Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband

I tell scary stories, mostly true ones, and you get scared. And I guess some people like that

► If you have any personal horror stories that you want read please email it to [email protected] and include what kind of story it is.
For example, a stalker story, a camping story, etc

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  1. c’est moi boo

    c’est moi boo23 hours ago

    Among us got boring, do you guys really spend your time watching this stuff still 😂🤦‍♀️

  2. Liam’s Studio_

    Liam’s Studio_23 hours ago

    When you are so good at among us you could play it drunk

  3. Nullonos

    Nullonos23 hours ago

    Are you ever going to do horror content again or is that over

  4. anonymous hates u

    anonymous hates u23 hours ago

    corpse got a lil flirty at the end huh 😏

  5. Nancy Duan

    Nancy Duan23 hours ago


  6. Itz Name

    Itz Name23 hours ago

    Clickbait :/

  7. Erasmo Munoz

    Erasmo Munoz23 hours ago

    Does this dude only play among us with ppl popular than him 🤔 dude sounds like he finna bust a lung dude needs to go back to telling scary stories

  8. Breadful!

    Breadful!23 hours ago

    that is indeed a good dang thumbnail kudos

  9. Lexus De Vera

    Lexus De Vera23 hours ago

    “Mahal kita bruh” lmaoo love that

  10. Green Creeper PlaysZ

    Green Creeper PlaysZ23 hours ago

    Corpes dont put devilish titles you might go to hell when you die might not go to heaven better dont put no three 6 fricker

  11. Vanguard16

    Vanguard1623 hours ago

    Corpse: "I'm gonna kill in front of Toast and blame it on him." The ad (for a comic) right after: "They're trying to kill us all!"

  12. Liam Finnie

    Liam Finnie23 hours ago


  13. Mithril Wyvern

    Mithril Wyvern23 hours ago

    I like how you always choose the devils number for your IQ

  14. JaynJens kids

    JaynJens kids23 hours ago



    ARMY BTS LOVER HOPE23 hours ago

    I swear Corpse was on 3 million

  16. Mackenzie Welch

    Mackenzie Welch23 hours ago

    Your narrations are the best💞🖤

  17. Sir Cutie Plant Bxtch

    Sir Cutie Plant Bxtch23 hours ago

    I love the new hat so much-

  18. woah or whoa

    woah or whoa23 hours ago

    Thank you for all the editing corpsie poo

  19. ••

    ••23 hours ago

    Rae: “Are you guys even _DRINKING_ ?” Sykkuno: “Well, we’re not drinking as much as you are.” Damn Sykkuno 😂

  20. Toga himiko

    Toga himiko23 hours ago

    I haven’t watched Corpse for so long! Holy cow I miss this dudes videos!

  21. Rosie Griffiths

    Rosie Griffiths23 hours ago

    He has the cutest laugh

  22. REBEL

    REBEL23 hours ago

    Imma just pretend that in the ending after this ending, Tyler serves his time under the agency, he starts a new life as a rich, humble man, marries that one girl from his old job that he saves (or Anna), has 2 kids, lives a long and beautiful life retired, sees his grandchildren born, and then dies of old age some time after his sweetheart.

  23. ••

    ••Day ago

    Corpse doesnt sound drunk, his voice makes him sound high 🤣

  24. fairy doll.

    fairy doll.Day ago

    his voice omfg

  25. Steve Austin

    Steve AustinDay ago

    Only want scary stories, other stuff is garbage. Stick with horror narrations!

  26. moonbowNat

    moonbowNatDay ago

    that cat hat tho

  27. Agua Codm

    Agua CodmDay ago

    So thi is where the internet goes when they sad lmfao y’all the type to cry to sad Simpson’s edit lmfao y’all hella creepy😂

  28. Steve Austin

    Steve AustinDay ago

    I live in Dallas. Way bigger, more murders than Detroit. South / West Dallas is just as bad as Detroit(abandoned houses, trap houses, gangs, homeless.) Detroit is too cold. Dallas is the real D Town. Go cowboys!

  29. Lunaria Vipress

    Lunaria VipressDay ago

    19:03 I was laughing so much I was crying and my parents thought I was gonna die.

  30. Andrew Boswell

    Andrew BoswellDay ago

    Am I the only fan of Corpse Husband who’s been following him from the start that actually misses the horror narration videos? I miss Corpse before all the music (music is great btw) and all the egirl following and gaming videos. I miss the times before the huge following he has now that probably don’t even watch the stuff he’s known best for.

  31. Amy JD

    Amy JDDay ago

    I love hafu, she is too smart 🥰

  32. Phantomrider One

    Phantomrider OneDay ago

    Wait why did this make the news

  33. Itz_ GachaRhea

    Itz_ GachaRheaDay ago

    Nobody: Subtitles: Corpse just killed pregnant WTH

  34. Clarissa Rose

    Clarissa RoseDay ago


  35. James Hall

    James HallDay ago

    I love your videos Corpse, but I absolutely do not understand everyone's obsession with this game... It is so boring to me... 🤷‍♂️

  36. Canchola Family

    Canchola FamilyDay ago

    Felix sees this oo hell no he beat me

  37. pickle with a gun

    pickle with a gunDay ago

    Are u still a hired gun?

  38. Ava Tallinger

    Ava TallingerDay ago

    brettman: “wait what does afk mean” me: I- uhm- sir- I-

  39. KoolBreeze420

    KoolBreeze420Day ago

    I don't scare at all usually I've escaped from jail had car chases and fucking shootouts but about 2 or 3 weeks ago as I was trying to fall asleep this happened not long before finding out that my X-wife died. I heard a scream like a scream so terrifying that I was frozen in fear frozen it was like there was a woman screaming directly in my ear. There are no words to describe this scream I heard I've never heard anything like it ever not in the movies and not in real life. I think that is why it terrified me to my core even just writing this brings goosebumps to my flesh. I don't believe in the paranormal but I have experienced now at least 2 events that make me doubt my non-belief.

  40. Escalot cat

    Escalot catDay ago

    50 MINUTES?!?!

  41. Temo Beats

    Temo BeatsDay ago

    I use to listen to mrcreepypasta so much I've started listening to you alot now I love creepy stories but sometimes it's to much

  42. Marifer Puente

    Marifer PuenteDay ago

    umm... what's that sound at 21:48

  43. Holy Angel Barachiel Kadisha Malachie

    Holy Angel Barachiel Kadisha MalachieDay ago

    Brooke is beautiful.

  44. Apple fluffy

    Apple fluffyDay ago

    I love the contrast between the first and second op. Like the second seems actually human, being horrified by that kinda torture and stuff, but the first is just openly phycotic

  45. Andy Kester

    Andy KesterDay ago

    gotta say, as a person who has had a stalker, this shit is pretty spot-on.

  46. Apple fluffy

    Apple fluffyDay ago

    dont ya just love indirectly torturing and killing people

  47. Icy

    IcyDay ago

    i have a scary story: the ice cream machine was broken

  48. Darius

    DariusDay ago

    So they made town of Salem in among us

  49. dayshawn ware

    dayshawn wareDay ago

    A corpse you have a girlfriend that named she she hate flamingo she make Roblox content is she your girlfriend cuz she said it

  50. Kim DE/VN

    Kim DE/VNDay ago

    i just fell asleep to this omg

  51. Carli Leong

    Carli LeongDay ago

    I love you corpse :) /p (platonic)

  52. MrGunzUp

    MrGunzUpDay ago

    bruh among us is dead. make better videos.

  53. Smethulock

    SmethulockDay ago

    When the imposter is a war criminal😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  54. Tucker S

    Tucker SDay ago

    Ok can we agree that the people who suffered these deaths and the people who deal with this almost EVERY FUCKING DAY are horrified

  55. Leonardo Gabriel

    Leonardo GabrielDay ago

    hello corpse i'm from brazil and i met you by a friend of mine i love your videos and your music your BEAUTIFUL hello corpse i'm from brazil and i met you by a friend of mine i love your videos and your music your BEAUTIFUL

  56. Nathan Rudman

    Nathan RudmanDay ago

    "so a taxi driver is at your house... did you order a cab"

  57. Sonderax

    SonderaxDay ago

    I cant tell if Ash uses a voice changer of is actually like 10

  58. McRazor

    McRazorDay ago

    Is corpse a girl bxuz idk

  59. ItsMegan

    ItsMeganDay ago

    this is kinda a serious comment bc i hate when ppl sexualize corpse and say stuff like “he can rail me” and stuff like that but his laugh is honestly a blessing. like when i hear his laugh it makes me so happy

  60. :p

    :pDay ago

    24:06 that was a great tina impression lmao

  61. KaeYoss

    KaeYossDay ago

    When I first heard that first sentence in the video, I thought you said "We played among us but added 10-year-olds to the game, Jester and Sheriff". I am confusion

  62. X-Gamer

    X-GamerDay ago

    Click bate

  63. Deez nuts

    Deez nutsDay ago

    This is so sad corpse is now making mods he used to be good now he's just using other content

  64. Some random kid gaming

    Some random kid gamingDay ago

    Hey corpse are you still going to do horror stories

  65. Rachel Heaton

    Rachel HeatonDay ago

    "i heard a dragon"

  66. ·Martina 211·

    ·Martina 211·Day ago

    Jajaja no entiendo lo suficiente inglés

  67. mr loganz

    mr loganzDay ago

    Among us but every time I do a task I take a bong hit next video????

  68. sofia

    sofiaDay ago

    Shiny Bingus

  69. Arielle Smith

    Arielle SmithDay ago

    Me:clicking the vid not knowing its Corpse Corpse speaks: Me:AHHH

  70. Brayden Kimball

    Brayden KimballDay ago

    We all love corpses dark voice

  71. Marquis Family

    Marquis FamilyDay ago

    everyone being sereious and all u see is poki doing her makeup lmao :D

  72. Anto chan 7v7

    Anto chan 7v7Day ago

    we are going to talk about that beatiful voice?😳✨

  73. Hosah Niebauer

    Hosah NiebauerDay ago

    Click bait

  74. Anthony Gamingツ

    Anthony GamingツDay ago

    is this click bait? I can't tell

  75. HJonesT

    HJonesTDay ago

    Love that Bretman killed him for that, haha. But also wanted to hear Toast say it again.