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  1. Neutral Warlord 2

    Neutral Warlord 220 hours ago

    I followed Vat19 the fact that they brought back Eric months ago

  2. Jett Hutchinson

    Jett Hutchinson20 hours ago

    Sloan’s the one who drove me away from watching Vat19. A. N. O. Y. I. N. G.

  3. Neutral Warlord 2

    Neutral Warlord 220 hours ago

    YES!!! Vat19 brought back a king!! Welcome back Eric, we missed you a lot!

  4. S Sasha

    S Sasha20 hours ago

    if you cna put a fire owrk in a balloon so can i........................

  5. Rose Rioux

    Rose Rioux21 hour ago

    Bro when Jamie got put into the van I was like " watch Danny is going to be hiding in there" And bam I was right.

  6. Still_ Jimmy

    Still_ Jimmy21 hour ago

    what if you touch air?

  7. The Darkness

    The Darkness21 hour ago


  8. Dexter Seaton

    Dexter Seaton21 hour ago

    9:50 he really meant up ⬆️ your game 😂😂😂

  9. ParkerGamer285 And My Family

    ParkerGamer285 And My Family21 hour ago

    Vat19: The top part of the lamp is up 3 cm. Me: That’s literally 1 inch

  10. Samantha August

    Samantha August21 hour ago

    “Ugh y’all the yard is dry ‘cause I gotta water my lawn” SMACK 😂 5:12

  11. Gemma Weir Author

    Gemma Weir Author21 hour ago

    We did it we did it no you did not you dad did

  12. ralph clark

    ralph clark21 hour ago

    im so so so sorey

  13. ralph clark

    ralph clark21 hour ago


  14. Combat killer 123

    Combat killer 12321 hour ago

    Yayyyyy finally

  15. stanley

    stanley21 hour ago

    Who’s here when it’s on 69k likes

  16. Trish Nguyen

    Trish Nguyen21 hour ago

    Dear everyone, Hi everyone I just wanna say please stay safe I love y’all so much. So... I just wanted to let y’all now that.. I LOVE YALL SO MUCH 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺. Please stay safe and take care... From: Trish Nguyen

  17. Adrian Watkins

    Adrian Watkins21 hour ago

    the squrl: steals the nuts Me: ayo come here The squirl: *walks to me* Me: did u pay for that? The squirl: no Me: THEN PUT IT BACK

  18. Coffee Lord

    Coffee Lord21 hour ago

    12:59 me attacking my brother for no reason at all

  19. Adam Gates

    Adam Gates21 hour ago

    If there was a white elephant gift exchange for their petsbi would steal tuna

  20. Ethan Greenaway

    Ethan Greenaway21 hour ago


  21. PA VLOGS

    PA VLOGS21 hour ago

    Who ever that is she is ding inside

  22. Gemma Jameson

    Gemma Jameson21 hour ago

    I got these from Target for my sons

  23. Vera Ulrich

    Vera Ulrich21 hour ago

    watermelon 😋

  24. Maksym Fedoruk

    Maksym Fedoruk21 hour ago

    0_0 I’m watching this 7 years later

  25. covid survivor 3

    covid survivor 321 hour ago

    When you realize that the intro to the bacon popcorn is also the intro to the amoeba sisters...

  26. Davidgamer2134

    Davidgamer213421 hour ago

    ay man he said for fuck sake at the fox sake XDD

  27. Haq Haq

    Haq Haq21 hour ago

    9:52 Cubers: Wait that's illegal

  28. jrichey515

    jrichey51521 hour ago

    This is the best video and the other videos



    No. 12is the most funny For Fuk Sake

  30. QL - 04RI 830882 Credit Valley PS

    QL - 04RI 830882 Credit Valley PS21 hour ago

    I remember this when I was very young

  31. True Hockey

    True Hockey21 hour ago

    Bro the hot pocket was just in the box

  32. Leviathan 12

    Leviathan 1221 hour ago

    I was laughing my a** off when he said mcscorpion

  33. Valts E. Drisljuks

    Valts E. Drisljuks21 hour ago

    Why is miles so happy

  34. BreadBear19

    BreadBear1921 hour ago

    this makes me feel old. 11 years ago and Jamie looking hella younger

  35. delvon dumar

    delvon dumar21 hour ago

    1:07 nope

  36. Eko Alli

    Eko Alli22 hours ago

    I am 8 years old and have great at this.

  37. trentthefortnite

    trentthefortnite22 hours ago

    0:31 I call it “The Ultimate Hangover”

  38. Physni

    Physni22 hours ago


  39. Matthew Galea

    Matthew Galea22 hours ago

    I love vat 19

  40. Kuba Bednarczyku

    Kuba Bednarczyku22 hours ago

    Me having this in recommended after 6 years

  41. Shelssey Gurrola

    Shelssey Gurrola22 hours ago

    Did you like that ass spay

  42. The Dragon

    The Dragon22 hours ago

    lol at the start i didn't realize that was jamie when i saw his beard

  43. fishboy

    fishboy22 hours ago

    Them: Saying how weird cow tail looks Koreans, who literally made an entire broth and eat it almost on a daily basis: First time?

  44. joe sumpin

    joe sumpin22 hours ago


  45. TortilllaDaNerd

    TortilllaDaNerd22 hours ago

    I have an idea Don’t stretch it

  46. Tom Keegan

    Tom Keegan22 hours ago

    Lol it was him. But uh it looked like he didn’t have a beard

  47. Keelan da Silva

    Keelan da Silva22 hours ago

    I remember I used to think these were ads XD

  48. Tom Keegan

    Tom Keegan22 hours ago


  49. Tom Keegan

    Tom Keegan22 hours ago

    I don’t think

  50. junior artist

    junior artist22 hours ago

    Vat19 i literally a add but way more interesting 👌

  51. Sharksforlife

    Sharksforlife22 hours ago

    Man these sweets amazing

  52. Veronique Van Lent

    Veronique Van Lent22 hours ago

    Lily is cuter

  53. Tom Keegan

    Tom Keegan22 hours ago

    That wasn’t Adam

  54. Maisha Cain

    Maisha Cain22 hours ago

    I love that girl she worked really hard

  55. Lynesia Sinckler

    Lynesia Sinckler22 hours ago

    drink da juice

  56. charlotte king

    charlotte king22 hours ago

    he does not know what nien means it means no

  57. fiawsiel73 -

    fiawsiel73 -22 hours ago

    featured on world's smartest inventions

  58. Gemini Chia

    Gemini Chia22 hours ago

    Me: wondering why This video is so long? 12 minute's later.... Oh it's just an ad!

  59. sarah andrews

    sarah andrews22 hours ago

    11:11 WOw

  60. Addie & Bear Bear

    Addie & Bear Bear22 hours ago

    I am in 2021

  61. Nada Naser

    Nada Naser22 hours ago

    You guys are crazy with the flipping thing or whatever it's called you don't like I'd like you throw the beanbag playing with your crazy with it like what what what is the reason

  62. Imani Meyercheck

    Imani Meyercheck22 hours ago

    imao ( in my arogent opinion) i think adam should be the boss insted of jamie

  63. SH - 03MR 856466 Mineola PS

    SH - 03MR 856466 Mineola PS22 hours ago

    um ew ok that looks good

  64. NeroBlade The Megalomaniac

    NeroBlade The Megalomaniac22 hours ago

    this video is older then me ._.

  65. Moonstara SpazzesEveryone

    Moonstara SpazzesEveryone22 hours ago

    The mini baking kit's freaking amazing- I actually have a set, and we (me, my mom, and my sis) all think the lil' mitts are adorable.

  66. Carsonツ

    Carsonツ22 hours ago

    0:49 um how would she now 😂😏

  67. sarah andrews

    sarah andrews22 hours ago

    me wondering why they are british pennies at 1:18

  68. mohammed gamer 9

    mohammed gamer 922 hours ago

    i think gloopy is gloopy bacause gloopy is a gloopy in a gloopy gloop gloop

  69. Gia Kirvala

    Gia Kirvala22 hours ago

    Ok i will send u burtito

  70. Zinnia Editz

    Zinnia Editz22 hours ago


  71. logan lunt

    logan lunt22 hours ago

    thought i saw eric at the UPS store for sum reason and almost had a meltdown....eric i love you

  72. MantisSZNYA2

    MantisSZNYA222 hours ago

    im a fifth grader lol, but i live in the uk so im a year 6

  73. Oceanseeker

    Oceanseeker22 hours ago

    Ok but... couldn’t you just make brownies in a cupcake pan

  74. SpiderWillz101

    SpiderWillz10122 hours ago

    What if your finger got chopped off and you put it in?

  75. Katie Sovie

    Katie Sovie22 hours ago


  76. Hanna Pope

    Hanna Pope22 hours ago

    I love it

  77. Kadin Moore

    Kadin Moore22 hours ago

    When did you turn to have the basic

  78. Haribo pixel

    Haribo pixel22 hours ago

    The AaaAaaaaaAaAaaaAaaAAw colours joke has been ruined

  79. Bridget Tetzlaff

    Bridget Tetzlaff22 hours ago

    Yes Sloane! I hate coffee too,we are so similar. I’m just comparing ourselves through other videos too

  80. Anica Rosenberg

    Anica Rosenberg23 hours ago

    i love reptiles you dont need to be scared of them they are nice animals