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The Ultimate Payback
ill bury him myself...
  1. {Sxmplelovesbloxies

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  2. {Sxmplelovesbloxies

    {Sxmplelovesbloxies2 hours ago

    I started shaking and my heart started pumping really fast

  3. {Sxmplelovesbloxies

    {Sxmplelovesbloxies2 hours ago


  4. master Glow

    master Glow2 hours ago

    Phil voice sounds like peter parker

  5. BIGTAZ1970 KID

    BIGTAZ1970 KID2 hours ago

    how did in this place

  6. {Sxmplelovesbloxies

    {Sxmplelovesbloxies2 hours ago

    Lol I'll probably snitch.... Lol probably not

  7. {Sxmplelovesbloxies

    {Sxmplelovesbloxies2 hours ago

    Why havnt you post in a long time I miss your vlogs and stuff😭😟🙁

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  9. Analilia Pahua

    Analilia Pahua4 hours ago

    I am shaking

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  11. kaiden merritt

    kaiden merritt5 hours ago

    i just clicked this video and is he gonna catch you??

  12. P Kittridge Jr.

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  13. Andres Alba

    Andres Alba6 hours ago

    Jake I’m happy you came out live

  14. Drake Owens

    Drake Owens6 hours ago

    If you’re a she then why do you have a beard

  15. Mariah Hewitt

    Mariah Hewitt7 hours ago

    If I was taped like on my mouth oh my God I would be dead no kidding

  16. KK Skyla

    KK Skyla7 hours ago

    I dropped a like because ur head hurts... JK I DROPPED IT BC IM AN OG FAN BABYYYYY

  17. Emily CLIFFE

    Emily CLIFFE7 hours ago

    Omg I saw the guy who saved you and I was shocked at least you are safe for now

  18. Brooke Barry

    Brooke Barry7 hours ago

    Some one was in a window wearing black jacket and pants

  19. Lexi Plays

    Lexi Plays7 hours ago

    I watched the vid of him the ending shocking guys no spoiler alert but he is really kind and that girl omg

  20. Karla Aguilar

    Karla Aguilar7 hours ago

    Good thing a youtuber help you 🥺

  21. Naifx23gaming XX

    Naifx23gaming XX8 hours ago

    We got you us and phil the thrill we got you

  22. Robert Grimard

    Robert Grimard8 hours ago

    Is she ok?

  23. Kimberly Bloyer

    Kimberly Bloyer8 hours ago

    Save. Himf

  24. The cousin_sister's

    The cousin_sister's8 hours ago

    glad your ok

  25. Sanchez Family

    Sanchez Family8 hours ago

    omg i felt so bad when i wached this

  26. New kids McAdams

    New kids McAdams8 hours ago

    Phill and Jake are the best

  27. Pokemon and fortinite lover

    Pokemon and fortinite lover8 hours ago

    5:29 muiisecol


    YANALI HERNANDEZ9 hours ago

    2217 go there

  29. Nilea Garris

    Nilea Garris9 hours ago

    You guys always put your life in danger

  30. Jared Vogel

    Jared Vogel10 hours ago

    Philthethrill the youtuber helped u escape he is your hero

  31. finni hangout

    finni hangout10 hours ago

    He is a hero

  32. Victoria ??

    Victoria ??10 hours ago

    He’s probably really hungry

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  34. Andrew Kavanagh

    Andrew Kavanagh11 hours ago

    Your videos are very good

  35. Andrew Kavanagh

    Andrew Kavanagh11 hours ago

    What's the next video going to be

  36. Jazzy 11

    Jazzy 1111 hours ago

    4 head and a 5 head or no lol

  37. Brianne Daigle b_nK

    Brianne Daigle b_nK11 hours ago

    What happened to the girl

  38. Andrew Kavanagh

    Andrew Kavanagh12 hours ago

    I hope you feel better soon

  39. Andrew Kavanagh

    Andrew Kavanagh12 hours ago

    Captain Underpants


    CRIP BLUE12 hours ago

    I saw a Charizard

  41. Jeloy Gregorio

    Jeloy Gregorio12 hours ago

    Oh my goodness I am lucky that I see it!!😆😆

  42. Abigail Mullins

    Abigail Mullins12 hours ago

    Y’all are blessed

  43. Melanie Welty

    Melanie Welty12 hours ago

    Hi my name is John

  44. Madison - Roblox

    Madison - Roblox13 hours ago

    That’s mad scary I would be crying for help


    CRIP BLUE13 hours ago

    Please tell me I’m not the Only one that saw that Thang ran across the corner of the woods

  46. Andrew Kavanagh

    Andrew Kavanagh13 hours ago

    I hope you never hurt

  47. Dewi Evans

    Dewi Evans14 hours ago

    Dont put it on youtube if you dont want people to see

  48. Edwin Romero

    Edwin Romero14 hours ago

    Edwin romeroe335. 911cops. Dad 😢😢😁😁

  49. Cristela Snowflake

    Cristela Snowflake15 hours ago

    That guy safet you man

  50. Ava Schwartz

    Ava Schwartz15 hours ago

    Are you guys friends or what?

  51. Carter Griswold

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  52. Whylee Clulow

    Whylee Clulow15 hours ago

    What happened to all the guns

  53. Charlene Hedges

    Charlene Hedges17 hours ago

    You are cute

  54. maisy

    maisy17 hours ago

    Tommy my will come save u and I did not know u was a youtuder

  55. Andrew Kavanagh

    Andrew Kavanagh18 hours ago

    Are you ok

  56. Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson18 hours ago

    Jake, you are the least creative person I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. What a fucking disappointment.

  57. Andrew Kavanagh

    Andrew Kavanagh19 hours ago

    I can't wait to see what happens in this video

  58. Dewi Evans

    Dewi Evans20 hours ago

    It was light then dark

  59. Mary Coooee

    Mary Coooee20 hours ago

    Omg you okay .. dud I hope you okay .. and God got you .

  60. Richelle Allejo

    Richelle Allejo21 hour ago


  61. Kami Wilson

    Kami Wilson21 hour ago

    After playing that Oijie board, he got possessed. Yall should of NOT did that.

  62. Marcus’s Minecraft dragons And king

    Marcus’s Minecraft dragons And king21 hour ago

    I am so sorry that you got kidnapped

  63. Lyrical CJ

    Lyrical CJ21 hour ago

    Baldie is lit so is jake they always be doing the craziest stuff keep up the grind 🙏🔥

  64. Moonlight Playz

    Moonlight Playz21 hour ago

    😆 I thought this was BBC news 😆 and when they said a teenager at the age of 16 was stabbed to death and Jake came on my heart stopped 🩸 🤡

  65. Alejandra Huynh

    Alejandra Huynh21 hour ago


  66. Alejandra Huynh

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  67. Kami Wilson

    Kami Wilson22 hours ago

    What Editing program and stuff that he uses? I have a USlikes channel and I'm good at doing pictures and music videos and good at it. Can you ask him and tell me so I can start editing my videos better?

  68. Nurul Amanina

    Nurul Amanina23 hours ago

    hes making a vedeo

  69. shaun forrest

    shaun forrest23 hours ago

    That is phill the thrill I watched him get you out lol

  70. Bad Millie

    Bad Millie23 hours ago

    No way

  71. Suzanne Pickett

    Suzanne PickettDay ago

    Bro Jake is going to a Russian place and what he doesn't know that place has a man who walks around that place he has a gun and a knife he is so dangerous

  72. Owen Ortega

    Owen OrtegaDay ago

    omg what the shut me up

  73. Owen Edwards

    Owen EdwardsDay ago

    I just watched his vid your so lucky

  74. Phillip Smith

    Phillip SmithDay ago

    it is just a cassette

  75. Charlietheooferson

    CharlietheoofersonDay ago

    U sus 4 kissing us

  76. Breannah Brassington

    Breannah BrassingtonDay ago

    Omg I love the guy who saved you I liked all of yoi

  77. Phillip Smith

    Phillip SmithDay ago

    He see wawa he go to wawa