question for galaxy 21 ultra the back camara lents need protection and any recommend best screen protector ?? . All your videos are awesome

  76. FunkyFreak

    FunkyFreak6 hours ago

    Floss is da boss!

  77. George

    George6 hours ago

    Other than the obvious plastic wrap that it was wrapped in, does it have a protective film to peel off?

  78. `STAR`

    `STAR`6 hours ago

    But y would anyone buy chromebook for 700 💵 What a waste

  79. Random 4400

    Random 44006 hours ago

    It's a downgrade period 😂😂 Edit: wow and as I'm writing this 2 seconds later you say downgrade 😂🤣

  80. Tony Connolly

    Tony Connolly6 hours ago

    flossy why you not give her some usb cables lol she aways loves them