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  1. Guiltycircle#486

    Guiltycircle#4864 hours ago

    Is it OK that I made a gold and platinum two?

  2. Jxyfn

    Jxyfn4 hours ago

    Can I 1v1 you

  3. OH Vibe

    OH Vibe4 hours ago

    Who else thinks Arsenal is a complete idiot sometimes 😂🤣🤣

  4. Nikolas Hart

    Nikolas Hart4 hours ago

    Matrezzo was dog and I'm Plat lmao

  5. KettleMan

    KettleMan4 hours ago

    Jalapeno olive garlic juice is delicious. Especially when your drunk

  6. attu

    attu4 hours ago

    I really learnt the most from the golds

  7. Leo Garver

    Leo Garver4 hours ago


  8. TsmSnickerdoodl None

    TsmSnickerdoodl None4 hours ago

    I am d1 and I deserve bronze


    EPIC TDG4 hours ago

    I can tell the it is Arsenal by saying 1 word

  10. Caden Belisle

    Caden Belisle4 hours ago

    I knew pulse osm leth and Arsenal just based of the voice

  11. iistranger8

    iistranger84 hours ago


  12. Enrico Giuseppe Violini

    Enrico Giuseppe Violini4 hours ago

    Bro I guesses ayjay ez

  13. ManTaco 1021

    ManTaco 10214 hours ago

    That plat on the kuxir pinch sounds fresh from the womb.

  14. Logan Theriault

    Logan Theriault4 hours ago

    Bro Muiricles voice was so annoying

  15. Mitch Ratka

    Mitch Ratka4 hours ago

    I haven't finished the last set of coaches, but one word let's me know who the pro is

  16. Rygorg Von Falcon

    Rygorg Von Falcon4 hours ago

    This goes to show that just because you're good, it doesn't mean you're good at teaching!

  17. Ty Collins

    Ty Collins5 hours ago

    When The sliver player is richer than u:

  18. Bram Westerbeek

    Bram Westerbeek5 hours ago

    The gold coach has to be dutch, right?

  19. Safi Abdelrahman

    Safi Abdelrahman5 hours ago

    This video is soo fake

  20. ermoddos

    ermoddos5 hours ago

    I watched one punch man it was funny

  21. Miles Yohnka

    Miles Yohnka5 hours ago

    on the second shot coach 4 sounds like Tubbo

  22. Luggah

    Luggah5 hours ago

    Spoiler allert: Plats don't give the best advises, Grand Plats do

  23. Bobbl212

    Bobbl2125 hours ago

    Can I be in a bid I am diamond 3 and should be champ

  24. Dustin Vena

    Dustin Vena5 hours ago

    No chance hes diamond 2

  25. Crimson opax

    Crimson opax5 hours ago

    12:15 i'm disapointed in you if you didn't know that was lethamyr

  26. Relics FN

    Relics FN5 hours ago

    White octane and alpha boost in silver?

  27. Tristan Craig

    Tristan Craig5 hours ago

    If you need someone hit me up lol, I’m c1 in 2’s and d2 in 1’s and I can’t even air dribble lmao. I’m probably one of the least mechanical players.

  28. Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gomez5 hours ago

    I don’t think you should have included everyone for every clip, the higher ranked players were interesting to listen to but you could tell that the others didn’t know what they were talking about.

  29. Rox

    Rox5 hours ago


  30. Kvng Rafiki

    Kvng Rafiki5 hours ago

    So I’ve wanted to be in one of these and didn’t know I wasn’t subscribed fat F luv the vids tho

  31. Crimson opax

    Crimson opax5 hours ago

    3:28 i'm disapointed in you if you didn' t know that was arsenal

  32. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky5 hours ago

    I recognized Arsenal and Lethamyrs voice so far

  33. men don't care

    men don't care5 hours ago

    The first one is from Israel i think i hear the accent

  34. Marshmeloni

    Marshmeloni5 hours ago

    there were more Israelis in this video than i thought (you can hear on the accent and sometimes says Hebrew words)

  35. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky5 hours ago

    3:33 yea i recognize arsenal

  36. C9 Jules

    C9 Jules5 hours ago

    As soon as i heard OSM i got so excited 💀

  37. BJR Robo

    BJR Robo5 hours ago

    Yo I need help with most of these

  38. fybdw lucido

    fybdw lucido5 hours ago

    Ngl I think the first gold gave the best advice lol

  39. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky5 hours ago


  40. Chugzy

    Chugzy5 hours ago

    why do you say play along if you put the coaches rank at the top right lol

  41. Elliott Pierce

    Elliott Pierce5 hours ago


  42. Reedbray

    Reedbray5 hours ago

    In my opinion one of ur best vids

  43. Elliott Pierce

    Elliott Pierce5 hours ago

    3:03 - Jon is the best lmao.

  44. Kamil

    Kamil5 hours ago

    I was diamond yesterday... Today I made it to champ for the first time

  45. my brain is incredibly small and i’m a loser but

    my brain is incredibly small and i’m a loser but6 hours ago

    coach 3 def a gold 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Pumpkin__ing

    Pumpkin__ing6 hours ago

    Arsenal give best advice

  47. Sami Turner

    Sami Turner6 hours ago


  48. Dinosaur Training 101

    Dinosaur Training 1016 hours ago

    Leth is not a pro a retired pro

  49. Joe Hipkin

    Joe Hipkin6 hours ago

    Yo im plat and if u need a plat 3 d1 player im here

  50. cryptic

    cryptic6 hours ago

    number 2 is burger king foot lettuce dude

  51. Wiggle Master

    Wiggle Master6 hours ago

    As a plat 1 I could’ve easily beat both of those plats

  52. Sixjays

    Sixjays6 hours ago

    Haven’t watched the video but the answer is no

  53. FTW Tech

    FTW Tech6 hours ago

    At 4:25 he said he did it. That’s a giveaway.

  54. Nicest boi on earth Or nvm

    Nicest boi on earth Or nvm6 hours ago

    3:38 what he doing here

  55. Wiggle Master

    Wiggle Master6 hours ago

    Those plats were so bad lol i could beat them

  56. Wookie

    Wookie6 hours ago

    I think we can all agree most of the plat coaches had no idea what they were on about

  57. Cryoq

    Cryoq6 hours ago

    Bruh I was in the car so I turned on captions and uhh they wierd man

  58. Chance Culling

    Chance Culling6 hours ago

    If your going to do this again im plat 2 so I could give advice or could receive some advice so I could get better

  59. Poo Pee

    Poo Pee6 hours ago


  60. MrFresh English

    MrFresh English6 hours ago

    We can’t play along cuz you showed who is the coach

  61. DivineRealtyMgmt

    DivineRealtyMgmt6 hours ago

    I allways call cbell he never anserws

  62. Nyulae :D

    Nyulae :D6 hours ago

    Shouldve made the coaches use voice changers.

  63. Ice Plat

    Ice Plat6 hours ago

    Yo Diamonds coming in clutch

  64. Abdulkareem Elsaleh

    Abdulkareem Elsaleh7 hours ago


  65. Abdulkareem Elsaleh

    Abdulkareem Elsaleh7 hours ago


  66. Lukas Onink

    Lukas Onink7 hours ago

    Coach #1 is deffinitly not dutch. 😂

  67. Tashi Rau

    Tashi Rau7 hours ago

    Im diamond with skills of gold, but would give similar tips as diamonds

  68. Charlie Fauerbach

    Charlie Fauerbach7 hours ago

    Arsenal was easy to tell

  69. AGRO Cini

    AGRO Cini7 hours ago

    Mystery pro on #2 be like I know this voice....

  70. Simon Blaser

    Simon Blaser7 hours ago

    Damn bruh plat coach for kuxir punch man’s voice got me fucked up

  71. jaylen lewis

    jaylen lewis7 hours ago

    I’m only gold and I deserve platinum 3 I have my reasons and I have been told this by many of twitch streamers

  72. Bertern Næss

    Bertern Næss7 hours ago

    You won’t hart this comment

  73. Guccilord Gucci

    Guccilord Gucci7 hours ago

    On the second round on the second person I knew that was little arsenal

  74. Josiah Jones

    Josiah Jones7 hours ago

    I am sooooo much better than those golds. His advice was terriable so I bet he played bad. I’m am a gold in ones but I am plat in snow day. I could beat the gold and plat.

  75. KinnKeno

    KinnKeno7 hours ago

    leth and arsenal's voices are to easy to recognize.

  76. Matze S.

    Matze S.7 hours ago

    Sry CBell but you are getting to greedy for me with the amount of advertisement, i watched close to 4 minutes advertisement clips and thats to much. Because of this i removed my subsrciption. Have a good day.

  77. Liam Hofsink

    Liam Hofsink7 hours ago

    OFC THEY DO WHY NUT!?!?!?!?!

  78. 5head Perkh

    5head Perkh7 hours ago

    I guessed all pros/freestyler exceot ayyjayy, his voice Was familiär but i couldnt get who it actually was

  79. Dean Kinzie

    Dean Kinzie7 hours ago

    Come on now, we already know that the best rank is a no rank!

  80. TerseWinner

    TerseWinner7 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Plats are smart Smarter than you