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Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog USlikes channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!

Should I Keep Her?
A New Start...

A New Start...

7 months ago

  1. Slayer Aldens

    Slayer Aldens10 minutes ago

    Use a surveillance camera

  2. rony noiman

    rony noiman14 minutes ago

    But if you wouldn't rescue her she would get birth outside and maybe the four kitten will kill her You did good

  3. Tristen Yuzda

    Tristen Yuzda16 minutes ago

    I would love some board games!! Love you btw❤️

  4. Wash Your Hands

    Wash Your Hands33 minutes ago

    Is she experiencing anxiety maybe?

  5. Panda Lover

    Panda LoverHour ago

    how many cats do you have wait you have cats right

  6. Panda Lover

    Panda LoverHour ago

    do you have 10 dogs like omg so many

  7. Panda Lover

    Panda LoverHour ago

    omg soooo cuuuuute

  8. karen blanco

    karen blanco2 hours ago

    The milky card systematically pine because leo muhly scrub via a mellow perfume. efficient, amuck mascara

  9. Melon Boi

    Melon Boi2 hours ago

    I love dogs so much there so cute

  10. Celina Pereira

    Celina Pereira3 hours ago

    10:23 Joey picks up kitten and the other kitten resting her head falls 🥺

  11. Quack Dude

    Quack Dude3 hours ago

    Can I have some board games plz

  12. Courtney Lynn

    Courtney Lynn4 hours ago

    Give me leo lol🐱🤣

  13. Conceicao Sousa

    Conceicao Sousa4 hours ago

    I think you should call the puppies Narnia names like Aslan Peter Susan Edmund Lucy Caspian Eustace Jill Trumpkin Puddleglum Drinian..... there's just so much Narnia names to pick from and I bet each one will have one of these personalities

  14. lissajoy4

    lissajoy44 hours ago

    I would love a buddle of games from you joey!!!!! :D

  15. GoRogue CauseMayhem

    GoRogue CauseMayhem4 hours ago

    You have 1.5 seconds to communicate to your dog that they're doing something wrong so telling your dog that he did something wrong minutes after he finished chewing on your remote is quite useless.

  16. Holly Bradley

    Holly Bradley5 hours ago

    Well my sign is Sagittarius and there so cute I love them

  17. Jenna

    Jenna5 hours ago

    I’m fostering 4 babies right now and it is the best ❤️🐶

  18. Mocha the Bun

    Mocha the Bun5 hours ago

    I love how Sakura started you for fostering ❤️❤️

  19. B Lynn

    B Lynn5 hours ago

    I’m a fan of using Comfortis (pill from vet) just once to kill everything. for my indoor cats I never had to use it again.

  20. Gacha-roblox :D

    Gacha-roblox :D5 hours ago

    At 6:20 I thought my phone was actually glitching xd

  21. Gacha-roblox :D

    Gacha-roblox :D5 hours ago

    oMg I’m LiKe FrEaKiNg ThE hElL oUt

  22. Mj Tirol

    Mj Tirol5 hours ago

    If its a foster i'll treat it no matter what!!!

  23. What Lylah Does

    What Lylah Does6 hours ago

    Can you make an update for the puppy’s

  24. Lauralee Hurst

    Lauralee Hurst6 hours ago

    Joey I love you but maybe she could be hiding them from you. You do tend to touch the baby’s and take them away from her reach.. I’m just giving facts, some mamas are very protective and nervous 🤷🏼‍♀️ 💕💕💕

  25. SuperYellowcats

    SuperYellowcats6 hours ago

    I also saw some other comments about how she may be hearing outside animals, you could try a white noise maker for her to help calm her.

  26. SuperYellowcats

    SuperYellowcats6 hours ago

    She might be feeling stressed or high energy. You could try some long walks are long play times. Maybe try some of those puzzle toys for her? Not sure if this would help. I just know sometimes when my dog would get stressed she would destroy the pads when she wouldn’t previously.

  27. Panda Pals

    Panda Pals6 hours ago

    You should name them after like plants like rose, Lilly

  28. Lisa Gibson

    Lisa Gibson6 hours ago

    Zodiac signs

  29. Jamea Sandford

    Jamea Sandford6 hours ago


  30. Aubberfly JM

    Aubberfly JM6 hours ago

    Wow. Cats are so smart. She moved them to the most impenetrable spot in case that big, scary dog comes back!

  31. OwO

    OwO6 hours ago

    You should call the mom *Møther Gøøse*


    JADE SMITH6 hours ago

    Aw hunny ur such an angel! Don’t blame yourself

  33. katty morla

    katty morla7 hours ago

    The interesting path kelly trap because plier jekely dress among a ripe stitch. tense, unadvised motorboat

  34. Galaxy Crew

    Galaxy Crew7 hours ago

    You should name them: Girls: Dani, Jacquie, Richelle or Victoria Boys: Noah, Blu, Harley, Joshua

  35. D Williams Chappell

    D Williams Chappell7 hours ago

    I want dibs on orange!

  36. Lailah Ibrahim Mohamed

    Lailah Ibrahim Mohamed7 hours ago

    For the longest time I have been trying to find the board game "life" and lots of different ones bc all of ours are old and weird ones. So I think giving away ur board games would be a great idea.

  37. Abby Kinkade-frye

    Abby Kinkade-frye8 hours ago


  38. Johnny Rodriguez

    Johnny Rodriguez8 hours ago

    I. AM. SHOOK!!!

  39. Ashley61107

    Ashley611078 hours ago

    She might not be feeling safe around you, or maybe she thinks you’ll hurt or steal her babies. I’d try to gain her trust more with treats, love, and caution.

  40. Christine Heege

    Christine Heege8 hours ago

    You have such a good soul. Because of you She didn't go through this alone. She had you.

  41. eyesofivy

    eyesofivy8 hours ago

    No one cares about a gender reveal party anymore.

  42. Leisa A Wolf-Tolotta

    Leisa A Wolf-Tolotta8 hours ago

    Name them after the Handles of the pilots from the movie Top Gun! Goose, Maverick, Iceman, etc Ps, I think the Momma is trying to wean them.

  43. Mirtel Polluaar

    Mirtel Polluaar8 hours ago

    I LOVE boardgames so much. Like I constantly annoy my friends and family by begging them to play with me😂. Don't know what it is just love them.

  44. Alpha Aqua

    Alpha Aqua9 hours ago

    I love blue she is sooooo cute

  45. Georgia Cross

    Georgia Cross9 hours ago

    I love Leo🥺

  46. Kenzie’s Vlogs

    Kenzie’s Vlogs9 hours ago


  47. Veronika Kučerová

    Veronika Kučerová9 hours ago

    The puppies are sooooooo cute😍 and also U would love to have some board games at home I love to play I just never know what is a good one🙈☺️

  48. Michael Donnelly

    Michael Donnelly9 hours ago

    i got a dog 2 months his name is bruno

  49. Amber Youngblood

    Amber Youngblood9 hours ago

    If you do a kitten video Joey I want a kitten and the one I want is

  50. Michelle Kurman

    Michelle Kurman9 hours ago

    So cute

  51. Chloé Sharpe

    Chloé Sharpe9 hours ago


  52. Chloé Sharpe

    Chloé Sharpe9 hours ago


  53. Eilis Leahy

    Eilis Leahy9 hours ago

    I’m not crying you’re crying 😿💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿Wawawawawawawawawawawawawa

  54. Chloé Sharpe

    Chloé Sharpe9 hours ago


  55. Alpha Aqua

    Alpha Aqua9 hours ago

    You should name them something that has to do with space

  56. Angela Kennon

    Angela Kennon9 hours ago

    I thank that she thought that you were abandoning her banding on her

  57. Eilis Leahy

    Eilis Leahy9 hours ago

    I love her Joey

  58. Stprincess

    Stprincess10 hours ago

    I love how every time he grabs one, she's like lol okay now put it back down

  59. Jen

    Jen10 hours ago

    You're really not supposed to use clumping litter for kittens this young. If they eat it, and kittens try to eat everything, it can be very bad!

  60. Leonna

    Leonna10 hours ago

    I want some games

  61. Nylaa_ Playz

    Nylaa_ Playz10 hours ago




    ? Such a mess

  63. Kaiya Mccarty

    Kaiya Mccarty11 hours ago

    Happy birthday I hope your doing good

  64. e p i c

    e p i c11 hours ago

    I didn’t believe it at first lol

  65. Sans Rice

    Sans Rice11 hours ago

    I know you probably won't see this Joey but the Carnivore diet has been amazing for autoimmune disorders and seemingly mysterious illness. I noticed you eat vegan but I was too. I would randomly get really sick. I got so fed up I tried everything. Finally teied carnivore. It was hard to eat meat at first but now I love it and love hlw wonderful I feel

  66. Karlīna Tauriņa.

    Karlīna Tauriņa.11 hours ago

    Awe, baby.. 💔

  67. Lisa Brauer

    Lisa Brauer11 hours ago

    I left Twitter 3 months ago just because I was seeing people get meaner and meaner on there. My life has been better ever since. Removing negativity always helps. 😎

  68. Mia Mango

    Mia Mango11 hours ago

    Name her: Phoenix or maybe toast or beauty. :)

  69. Mila Frigon

    Mila Frigon11 hours ago

    You should name then by planets

  70. Abigail Kievit

    Abigail Kievit11 hours ago

    You sound like James william

  71. Emma ray

    Emma ray11 hours ago

    Animals will try to hide their children from Human if they do not feel safe, if they do not want you touching them, you have to listen to her, listen to her body language, listen to what she's trying to tell you, and respond in the right way, my cat that we just got spayed a while ago, has had five litters, and with two or three of them just tried to move the multiple times, she did not feel safe, she did not feel okay with where the kittens were, she wanted to move them we listen, we didn't touch them as much as we were, and we tried to make it as safe as possible for her. Also why is she in your garage? If your going to faster anyanimal you want them to feel like there being loved, and at home not scared and (most likely) cold.

  72. Cenzie C

    Cenzie C11 hours ago

    I think name after trees, Willow , Oak, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Elm , Birch ?

  73. ᗪᗴᔕTIᑎYᔕ Perez

    ᗪᗴᔕTIᑎYᔕ Perez12 hours ago

    Not again first the cat now the dog

  74. Sharon Hamilton

    Sharon Hamilton12 hours ago

    Wolfy baby??? You will spend your life with Joey! No worries, fur boy!

  75. Cleopatra Uchiha

    Cleopatra Uchiha12 hours ago

    I think you should name the puppies with anime themes :)

  76. S K

    S K12 hours ago

    i want mama so bad ❤️

  77. Jazlyn Coleiro

    Jazlyn Coleiro12 hours ago

    4 boys and 2 girls

  78. Kitty Moss

    Kitty Moss12 hours ago

    It’s just joeys pets first Sakura hide her kittens now it’s his dog hiding her puppies

  79. WindWoman 3

    WindWoman 312 hours ago

    “Wig is a boy.” Makes perfect sense. 🙂

  80. bella gaming

    bella gaming13 hours ago

    When a gurl cat meows means there in heat it last 28 days