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Dr Bob
Dr Bob

Hi! I'm Dr Bob! I love animation and I love SCP! Join me as we delve into the SCP Foundation's archives in these animations!

  1. Pixelgun Haters

    Pixelgun Haters2 hours ago

    Am I going to passed out watching this video cause I'm over 10

  2. Shaun Cox

    Shaun Cox2 hours ago

    I wonder is this real plz answer

  3. Enny Monica

    Enny Monica3 hours ago

    Can you do SCP 169 the Leviathan plisssss i want to now the story' and the history and large plisssssss

  4. Hance David Guinoo

    Hance David Guinoo3 hours ago


  5. Hance David Guinoo

    Hance David Guinoo3 hours ago


  6. Dab Cat

    Dab Cat3 hours ago

    That’s actually pretty terrifying being stuck on a train forever until you die

  7. Bence Szalai

    Bence Szalai3 hours ago


  8. scp 682 gaming

    scp 682 gaming3 hours ago

    Dr bob please do scp 682

  9. Joy Sengco

    Joy Sengco3 hours ago

    I don’t want to go there

  10. Autumn_ The_Nerd

    Autumn_ The_Nerd3 hours ago

    did they just use coolmath...?

  11. Nazi Cheeseburger

    Nazi Cheeseburger3 hours ago

    0:35 Why am i looking at a Nuckalavee

  12. Prof. Dr.Mohammad Abdur Rahman

    Prof. Dr.Mohammad Abdur Rahman4 hours ago

    Scp-3998 said that he is the first man who will not be in an office until the end

  13. Infinite Ghost

    Infinite Ghost4 hours ago

    Dr Bob please make another video of scp 682 ( hard to destroy reptile)

  14. Vangie Tamayo

    Vangie Tamayo4 hours ago

    Me: see sit on it Me: olala Me sleep Me:become a ball of meat Me screaming just like an rat

  15. Ronnie Madrona

    Ronnie Madrona4 hours ago

    I don't know if scp's is true

  16. Turar Khamituly

    Turar Khamituly4 hours ago


  17. Ronnie Madrona

    Ronnie Madrona4 hours ago

    The guy turned to tv

  18. Icy FreeZe

    Icy FreeZe4 hours ago

    I wish he is real.. i wanna be friend with him

  19. Nigel Carl Adrian S ,dimacat Dimasacat

    Nigel Carl Adrian S ,dimacat Dimasacat4 hours ago

    it's like a vilasaraptor

  20. Who?

    Who?4 hours ago

    Holy shit I was watching this video and my bed started creaking like a cracking noise and I was like “no no no no no” and it stopped I was like it stopped WAIT IT STOPPED FUCK

  21. Isabella Anderson

    Isabella Anderson4 hours ago

    The squid has been struck by something. It's been struck by... a smooth criminal.

  22. Michael Trinh

    Michael Trinh5 hours ago

    I think it's the ship of Jason, because that argument is made involving the Argo, which was the ship of "Jason and the Golden Fleece". Just speaking as a philosopher 😅

  23. Danger Noodle Studios

    Danger Noodle Studios5 hours ago

    If the SCP facility had a motto, it would be; *JESUS TAKE THE (****)ING WHEEL.*

  24. Vangie Tamayo

    Vangie Tamayo5 hours ago

    How to kill a bug *Slap,s bug* *Taste it* *Put in you but* Done you kill it

  25. KatKoin

    KatKoin5 hours ago

    Thanks, Dr. Bob. For making me afraid of something that I know doesn't exist.

  26. Mini_Plate!

    Mini_Plate!5 hours ago

    Ooo good

  27. Darren Kwandoko

    Darren Kwandoko5 hours ago

    is this real???

  28. Adrealle Halcyonne Sobreviñas

    Adrealle Halcyonne Sobreviñas5 hours ago

    Here's the real poem of he crooked man do not read it outloud or you will be cursed here is the poem: There was a crooked man. And he walk a crooked stile. He found a crooked six pence upon a crooked stile he bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse and they all lived together in a little crooked house but he crooked man was sad and once he had bought. Why should he be crooked, when others they are not? Everything was worthless he heaved a great big sigh he didn't want to lived life crooked so he left the world and died.Now the story is not yet over for his tale is mythed and old. Go hide under he cover there's something not yet told for if you,be read this poem it's already to late the crooked man will find you, and you can't escape your fate.


    TMMJ NETWORK5 hours ago

    SCP - 002 + WALL = SMILE ROOM

  30. Alxtel - In a Nutshell

    Alxtel - In a Nutshell5 hours ago

    USlikes recommendation: let's put this on a random persons recommended at midnight!

  31. [_C H I Z Z Y_ F I Z Z_]

    [_C H I Z Z Y_ F I Z Z_]5 hours ago

    The end got me, seriously incinerating his whole desk-

  32. Joshua Laborte

    Joshua Laborte5 hours ago

    Thats like parasite series

  33. ꧁MrN̆̈ooby̆̈ ꧂

    ꧁MrN̆̈ooby̆̈ ꧂5 hours ago

    Scp 3700-1:u not safe here go home Scp 3700-2:lets fight 1v1 *humans goes home and finds cannons*

  34. Erick Paz

    Erick Paz6 hours ago

    Like you said when the wyrm gets done eating all the pigmentation on the copse why not leave it on the copse, are that’s unless it disappears and changes on to a new person

  35. lunathegachafox

    lunathegachafox6 hours ago

    Imagine if your on this weird planet and you just see a huge finger destroy part of your town cause a child was curious Me:👁👁

  36. Roblox Gaming

    Roblox Gaming6 hours ago

    We can all relate to the thumbnail

  37. lunathegachafox

    lunathegachafox6 hours ago

    Imagine the camera man just like: when u said being a camera man for a children's show I didn't expect this.. 👁👄👁

  38. An Phạm

    An Phạm6 hours ago

    He has COVID-19

  39. U Sui

    U Sui6 hours ago

    What the

  40. Bamboo Cindi

    Bamboo Cindi6 hours ago

    Look, I wouldn't mind this fella being my friend and following me around with no malicious intent. Maybe see if, given enough time, they can play a game or learn how to choose when to appear. It does look cute in a weird way, it looks friendly somehow and I like it

  41. Jonathan Beckett

    Jonathan Beckett6 hours ago

    There are multiple infected beds? And we have them all? Hows about we vaporise *every single f-ing one*

  42. Slicey Cakey

    Slicey Cakey6 hours ago

    Uhm i heard it but only sometimes Help i hear the crack noise

  43. bethany haffey

    bethany haffey6 hours ago

    The bird of death ladies and gentlemen! BEWARE!!!!!!

  44. Epic Gaming Rainbow Gurl

    Epic Gaming Rainbow Gurl6 hours ago


  45. Epic Gaming Rainbow Gurl

    Epic Gaming Rainbow Gurl6 hours ago


  46. Chase Gaming

    Chase Gaming6 hours ago

    why this video dont let me wacth

  47. Isabella Anderson

    Isabella Anderson6 hours ago

    "That's just Joe Bughands, he comes by every so often to get cough medicine, but he's never been any trouble."

  48. Anna Chavez

    Anna Chavez7 hours ago

    '3' °>°

  49. Elizabeth Phillips

    Elizabeth Phillips7 hours ago

    Please make another video soon doctor bob! Also, tell Dr bright and the others I said hi. I recaptured scp 049 and I am under i fake alias to fool the chaos insurgency

  50. Isabella Anderson

    Isabella Anderson7 hours ago

    I'm sorry, is there a *cat* in the O5?

  51. UltrainstinctStega

    UltrainstinctStega7 hours ago

    They have lips

  52. Noah Juel

    Noah Juel7 hours ago

    But why wouldn’t they silence him if SCP are real?

  53. -FaT4L_3rr0R!Sans-

    -FaT4L_3rr0R!Sans-7 hours ago

    The SCP literally has *666* in it’s name SCP-4 *666*

  54. Tenzin Lekstok

    Tenzin Lekstok7 hours ago

    I thought this scp controlled a battleship

  55. ?adwadswadsda

    ?adwadswadsda7 hours ago

    The foundation is kinda stupid. What if those wavelengths are communication? Would explain the paranoria.

  56. Texan Cowboy Cheese

    Texan Cowboy Cheese7 hours ago

    i am so grossed out and creeped out eeeehhhh but i like it

  57. n0l4n

    n0l4n7 hours ago

    man, i already hated this scp fron cb, this video made me hate it even more

  58. Deadly Pastries

    Deadly Pastries7 hours ago

    They missed the part where r34 artists made tons of porn of it

  59. Rafael Mota Duvoisin

    Rafael Mota Duvoisin8 hours ago

    Top ten anime battles

  60. T-gam r

    T-gam r8 hours ago


  61. Isabella Anderson

    Isabella Anderson8 hours ago

    Hm, I remember that movie.

  62. muhammad ksatria akbar

    muhammad ksatria akbar8 hours ago

    Dream hunter?!

  63. muhammad ksatria akbar

    muhammad ksatria akbar8 hours ago

    "You may not rest now there are monster nearby"



    hey dr bob i like your vidio g

  65. THOR-kis Hushibuan

    THOR-kis Hushibuan8 hours ago

    "They're physically weak" Me, a person that is fine without sleeping : *You're In Danger!*

  66. Milan Masani

    Milan Masani8 hours ago

    Can you do SCP-250 (Most Of The Allosaurus)

  67. Shelley Ford

    Shelley Ford8 hours ago

    The “Living” Room is actually a giant meatball

  68. Wings #3977

    Wings #39778 hours ago

    I hate videos like this because I cant stop crying about the thought of this happening to a older person.

  69. Anita Oktavianty

    Anita Oktavianty8 hours ago

    Slime Room The

  70. Justin Jeune

    Justin Jeune8 hours ago

    Who else thinks this one looks like a dinosaur

  71. Anita Oktavianty

    Anita Oktavianty8 hours ago

    Slime Room

  72. Anita Oktavianty

    Anita Oktavianty8 hours ago

    Berikan SCP 200 😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😨😰😨😰😨😰😨😨😰

  73. Anita Oktavianty

    Anita Oktavianty8 hours ago

    SCP 200 😨😨😰😰

  74. Isabella Anderson

    Isabella Anderson8 hours ago

    *Why would you have your back turned to the window at night*

  75. Alton Kinchen

    Alton Kinchen8 hours ago

    I’ll watch it tomorrow. 😉🙂😉🙃😉

  76. Spy ninja Fan

    Spy ninja Fan8 hours ago

    Oh my God

  77. Khaos Mer-X

    Khaos Mer-X8 hours ago

    Sammmuuuuuusssss, your parents are being weird again...

  78. Randeep Kaur

    Randeep Kaur9 hours ago

    Scary is that real

  79. spidersae 2wswd

    spidersae 2wswd9 hours ago

    looking for comments making a changed (furry game) references

  80. Script fighter X_X killerwink4

    Script fighter X_X killerwink49 hours ago

    So glad it's not real