Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons

Hi, babes! I have a huge passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.
I believe life should be about balance, so don't be fooled... I still enjoy the good stuff! 😋
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4 months ago

  1. Dorothea Gordijev

    Dorothea Gordijev6 hours ago

    Wow!!! Looking through USlikes or should I say USlikes surfing in 2016 you really were down to earth!!!! What happened???? Your like not yourself.. Like it so apparent! Just shocking!

  2. Anja Hansen

    Anja Hansen6 hours ago

    Does anyone know if this collections gonna be restocked or if it’s a one time thing?

  3. Joel Sande

    Joel Sande7 hours ago


  4. Emily Gregoire

    Emily Gregoire7 hours ago

    I didn’t know people still shopped gymshark. I’d rather spend 20$ more for a quality pair of leggings. I’ve tried so many different items from gymshark and they never held up to my expectation.

  5. Laura C

    Laura C8 hours ago

    Are we going to get pricing before launch?

  6. Amanda Titus

    Amanda Titus9 hours ago

    I dont want my proposal to be this official and produced

  7. Teddy W Gardner

    Teddy W Gardner13 hours ago

    Dang it she is know taken forever!!! Lmao congrats you deserve this so very much!

  8. sweetestthing

    sweetestthing13 hours ago

    Did anyone else get an email from gymshark saying that someone hacked into their information??? and now they have your email and phone number so they can send you spam!!! unsafe... the emails and random texts are annoying Thanks Gymshark I'm going to buy American-made products now sorry by gymshark!!!

  9. sweetestthing

    sweetestthing14 hours ago

    I still cannot believe you don't use your platform to fight against predators!!! for children !!! Not one word about it 😢😢😢disgusting

  10. Teddy W Gardner

    Teddy W Gardner14 hours ago

    You look so good in all of them, lol that’s why you designed them! My girlfriend just bought everything in this collection and she looks so good in them! They make her waist skinnier and butt bigger and boobs bigger too so thanks she loves them so much she sleeps in them!

  11. boc man

    boc man14 hours ago

    I think you well and truly have the booty exercises covered from every angle, I will try a few of these as I suffer from a bit of anterior pelvic tilt so will be worthwhile

  12. The Unjaded Journal

    The Unjaded Journal14 hours ago

    you are hilarious!

  13. Sophie-Louise Bodily

    Sophie-Louise Bodily14 hours ago

    What colours do the hoodies come in?🤩🤩

  14. marjie413

    marjie41316 hours ago

    I just bought my first fiddle. Love love love her!!

  15. Kala Moss

    Kala Moss17 hours ago

    To avoid brow pens from drying up prematurely, use the brow flick on completely clean skin. Any gel/wax/soap will clog up the brush tip. I used to use soap brows and then go in with my brow pen and was wondering why it would dry up or get clogged. Now that I do it on clean skin it goes on better and lasts longer. Also, be sure to store it upside down and the brush tip will always have product in it.

  16. Jessica Doghli

    Jessica Doghli17 hours ago

    We need more Whit! your gym shark collabs are always the best✨

  17. Renesha TBF

    Renesha TBF17 hours ago

    The food looks amazing but it’s the dance moves for me!! Love the joy 🤩

  18. Paola Ramos

    Paola Ramos18 hours ago

    I just bought a fiddle so I needed this ❤️❤️

  19. Pamela F

    Pamela F19 hours ago

    I am obsessed with this line and am PRAYING it doesn't sell out too fast. It looks worth breaking my budget for💓💓💓

  20. Kelsey Sivertson

    Kelsey Sivertson19 hours ago

    I had a moment where I felt I really needed a 5 second break. I looked up and you were taking a break at the same time. It made me feel related to and reiterated to me your authenticity. Thank you for the real content!

  21. brookeballengee

    brookeballengee19 hours ago

    is there a size chart somewhere we can look for the right size/measurements for us in advance?

  22. Shaban Mo

    Shaban Mo21 hour ago


  23. Dolly Esparza

    Dolly Esparza21 hour ago

    I am so mad cuz I can’t do the hip glute press without hurting my other leg, the one I’m not even using. What am I doing wrong??????

  24. Sana Agaskar

    Sana Agaskar21 hour ago

    Thank you. Great workout. I was sweating a lot.

  25. Kristen Greeley

    Kristen Greeley22 hours ago

    Can I ask a question for my busty ladies? 🖐🏼 How do her sport bras fit? Like what size range would y’all say for them because I’m a 32H 👀 ya girl has a hard time finding a band that fits the small ribs and a bust that holds in the girls without ALL THE SPILLAGE👏🏼 I dont like the hassle of buying and returning sport bras but these are so dang cute so I thought is ask the comment section

  26. 10stellas

    10stellasDay ago

    I can sit and listen to you speak all day ❤

  27. i Zeccora

    i ZeccoraDay ago

    I can’t find the top showed in 5:50 on the gymshark website, anyone can help please? 🙈

  28. Eric He

    Eric HeDay ago

    Apr 17th is my birthday

  29. Elenda B

    Elenda BDay ago

    I'd have to blend the blueberries bc I hate them warm in the pancakes

  30. Elenda B

    Elenda BDay ago

    I like spicy ketchup

  31. Matthew Carrubba

    Matthew CarrubbaDay ago

    So happy to see that you are staying safe and healthy and hope everything is going well for you and you look so gorgeous in these leggings and God bless you and stay safe and healthy. Love 💘,

  32. Rachel Nicholas

    Rachel NicholasDay ago

    Best and cutest video ever! I was literally entertained and enthralled the entire time! Thanks for making this video I just got a fiddle today!

  33. Ines Lomas

    Ines LomasDay ago

    Hi Whitney my name Rick

  34. savannaXmusic

    savannaXmusicDay ago

    That hamstring bridge hit different

  35. nhung nguyen

    nhung nguyenDay ago

    Hey!!! I love the gooseberry one piece. What size do you wear? :)

  36. Johanna Vazquez

    Johanna VazquezDay ago

    Why do you this to me 🥺 i want one of every single piece 😊😊 I love EVERYTHING!!

  37. Vannah

    VannahDay ago

    Did this old Whitney video pop up for anyone else under suggestions today? Look at that bright orange polish. We love a vintage queen.

  38. Lou thao

    Lou thaoDay ago

    M uh mom

  39. Gabriella Cogdill

    Gabriella CogdillDay ago

    Would you say that the white sports bra goes with the amazon green crop top with the back opening?😊

  40. Pepper Farm

    Pepper FarmDay ago

    Gluten free is actually healthier because gluten protein cuts p the stomach lining which in turn causes the immune system to react to the leaking gut and this causes inflammation such as arthritis and skin problems like psoriasis so you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand because people are obviously here looking for info from you and trust that you know what you’re talking about

  41. Melissa Khan

    Melissa KhanDay ago

    Just wanted to congratulate you:), I really think that you should start your own clothing line hehe. Amazing 🥰. Could you perhaps tell which non crop top you prefer?

  42. Sana Agaskar

    Sana AgaskarDay ago

    Committing to 5 day workouts! Monday - Legs Tues - Chest Triceps Weds - Cardio shoulder Thurs - Legs Fri - Back Biceps Weekend break. Thanks Whitney 💜

  43. Kristen Maxwell

    Kristen MaxwellDay ago

    What is the pricing for the items?

  44. Diana Hoang

    Diana HoangDay ago

    I’m going to be 50’s. After a week of this, I realize it’s too much stress on my knee. ☹️

  45. Heather Szentimrey

    Heather SzentimreyDay ago

    If you are in between sizes would you suggest going up in the Whitney leggings? I am a medium in most leggings and a large in some compressive tighter leggings and I really want to try these leggings! Same with the bras. Any help would be so appreciated, I got some stuff in the first drop and still wear them ALL THE TIME I can’t wait till this drops 🤩

  46. Katie Stickorates

    Katie StickoratesDay ago

    Only change I would make is to add thumb holes

  47. Katie Stickorates

    Katie StickoratesDay ago

    Wish u had a dark gray

  48. Jonna Strand

    Jonna StrandDay ago

    Can’t you make a vid where u match different items/colours together? I’m the most indecisive person ever and will never be able to make up my mind on what colour to get with what 🙈❤️

  49. Lindsay Luciano

    Lindsay LucianoDay ago

    Does anyone know where the jacket Whitney is wearing in the thumbnail is from?

  50. Sabrina A

    Sabrina ADay ago

    Whitney girl imma be BROKE after this launch. Im pumped!!

  51. Megan S

    Megan SDay ago

    I’m a little sad the ribbed waist leggings won’t be available in the darker green 😭

  52. WWomannc

    WWomanncDay ago

    Want to try but very sensitive skin. Has anyone ever broke out or had allergic reaction to loving tan?

  53. maddy dooley

    maddy dooley2 days ago

    I just recently got my fiddle from Aldi!!!!

  54. Deana Hopeck

    Deana Hopeck2 days ago

    also sis, you SO ARE a cryer. I see those little greens getting all watery every time you talk about something you love. One of my fav things about you<33333

  55. Deana Hopeck

    Deana Hopeck2 days ago

    NEVER been so happy for another individual. This happiness on your face is heart warming. We want a love story vid, a making of the proposal vid, every second of the wedding vid. We want it allllll. Love you so much.

  56. Amalie G. Østby

    Amalie G. Østby2 days ago

    Omg can gymshark make more? Like when a collection comes out they sell out like asap. No matter what color. I tried last year but it got sold out.

  57. ani Nathaniel

    ani Nathaniel2 days ago

    Weight of dumble

  58. Char Bell and Co

    Char Bell and Co2 days ago

    Hey Whitney! Love this new collection, I have a question about sizing- my measurements are Bust 34.5” Waist 27” Hips 35” So lower body is similar size to you in measurements however I’m definitely not as lean (have double checked measurements) I got your previous collection in a medium for everything, but now they’re a smidge loose, should I go for a small with the new collection or a medium? I know the material is slightly different. For reference I wear a small in the old Gymshark ombré and could fit in a small in the energy seamless but prefer the medium, though I think I get more camel toe in the medium due to the extra fabric... also I’m going to stick with medium for the sports bras I think, though the band of the bras are now a little loose so I’m wondering whether to go small and take the padding out? Help!! Thanks in advance, love this collection so much, am already hoping to get leggings, joggers, bras, crop tops and hoodies and the bag 😱🙈🙈🙈 Xxx

  59. Orange Utan

    Orange Utan2 days ago

    Can you do a follow along workout or provide a list of the number of reps, how many sets sets and rest breaks ? It would be a really really helpful 😄

  60. Doug Williams

    Doug Williams2 days ago

    I just paid 6k up front and we shall see how it will go.

  61. Jasmine K

    Jasmine K2 days ago

    I almost wanna watch this twice it was so funny🔥 hot fire flames whit 🔥🔥


    MPTELLY2 days ago

    I know this is an old video but I love that you showed so many options for chicken recipes. I can't eat seafood and im super picky with meats but this is helpful because i get really bored with chicken.

  63. Molar Bear

    Molar Bear2 days ago

    I'm in my rock bottom now and I can't shake it. It's a cycle of emotional eating, crash dieting and binging. In the uk, the gyms are closed on lockdown. a good day for me would usually be going to a spin class or yoga on a saturday, then walk around in the shops, meet up with someone for lunch or dinner. hate the way my body has changed. and food makes me feel good. i don't know what to do

  64. Fatima

    Fatima2 days ago

    Hey, I’m just curious about the propagation part. How often do you change the water ?

  65. Lunar Lifestyle

    Lunar Lifestyle2 days ago

    I love the fact that there's hella options, especially ones w/ more coverage, good job girl!!

  66. Neiva Mar

    Neiva Mar2 days ago

    Ugh my bank account is going to hate you for this.. I was going to wait on black Friday sales

  67. Jahbless Angelina

    Jahbless Angelina2 days ago

    The dark Green and Schokolade 🍫 i Love

  68. Darja Andrejeva

    Darja Andrejeva2 days ago

    Would you consider of making your collection permanent?

  69. Mayrelis Silva

    Mayrelis Silva2 days ago

    How people can do 👎,you are amazing girl!!!!😍

  70. Juless

    Juless2 days ago

    Freakin' LOVED this workout!! Normally I don't feel too great mentally and stress out when following HIIt/cardio workouts but it flew by, thank uuuu

  71. Tammy Rodriguez

    Tammy Rodriguez2 days ago

    why this got me like 🥺🥺✊🏼✊🏼🥳🥳

  72. Tammy Rodriguez

    Tammy Rodriguez2 days ago

    YOURE MY FAV !!!!

  73. Amelia Chen

    Amelia Chen2 days ago

    my mom got me one and its TEENY im kinda scared but more excited :) my mom got it at trader joes

  74. Sofia Gonzalez

    Sofia Gonzalez2 days ago

    Thank u for the honesty

  75. Monica Piry

    Monica Piry2 days ago

    Please continue more at home workouts! Some of us have canceled our memberships and looking to continue working out in house:)

  76. Oumaima T

    Oumaima T2 days ago

    I thought fitness influencers wear those anti squats proof leggings on purpose to show us bubbly butt and what’s under it , that’s really a precious and rare advice 🥺

  77. Casandra van Loggenberg

    Casandra van Loggenberg2 days ago

    Heyy Whit, I really want to get the cropped hoodie from your collection but I like my hoodies less cropped, do you think that sizing up would help with this? Could you maybe do a cropped hoodie size difference try on, on your story on Instagram?♥️♥️

  78. sreyleap ear

    sreyleap ear2 days ago

    Your body look so nice 😍 thank you for your sharing 😊

  79. leah schoeman

    leah schoeman2 days ago

    WHITNEY & FRIENDS! Can anyone suggest the best leggings to avoid sweat marks? Will this collection have certain items that will help with this ie. HIIT/Crossfit?

  80. Naomi Jo Erny

    Naomi Jo Erny3 days ago

    what size do you wear in all of these? What is the sizing like? I am so confused about the sizing, especially with gymshark there tends to be a huge difference