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  1. MateItsGaile

    MateItsGaile23 hours ago

    Cristiano alex

  2. BungleBonce

    BungleBonce23 hours ago

    have the sidemen ran out of good ideas. pretty boring video

  3. Can Besen

    Can Besen23 hours ago

    I feel like this could have been a moresidemen video.

  4. YMB

    YMB23 hours ago

    I had hope for Baldski for a sec

  5. Qaher Atshan

    Qaher Atshan23 hours ago

    Bro the guy that josh cutting his hair like he’s about to cry or something I don’t know did anyone realise ?

  6. Scott Thomas

    Scott Thomas23 hours ago

    How much did the other USlikesrs get paid for this???😂😂

  7. Silence

    Silence23 hours ago

    So this is where Rory got his hair cut 😂😂

  8. Millie Connolly

    Millie Connolly23 hours ago

    This vid made my day, I'm so happy.

  9. Fin Chambers

    Fin Chambers23 hours ago

    Jcc looks like mason mount

  10. Ace

    Ace23 hours ago

    next video idea. Sidemen gives each other hair cuts.

  11. Mooty Hooty

    Mooty Hooty23 hours ago

    I love tom

  12. Amal Joe Sojan

    Amal Joe Sojan23 hours ago

    It would've been funny if Stephen Tries, Callux & Calfreezy were there

  13. Jai Masaun

    Jai Masaun23 hours ago

    JCC looks like Gareth from the Office.

  14. Darius Ramraj

    Darius Ramraj23 hours ago

    I hope they get so much money for dis😭😭

  15. Ryan Wallace

    Ryan Wallace23 hours ago

    JCC looks like Kurtan from this country lmaooo

  16. Dan Paton

    Dan Paton23 hours ago

    Hippos have made it big

  17. Millie Connolly

    Millie Connolly23 hours ago

    And just like that a new ksi character was born ( Alfonso )

  18. Thomas McHugh

    Thomas McHugh23 hours ago

    19:31 he got that Allison Quinn cut

  19. SLG Speedy

    SLG Speedy23 hours ago


  20. Kirk Brindley

    Kirk Brindley23 hours ago

    aye it was sick seeing Tom (syndicate)

  21. MateItsGaile

    MateItsGaile23 hours ago

    Simon did the best tbh


    MARVEL FOREVER23 hours ago

    Butler says something JJ: of course!!!!

  23. Heidi Hinchliff

    Heidi Hinchliff23 hours ago

    JJC looks like kurtan from this country lol

  24. ItsDylPickles

    ItsDylPickles23 hours ago

    konstan tin tin

  25. Rari York

    Rari York23 hours ago

    This reminds me of that Muppets barbershop skit

  26. MateItsGaile

    MateItsGaile23 hours ago

    Vik : that is sick The hair : a bird nest

  27. Nico Neee

    Nico Neee23 hours ago

    SIDMEN Sunday’s always lift my spirit🙂

  28. Jackson Moore Design

    Jackson Moore Design23 hours ago

    This should've been a TGF collab! would've been so good

  29. Patrick Dudley

    Patrick Dudley23 hours ago

    I'm so happy Tom is in this

  30. Error -Code 2008

    Error -Code 200823 hours ago

    It’s when KSI goes mad after everyone is popping out bottles of Cola and Lemonade ahha

  31. Anna Westwood

    Anna Westwood23 hours ago

    30:20 kurtan from this country

  32. BNSF ES44DC Productions 2021

    BNSF ES44DC Productions 202123 hours ago

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it’s finally here

  33. Landon Dobbs

    Landon Dobbs23 hours ago

    I would totally deck vik if he messed up my Haircut

  34. connor fordyce

    connor fordyce23 hours ago

    syndicate is such a legend man, love an old collar :)

  35. McKappa

    McKappa23 hours ago

    Imallex epic

  36. Jack Moseley

    Jack Moseley23 hours ago

    Half way through Alex be lookin like golom from lord of the rings

  37. Gabriel A Maceira Rosa

    Gabriel A Maceira Rosa23 hours ago

    Best group in youtube

  38. Muslim Dior

    Muslim Dior23 hours ago

    Tobi woke up and decided he wasn’t the nice guy anymore

  39. li wu

    li wu23 hours ago

    I'm alex or golem Allan Gollim

  40. MateItsGaile

    MateItsGaile23 hours ago

    After this video, the bald rate will go up by 87%

  41. Ariel Martinez

    Ariel Martinez23 hours ago

    Should’ve done a segment at the end where a barber tries to salvage it

  42. Cole Does Everything

    Cole Does Everything23 hours ago

    Back to a masterpiece

  43. Nate Desouza

    Nate Desouza23 hours ago

    JJ : "He looks like a stressed chicken" 23:15 *proceeds to sound like one for 5 seconds*

  44. sreelatha raghu

    sreelatha raghu23 hours ago

    Seeing Nep and syndicate with the bois bring back so many memories!!

  45. Nalaci

    Nalaci23 hours ago

    Definitely should watch the Kon BTS after this... professional back stage for damage control.

  46. Bill Mitchell

    Bill Mitchell23 hours ago

    Bro got a road and didn’t even get top link

  47. Jay

    Jay23 hours ago

    But Callum went way over the top for bezhingas dad

  48. WHD_ Fizz

    WHD_ Fizz23 hours ago

    I would have done the airbender arrow

  49. Drigger StormX

    Drigger StormX23 hours ago

    😂 😂 Omg I've waited for syndicate to be back with the sideman and ethan well done for setting him up with jj golden 😂😂

  50. J_MEEL

    J_MEEL23 hours ago

    the guys that got cut should cut sidemen

  51. Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul23 hours ago

    "Harry ain't got no Brain Cells" 😂

  52. Dayshin Andan

    Dayshin Andan23 hours ago

    Nah fr😂 please show love to these creators. This was not easy

  53. Troy Tuari

    Troy Tuari23 hours ago

    Vikk had us in the first half ngl

  54. Dion

    Dion23 hours ago

    this makes me grateful for my trash barber

  55. Nathan Lovely

    Nathan Lovely23 hours ago

    Never knew walmart mason mount was getting a haircut

  56. Logan

    Logan23 hours ago


  57. BRIAN Kim

    BRIAN Kim23 hours ago

    The supreme bulldozer simplistically shock because country biomechanically depend without a quack moustache. elderly, possible wren

  58. Ruby Mcmullen

    Ruby Mcmullen23 hours ago

    jj being gassed at being called master the man is now a lord

  59. Elise Hope

    Elise Hope23 hours ago

    Harry singing Bob the builder then screams is honestly the best😂


    ZVLOBEY23 hours ago

    Alfonzo needs a barber shop for itself asap

  61. Philip Dowers

    Philip Dowers23 hours ago

    Such a banger 👏🏼👏🏼

  62. ironthura

    ironthura23 hours ago


  63. Wine Dine & Rhyme

    Wine Dine & Rhyme23 hours ago

    The sidemen should milk this idea like the tinder videos

  64. C W

    C W23 hours ago

    They need to do the reverse of this were the youtubers cut the side mens hair

  65. Liam Masters

    Liam Masters23 hours ago

    I cut my friends hair at school

  66. Nick Zara

    Nick Zara23 hours ago

    They should do the opposite

  67. Arthur Gutierrez

    Arthur Gutierrez23 hours ago


  68. Samuel Lara

    Samuel Lara23 hours ago

    I subbed to Ethan’s older brother

  69. calio

    calio23 hours ago

    having tom in the video has made it 20x better i have been watching the sidemen and tom for ages and have both got me through the bad times and having og throwback makes me think of the ksi syndicate dance battle 🤣🤣

  70. Djs Dksi

    Djs Dksi23 hours ago

    I just had my hair cut today

  71. nayeem moztoba

    nayeem moztoba23 hours ago

    Dint like it

  72. sic22l

    sic22l23 hours ago

    I don't know if it's just me but I think the video was a bit "too quick". I mean switching between the scenes was too often, a few seconds and bam - another scene. In a few moments I couldn't keep up on what's going on.

  73. yang zhang

    yang zhang23 hours ago

    The crooked improvement admittedly stretch because sky aesthetically knock unlike a furry furtive smoke. used, lopsided comparison

  74. George Rafik

    George Rafik23 hours ago

    vik always tryna act smart but deep down he knows he's a big dumb dumb

  75. Abdul Taibi

    Abdul Taibi23 hours ago

    Willing to be a participant

  76. alex bolton

    alex bolton23 hours ago

    TGF should have been here



    Who else saw the guy from tiktok??

  78. Yessirr Hugo1st

    Yessirr Hugo1stDay ago

    Jesussss Kon got violated differently omg 💔 😭😭😭🤣

  79. Madison Mulholland

    Madison MulhollandDay ago

    Now we need another one where Nepenthez cuts ethans,Kon cuts Josh’s etc

  80. Junior 24

    Junior 24Day ago

    Everyone’s gone through PTSD in this vid