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Watch Junior go diving!
  1. Shin

    Shin7 hours ago

    "I love animals because I am an aquarius." 🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. Doran Soreell

    Doran Soreell7 hours ago


  3. Shin

    Shin7 hours ago

    If dogs have angels, I bet they look like Sofia.

  4. Jesse Sig

    Jesse Sig7 hours ago

    Thank you for continuing to train and share your knowledge

  5. Russ Gladden

    Russ Gladden7 hours ago

    How do people NOT like this video?

  6. Fauzihain Abu Bakar

    Fauzihain Abu Bakar7 hours ago

    I bet Cesar knows who's the problem the moment they all walked it 🤔

  7. Doran Soreell

    Doran Soreell7 hours ago

    Great wisdom. I want to grow up and be just like you.😊

  8. Doran Soreell

    Doran Soreell7 hours ago

    I work at a grocery store. If I have to go to work everyday so can everyone else.

  9. Blanca Christ

    Blanca Christ8 hours ago

    Where is the ranch? Can we visit it,?

  10. Ashlie Starling

    Ashlie Starling8 hours ago

    Not going to lie. I was here to learn dog pool behavior but when I saw junior I just kept rewinding. More junior stuff please please please!

  11. Doran Soreell

    Doran Soreell8 hours ago

    We love you Cesar. You have given us so much wisdom on dogs and humans. Thank you sir.

  12. D F

    D F8 hours ago

    "They know".......!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shep Dobermann

    Shep Dobermann8 hours ago

    I also squeeze thought the door every time I want to leave the house, but not because I don’t trust the dogs, in fact I trust them completely, the one I don’t trust is the cat

  14. Shep Dobermann

    Shep Dobermann8 hours ago

    I had a non bread dog just like that or worse, because all my jardín was destroyed, it was really frustrating to me and back then I didn’t know what to do so she was sent to the ranch

  15. April Cheung

    April Cheung9 hours ago

    Our lovely Junior now is a senior , stay strong and healthy

  16. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious9 hours ago

    It's kind of insane how everyone is sympathetic towards a insecure dog but they can't extend that same sympathy towards a insecure person. The guy is obviously tense because he had negative experiences with the dog and has difficulty letting that go (same with the lama). This isn't unusual behaviour in people because we don't just live in the moment like dogs or other animals. He cares enough to at least go to ceasar for help. He even mentioned how he feels upset the dog doesn't want anything to do with him and always goes to his girlfriend. He says he wants to have a good bond with the dog. Some of the psychoanalysis people are doing about the character of the guy is super speculative. Perhaps he's not showing joy because he's fearful the dog is still going to attack. There's a bunch of possible explanations but everyone here is just assuming the worst about the guy.

  17. Shin

    Shin9 hours ago

    I'm a man and not into men, but *damn* Calvin is hot!

  18. Tammy Mendez

    Tammy Mendez9 hours ago

    Lol too cute lol

  19. Sherry Trifiro

    Sherry Trifiro10 hours ago

    Even his llama used to spit in his face! 😂 He’s a D!

  20. LPCraigTV

    LPCraigTV10 hours ago

    🤯🤯🤯15 years old !? I thought he was only 8 or 9. That's amazing fitness at his age. Greetings from Germany 🥳🐶

  21. Tammy Mendez

    Tammy Mendez10 hours ago

    Love this!!! Thank you so much!!

  22. Maria Ozawa

    Maria Ozawa10 hours ago

    I just neeeeeeed to say..... ur boys are handsome as hell. :)

  23. Inma Saldanha

    Inma Saldanha10 hours ago

    Cesar, thank you so much for all your teachings. I love everything you do with dogs and humans. ❤️💕

  24. Nicola Vedovelli

    Nicola Vedovelli11 hours ago

    I’m a reiki master, can I use that with my animals ? My old lady husky and my new lady puppy?

  25. Kong Truong

    Kong Truong11 hours ago

    Be in dominant but in the good positive manner.

  26. Sandy Hodson

    Sandy Hodson11 hours ago

    Soon all dogs will be band

  27. Naughty Pleasure

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  28. Naughty Pleasure

    Naughty Pleasure11 hours ago

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  30. Naughty Pleasure

    Naughty Pleasure11 hours ago

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  31. Champa Chandrika

    Champa Chandrika12 hours ago

    I have some very jealous dogs. Im taking care of a pack of street dogs in India. A big family kind of :) If one sees Im feeding another something, its usually some medicine or vitamins, she tries to come n lick it too, but at least sits there n cries, complains a lot, and her glance looks really jealous. If one comes to me n I pick him, others might come n try to climb on my lap too. Means if you are getting something, why not me? I also want. Isn this jealousy? Some even attack another, when they feel like they didnt get some food item, or facility what the other got. If 2-3 come to me at the same time, the more aggressive one might attack her sister n try to chase her away. Yeah possesive and territorial. I agree. But seems like some jealousy is there too when they feel they are not getting something what another gets ;-)

  32. Tolgahan

    Tolgahan12 hours ago

    Her bf's ego problems should be solved first. How could you not try to learn as much as you can from Cesar.

  33. Gianmarchigno95

    Gianmarchigno9512 hours ago

    Could somebody help me? Where do i find full seasons of cesar 911? Netflix, amazon video, where?

  34. alex collecionista

    alex collecionista13 hours ago

    Woow parece un milagro jajaj

  35. Beaver Kat

    Beaver Kat13 hours ago

    Rio reminds me of Jafar, from Aladdin😄

  36. Sunset Rose

    Sunset Rose13 hours ago

    Wow this is so amazing

  37. Twace Martinez

    Twace Martinez13 hours ago

    Thank you mr ceaser your a man after my own heart. Dogs are something else I just recently put down my cockapoo Smokey. But he was loved that made it easier. Thank you for what you do. I’ve learned so much.

  38. Sunset Rose

    Sunset Rose13 hours ago

    Rio bird had me laughing through the whole video, too darn cute

  39. Doran Soreell

    Doran Soreell14 hours ago


  40. Robin Heinrich

    Robin Heinrich14 hours ago

    Loving Rio's dance moves!

  41. ELIT3 ?

    ELIT3 ?14 hours ago

    Is their a way to contact cesar? My dog shows dominants to every single dog that walks by my house, he also is very hyper and me and my grandpa aren’t sure how to fix how he reacts when other dogs walk by.

  42. Debra Waggoner

    Debra Waggoner14 hours ago

    Explanation of crate use a big thumbs up.

  43. Debra Waggoner

    Debra Waggoner14 hours ago

    Great job, keep it up.

  44. TheCeebereal07

    TheCeebereal0714 hours ago

    So glad your on here I love the videos.

  45. Twace Martinez

    Twace Martinez15 hours ago

    Word, homie to into himself to be any good for anyone. Never the less a poor dog in fear. Girl let him go he’s too in love with himself.

  46. alma guzman

    alma guzman15 hours ago

    Excellent video I learned so much and I really enjoyed the dancing parrot

  47. Derfie McGoo

    Derfie McGoo15 hours ago

    I knew a spaz boston terrier once

  48. Amaleah Brigitte Black

    Amaleah Brigitte Black16 hours ago

    Most of these comments affirm we are living in a traumatized society. And that our predominant culture doesn’t understand trauma. And that it is evidently ok to continue perpetrating someone who was obviously perpetrated as a child. Sad. And dehumanizing. Note to self. If I ever go onto a public video with Cesar and a dog, don’t read the comments. At least not anytime soon. “Instead of forcing someone guide”. Cesar is a healer. Obviously. And going out into the field with him requires vulnerability. Notice how we perpetuate powering over individuals. Maybe celebrate the big deal that the “bf” shifted. “You have 2 parents”. We all can work together to acknowledge how little boys are also harmed by toxic masculinity and patriarchy. This is a beautiful example of Cesar working with a hurt little boy. Why can’t we be supportive and celebrate a healthy man offering healing to another man. “We need each other”.

  49. Cindy Chavez

    Cindy Chavez16 hours ago

    Caesar you are amazing!!! I would love you to help my dogs! You have a real gift from God

  50. Linzee

    Linzee16 hours ago

    I feel like this is the perfect illustration on how too much empathy and pity can be damaging.

  51. E'

    E'16 hours ago

    chingonazo el cesar! te van a terminar haciendo una estatua en eeuu !

  52. King Smith

    King Smith16 hours ago


  53. John Wick

    John Wick16 hours ago

    i don't get him much but it works. i never thought dogs have feelings too. it is amazing

  54. Jessica -aka JessaNae

    Jessica -aka JessaNae17 hours ago

    *Is so so so important to understand why your dog reacts the way he does and the emotions going through them!! If they're scared, unsure, have anxiety... of course they feel like they need to protect themselves and the WORST thing you can do is get aggressive with them!! And if you can't understand the way other ppl handle emotions, I doubt you'll pick up on your dogs!! You have to empathize and want to understand!! You can't expect them to suddenly change either bc some take more time especially when they don't have trust!!*

  55. ahnanda68

    ahnanda6818 hours ago

    Your birds are adorable 😇 the perfect example of how an interpretation is created that's a good one

  56. Stitch

    Stitch18 hours ago

    I love how in the car he barks and him then turns to her like hold on I’m handling it

  57. Puru Krishna Gupta

    Puru Krishna Gupta19 hours ago

    A very big thumps up to the trainer, damn good in controlling the energies. Fascinated by his approach. Keep up the good work with high spirit.

  58. Luke yeet

    Luke yeet19 hours ago

    My dogs have never jumped up on table or anything like that one is tall enough to reach foot without jumping and he dosent take anything he just sniffs then sits its about teaching young

  59. Juan Manuel Guzman Machi

    Juan Manuel Guzman Machi19 hours ago

    Cesar I love your videos, thanks for sharing your knowledge, Saludos desde Mexico!!

  60. Eilzabeth Dirosa

    Eilzabeth Dirosa19 hours ago

    MOOSE looks like my missing dog stitch ..I have been trying to find LILO AND STITCH HE was not that hyper ...they were service dogs .my emo support PTSD and tasking ...I thought I gave them to a foster program...the whole them as I need them..moose looks exactly like stitch but stitch was well adjusted and happy

  61. Buck Buchanon

    Buck Buchanon19 hours ago

    The boyfriend did not want this to work with the dog. He seemed almost disappointed that the dog warmed up to him. Time to go.

  62. Thallita Vieira

    Thallita Vieira19 hours ago

    ok, now i have a huge crush on you Cesar.

  63. Hanny Pressley

    Hanny Pressley19 hours ago

    Off subject if my dog killed my cat he killed a family member cat is family too..

  64. New Leaf

    New Leaf20 hours ago

    Waiting for Paris Hilton's..

  65. Daniela Perez

    Daniela Perez20 hours ago


  66. David Silva

    David Silva20 hours ago

    Feeling your pain I’m in the same predicament this video gave me hope.

  67. Angie Saj

    Angie Saj20 hours ago

    Does Cesar sell T shirts? I can’t find where they’re sold.

  68. Debbie Daniels

    Debbie Daniels20 hours ago

    😘 Cesar!

  69. The Polaran message

    The Polaran message21 hour ago

    Lol, his memory is a bit off, he had daddy before junior, and he spoke English. Junior is all what are you talking about? 😂😂

  70. Trish Mitchell the Dog Magician

    Trish Mitchell the Dog Magician21 hour ago

    I’m so, so grateful to have gone to your ranch and trained with you in person, Cesar & Junior. June 2014, one of the best and most profound weeks of my life. I love you. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  71. Hella Bella

    Hella Bella21 hour ago

    Dogs don’t have STUPID human emotions and the problem lies when people impose human traits on dogs. I don’t greet my dogs and make a fuss but most people would ‘feel sorry’ for the dogs. I don’t want jumping excited idiot dogs around me so don’t encourage this behaviour. My male loves to lean on me A LOT and he is 80kg’s so I just say ‘no’ and he sits beside me without touching me. I adore Cesar and he is 100% right! I am still learning from Cesar!

  72. Me 2

    Me 221 hour ago

    Still scamming on

  73. Me 2

    Me 221 hour ago

    Scammer in the flesh

  74. Eva Sánchez Sáez

    Eva Sánchez Sáez21 hour ago

    Hi! I don't have dogs. I have two cats. I'm from Spain. I learned a lot watching your TV show. Thanks! What you say about how to stop something that the animal is doing, I say NO loud and short. It works. They stop. Am I doing the right thing?

  75. Eva Sánchez Sáez

    Eva Sánchez Sáez22 hours ago

    I'm amazed! I can't believe how people have pets if they don't understand how to live with animals. Why can't they understand they are animals, not human beings?

  76. SoCal ValleyGrl

    SoCal ValleyGrl22 hours ago

    Suprised you choose a slip lead...

  77. Tre' Lavon

    Tre' Lavon22 hours ago

    okay 3 seconds in and i know, the boyfriend has to GOOOOOO