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  1. JW 23

    JW 2316 hours ago


  2. Jaeden Lee

    Jaeden Lee16 hours ago


  3. JW 23

    JW 2316 hours ago

    I killed a pig in real ngl

  4. Ritchel Jamili

    Ritchel Jamili16 hours ago

    ur beach was old ?????

  5. blake gonzales

    blake gonzales16 hours ago

    Bruh purple you damb

  6. Phoenix Petlock

    Phoenix Petlock16 hours ago

    you should make goongaginga merch

  7. Liam onze

    Liam onze16 hours ago

    I have another one

  8. Olivia De Luna

    Olivia De Luna16 hours ago

    I die luaghing in the first clip

  9. JJ Noodles

    JJ Noodles16 hours ago

    Lol thinking the WTF moment was about the Enderman not teleporting but it was actually the Enderman being able to go in water 9:30

  10. Gent Dupont

    Gent Dupont16 hours ago


  11. DaSuperDuck Doctor

    DaSuperDuck Doctor16 hours ago

    You got me

  12. Skyla Guyton

    Skyla Guyton16 hours ago

    You need 24 crafting tables

  13. Pakkie π Gaming

    Pakkie π Gaming16 hours ago

    I just died

  14. Samantha Chan

    Samantha Chan16 hours ago

    L Mayo

  15. Prorexplayz

    Prorexplayz16 hours ago

    you said he made 2 iron not stone iron axes

  16. Ashley Heatwall

    Ashley Heatwall16 hours ago


  17. dsg clickbait

    dsg clickbait16 hours ago


  18. Undertime

    Undertime16 hours ago


  19. mikail’s Adventures

    mikail’s Adventures16 hours ago


  20. Pawan Gandhi

    Pawan Gandhi16 hours ago

    When milkair sword broke Oh no He take his gun Anyways

  21. Apk Gamer

    Apk Gamer16 hours ago

    I was tooooiiooooooo much. Scair when that jumpscar comes

  22. eL Ge

    eL Ge16 hours ago

    bobo dream


    MIS. FLOWER16 hours ago

    Im from the futre youre fully bald becouse of mr beast

  24. Miguel Cruz

    Miguel Cruz16 hours ago

    I love bionic to go to the dream smp lol HAHAHAHA

  25. Jaidon Rendo

    Jaidon Rendo16 hours ago

    I always smash my ipad when liking

  26. Min Min

    Min Min16 hours ago


  27. Julius Dalida

    Julius Dalida16 hours ago

    Yea thats how it looks like cuz i am always on mobile and i dont have a PC

  28. Phoenix Petlock

    Phoenix Petlock16 hours ago

    monoi monoi monoi goongaginga

  29. Jakov Kovacevic

    Jakov Kovacevic16 hours ago

    The one with the fire rez and lots of pearls is Dani and he is a youtuber

  30. benjamin lack

    benjamin lack16 hours ago

    Get this Man on the DreamSMP

  31. Israel Gulston

    Israel Gulston16 hours ago

    Ps5 gang 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟😎😎😎😎😎

  32. Daryn Davies

    Daryn Davies16 hours ago


  33. Naruto Uzamaki

    Naruto Uzamaki16 hours ago

    The Lorax

  34. Bobot Yap

    Bobot Yap16 hours ago

    How did you do dat i cany join server how you can

  35. Jensen Caputo

    Jensen Caputo16 hours ago

    One is 12023120

  36. Arjee Martino

    Arjee Martino16 hours ago

    Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha

  37. Poundlad Joosh

    Poundlad Joosh16 hours ago

    Day 1 of asking Bonc to go back to or restart one block sky block

  38. Jamaal Mohammed

    Jamaal Mohammed16 hours ago

    I would use absorption

  39. Jamaal Mohammed

    Jamaal Mohammed16 hours ago

    Effect go up to 255

  40. Are Rutgersen

    Are Rutgersen16 hours ago

    Make protection 100k

  41. Maya Knudsen

    Maya Knudsen16 hours ago

    Bionic: smash the like bo’eeennnn

  42. Traxxas dirtbike

    Traxxas dirtbike16 hours ago


  43. Ariana Arissa

    Ariana Arissa16 hours ago

    Dream: *sees thumbnail* Also dream: ill 10k IQ you..

  44. Pandi Crown

    Pandi Crown16 hours ago

    Should’ve done a building competition.

  45. ilove Chocolate’s

    ilove Chocolate’s16 hours ago

    Tbh this isn’t really cheating cause you can still turn quick on mobile

  46. Parth Patange

    Parth Patange16 hours ago

    Bionic that you made f5 mlg bucket in the video the video name was types of portyrayed minecraft players he said like no :) lol I laughed when he said that

  47. daniel simon

    daniel simon16 hours ago


  48. Ainoras Saldžius

    Ainoras Saldžius16 hours ago

    2:40 its rlcraft and u can fly on this bird and this bird strong

  49. daniel simon

    daniel simon16 hours ago

    The way he said he wants apples that guy who he killed had so many arrows Me:ur not taking it seriously

  50. Callum .G

    Callum .G16 hours ago

    Is that a rectangular block: *laughs in bedrock farlands*

  51. Mark Jannus Arienda

    Mark Jannus Arienda16 hours ago

    yes im in bionic team

  52. Super44 Playz

    Super44 Playz16 hours ago

    Ender dragon

  53. Vibe Bot

    Vibe Bot16 hours ago

    4:40 okay these reactions right here were the best

  54. Pandi Crown

    Pandi Crown16 hours ago

    if you have already yeeted something and your trying to goongangingang, Legends of bionic and MrBeast say it’s called “Yoting.”

  55. Syed Irbaaz Ahmed

    Syed Irbaaz Ahmed16 hours ago

    So this is what dream sees while speedrunning

  56. Abuboyi1

    Abuboyi116 hours ago

    How to get netherite blocks: get 3 netherite,glowstone and glass

  57. Michael Galeano

    Michael Galeano16 hours ago

    Beat the wither

  58. ITZZ OP. Saksham

    ITZZ OP. Saksham16 hours ago

    You were walking in dream

  59. harikant pandey

    harikant pandey16 hours ago

    You got it

  60. Maylene Selibio

    Maylene Selibio16 hours ago

    Bionic kill the ender dragon in 16 minutes

  61. Real Lexanc

    Real Lexanc16 hours ago

    Bro imagine this was a stream I would be spamming craft more crossbows so that you can load them all up and fire all of them bro the battle would be like 10 seconds long

  62. Del Alontaga

    Del Alontaga16 hours ago

    Sans aka bionic wined

  63. Manju Lama

    Manju Lama16 hours ago

    Fun fact:tpal has also tortured streamers

  64. DarkJGaming

    DarkJGaming16 hours ago

    n e t h e r i t e c a c t u s

  65. Billy Gaming

    Billy Gaming16 hours ago

    Jump boost

  66. 3ream

    3ream16 hours ago

    0:11 man.... This kid was *'Off camera'* mining.....i mean, look at that stuff

  67. king

    king16 hours ago

    No bionic

  68. Nicole Brink

    Nicole Brink16 hours ago

    there were three emeralds in the pyramid dummy

  69. Budi Kurniawan

    Budi Kurniawan16 hours ago

    That was funnt

  70. xju

    xju16 hours ago

    420 000th

  71. Nguyen Linh

    Nguyen Linh16 hours ago

    12 frames have eyes so is have 10%^12 or is 1 in 1 trillion

  72. TRY Andrei

    TRY Andrei16 hours ago

    You Got me seriously î was like 😱

  73. Nida Mansoor

    Nida Mansoor16 hours ago


  74. Cars or No cars

    Cars or No cars16 hours ago

    How many times did he say bru

  75. naing tun

    naing tun16 hours ago


  76. naing tun

    naing tun16 hours ago


  77. arlo lambert

    arlo lambert16 hours ago


  78. omar martinez

    omar martinez16 hours ago

    2:47m garnet was poffed

  79. Matt Townsend

    Matt Townsend16 hours ago

    F for the bat 🦇