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what year is it

what year is it

4 months ago

  1. Jeff Nelson

    Jeff Nelson17 hours ago

    the triple blurp duuuuude noway

  2. #MFFL

    #MFFL17 hours ago


  3. Derek Eddins

    Derek Eddins17 hours ago

    Funny timing this just popped up on my feed. All I gotta say is that guy is a dumb ass. Go M's

  4. HandGrenades 4Balls

    HandGrenades 4Balls17 hours ago

    Next up: Latrell Sprewell having the game in a chokehold.

  5. Drewselum

    Drewselum17 hours ago

    This was the battle of the ear that year lol. This video is loud as hell, sound engineer call off?

  6. The Dubbman

    The Dubbman17 hours ago

    Mahomes will get a pass due to our weak ass o-line, dropping td passes and Andy Reid not adjusting things...

  7. Qiucher

    Qiucher18 hours ago

    Barbados: *My goals are beyond your understanding*

  8. Qiucher

    Qiucher18 hours ago

    Barbados: *my goals are beyond your understanding*

  9. armin38822

    armin3882218 hours ago

    This is unpreofessional behavior from an nba owner. The fans want to see his jersey retired and Garnett deserves it as much as any player in NBA history. Specialy in these times when Wolves are again having horrific seasons. I try to put myself in the owner's shoes. No matter how much bad blood I had with a player,I would still be able to recognize him for what he did as a player on the court. As an owner,you can't go out there and give bad opinions about players. Not becasue some of them wouldn't deserve it but becasue some players will simply not want to play for your team. You get a bad reputation and things can start to go south really fast. Great example is James Dolan. If he was different,Kyrie,Durant and Harden would be playing for the Knicks and not the Nets right now. They just wanted to be in NY. But knowing how Dolan is,they decided to play for the Nets. As an owner,best you can do is stay in the back and let others make basketball decisions and when you speak about the team ALWAYS have something positive to say.

  10. Rocky Mountain Sports Talk

    Rocky Mountain Sports Talk18 hours ago

    Hey could you guys talk about the collapse of the Denver Broncos?

  11. Umit Kayabas

    Umit Kayabas18 hours ago

    4:57 that's not crazy if you have 18 games to a season. Golden State ffs

  12. The Cando Railfan

    The Cando Railfan18 hours ago

    He was probably tagged out a lot of times, but the umps decided to call him safe.

  13. Brennan Smith

    Brennan Smith18 hours ago

    Ah yes. Mike Vander-jackass


    KHANZA SYADZA AL-UZMA18 hours ago

    Wow, fair play 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Drake Way

    Drake Way18 hours ago

    Something to note about this. The NHL did not immediately suspend the game either. They waited for hours while nothing was happening in the stadium because of the power outage, to see if it would return. Of course, the game was delayed by fog on the ice to start with. That game was cursed.

  16. Delta

    Delta18 hours ago

    To be continued on collapse...

  17. Morgan Spriggs

    Morgan Spriggs18 hours ago

    Barry Bonds is an all-time great and should be in the BHOF. But I just don’t think he will get there

  18. Seth Benson

    Seth Benson19 hours ago

    RIP Owen Hart

  19. VenomousX

    VenomousX19 hours ago

    wait a clown #RETIRE21

  20. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier19 hours ago

    This is why Moss isn't the goat. He choked in all his biggest games

  21. Charles Foreman

    Charles Foreman19 hours ago

    Wicked soup reference

  22. Haakon Lien

    Haakon Lien19 hours ago

    I will never give up on the wolves, our time will come, our time will come 🎶i was raised by the wolves🎶

  23. David W

    David W19 hours ago

    Car accident today. Get better ASAP Tiger! You're the GOAT

  24. John Smith

    John Smith19 hours ago

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  25. John Smith

    John Smith19 hours ago

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  26. Mega KSABSS

    Mega KSABSS19 hours ago

    In 2020 there a playoff team Baltimore in the playoffs 🤣🤣

  27. Ferguson

    Ferguson19 hours ago

    News just came out that he just broke both of his legs in the crash. Lucky to be alive. Get well soon Tiger.

  28. Alex is very cool

    Alex is very cool19 hours ago

    Do randy moss and joe buck beef history

  29. illusioNery

    illusioNery19 hours ago

    HAHAHA stupid Ain'ts more Drew Brees!!! Welcome to non-existence all over again

  30. vlad vladich

    vlad vladich19 hours ago

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  31. 1.21 JJWatts

    1.21 JJWatts20 hours ago

    If you haven't, watch the animated spray chart of all Ichiro's hits. It's every bit the work of art that he was. What a ballplayer.

  32. vlad vladich

    vlad vladich20 hours ago

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  33. Cris

    Cris20 hours ago

    saddest one yet, damn

  34. D T

    D T20 hours ago

    Huh, this got recommended to me today of all days.

  35. Wesley Mills

    Wesley Mills20 hours ago

    “He told me to shut the F up” lol

  36. vlad vladich

    vlad vladich20 hours ago

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  37. irock4u222

    irock4u22220 hours ago

    pumpkin head will never make the hall of fame.. unless they build one for cheaters like him clemons big mac ortiz yada yada

  38. Deathless Gamer

    Deathless Gamer20 hours ago

    Please please please, never stop making dorktown.

  39. Nick Langan

    Nick Langan20 hours ago

    1:53:42 I disagree. Only things that cross some line of popularity and profit before becoming watered down.

  40. Jeff Sokol

    Jeff Sokol20 hours ago

    So when MJ gets upset and makes reasons to play harder for his mindset he's a "legend". When Shaq does it he's a "baby".

  41. MrHandss

    MrHandss20 hours ago

    at least the falcons scored a few TDs in that superbowl. Yeah they blew a massive lead but it's not like they flew all the way over just to kick a few field goals and that's it.

  42. Sherman Wallen

    Sherman Wallen20 hours ago

    Curious. Why no mention of the Mariners trade of Derek Lowe and Jason Veritek to the Red Sox for Heathcliff Slocumb?

  43. Cameron

    Cameron20 hours ago

    What about Troy Aikman??

  44. Rouge Myst

    Rouge Myst21 hour ago

    If they made the football field one yard a one-point safety would def happen. RBT

  45. mechwarrior13

    mechwarrior1321 hour ago

    Bruh when he mentioned "Atlanta native" I felt that, even though I live in New England haha oof

  46. Chris J. Nelson

    Chris J. Nelson21 hour ago

    I work in TV broadcasting and have run the bug (it’s not a chyron!) many times. It’s all manual and it’s definitely a tougher job than you think. Odds are when a mistake happens on the field with the count, the bug operator and production truck know it-but if it’s not caught on the field they’ll have to fall in line so as not to “appear” wrong.

  47. Thomas Berryman ll

    Thomas Berryman ll21 hour ago

    I forgot about all those bad calls in that nfc championship vs the Seahawks.

  48. J. King

    J. King21 hour ago

    Do the Aaron Rodgers vs suh beef

  49. DrBainer

    DrBainer22 hours ago

    It's been four years and this is still my favorite youtube video.

  50. Marcus

    Marcus22 hours ago

    That was WAY higher than 22 feet, that was more like 30 to 35 feet up in the air.

  51. Gabe Demontiney

    Gabe Demontiney22 hours ago

    a few weeks later the now infamous television call while playing the Titans “kicked around on the ground that’s the way the game should end that’s the way the Jets season should end UGLY and a loss”

  52. numberThree0703

    numberThree070322 hours ago

    Brett Favre: actually punches a player Announcers: haha, he should be careful Randy Moss: pretends to moon fans Announcers: THAT’S [email protected]

  53. itsdrearwolf gaming

    itsdrearwolf gaming22 hours ago

    Do one about the wizards from 12-19

  54. - Swoosh -

    - Swoosh -22 hours ago

    8:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Trevuhhh

    Trevuhhh22 hours ago

    4:29 damn my hometown and alma mater in this video!

  56. Pablo Morataya

    Pablo Morataya22 hours ago

    Mike Trout gonna end up like KG if he doesn’t get rid of Moreno

  57. nen

    nen22 hours ago

    On July 11, 2015 Mark Reynolds homered against the Pirates while having three strikes.

  58. haydar yilmaz

    haydar yilmaz22 hours ago

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  59. Oh, no! It's her!

    Oh, no! It's her!22 hours ago

    In a alternate universe Michael Vick was just a pothead who sold his dogs for some good reggie. 🤣

  60. Travis Hanks

    Travis Hanks23 hours ago

    This is stupid. They would pitch over the plate without a bat. Lord you need inspiration 🙏

  61. LochNLoaded

    LochNLoaded23 hours ago

    Rest in peace Lasorda

  62. Gary Reno

    Gary Reno23 hours ago

    Off topic but the bengals could never beat the 49ers

  63. MPFD - Gabriel Salzetti

    MPFD - Gabriel Salzetti23 hours ago

    best video on youtube

  64. I'mKydding

    I'mKydding23 hours ago

    "Why did Patrick Ewing didn't win any championships?" Cause it's the Knicks.

  65. Joe Honest

    Joe Honest23 hours ago

    Guess all his championship rings shows it wasn’t “the wrong way” to play. Ooo wait

  66. MrBuffal0

    MrBuffal023 hours ago

    What were yall thinking with these constant high pitched shrills for background music 💀

  67. Torian W

    Torian WDay ago

    two words: Michael Jordan

  68. geogamer86

    geogamer86Day ago

    16:00 maybe thats why Bill Belichick was good

  69. Underworld Films

    Underworld FilmsDay ago

    I thought this team was going to repeat...the best defense Ive ever seen (I grew up in the 90s and 00's..dont kill me) outside of the 2000 Ravens!!!

  70. e j

    e jDay ago

    Van horn wash washed up mclough was not a scorer

  71. Dakota West

    Dakota WestDay ago

    apparently Garnett won an MVP in order to prepare for his role in Uncut Gems 15 years later

  72. Oliver Dennis

    Oliver DennisDay ago

    I cry at Ken and Ichiros friendship. It’s like the Punisher and Amy Bendix.

  73. nihilistic adventure

    nihilistic adventureDay ago

    It's a leap to consider prolonged staring as intimidation? You had me until then dude. Next

  74. Y V

    Y VDay ago

    Philadelphia Eagles

  75. YDV 2020

    YDV 2020Day ago

    Who’s here after his car accident ;(

  76. Nik Petrovic

    Nik PetrovicDay ago

    this needs an update

  77. Hephaestus

    HephaestusDay ago

    NFL only? Sarah Fuller's punt was atrocious. Of course, she got SEC player of the week for it... but we live in crazy town right now.

  78. erikbarrett85

    erikbarrett85Day ago

    We get it, nostalgia and existential depressiveness.......can we cool out w the RIDICULOUS music on these? It's gonna be as dated as that GRIDIRON GIANTS type NFL video from the 90s, usually about games from the 80s

  79. Fried Rice

    Fried RiceDay ago

    The Greatest Play in CFB History. Auburn coming off 3-9 season, Bama going for 3peat. Bitter rival, rare play to win game. Still unbelievable

  80. erikbarrett85

    erikbarrett85Day ago

    Thousands?? It's making me draw a blank I can only think of Bob Sapp lol