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The Producer - Episode 4
  1. Javeria

    Javeria2 hours ago

    you gotta listen to skin by sabrina now..

  2. Sarah

    Sarah2 hours ago

    his hair oh my god!!😍

  3. Röhan Sharma

    Röhan Sharma3 hours ago

    Verse in Tightrope is from old hit hindi song

  4. Meep Morp

    Meep Morp4 hours ago

    I learned more about music in these 8 minutes than in 5 years of music theory in school

  5. Selvi Azali

    Selvi Azali4 hours ago

    Reaction to bigbang pleaseee, king of kpop🤘

  6. Andre Muñoz

    Andre Muñoz4 hours ago

    Waiting for more Selena Gomez reactions

  7. Skarlet Black

    Skarlet Black5 hours ago

    Thanks for posting! If you have a second, I recorded a cover of SZA. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you would take a listen. It's on my channel. Hope you like it!

  8. Ametaf Johora

    Ametaf Johora5 hours ago

    is it just me or is blake lowk highkey cute asf

  9. Ametaf Johora

    Ametaf Johora5 hours ago

    he literally predicted the entire song structure, knows exactly what he's talking about

  10. Drei Danday

    Drei Danday5 hours ago

    6:12 gave me chills 'cause that's exactly the sound in cardigan, the next song

  11. Frederica Ndayegamiye

    Frederica Ndayegamiye5 hours ago

    Him: What is that melody though? Me: No Tears Left To Cry? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. Sadia Narmin

    Sadia Narmin6 hours ago

    bts is the best!


    IAM MYSTERIOUS6 hours ago

    I don't support any of them.... We can't root to one person in this drama saying it's, Joshua's fault Olivia's fault Sabrina's fault Cuz we *really* Don know what the f happened betw them.... It might be all of theirs fault or idk.... I hate that ppl are just blindly believing some song and spreading hate... All of them have their own sides of the story we can't just listen to one of them and be like "see, that's what happened" It's their freakin privacy..... They are the ppl who knows the *real truth*.... I mean, now look, As soon as drivers license came, everyone be like "omg, I feel bad for her and bla bla" And then everyone sends *hate* towards Joshua and sabrina... And then Joshua drops his song Lie Lie Lie.... Well, he is tryna tell something In his song, more like his side of the story.... So check out his lyrics... And Don tell me back that he wrote it 2 yrs ago for sm reason... Then y the f should he drop it after Olivia's song? And then sabrina drops skin, She is telling her side and conveying her msg.... When we see, all 3 of them are just pointing each other and tryna tell something.... Don believe that lil clips of evidence these ppl everywhere are tryna show sayin its his /hers fault.... We *don't* know what *really* happened betw them.... So stop spreading hate towards them.... This is my opinion! 🙂

  14. Ahona Chowdhury

    Ahona Chowdhury6 hours ago

    you need to react to sabrin acarpenteer's new song skin!!!!!

  15. Ahona Chowdhury

    Ahona Chowdhury6 hours ago

    react to sabrina carpenter's new song skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kylah Margolis

    Kylah Margolis6 hours ago

    You should react to conan grays kid know album, he just recently blew up this summer from his song heather and he wrote all the songs himself And he also has an ep called sunset season that he wrote and produced him self when he was 18

  17. Ahona Chowdhury

    Ahona Chowdhury6 hours ago

    you have to react to sabrina carpenter's new song skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nahuel

    Nahuel6 hours ago

    Now you need to react to Sabrina's Skin. She wrote it ESPECIALLY as a response to Olivia's song.

  19. Clara Stevenson

    Clara Stevenson6 hours ago

    Catch Fire and Safety Pin are some of my favorites!!!

  20. KJ B

    KJ B7 hours ago

    i watched the whole video and loved it. i really think u should listen/react to his first album Mind of Mine, then record a video on your comparisons of the three albums. you can really see how the three connect/evolve and i’d love to see your take on it!

  21. Rania Woodward

    Rania Woodward7 hours ago

    okay now you gotta react to sabrina carpenter's 'skin' lmaoo

  22. Gabby Ingalls

    Gabby Ingalls7 hours ago

    i’m a OD stan!!!!!!

  23. Ella Ridge

    Ella Ridge8 hours ago

    Trust me, we want a professional recording too😭😭

  24. Esmeralda De la cruz

    Esmeralda De la cruz8 hours ago

    Well now it’s SKIN my jaw dropped go listen to the end of the story

  25. Alicia Malfoy

    Alicia Malfoy8 hours ago

    I watched this already but I came back because I finally figured out who you look like!! And maybe it’s just me but you look like the 5th Jonas Brother, lol!

  26. Emma Thorstenson

    Emma Thorstenson8 hours ago

    Do skin by sabrina carpenter it's a whole diss about olivia

  27. valeriano calledo

    valeriano calledo9 hours ago

    shes a great songwritter and singer

  28. Fiorella Gherardi

    Fiorella Gherardi9 hours ago

    1:44:42 that crack was SO GOOD, i jumped in my bed, it was so good

  29. nittoburn4

    nittoburn49 hours ago

    Do the other 'coming out at a bad time' song, skin. *<3♥*

  30. emo

    emo9 hours ago

    PLEASE react to "Boyshit" by Madison Beer I BEG YOU.

  31. Fiorella Gherardi

    Fiorella Gherardi9 hours ago

    1:30:18 yep... We cry to that too :)

  32. London T.

    London T.9 hours ago

    React to “Skin” by Sabrina Carpenter

  33. GirlonfireforChrist 360

    GirlonfireforChrist 3609 hours ago

    Do Sabrina Carpenter's skin next. We need the third perspective

  34. brittrany

    brittrany10 hours ago

    i skip everytime he pauses for no reason ughhhhhhhhh

  35. Meghan Roseborough

    Meghan Roseborough10 hours ago

    You should do skin by sabrina Carpenter. It is a better "response"

  36. Natali Tobar

    Natali Tobar10 hours ago

    who thinks he should react to the band prettymuch?

  37. Natali Tobar

    Natali Tobar10 hours ago


  38. Hli Thao

    Hli Thao10 hours ago

    Can you plz do a reaction on skin by Sabrina Carpenter??

  39. Fiorella Gherardi

    Fiorella Gherardi10 hours ago

    18:43 Same luv.. SAME

  40. Lylla Kovacs

    Lylla Kovacs10 hours ago

    You should react to Ruel

  41. noohlignuj

    noohlignuj10 hours ago

    I was so interested in hearing what you thought about them sampling 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins in Slow Down and you didn’t even mention it 😞.

  42. Ghassani Azmi

    Ghassani Azmi10 hours ago

    Thank youu soo much for thiss!!

  43. Carolina

    Carolina11 hours ago

    please react to SKINS by Sabrina Carpenter!!!!!

  44. Kyle Ingalla

    Kyle Ingalla11 hours ago

    What is your guitar and where is it from?

  45. Clara Stevenson

    Clara Stevenson11 hours ago

    It was so hard for me to try and not sing as you were reading all the lyrics.

  46. Tatzari

    Tatzari11 hours ago

    not at me camping here waiting for the reaction to skin

  47. Tina D.

    Tina D.11 hours ago

    Blake! Could you make a reaction to Imagine Dragons’ 2nd album Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe)? It’s one of the most sonically unique albums I’ve heard and one of my personal favourites, I’m really curious to know what you think of the effects they use! You’ll know what I’m talking about if you listen to even just “Hopeless Opus” and “The Unknown”. Blessings. 🙂

  48. Role play with megcattt_8 Louis

    Role play with megcattt_8 Louis11 hours ago

    What a great song keep up the good work!😯

  49. lanee marie

    lanee marie11 hours ago

    no way i just sat here for over an hr and watched you react to harry styles

  50. Ana Moraes

    Ana Moraes11 hours ago

    It is too soon to say i am in love with you? Lmao

  51. Myka Kelly

    Myka Kelly11 hours ago


  52. wdw_birthday

    wdw_birthday11 hours ago

    Lol who else loves seeing people's reactions to look at me 😭😂

  53. Clara Stevenson

    Clara Stevenson12 hours ago

    I’m a little late to this one but I’m so excited to watch this!! I’m catching up on a ton of videos I haven’t seen.

  54. Alex K

    Alex K12 hours ago

    Lights up is so fucking amazing I was like Harry gurl... To be so lonely, watermelon sugar, & treat ppl with kindness are another favs

  55. Sydney Roebuck

    Sydney Roebuck12 hours ago


  56. Carlee Ferguson

    Carlee Ferguson12 hours ago

    I love watching someone talk about something they’re passionate about and your smile says it all 🥰

  57. wdw_birthday

    wdw_birthday12 hours ago

    I've Been Waiting For ONEne Turn It Up!

  58. spokis34

    spokis3412 hours ago

    You should totally check out swedish singer Miss Li, her 2 songs complicated and sorry are a teaser for her new album. They are very well produced and I think you would like them both if you gave them a listen! Take care :)

  59. x x

    x x12 hours ago

    react to positions the album!!🥺

  60. Nancy Juarez

    Nancy Juarez12 hours ago

    PLEEEEEAAASE react to The Struts!! PLEASE!!!

  61. Nick Elsey

    Nick Elsey12 hours ago

    Hi! I have a suggestion for your next reaction! :) Maggie Lindemann just released her debut EP “PARANOIA” and it’s a fucking jam! I think you’d like it!

  62. Genesis Ramirez

    Genesis Ramirez12 hours ago

    hey can you react to the other point of view of Drivers License and Lie Lie Lie which is the story of sabrina carpenter or how they call her “blonde girl”

  63. Genesis Ramirez

    Genesis Ramirez12 hours ago

    hey can you react to the other point of view which is the story of sabrina carpenter or how they cal her “blonde girl”

  64. Elli Harlis

    Elli Harlis12 hours ago

    man he just really gonna call out us stans like that-

  65. Nick9621

    Nick962112 hours ago

    Where is RAIN ON ME!!

  66. Joshua Darlington

    Joshua Darlington12 hours ago

    This is the first time I've seen someone else react to Ajayll I'm grateful u did She needs more recognition

  67. Yuridia Patricia

    Yuridia Patricia13 hours ago


  68. Laurie Keirsey

    Laurie Keirsey13 hours ago

    Have you not listened to My Immortal by Evanescence? Omg.

  69. Zoe Villegas

    Zoe Villegas13 hours ago

    I think Justin released one of his worst and best songs in 2020. Yummy sucked and then he kind of redeemed himself and showed how he's in the music business in the first place with Lonely.

  70. janna h

    janna h13 hours ago


  71. Yinelys Chaparro

    Yinelys Chaparro13 hours ago

    you should react to skin by sabrina carpenter

  72. William Doecke

    William Doecke13 hours ago

    sweat gives me lo fi tainted love vibez

  73. faouziasfawn

    faouziasfawn13 hours ago

    can you check out some of Faouzia’s songs and maybe react to it? she’s an amazing singer and song writer (her name is pronounced Foh-zee-ah)

  74. Klark Can't

    Klark Can't14 hours ago

    Sabrina Carpenter just released a song "Skin" in response to Olivia's Driver's License.

  75. Haleigh Tagert

    Haleigh Tagert14 hours ago

    react to Sabrina Carpender’s song “skin” (it’s the reply to drivers license))


    SHAKED WORK14 hours ago


  77. Positions Productions

    Positions Productions14 hours ago

    Ummm ajayll got me messed up, Ariana wanted to go for a more Disney feel and I loved it

  78. Martina Tripodi

    Martina Tripodi14 hours ago

    Blake could you react to to wondering or all i want from olivia rodrigo

  79. Amanda Carrese

    Amanda Carrese14 hours ago

    This video was posted on my birthday and this song is my 2nd fave song next to drivers license 😇

  80. Jessy Sivilien

    Jessy Sivilien14 hours ago

    River Road gives me John Legend vibes, I would love for his vocals to be on that track as well