Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine


  1. manuel cuevas

    manuel cuevas2 hours ago

    klk yota

  2. cristian leal

    cristian leal2 hours ago

    q pasa pa

  3. B3RKÆÑ 21

    B3RKÆÑ 212 hours ago

    Mehr autotune als alles andere auf der drauf gepackt

  4. Georgios Papadakis

    Georgios Papadakis2 hours ago


  5. Georgios Papadakis

    Georgios Papadakis2 hours ago

    I'm star®️😎✨🎶🇬🇷

  6. Lucian Lopez

    Lucian Lopez2 hours ago

    Nice ass... I mean good song

  7. Nisha Virani

    Nisha Virani2 hours ago

    Random person who like this comment become billionaire in future

  8. Georgios Papadakis

    Georgios Papadakis2 hours ago


  9. Georgios Papadakis

    Georgios Papadakis2 hours ago

    Ha ha ha is so good

  10. EO'C MEDIA

    EO'C MEDIA2 hours ago

    is he blood?

  11. Gideon

    Gideon2 hours ago

    1:01 cant scream treyway anymore can you?

  12. Nikkie Off

    Nikkie Off2 hours ago

    6ix9in the best of the america rap

  13. Kodların Yaratacısı

    Kodların Yaratacısı2 hours ago

    700Bilion .D

  14. Lil Glizzy

    Lil Glizzy2 hours ago

    My music is better g get the fuc outta here

  15. Ciprian 1313

    Ciprian 13132 hours ago

    Is GangBang allowed on youtube?

  16. Lil Glizzy

    Lil Glizzy2 hours ago


  17. Cristian .l.

    Cristian .l.2 hours ago

    Algún latino escuchando esto?🇻🇪

  18. eason lien

    eason lien3 hours ago

    i sorry idk what my attention is supposed to be at the girls or the song cause the girls are tuning the song out

  19. xtinedonly1

    xtinedonly13 hours ago

    I can't believe YT allowed this vid to even exist.. Screw policies!


    MUSIC LEAKS3 hours ago

    I remember when this dropped lool


    CARGOESVROOM 693 hours ago

    just want that dog

  22. McMitty5

    McMitty53 hours ago

    so this can stay, with boobs out and butholes visible but pewdiepies video gets deleted......wtf

  23. Ivan

    Ivan3 hours ago

    Can someone tell me how many stds are in this video?

  24. Jahagob

    Jahagob3 hours ago

    Oh hey. Ratty McRat is back.

  25. WilCzy

    WilCzy3 hours ago

    gang gang

  26. No

    No3 hours ago

    Yall must have forgot about the pick up the phone music video

  27. only fallowing Nickacodo avacodo

    only fallowing Nickacodo avacodo3 hours ago

    YOOO my sister is in this video😳

  28. No Patology Content

    No Patology Content3 hours ago


  29. milos vasev

    milos vasev3 hours ago


  30. Iamaned

    Iamaned3 hours ago

    snitch chain

  31. kingsomeCODM

    kingsomeCODM3 hours ago

    Ain't that a health code violation? 😆

  32. Aversio Humanitatis

    Aversio Humanitatis3 hours ago

    *why women do these type of things for money?*

  33. Mihajlo Cvetković

    Mihajlo Cvetković3 hours ago

    Sou kul

  34. jonathan alendro pepin martinez

    jonathan alendro pepin martinez3 hours ago

    tekacachy te aconsejaria que te disculpes con la calle y a los raperos que ofendiste porque el 8 de april 2021 sera tu muerte si no te disculpas y quedat en tu casa para esa fecha para que no te pase lo mismo que xtentacion, y 2pac

  35. KKuba

    KKuba3 hours ago

    I wouldnt get surprised if I was told his parents hate him.

  36. _alastor_theradiodemon

    _alastor_theradiodemon3 hours ago

    XD yo viendo esta wea a todo volumen, mas el resto de canciones de tekashi al lado de mis señores padres // XD and i hearing that shit in full volume, plus the other songs of tekashi at the side of my parents

  37. Dj DROPSY Official

    Dj DROPSY Official3 hours ago


  38. mxxnchild.

    mxxnchild.3 hours ago

    nicki’s verse saved the song

  39. yt Hamudi is

    yt Hamudi is3 hours ago


  40. Ghostface Chill

    Ghostface Chill3 hours ago

    I’m still waiting to hear someone rap

  41. kdotk

    kdotk3 hours ago

    U cant say gang.gang gang u were a fake tray way snich in end past catchs up with ya

  42. Viriya Tumpiya

    Viriya Tumpiya3 hours ago

    03.03 2021?

  43. Jean Paul Ita Albornoz

    Jean Paul Ita Albornoz3 hours ago

    Faraón y tekashi se pusieron deacuerdo a los minutos de sus videos porque terminan muy poco 👍

  44. Whiteqin 0762

    Whiteqin 07623 hours ago

    Surprised how those feminists haven't been attacking this song

  45. Jean Paul Ita Albornoz

    Jean Paul Ita Albornoz3 hours ago

    Faraón love shady y tekashi una colaboración. Es bueno soñar jeje 👍

  46. ツDoobysnacks

    ツDoobysnacks3 hours ago

    1:55 <--- Bobby Shmurda button

  47. MrMeeSeekz Jr

    MrMeeSeekz Jr3 hours ago

    All the mf's around him are masked up cuz they dont want to be seen with him lmao...

  48. Ferid Sljivo

    Ferid Sljivo3 hours ago


  49. produit amazon

    produit amazon3 hours ago

    332 million de vue super 😉

  50. Faraday

    Faraday3 hours ago

    ZaZa Gang

  51. MrMeeSeekz Jr

    MrMeeSeekz Jr3 hours ago

    Does anyone know the names of any of the girls?

  52. produit amazon

    produit amazon3 hours ago

    35 millions de vue super 😉

  53. ko hein

    ko hein3 hours ago


  54. Nyxie

    Nyxie3 hours ago

    USlikes: takes Coco down Also USlikes: but THIS trash is totally fine...

  55. David Oropeza

    David Oropeza3 hours ago

    They said fuck the coronavirus

  56. kdotk

    kdotk3 hours ago

    He looks like his bean on crack

  57. ИЗИKiLL

    ИЗИKiLL3 hours ago

    еще страшней баб не мог найти


    BTS JIMIN3 hours ago


  59. Didn’t ask

    Didn’t ask3 hours ago

    Why does this not show in my recommendations.



    Vro this rapper is shit as hell wtf youtube you gave me this at recomandate wtf

  61. Safa Somar

    Safa Somar3 hours ago


  62. Artsy Fairy

    Artsy Fairy3 hours ago

    lmao how much did he have to convince nicki to do this

  63. GoTick - Brawl Stars

    GoTick - Brawl Stars3 hours ago



    HYPE BEAST3 hours ago

    You have a beard

  65. Blue Lion

    Blue Lion3 hours ago

    thank you for the likes

  66. Brian Robinson

    Brian Robinson3 hours ago

    Looks like a weekend at my house

  67. thygreatmark

    thygreatmark3 hours ago

    Aquafina bars are so fucking lame 😂

  68. Blue Lion

    Blue Lion4 hours ago

    6ix9 form Uzbekistan

  69. f jkstu gldeykkh. y

    f jkstu gldeykkh. y4 hours ago

    Hyvä perse video

  70. The Crazy Uncle

    The Crazy Uncle4 hours ago

    He looks like he’s gonna join the cartel soon 😂😂

  71. Suprme Ballers

    Suprme Ballers4 hours ago

    My guy throwing 1 dollars bills

  72. MVP

    MVP4 hours ago


  73. ازا خان

    ازا خان4 hours ago

    داداش فیلم سوپره مگه

  74. dhc

    dhc4 hours ago

    you know he only drank water the whole shoot

  75. Maxx Hinch

    Maxx Hinch4 hours ago

    I see a serious lack of social distancing, what a terrible example for the kids watching

  76. kevo mcdevo

    kevo mcdevo4 hours ago

    My lockscreen is 6ix9ine

  77. oorjitt pandey

    oorjitt pandey4 hours ago

    You asshole

  78. Ziadjr13

    Ziadjr134 hours ago

    That's amazing

  79. SFS Toxic-bs

    SFS Toxic-bs4 hours ago

    This song makes me want to steal money from my own wallet.

  80. Karan Sharma

    Karan Sharma4 hours ago