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  1. M B

    M B7 hours ago

    wow she looks sooo different.

  2. ConfusedCat

    ConfusedCat7 hours ago

    Maybe it's just the way he's posing or the suit kinda feel bad for him

  3. Michael Street

    Michael Street7 hours ago

    Say something else 💀

  4. Kendrick Rogers

    Kendrick Rogers7 hours ago

    Hollywood is destroying the minds of people, and destroying their bodies

  5. mysteriousgamebro

    mysteriousgamebro7 hours ago

    He play to much 🤣

  6. Alicia Evans

    Alicia Evans7 hours ago

    At least she can do things for her self

  7. Ryading Panaakalantayan

    Ryading Panaakalantayan7 hours ago

    great house, but a pain in the ass to clean. i dont want to hire anyone to go through my stuff when cleaning but theres no way my lazy ass would even be able to clean the whole thing

  8. Kentuckyboy J

    Kentuckyboy J7 hours ago

    Him n bobby real my dudes fr solid aint many like us but they team real glad they back i can try shmoney dance now shoutout to ny folks

  9. Mankind was my business

    Mankind was my business7 hours ago

    this is kanye's shower, im not allowed. and this is my shower (only dispenses coconut oil)

  10. Cochise Clean

    Cochise Clean7 hours ago

    👑✝️God Is Good✝️👑

  11. my husband is hot

    my husband is hot7 hours ago

    My sister abused her Adderall prescription and is now exactly like this! It's terrible

  12. its just me

    its just me7 hours ago

    I would snitch too lmao

  13. King Chocolate 1st of his name, Brother of Numpsay

    King Chocolate 1st of his name, Brother of Numpsay7 hours ago

    I really think both of the city girls r terrible role models if I hear my 7 year old daughter say period she being put on punishment no city girls, cardi b, or jo jo siwa in my house

  14. Kenneth Thugge

    Kenneth Thugge7 hours ago

    Fuck that shit. Cancel everything

  15. Recon from the shadows

    Recon from the shadows7 hours ago

    You really soft when a rat coming hunting for you😂

  16. Eric Mccollough

    Eric Mccollough7 hours ago

    Pooh congrats bro you got the torch right now but poncho got next keep pushing bro💯🔥

  17. Chris Kellyson

    Chris Kellyson7 hours ago

    All you need tested hanging out at clubs and around new peeps taking it home to people

  18. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha7 hours ago

    He straight up in the yamcha pose in the thumbnail

  19. Chris Kellyson

    Chris Kellyson7 hours ago

    I has 20 already

  20. young fella

    young fella7 hours ago

    Those plaques wouldn’t of meant anything to me lol the people is the ones dat like my shit

  21. Pamela Ison

    Pamela Ison7 hours ago

    I love their love

  22. Gabriel

    Gabriel7 hours ago

    Damn. Cuz really dropped the top

  23. Zay T.

    Zay T.7 hours ago

    that makeup THICC af

  24. Nyne Milli

    Nyne Milli7 hours ago

    Then I thought it would’ve been Platinum long time ago lol


    JAMES CHADWICK7 hours ago

    Happy birthday gucci mane you my favorite rapper of all time much love to you my friend and have an amazing blessed day enjoy your amazing day 👌🏿🙏🏿👍🏿🍾🥂💯💰💵🥇🌟🎉

  26. Jerry Warren

    Jerry Warren7 hours ago

    He should be rich forever he had a cartoon for kids

  27. Aretha Cato

    Aretha Cato7 hours ago

    Damn she is being passed around

  28. Jaeee Coliston

    Jaeee Coliston7 hours ago

    If you not happy with who God made you to be thwn smh

  29. M S SOHEL

    M S SOHEL7 hours ago

    kyane: chila chila k sab ko scheme bata de..

  30. Gabriel el tipo ese

    Gabriel el tipo ese7 hours ago

    That's cool and all but do you have a ps3?

  31. Dre Alston

    Dre Alston7 hours ago

    Drunk as hell.

  32. Rxiner 11

    Rxiner 117 hours ago

    he strirdy with it

  33. Poopy

    Poopy7 hours ago

    The feminization of black men continues. All these dammed purses.

  34. Aaron Finney

    Aaron Finney7 hours ago

    Low self-esteem at its finest

  35. Joey Hackney Chelsea FC fan

    Joey Hackney Chelsea FC fan7 hours ago

    This guy is a real definition of a good

  36. Alpha uchechukwu

    Alpha uchechukwu7 hours ago

    I lost my Dad today. I promise him a better life as this , no matter what we will make it big just to build my fathers status all over my mansion

  37. Mark Baller

    Mark Baller8 hours ago

    Fake hair fake nails fake ass and she got the nerve to say "love urself, love ur body". SMH. Shout out to my natural women. She claiming she almost died, but that was caused by her own decision she made. I love my women who work out, change their diet and work hard for what they desire.

  38. RoBo-LeBrOn6000

    RoBo-LeBrOn60008 hours ago

    When rocks part came I couldn’t hear anything at all

  39. tnt Cichlids

    tnt Cichlids8 hours ago

    he's gonna take over where pop smokes left off sky's the limit bro cut off some of your fake friends they jus their for the money bro if money was gone they wouldn't be around

  40. Lroy Sam

    Lroy Sam8 hours ago

    Her voice is annoying 😂

  41. purple Capone

    purple Capone8 hours ago

    Meek playing him at his own game init

  42. Joseph Turner

    Joseph Turner8 hours ago

    Youll know she’s a gold digger when she will acknowledge jewelry before they a acknowledge you 😉

  43. Grizzy TV

    Grizzy TV8 hours ago

    Finally I can go they closed down before I could get in

  44. reubz deubz

    reubz deubz8 hours ago

    I remember the girls in my school used to do this shit.... must be GAY or something....each to there own 🙂

  45. Zach Jabri

    Zach Jabri8 hours ago

    Couple years i see myself... 😭😭😭

  46. rogerio maria

    rogerio maria8 hours ago

    Cordae: where the money resides 🤌🏾🤌🏾🤌🏾

  47. Cardi Yay

    Cardi Yay8 hours ago

    Fab peaced cuz on the low lol

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    Believe in Jesus read bible Read the Bible8 hours ago

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  49. Jasmine_bobateaUwU mini

    Jasmine_bobateaUwU mini8 hours ago

    dude really said naruto uchiha

  50. QS Music

    QS Music8 hours ago

    🎀 👁 👁 👃 👄

  51. E k

    E k8 hours ago

    Kevin Hart is one unfunny comedian.

  52. Digital gangsta

    Digital gangsta8 hours ago

    There needs to be a new genre for rappers like these, cuz this is NOT HIP HOP! This is a disgrace to the 90s...

  53. jmoney2177

    jmoney21778 hours ago

    Pooh shiesty: big bllllllrrrrr Me:big berrrrrrr

  54. Last man Standing

    Last man Standing8 hours ago

    Luda on a whole different level

  55. Chipo-Lweendo Mwiindilila

    Chipo-Lweendo Mwiindilila8 hours ago

    Vanity insanity

  56. jmoney2177

    jmoney21778 hours ago

    Not me tryna do it with 12 dollars

  57. Joe Luis

    Joe Luis8 hours ago

    Hip hop real needs this, please dont let nothing happen to him. Please.🙏💯🔥

  58. the king baby

    the king baby8 hours ago

    Ain't he a convicted felons it's over with dam brazy I hope y'all bout to film a movie

  59. ToiseCODM

    ToiseCODM8 hours ago

    Look at them now

  60. xmistaxcashxcoll

    xmistaxcashxcoll8 hours ago

    Quavo high as shit!

  61. Scripty Mane

    Scripty Mane8 hours ago

    Lol his phone

  62. Il_EVoLUTioN_lI

    Il_EVoLUTioN_lI8 hours ago

    you came here while searching for yup by gravy

  63. ms.lemonpie 216

    ms.lemonpie 2169 hours ago

    I can remember been she was talking about Karlie Red butt

  64. billfish #

    billfish #9 hours ago


  65. Against What Society Accepts

    Against What Society Accepts9 hours ago

    Y’all remember when Jamie Fox played in Ali and his hair piece was like this😂😂😂

  66. Toni Jones

    Toni Jones9 hours ago

    Stfu and get a bottle of summers eve


    LIL HAMSTER9 hours ago

    Ad Bike got me dead😂😭thought dude have a electric bike or something.

  68. active 2 minutes ago

    active 2 minutes ago9 hours ago

    D'angelo just made vid about this. About how lifeless and plain their play room is,,

  69. Shadee Yaghoubi

    Shadee Yaghoubi9 hours ago


  70. Barthalmoo Bob The Barner E i E i O

    Barthalmoo Bob The Barner E i E i O9 hours ago

    They found blood in his alcohol system.

  71. C.I.A

    C.I.A9 hours ago

    why the man so nervous and stif he kept cuting him off and loudly going hmmmmm when the man was trying to talk