Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff is a competitive streamer signed with FaZe Clan.

He has held several world records in Fortnite and competes in tournaments around the world with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. A former MLG National Champion, now streaming mostly competitive shooters daily on his Twitch channel, Nick uploads new gameplay videos here on his USlikes daily (FPS and TPP).

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  1. Sean Sean

    Sean Sean11 hours ago

    eNeMY uAv OvERheAd ¡¡

  2. Lenny Garcia

    Lenny Garcia11 hours ago

    You always have me dying 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. hasnat

    hasnat11 hours ago

    Love how Nick is loving all the comments :)

  4. Ronald Dennis

    Ronald Dennis12 hours ago

    Why do the people that nick and teammates are fighting look lost? Like they dnt knw wtf they doing?

  5. Will Campbell

    Will Campbell12 hours ago

    How many times has nick used the same titles 😂😂 no hate

  6. Toby gower

    Toby gower12 hours ago

    Faster Than Timmy the tat man in a buffet line 😂😂😂

  7. Nathan Ortiz

    Nathan Ortiz12 hours ago

    damn nick sucks now

  8. Daniel Prout

    Daniel Prout12 hours ago

    Eny one in 2021 with virus😷

  9. Super Fly

    Super Fly12 hours ago

    U don't play rebirth but plz mention to Activision to make rebirth island back to 40 players I beg 🙏

  10. Orlando S

    Orlando S12 hours ago

    controller gang

  11. Luke Lucero

    Luke Lucero12 hours ago

    “It’s faster than Timmy the tat man at a buffet line”😂😂😂

  12. SnowXD

    SnowXD12 hours ago

    It's overpowered but you don't think it'll compete against the other smgs? Which one is it Nick?

  13. Submerged Tarantula

    Submerged Tarantula12 hours ago

    I don't know why people are making the LC10 look overpowered. It's for sure not. It's beaten by the mac 10 and many other guns. This gun only work well at medium distances or extended close combat.

  14. Carlos Almeida

    Carlos Almeida12 hours ago

    TtK is long for a smg and the title is this gun is OP 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Samuel Offer-clark

    Samuel Offer-clark12 hours ago

    Nic I like sub and done and done rest Im big fancan I play with you one day big fan to nicmercs

  16. Samuel Bellato

    Samuel Bellato12 hours ago

    Is nick fat now? Or just muscley

  17. Samuel Offer-clark

    Samuel Offer-clark12 hours ago


  18. Samuel Offer-clark

    Samuel Offer-clark12 hours ago


  19. Samuel Offer-clark

    Samuel Offer-clark12 hours ago

    Peace and love baby

  20. Clayton Gamers

    Clayton Gamers13 hours ago

    I highly recommend *DIXON_NET on IÑSTÁGRAM* He restored my banned account.

  21. Clayton Gamers

    Clayton Gamers13 hours ago

    I highly recommend *DIXON_NET on IÑSTÁGRAM* He restored my banned account.

  22. Tim De Jong

    Tim De Jong13 hours ago

    Buyback monday your teammates suck!

  23. LqIr

    LqIr13 hours ago

    Nick looks alot different

  24. Christopher Pedroza

    Christopher Pedroza13 hours ago

    It is legit crazy to never see these intros in any circumstances, to seeing these…”hey USlikes what’s going on man, hey, LISTEN…. adaptability

  25. Wean Claasen

    Wean Claasen13 hours ago

    Nick what do think is coming at 11 of March for warzone??

  26. PrincePlatypus75

    PrincePlatypus7513 hours ago

    When she put the 25x scope on the shooty lol

  27. JoshIsCracked-_-

    JoshIsCracked-_-13 hours ago


  28. croslander

    croslander13 hours ago

    best youtuber/streamer ever man love the energy

  29. Fxzo

    Fxzo13 hours ago

    agree with Nick here. horror film waiting to happen 100000%

  30. Granada618Champ

    Granada618Champ13 hours ago

    What’s up with all these damn edits!?! Now you ain’t showing kills or how you get killed? Fuk Boy ish right there!!!

  31. Kubs KA

    Kubs KA13 hours ago

    bro these lot are so lazy. no changes the games rinsed change it up. and especially get rid of stadium ASAP!

  32. JustCallMeDope

    JustCallMeDope13 hours ago

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  33. JustCallMeDope

    JustCallMeDope14 hours ago

    Dope video bro! But want to make easy cash? Just buy the bitcoin dip right now. $45k is a bargain. Ellon Musk even got Tesla’s cash to invest $1.5 billion into, whats stopping you? Wait till Apple invests into it, and to the moon we go 🚀💰

  34. Frankie Garza

    Frankie Garza14 hours ago

    "where my heeeeeeellp!!"🙈😂

  35. Janski

    Janski14 hours ago

    Every thumbnail is same and every title is same "this loadout is like aimbot" or "this is OP" etc 😂😂 love the content its good stuff but bruh 😂

  36. Woke

    Woke14 hours ago

    Peace and love baby

  37. Andrew Hernandez

    Andrew Hernandez14 hours ago

    That's not even a fully built one tho and you know it lol it's all about the money to you:/

  38. Matthew Turner

    Matthew Turner14 hours ago

    The m4 what in using

  39. Adil Saleem

    Adil Saleem14 hours ago

    Watch your videos everyday but after you cursing out the Quran just killed it for me 🙅🏻‍♂️

  40. Simon

    Simon14 hours ago

    You need to do a video with the Bullfrog, it's unreal!

  41. Tomas Castro

    Tomas Castro14 hours ago

    THE NEW SMG IS OVERPOWERDDD *10 seconds into the video* its not that great, its gonna lose against a FAR and a Mac, so yeah

  42. Jester Wolf

    Jester Wolf14 hours ago

    Warzone was allways pay to win.

  43. Mario Kovačević

    Mario Kovačević14 hours ago

    Should I level up the M16 or AUG in the time cold war MP is free, what will be the meta? And what is the fastest way? I play nuketown 24/7 and get avg.30-50 kills but still I get max 2 levels playing like 15min (sometimes more). 50lv x 7.5min=375min (6hours of playing just to get a gun up and running for warzone)

  44. Grobarii JuggGg1

    Grobarii JuggGg115 hours ago

    Why you never playing Cold war Multiplayer mode and stream it :)

  45. David Sivakumar

    David Sivakumar15 hours ago

    Oof clusters glitched now too

  46. Chris Fegley

    Chris Fegley15 hours ago

    Holy shit hes going to the beach on our money!!

  47. Hampus Andersson

    Hampus Andersson15 hours ago

    Goddamn that roidneck

  48. Zachary Ringel

    Zachary Ringel15 hours ago

    Nick as prior service can you please hit up Trix_headshot in Fortnite!

  49. Luca Nader

    Luca Nader15 hours ago

    Shu cuz

  50. Simon Nguyen

    Simon Nguyen15 hours ago

    Love watching your videos but why do you need to lie and say the gun is over powered? Just title it: Trying out the LC10!

  51. Salvador Milian

    Salvador Milian15 hours ago

    yo nick you here?

  52. SSR_Colack FN

    SSR_Colack FN15 hours ago

    how did he have 11 kills than it went down to 6

  53. Matthew Younan

    Matthew Younan15 hours ago

    This guy says buy to the Bruen and uses it the next day

  54. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha15 hours ago

    I love the way that nick always has amazing energy but he be loud when he rage

  55. UZIdyldon420

    UZIdyldon42015 hours ago

    “Faster than TimmyTheFatMan at a buffet” That got me lmfao

  56. whos mans is this

    whos mans is this15 hours ago

    5 minutes in and the video is now starting NOICE

  57. Jahden Garcia

    Jahden Garcia15 hours ago

    Hey I just unlocked all the attachments for the ffar and I used the angency suppressor and 21.2 ranger barrel and raider stock field agent under barrel and 50 round fast mag and it is still the best build trust me

  58. Soggy Turbo

    Soggy Turbo16 hours ago

    No its not

  59. Egan Julyan

    Egan Julyan16 hours ago

    Peace of love baby love you nickmercs

  60. cheese man

    cheese man16 hours ago

    What happened to goodbye bruen?

  61. Dewayne Ellison

    Dewayne Ellison16 hours ago

    Meta is really what works for you well as long as it competes I dropped into resurgence and picked that baby up and dropped 8 kills in the first minute with it before my team got shot at from 3 different directions

  62. mjenkins91

    mjenkins9116 hours ago

    Crazy how going from zlaners videos straight here you see how much better z is than nick. Movement and split decision making is miles ahead. Shots are better too. Old age really does affect your gaming I guess

  63. Pukka fpv

    Pukka fpv16 hours ago

    Shit update

  64. Sid Smith

    Sid Smith16 hours ago


  65. Suhlow Shorts

    Suhlow Shorts16 hours ago

    Wtf USlikes made me unsub

  66. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance16 hours ago

    Hello, Humans. "To embrace the whole world in friendship is wisdom. This wisdom is not changeable like the flowers that bloom and fade."-Thiruvalluvar TERRANCE OUT

  67. Adam Wilson

    Adam Wilson16 hours ago

    Was half expecting you to shout.....Adrienne!!!! 😂😄Brilliant, love your content man👍

  68. Cook Beats

    Cook Beats16 hours ago

    He said, 6'7 400 pounds. Im looking at Nic like so? You look that size too. Did ya get em? Lol

  69. Vincent Ayon

    Vincent Ayon16 hours ago

    Big ed is that you?

  70. Daan Spuijbroek

    Daan Spuijbroek16 hours ago

    Tim: do you have aim asist on rocks

  71. YoutubeSkydon

    YoutubeSkydon16 hours ago

    Can I do promo here 🥺

  72. Alfonso Simmons

    Alfonso Simmons16 hours ago

    I love NICKMERCS so much I watch every ad to give him all the money he deserves. Also I changed my name on PSN an CLAN TAG to MFAM 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Nick is literally a role model to me an I’m gonna meet him one an actually get some games of duty in wit my boy for sure 🙏🏽💯

  73. Samuel Atofau

    Samuel Atofau16 hours ago

    fist challenge

  74. MurderShxWrote -

    MurderShxWrote -16 hours ago

    “Enemy UAV over head”

  75. Samuel Vizcaino-Nunez

    Samuel Vizcaino-Nunez17 hours ago


  76. Noah Matthew

    Noah Matthew17 hours ago

    Anyone else think they dialed up the sbmm to Cold War level in this update?

  77. Noah Matthew

    Noah Matthew17 hours ago

    Anyone else think they dialed up the sbmm to Cold War level in this update?

  78. devour huskie

    devour huskie17 hours ago

    By far my favourite is the scorp evo from bo2 fast fire rate good damage