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  1. fairy_queen


    the killer was a year older than me...wtf 👁👄👁

  2. Kristina Bodi

    Kristina Bodi

    He was as good at being a cop as he was a murderer..Smdh so much evidence and it was premeditated!!?! Rip Jenny and Braxton

  3. Elin

    Elin2 minutes ago

    Sickening... But imo it's better that they got life without parole instead of death penalty. Death penalty is an easy escape.

  4. Alyssa Black

    Alyssa Black2 minutes ago

    I saw a documentary or two about this case & it is so disturbing. The fact the body was right under the nose of everyone is just yikes!

  5. lily michano

    lily michano3 minutes ago

    why is ur intro 4 minutes

  6. Kwad Damage

    Kwad Damage6 minutes ago

    glad to have found new true crime storytelling with fresh cases i haven't heard of. and you are so cute :)

  7. Fancie Torres

    Fancie Torres9 minutes ago

    I’m from Jacksonville! And I love watching your videos!! Thanks for covering this case

  8. ḰᗩᎩ_ᖙᖇᗝᙡאᙓᖙ

    ḰᗩᎩ_ᖙᖇᗝᙡאᙓᖙ10 minutes ago

    Wait what tik tok?

  9. Carolina Rodriguez

    Carolina Rodriguez11 minutes ago

    What zodiac sign are you?✨💕

  10. Aya M

    Aya M11 minutes ago

    Why couldn't the dog bite him? Or attack him?

  11. Rainbow Unicorn

    Rainbow Unicorn12 minutes ago

    All your videos are 2 parters... Every time I click to listen and watch, I look out for the notice, then click, off to another video to wait for the second part so I can watch together. What ever the reason for always splitting them, maybe you should re-evaluate your methods, try making full videos... You won't lose many views if you don't always make 2 parters.

  12. Your Muse

    Your Muse12 minutes ago

    After you said that she got pregnant at age 16 I thought that she murdered that baby and *it looked like mashed potatoes*

  13. :

    :16 minutes ago

    It wasn’t a “flirty relationship”, even if she supposedly initiated it. He groomed her. He was the adult and he took advantage of her, they didn’t “have sex”, he raped her repeatedly.

  14. ANDY

    ANDY17 minutes ago


  15. Shara Sainie

    Shara Sainie17 minutes ago

    I can't wrap my head around how Americans will call the police on a normal citizen walking home wearing a ski mask and presenting absolutely no danger only because he was black, but will act fvcking deaf when they hear "please don't do it" and "God help me" next door. When is America going to be canceled?

  16. My Dudes

    My Dudes17 minutes ago

    Hey Elanor! I know you probably wont see this comment, but could you PLEASE do a video about Robert Christian Hansen? I find that case sooooo creepy!

  17. Daisy Grantham

    Daisy Grantham21 minute ago

    the timeline of events makes no sense for david to have done it

  18. Jada Moyo

    Jada Moyo23 minutes ago

    how do you sleep at night, knowing that there is the dead decomposing body a little girl under your bed...

  19. Lynn O

    Lynn O25 minutes ago

    I like how Eleanor is like in her last video “No more 2 parters!” Also Eleanor: “This is another 2 parter”

  20. Nicole Daysie

    Nicole Daysie33 minutes ago

    When is part two coming out?😩

  21. Araina G

    Araina G33 minutes ago

    This is such an absolutely devastating story... Her mother was offered help and she was too stubborn to accept it. She could have taken Judith to her friend's house and stayed there until she found her own place. I know some women were afraid of being a divorcee... but no abuse is worth staying. You can't replace a life with material things... rip judith

  22. Mille Helene

    Mille Helene33 minutes ago

    Can you please do one from Denmark? There is a few, we’re you can get a lot of information.

  23. Moo 2310

    Moo 231036 minutes ago

    I had to take a break from this video after the part about Keith's murder as my recently deceased grandfather was named Keith Roberts. My grandpa did a lot for charity and family (along with his partner's family AKA my family) was very important to him. He treated my dad and auntie as if they were his own kids and treated my cousins and me as if we were his grandchildren, even though he wasn't even married to my nanny.

  24. -YourLocalTea-

    -YourLocalTea-38 minutes ago

    *Damn even i have bad vision yet im not bullied im only bullied physically for being gay but i always fight back* 😔

  25. Leah Ruiz

    Leah Ruiz40 minutes ago

    I hope she does realise 180* is a straight line right😂

  26. Avianna Romans

    Avianna Romans41 minute ago

    I’m just so mad the police didn’t check the house. So so mad. They should’ve still went and checked just to be sure just because his mom welcomed y’all in doesn’t mean there wasn’t something going on . especially when somebody already told y’all that was going on in this house

  27. Cowley

    Cowley43 minutes ago

    I’m not sure if anyone is picking up on this but the meeting day was Friday the 13th. Maybe this had something to do with Harlow’s plan?

  28. -itz Ghost-

    -itz Ghost-45 minutes ago

    I got a kfc ad while watching this 😂

  29. Tuttie paige

    Tuttie paige48 minutes ago

    ♥️ those earrings!

  30. Catalina Llanos

    Catalina Llanos50 minutes ago

    100% intentional on both BUT he did groom her. So she sucks but he sucks more

  31. Doll.perasite

    Doll.perasite50 minutes ago

    For some reason I find him oddly fascinating.

  32. MusicLady82

    MusicLady8255 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but here is no way someone can "innocently" edit someone's face in a picture so it won't be a match to witness sketch!!

  33. Mistakes Were made

    Mistakes Were made58 minutes ago

    I saw this on tiktok literally yesterday 🥲

  34. Cairo Ashun

    Cairo Ashun58 minutes ago


  35. Amber Griffin

    Amber GriffinHour ago

    4:17 to start the video

  36. Alicia

    AliciaHour ago

    This poor little baby girl 😔 anybody who suspected abuse along the way should’ve stepped in. This is devastating.

  37. stephchan86

    stephchan86Hour ago

    If you want to skip the advertisements then story starts at 4:42

  38. Isabella Marie

    Isabella MarieHour ago

    Rest in peace angel, beautiful young lady inside and out ❤️

  39. Alexis Becerril

    Alexis BecerrilHour ago

    Please do dena schlosser next!!

  40. nunès

    nunèsHour ago

    watching this and he lit just died a month ago💀💀

  41. Zee x

    Zee xHour ago


  42. Ren Winchester

    Ren WinchesterHour ago

    Isn't this the case that inspired the show "Des"? The one where David Tennant played Nilsen?

  43. Scarb E

    Scarb EHour ago

    Peetah toöbin <3

  44. Kacey Thompson

    Kacey ThompsonHour ago

    I think it’s blowing up because every ones at home and serial killers have more of a chance of finding them and people are creeped out

  45. Lisamarie Cathorne

    Lisamarie CathorneHour ago

    i literally was crying when eleanor said what penny had done, i just can't believe how sweet and honest penny was

  46. Andrea Rivas

    Andrea RivasHour ago

    hiii eleanor ik im not a member so this probs won’t be on the top of the suggestions list butttt I’ve come across a new case and I would love it if you would cover it. It’s the dena schlosser case(pretty morbid)thx so much ly ❤️

  47. Jade Hollis

    Jade HollisHour ago

    I live in Jacksonville about 8 mins away from where this happened... definitely creepy. SO sad for her and her family.

  48. Aicha Diop

    Aicha DiopHour ago

    I’m like half way into this and think it’s the boyfriend

  49. Motheo Pooe

    Motheo PooeHour ago

    It is always nice to know he is still in jail now bc I live in South Africa and you don’t know who he will kill next

  50. H R

    H RHour ago

    can u do a video about 22 july, utoya. it’s about a terrifying terror attach in norway, he mainly killed teenagers

  51. Lajoy Mckeithen

    Lajoy MckeithenHour ago

    I think that I just saw a picture of Jimmy mizen

  52. Matty sim

    Matty simHour ago

    If you have been arrested they take your fingerprints and DNA for previous crimes however if you charges are dropped they get rid of it and would have to do it again if your arrested again as someone who been arrested twice for minor shit that's been dropped

  53. Ikhlas Abdi

    Ikhlas AbdiHour ago


  54. Amaya and Helena

    Amaya and HelenaHour ago

    666k views And 6 days ago *What the-*

  55. Clodagh Herron

    Clodagh HerronHour ago

    I’m so sorry for the victims and the victims family this is such a horrible thing to happen. But I don’t why you would even except a left from a stranger is like one of the number one rules that you are tough can a kids to never except anything from and just walk away and find safe company to walk home with when you out late

  56. nam tidds

    nam tiddsHour ago

    i think that steven took him on the motorbike and he somehow fell off and died from the impact and steven noticed this but didn’t want to tell them that he killed his nephew cuz it won’t look good on his part so he tried to hide the body but if someone found it they might think the boy had been r*ped or some type of sexual assault so he went back to get the shorts but maybe in the mean time the man saw bens body and thought he hit him and then buried him and steven noticed ben had gone so maybe he then somehow disposed of the shorts i really have no idea it’s just a theory of what could’ve happened

  57. laurienty

    laurientyHour ago

    In America back then they would probably have been charged as adults and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in a supermax prison in solitary confinement 23 hrs a day in a concrete cell with no windows and extremely limited contact with any person. The guards aren't even allowed to talk to prisoners in supermax solitary besides giving orders. It still wouldn't be enough.

  58. Lil Peepkin

    Lil PeepkinHour ago


  59. Leah Ford

    Leah FordHour ago

    she was failed by so many people:(

  60. Donatella Poidomani

    Donatella Poidomani2 hours ago

    I can't immagine how that woman felt finding that

  61. Saniya zafar

    Saniya zafar2 hours ago

    Omg can’t wait for the next part *waiting* 😀 😅

  62. Penguinstudios123

    Penguinstudios1232 hours ago

    For the smell: they might not have been able to tell because they live there so they’d be used to the smell. For example, my half brother is severely autistic and pisses on the walls and so my mums house smells like piss. She can’t smell it anymore because she’s so used to the smell, but anytime I go there to pick up my stuff (I moved out, irreverent info) I get hit with the smell when before it was just normal

  63. Lauren

    Lauren2 hours ago

    Not sure we should trust anyone who has a waterbed

  64. Elizabeth Keimach

    Elizabeth Keimach2 hours ago

    Wasn't Mary Bell the youngest female killer in England.

  65. Penguinstudios123

    Penguinstudios1232 hours ago

    Taxidermy innit

  66. Lucy G

    Lucy G2 hours ago

    Your description of the yoga pants purchasers made me giggle 😆👍🇬🇧

  67. StauzLikesMonkeys

    StauzLikesMonkeys2 hours ago

    I actually never knew who Madlin was until I came across your video going over it

  68. Nurdia Azmimi

    Nurdia Azmimi2 hours ago

    i cried when she said the dog looked for help, thats so fucked up

  69. Chelsea R

    Chelsea R2 hours ago

    As much as I dont think they should have been rewarded... I do believe the good education would (should) have been a benefit to their future, and the publics future with them as part of society. But it’s just proven that it’s wasted on Veneballs 🤬

  70. ami xo

    ami xo2 hours ago

    So, if you use a vpn and you are a victim of a crime, and the police track your phone to try find your location... it’s going to give them the wrong location? Sounds super

  71. Christina Weiss

    Christina Weiss2 hours ago

    I am so mad. I always watch late. I spent 10 mins looking for part 2 only to then realize this was only posted 1 day ago. AHHH. The suspense 😭😬

  72. Ophelia Chase

    Ophelia Chase2 hours ago

    I saw this on tiktok the other day

  73. Fernanda Soto Leal

    Fernanda Soto Leal2 hours ago

    stop i have the same birthday as him 😐

  74. paul Bree

    paul Bree2 hours ago

    Sicko he didn't get long enough ! Scotland

  75. Kadesha Smith

    Kadesha Smith2 hours ago

    Love your channel thanks for sharing this story. If use the software to edit videos for my current channel. #createwithfilmora

  76. Bre May

    Bre May2 hours ago

    Thankyou for covering this I’m from armada and have been hoping one day you would find it 💖

  77. lilsoapie

    lilsoapie2 hours ago

    Where I live there’s only around 600 people most of them are elderly and related. There’s 6 firemen, 2 ambulance drivers and NO police officers

  78. Pug Adventures

    Pug Adventures2 hours ago

    No it can’t end like that 😩waiting for part 2

  79. stella

    stella2 hours ago

    It’s weird to think that some trauma can cause something like this

  80. M e m e c h i l d

    M e m e c h i l d2 hours ago

    “A reasonable person” Its a f*cking child