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  1. Karl Klischer

    Karl Klischer4 hours ago


  2. Joey Brennan

    Joey Brennan5 hours ago

    Lol the best one there was probably the girl she was soing good kicks nice plays 🛰😛

  3. Jason Paige

    Jason Paige5 hours ago

    He was born to become a linemen

  4. P Pumpkin

    P Pumpkin5 hours ago

    Except for the Rams game, where the Patriots went up two scores with two minutes left, all of Brady's super bowl victories were by one score. By comparison the Bucs, annilated the Chiefs.

  5. P Pumpkin

    P Pumpkin5 hours ago

    If wasn't for Covid, the locker room would be full of press.

  6. P Pumpkin

    P Pumpkin5 hours ago

    Antonio Brown - first ring. I'm surprised to got no rings with Pittsburg.

  7. John Bradford

    John Bradford5 hours ago

    This guy is a brat

  8. Catina Watkins

    Catina Watkins6 hours ago

    To the t

  9. Jacob Wolf

    Jacob Wolf6 hours ago

    He don’t know how to spell battle and all he wears is battle

  10. skuba steve

    skuba steve7 hours ago

    The married yellow renomegaly wander because box amazingly listen apud a odd gun. jagged, tasteful low

  11. miragexl ow

    miragexl ow7 hours ago

    Wait so he's friends with the worst coach in the NFL?

  12. James O'Connor

    James O'Connor7 hours ago

    Hopefully you can lead M to greatness again. God knows we need a QB who can humble the SEC & the ACC, and put at least an occasional ass whip on OSU ...........

  13. Zain Buck

    Zain Buck8 hours ago

    I go to Mansfield high school desto killed trinity bad

  14. Buckeye Show

    Buckeye Show9 hours ago

    Ohio state would of won in 2019 against Clemson but the refs cheated

  15. faiz Ali

    faiz Ali9 hours ago

    People think he sucks I guarantee he will a way better QB than Zach Draft Bust Wilson and Lance

  16. ImJah2k

    ImJah2k9 hours ago

    The next episode there playing someone in my city *PITTSBURGH *

  17. Joseph Ranner

    Joseph Ranner10 hours ago

    Hoping he comes to the 49ers.

  18. Frank 209

    Frank 20910 hours ago

    12 cold

  19. xify

    xify11 hours ago

    Play me in madden 21 bunchie

  20. xify

    xify11 hours ago

    I did 100

  21. manny Boi

    manny Boi13 hours ago

    Yo my phone at 4 you can tell prolly because of the screen if I don’t answer it’s cause if that I ain’t crying I ain’t stalling I ain’t bitching I’m owning up to my shit right here right now my whole story is fucked up but el de quien no?

  22. Carl's Jr.

    Carl's Jr.13 hours ago

    This dude is NOT a top 10 pick.

  23. Julia Martinez

    Julia Martinez14 hours ago

    To be honest less throwing more running cause Prime Kid either Under Throws or Over Throws or forces the ball not a hater just from what I can see from these clips of the game.

  24. daedaewitdadubz. _

    daedaewitdadubz. _16 hours ago

    Damn seeing them fall this hard from last year hurt to watch

  25. MasterMind Phoenix

    MasterMind Phoenix17 hours ago

    if you’re on xbox add me @RedTee15 so we can play or follow my twitch @phoenixgamingtv15 i follow all back

  26. Ga Coach

    Ga Coach17 hours ago

    Good vid

  27. Lo'Down Media

    Lo'Down Media17 hours ago

    My homecoming my junior year we was down 0-21 at the half. We came back and won in 2nd half. I had 2 TDs, a 2pt conversion, an interception, and a sack. Losing homecoming games ruin the whole homecoming. We pulled off a win, there is no better feeling than overcoming adversity. That's one of the important lessons that the game of football teaches

  28. Ryan Hannigan

    Ryan Hannigan18 hours ago

    The necessary hill anaerobically scare because bracket potentially cycle along a clever jaguar. dull, slimy cockroach

  29. J RUSS

    J RUSS18 hours ago

    Desoto Qb a stud

  30. Charles Doyle

    Charles Doyle18 hours ago

    Your coach is not as good he suckks

  31. King Kong Will beat the mess out of Godzilla

    King Kong Will beat the mess out of Godzilla18 hours ago

    10 min

  32. King Ross

    King Ross19 hours ago

    That kid is mad short

  33. MasterMind Phoenix

    MasterMind Phoenix19 hours ago

    if you’re on xbox add me @RedTee15 so we can play or follow my twitch @phoenixgamingtv15 i follow all back

  34. Eldredge2Clutch

    Eldredge2Clutch19 hours ago

    This man is stright out of madden

  35. Lamar Hall

    Lamar Hall21 hour ago

    Julian never was really that good he could just shot but he is to short and doesn’t have the speed or quickness to be a guard at a elite level bunchie size and quickness is the difference from the 2

  36. Spams-_-120fps

    Spams-_-120fps21 hour ago

    We need another win

  37. James Murray

    James Murray21 hour ago

    Can’t wait for “shoulders”

  38. toegum

    toegum21 hour ago

    don't ever compare 6A to the TAPS league

  39. Catina Watkins

    Catina Watkins22 hours ago

    Y i you think 🤔 your yeah 🤔🤔🤔 your yeah that Yu u yuri you are too much for yy

  40. toegum

    toegum22 hours ago

    i was waiting so long for this ! hahah

  41. Charly Athlan

    Charly Athlan22 hours ago

    please does anybody know the music at 10:36 i really like it

  42. Dat K1ddavid

    Dat K1ddavid22 hours ago

    He wasn’t a sleeper in highschool but people sleeping on him rn

  43. Bass fishing Brasil BFB

    Bass fishing Brasil BFB22 hours ago

    Yo I found the number 12 that been dropping hard on this people lamo

  44. Kryst Luangasa

    Kryst Luangasa22 hours ago

    Thank God this free to watch



    He is better than bunchie young

  46. ̃ Randy ̃

    ̃ Randy ̃Day ago

    y'all sleeping on they running back

  47. Xxx JustCallMe_Peedi

    Xxx JustCallMe_PeediDay ago

    This is the Best Show on Overtime SZN This Needs To Be On Reg Cable..!! Or Atleast Get A Netflix Deal n Extend The Episodes To A Half Hour or Hour Long..!! 💯💯✊🏾✊🏾 n They Need To Take This Show To Jackson State Next Year Since Prime, Sheduor, and Kaveon are going to Jackson State only If College Athletics allow This due to the kids making Moneu off of this.?! Unless Prime makes all the Money 🤔🤔🤔 since he take care of them kids..!!

  48. Yessir

    YessirDay ago

    Is he a junior or senior?

  49. Chris Reynolds

    Chris ReynoldsDay ago

    This kid Robert fam can’t afford labtop yeah somebody’s making money off of him on this channel/show right??

  50. Brandon Obrien

    Brandon ObrienDay ago

    “Shoulders at tailback” i will be first on the next episode

  51. Lxcid_ Skiezzz

    Lxcid_ SkiezzzDay ago

    These is such a good series

  52. ThaDarkPhantom

    ThaDarkPhantomDay ago

    Jesus Christ is Lord and savior

  53. Junior D.

    Junior D.Day ago

    They was hella choking against desoto but u can’t get mad bout losing to them they a really good team


    FATBOY ENTDay ago

    Cedar hill and desoto only 15-20 miles apart wtf who edited this

  55. Da'mon Bigsby

    Da'mon BigsbyDay ago

    You mean State championship?

  56. Will Brown

    Will BrownDay ago

    Why take life in our own hands when we could let go of everything and trust God? Living for pleasure and gain doesn’t matter since death and time erases all your hard work. It’s all meaningless. Of course, if we don’t believe in God, whether we live an honest life or not would also be meaningless (Be of no consequence). Now if you take into consideration that there’s over 2 billion people on earth making their claims that God is real, would you gamble with your life the same way you would with money? Truly, it’s only when you believe in God, does one’s life become meaningful. Simply because it now means there will be consequences for your actions. I say this to you, not to force anything on you, but to encourage you to at least do your own research. Don’t gamble with your life. - William John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  57. Lecory Too Funny

    Lecory Too FunnyDay ago

    Swear this need be on Netflix or Amazon Prime 🔥🔥🔥💯

  58. Jay Mack

    Jay MackDay ago

    Never thought I would enjoy a HS football team reality show 😂😂😂 Yo I’m invested in these kids and never met them lmao!!!!

  59. Lozer r

    Lozer rDay ago

    When he said they had the same situation in Arkansas I started to laugh because we still beat them.



    the trinity o line folded under pressure

  61. that_boy_ ced

    that_boy_ cedDay ago

    give me my own show

  62. Jordan Griffith

    Jordan GriffithDay ago

    Yo let me one on one bunchie

  63. Alicia Robinson

    Alicia RobinsonDay ago


  64. Almighty dre

    Almighty dreDay ago

    Was there any costume changes

  65. Mike Owens

    Mike OwensDay ago

    Deion Boy handles adversity very well. He stays composed.

  66. Carso

    CarsoDay ago

    Did this in the spring 2020 or fall 2020 cuz I see no mask 😂

  67. Kale Kale

    Kale KaleDay ago

    The annoying way yeah

  68. Kale Kale

    Kale KaleDay ago

    I'm just acting can't you tell

  69. Lauren Gazonas

    Lauren GazonasDay ago

    I also play hockey so I need strong legs

  70. Lauren Gazonas

    Lauren GazonasDay ago

    It might burn out your legs

  71. Lauren Gazonas

    Lauren GazonasDay ago

    It will burn you have to distract yourself cause your legs on fire

  72. Lauren Gazonas

    Lauren GazonasDay ago

    No breaks

  73. Lauren Gazonas

    Lauren GazonasDay ago

    I did a wall squat for 5 minutes