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Hello there USlikes! My name is Gibi - I have been watching ASMR videos by accident since I realized that some sounds and movements made me feel blissfully relaxed. I've watched the ASMR community grow into something incredible, and I decided that I wanted to hop in and be a part of it! You will see a variety of videos from me, from roleplays, to makeup, to cosplay, to original characters! I hope you very much enjoy.

The ASMR Bee Movie
low key asmr

low key asmr

16 hours ago

  1. mansi sinha

    mansi sinhaHour ago

    whether you like it or not see the efforts behind this movie ... oh come on just accept it !

  2. TvFixed

    TvFixedHour ago

    Someone got on trending

  3. Jay

    JayHour ago

    Ace watching this: :0

  4. Noreen Bashir 9

    Noreen Bashir 9Hour ago

    ok dont worry gibi i cannot wait the videos i loved the bee movie that you did last night thank you sooooooo much for that thanks asmr gibi.

  5. Christian Heredia

    Christian HerediaHour ago


  6. Nikolas Khan

    Nikolas KhanHour ago

    This is the movie of the year ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sky Stopmotion xoxo

    Sky Stopmotion xoxoHour ago

    This is so cool I love that a lot of asmrtists come together to make a amazing video

  8. Guss Eighteen

    Guss EighteenHour ago


  9. ZacDark

    ZacDarkHour ago

    This is a fever dream😂

  10. Haley Z.

    Haley Z.Hour ago

    This had to take forever...


    WHATUPBRUH 24Hour ago

    probably the best crossover.

  12. sandy orona

    sandy oronaHour ago

    Daisy was roasting the mermaid in the beginning

  13. General Hargrievous

    General HargrievousHour ago

    So glad Jen got the best line 😂

  14. Jannik U.

    Jannik U.Hour ago


  15. FilterWing Productions

    FilterWing ProductionsHour ago


  16. Apple

    AppleHour ago

    Plz do a hair cut on Ben for a vid!!!

  17. DrEsTa _04

    DrEsTa _04Hour ago

    Привет Gibi👋🏻

  18. Raissa Freitas

    Raissa FreitasHour ago

    Libra ♎️ 💕💕😍

  19. janelle

    janelleHour ago

    gibi really missed the chance to title this "GiBee Movie"

  20. Adam DFC

    Adam DFCHour ago

    This.... Is..... What I needed in my life rn

  21. M Boitnott

    M BoitnottHour ago

    To cringe

  22. Melissa Pape

    Melissa PapeHour ago

    BAHAHAHAAAJAHAHAHAHAHAH Anyways back to relaxing

  23. Haley Z.

    Haley Z.Hour ago

    I have never seen a collaboration this big before😂

  24. Gnomie The Gnome

    Gnomie The GnomeHour ago

    1:13:30 did anyone else noticed that the line was changed to "it's just tea"

  25. 97PINKS

    97PINKSHour ago


  26. Nawal Hoosen

    Nawal HoosenHour ago

    Gibi you dd an amazing job :)

  27. Sai 21

    Sai 21Hour ago

    Yes I atcually do like jazz

  28. jo

    joHour ago

    YEE 🏂

  29. Lachlan B

    Lachlan BHour ago

    At16:03 I heard omg lol

  30. mrs jeon

    mrs jeonHour ago

    oh my gosh the TENSION between gibi as barry and gibi as vanessa is the best thing ive ever seen

  31. Monique Knight

    Monique KnightHour ago

    This is amazing❤️

  32. 🐺

    🐺Hour ago


  33. GCE_Ducky

    GCE_DuckyHour ago

    36:41 my pause button for the movie

  34. King Aminz

    King AminzHour ago


  35. Princecholo Maximo

    Princecholo MaximoHour ago

    Buzz buzz 🐝

  36. Hachidori ハチドリ Aizawa

    Hachidori ハチドリ AizawaHour ago

    This is amazing

  37. x NoobCraft x

    x NoobCraft xHour ago

    Ryan ASMR will ALWAYS hit the jock/chad role perfectly.

  38. accult

    accultHour ago

    16:03 nooo that poor thing 😨🥺

  39. Ok boomer

    Ok boomerHour ago

    I just watched the original bee movie with Gibi´s audio. It is PERFECTLY syncronized! This so great :)

  40. racc bee

    racc beeHour ago

    This is actually really perfect, as a child i used to fall asleep to the bee movie- every night.

  41. Paul Carr

    Paul CarrHour ago

    I learned from watching the credits that the original movie was written by Jerry Semfeld. I always thought it was Jerry Seinfeld. You learn something new every day lol

  42. Cooper pratt

    Cooper prattHour ago

    What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Me I’m ten soooooo... gibi: I don’t blame you for that one

  43. Chali Yang

    Chali YangHour ago

    Day one of asking Gibi to make an asmr gameplay of Ark survival evolved.

  44. Tinley Norwalt

    Tinley NorwaltHour ago

    I LOVE how she did this!!😃 SHE IS THE BEST USlikesR!!

  45. sandy orona

    sandy oronaHour ago

    She sounds/acts like a Kardashian specifically Kourtney 😂

  46. Allesia Cynara

    Allesia CynaraHour ago

    I'm mad I never went thru a pirate phase-

  47. Rosario Rosita

    Rosario RositaHour ago

    If you don’t like asmr WHY THE HECK ARE YOU WATCHING IT!!!

  48. Xian The Gaian

    Xian The GaianHour ago

    Gibbi: ok, first thing I'm going to know is , your name?..... Me:.............My name Jeeeff 😋

  49. brok3nclxud

    brok3nclxudHour ago

    The dislikes where the people who fell asleep before it ended

  50. Giofanni Rahman Dhuha

    Giofanni Rahman DhuhaHour ago

    Do they always whispering like this each other? Pardon me, i'm new to this ASMR hype.

  51. Gacha Nutella

    Gacha NutellaHour ago


  52. Karris Martin

    Karris MartinHour ago

    I love how she said "you have 2 eyes ,great!" ..🤣😆

  53. ADH easy

    ADH easyHour ago

    Me : I’m Wolfie because my prof pic is foxy who is a bit like a wolf and because wolfy playz Gibi: oh so you like duckie Me : ...

  54. VHypnoticツ

    VHypnoticツHour ago

    Where is Ace for this Milestone?

  55. Jane Jackson

    Jane JacksonHour ago

    i looked at the description and it is really good and I saw my fav Asmr channels I saw Dong asmr And tingting asmr And So many And they are all my favourites!!! Thank U!

  56. Lukan

    LukanHour ago

    This was beautiful

  57. Ainsley Morgan

    Ainsley Morgan2 hours ago

    gibi: hone- me: zzzzzzzzzz

  58. Shivayna De

    Shivayna De2 hours ago

    Petition for this to be nominated to the Oscars.

  59. ShakeyBox

    ShakeyBox2 hours ago

    The mere concept of such a collaboration is giving me tingles.

  60. Candy Peach

    Candy Peach2 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me when jocie b came in I think I missed her part btw I'm not picking favourites

  61. Jessie Brooke

    Jessie Brooke2 hours ago

    This would be so relaxing if I could stop giggling about how absolutely adorable and well done this is. We love you so much Gibi! 💘

  62. ghostbun

    ghostbun2 hours ago

    gibi! what are you doing? you can't post an entire copyrighted movie, you'll get your channel taken down!

  63. SketchTheParadigm York

    SketchTheParadigm York2 hours ago

    Oh. My. Gosh. I was literally just thinking how I wanted to watch the bee movie. This is better.

  64. Icy Cube

    Icy Cube2 hours ago

    You should do a full length sheet film in asmr

  65. Kim Harrison

    Kim Harrison2 hours ago

    mam get your hands off my face

  66. Gattsu

    Gattsu2 hours ago

    This is awesome! Also over 3M subs already, wow O_O...

  67. Hailey ASMR

    Hailey ASMR2 hours ago

    Best movie ever🐝💛

  68. Kim Harrison

    Kim Harrison2 hours ago


  69. Macarena

    Macarena2 hours ago

    she gave us more that we needed, the full movie, the acting, the props, the sponsor T-T

  70. LondonFog

    LondonFog2 hours ago

    Ace... ACE, I swear you have started something beautiful!

  71. Kim Harrison

    Kim Harrison2 hours ago

    oh crap

  72. Kim Harrison

    Kim Harrison2 hours ago

    me hahahahahaha i dident need chamerded

  73. Pizza

    Pizza2 hours ago

    Ok but you like jazz?

  74. LeeAkio4

    LeeAkio42 hours ago

    This video is the best movie that I saw

  75. Taren Arceneaux

    Taren Arceneaux2 hours ago

    I never watched the Bee Movie.....well, I guess I have now 😂

  76. Spiritual Snail

    Spiritual Snail2 hours ago


  77. Blue Acid

    Blue Acid2 hours ago

    Yoooo, this is crazy! Why do I feel like I'm high while watching this?

  78. Luk3worm

    Luk3worm2 hours ago

    I missed the whole movie... as i was this asmr

  79. Gracie Kinsey

    Gracie Kinsey2 hours ago