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  1. Nikki Noodles

    Nikki NoodlesHour ago

    GREAT job uncles!

  2. Liquid Gold

    Liquid GoldHour ago

    Huh he's an idiot he states he grew up in a racist time due to Rodney King riots? wth that should have made you fight against racism

  3. Yahndi

    YahndiHour ago

    Fully functional? Bro he wears tinted glasses.

  4. Fascismisthefuture

    FascismisthefutureHour ago

    This woman is messed up

  5. Ryan Bah

    Ryan BahHour ago

    His Nike sweatsuit don’t match 😂😂😂

  6. Junior Kamara

    Junior KamaraHour ago

    What the hell is this family?

  7. The Madden Mechanic

    The Madden MechanicHour ago

    15,20 grand 😱😱😱

  8. Мария Лукьянова

    Мария ЛукьяноваHour ago

    She is so beautiful and she sounds like a person with lots of clear judgement. I am so soryy she had to go through all of this - I'm pretty sure if this woman had proper education and better chances in like, we'd be looking at a very successful woman.

  9. Johnny Johnson

    Johnny JohnsonHour ago

    😂 I was only 33 and my dad was hard on me GET LOST JUNKIE

  10. Johnny Johnson

    Johnny JohnsonHour ago

    This dude just a big cry baby nobody cares about your childhood stories to excuse your adult behavior

  11. SynthZZ

    SynthZZHour ago

    My man is the definition of cocaine oversharing.

  12. Lord_Bones

    Lord_BonesHour ago

    damn 29 yrs old but her hands/body looks 50

  13. dizzyelsie

    dizzyelsieHour ago

    Aura technology is awesome 👏🏼

  14. Getto Fussel

    Getto FusselHour ago

    the background noise is super annoying

  15. R P

    R PHour ago

    Awesome personality....a philosopher😊

  16. Elliott

    ElliottHour ago

    I'm so happy for her!I just became aware of her story in Feb.2021.She is so strong and Blessed.

  17. user. 404

    user. 404Hour ago

    After watching math and having 0 empathy. I’m watching this one and genuinely feeling sadness.

  18. Ronald Rage

    Ronald RageHour ago

    1 bitcoin is $50,000 Edit: just want to put that one fact out there

  19. Dee-Dee Love

    Dee-Dee LoveHour ago

    I couldn’t comment on your interview with Tracy a sex offender....I just wanted to say how important that interview is to understand that these things are not always black and white, her story was heartbreaking....your compassion for the human condition is admirable....truly

  20. Frances Heid

    Frances HeidHour ago

    The looking up is killing me

  21. Brian Jensen

    Brian JensenHour ago

    one of the most moving interviews i've seen. Tyrone is such a strong man. all the anti-homeless people in USA need to be shown this channel

  22. Heyublueup

    HeyublueupHour ago


  23. Minh Ly

    Minh LyHour ago

    Bizzy bone's straight brother

  24. angelamarymahoney

    angelamarymahoneyHour ago

    I thought the questions were well answered I liked Math's concepts...talking to the cartoon, a relationship with the AI. Also remember the genders and binary or whatever is a scale like there is no template of how someone should be. I think Matt was just being totally himself 🥰

  25. Quise

    QuiseHour ago

    He extra I just talk violent

  26. Brain Freeze

    Brain FreezeHour ago

    I am just wondering if he is just more honest than other people. Also, some blacks are just as separatist if not even racist.

  27. Keith Thom

    Keith ThomHour ago

    This hit me like a Mack truck. Rarely have I felt such a desperate desire to help someone I’ve never met, but when I watch this man talk I don’t see a man in his 50s, I see a little boy that doesn’t understand why nobody would help him...

  28. Hoeboken Squatcobbler

    Hoeboken SquatcobblerHour ago

    thanks for sharing - fucking intense story

  29. ContraCOMMAND

    ContraCOMMANDHour ago

    Lmao her fiancée pumped n dumped. She has poor choice in men. She even said she would still have him if not for Covid. The dude backstabbed her and she still wishes she had him. Dumbass.

  30. I R

    I RHour ago

    This one really hurts!

  31. Michael Arkinstall

    Michael ArkinstallHour ago

    This guys delusional he keeps going in circles 😂

  32. Dann1cus

    Dann1cusHour ago

    No one's perfect, but she is high in this video... There are other alternatives than doing dope while pregnant to avoid being sick. Looking at this makes my skin crawl..

  33. T

    THour ago

    He looks like he is from another era... I'm not sure I would trust him to keep a secret tho lol.

  34. Johnathan Morris

    Johnathan MorrisHour ago

    Mark: Did you have any family in the klan? Klansman: Yeah on my grandparents side ............. Wtf does that even mean.....

  35. Steve Ho

    Steve HoHour ago

    What is she wearing though.. This kinda dress I can see on a thick female. Not even cute at all.

  36. ritu bhatt

    ritu bhattHour ago

    i get this person.

  37. Space Wombat

    Space WombatHour ago

    The pregnant pauses are very prolonged, I was expecting parturition ten minutes into this!

  38. Hyesun Baik

    Hyesun BaikHour ago


  39. Elliott

    ElliottHour ago

    Please help her get situated,don't just let her go back to the streets,please!!!!Refer her to the Dream Center in L.A.

  40. Sagan Richey

    Sagan RicheyHour ago

    I literally cried while watching this. Thank you, Patrick. I hope your life takes a turn for the better, in all my heart.

  41. Edgar Gonzalez

    Edgar GonzalezHour ago

    Finally someone I relate to, I've been a "functioning" addict for the last 7 years. It's so hard for me to quit heroin. It's weird how the H actually makes us energetic but yet when I stop I nod lol it's a trip. Hopefully we'll quit soon.

  42. Steve Ho

    Steve HoHour ago

    All this is just an act. Off camera she's hating herself. This is stupid af

  43. Jon Smithe

    Jon Smithe2 hours ago

    The spice must flow

  44. Tarah's Window

    Tarah's Window2 hours ago

    I want to wrap my arms around here so bad...fffuuuuuuukkkkkk


    TOB OR NOT TO BE2 hours ago

    This guy speak very polite unlike other pimp they are full of themselves

  46. Spiritual Nexus

    Spiritual Nexus2 hours ago

    This is sad.... The worst upbringing lead to prostitution, sacrifice everything just to get money.. hope she find a way to help her fix this

  47. dumb videos of me being high

    dumb videos of me being high2 hours ago

    2:17 in and I already can't believe how much this poor lady has gone through :(

  48. HSV0012

    HSV00122 hours ago

    Well after watching this i realise i lack imagination.

  49. XxShadowvalkyriexX

    XxShadowvalkyriexX2 hours ago

    He is a familiar soul, and I know him from that. Im so sorry for his struggle.....I hope he discovers the road to recovery. Drugs ain't no joke.

  50. Third Eye Laser

    Third Eye Laser2 hours ago

    Damn. Watching a few of these like I do everyday and saw this one was posted on my Birthday. I'd give this man a hug if I could. I hope he finds the peace he deserves

  51. graciesmom62

    graciesmom622 hours ago

    Poor one who tries drugs thinks that they will end up like this. I hope that he finds his way.

  52. WatersCollectibles

    WatersCollectibles2 hours ago

    Too Nice. Won’t end up well!!! Hope not but.... a piece of fuzz could mess with his mental. Jordan Brady Griffey Tyson Woods Gretzky Bolt 🐐

  53. Welder NotMechanic

    Welder NotMechanic2 hours ago

    Dude filming voice sounds very familiar however those had a leather couch in video

  54. NoOnesFool Kuch

    NoOnesFool Kuch2 hours ago

    @ 10:55...that's not Freddy's grave, that's where the previous interviewer & every other interviewer over the years is buried.

  55. Puertecitos68

    Puertecitos682 hours ago

    it is not a SHE!!!!!!!!!

  56. Mrs. P

    Mrs. P2 hours ago

    Love the “Homie” pose. He is so pouch passion when he speaks. You should be a youth leader.

  57. Kim Doe

    Kim Doe2 hours ago

    God bless this lost soul...

  58. Brain Freeze

    Brain Freeze2 hours ago

    Some people, if you gave them battery acid from your car battery to smoke, they'd be like "hell yeah." Too bad he couldn't get hooked on a decent haircut and some orthodontics. I don't agree he is a "functional" addict. You mean he is not strung out, homeless, or lying dead with a needle in his arm in a parking lot somewhere? He is no functional addict. He probably lives in a shithole, and his whole life revolves around heroin, and he cannot live without it.

  59. dizzyelsie

    dizzyelsie2 hours ago

    You don’t know if your baby is going to be ok Get it together for your son!

  60. Kayla Ragugini

    Kayla Ragugini2 hours ago

    Wow just wow...

  61. Tiara Zimmerman

    Tiara Zimmerman2 hours ago

    It was the "I don't love my dog"....😳😨,, for me.

  62. UnjustifiedRecs

    UnjustifiedRecs2 hours ago

    Id love to know how all these hacker conventions aren't raided. Surely all the best hackers in the world in one place is like shooting fish in a barrel for the cops?

  63. max austin

    max austin2 hours ago

    I'm a simple man, I see Louis and I click lol. Thanks for another great interview Mark, your work really helps me and I'm sure a lot of others put their life and their struggles into perspective. I've had a hard life from my own perspective but I watch these and I realize almost everyone has, its not about how hard your life is or was but about your attitude towards it and what you do to change it and make yourself and your situation better. Sorry about all the ands lol.

  64. Jim Maher

    Jim Maher2 hours ago

    I don't believe her........ She needs help

  65. Brian Jensen

    Brian Jensen2 hours ago

    its transphobic to call them a trans woman. they are just women!! no difference at all! -something SJWs actually believe

  66. dizzyelsie

    dizzyelsie2 hours ago

    Homeboy industries can help you start a new life ❤️

  67. Nate

    Nate2 hours ago

    My eyes are raw to the touch right now man smfh this demoralizing fact of life always disturbs me like nothing else ever has. I’ve never been sexually abused and I am always so humbled for how often this happens to children everyday... I don’t want to ramble and be politely correct I jus want to say something. Tyrone, you’re voice..there’s something so powerful but powerful doesn’t really quite explain it. I can’t find the words to, but when you SPEAK, dude...I don’t even remember what I was doing, I just watched a video about some other sad family trauma and this one played automatically afterward.. I STOPPED. Literally dropped everything and just had my eyes glued to my phone screen. I’m rambling again.. Your PERSEVERANCE and STRENGTH is so real, it’s like my fckn heart was listening to you bro... I’m a 29 year old black man...rigid n stoic somewhat intimidating exterior..from childhood trauma that doesn’t even deserve to share the same label in comparison to your testimony...but I say that to let you know tears don’t fall out these eyes so easily. ESPECIALLY NOT IN PUBLIC!! I’m sitting in my car in front of a gas station and I can’t even try to be slick and dry my eyes so no one notices. I can’t even see through the tears man.. I NEED you to know that the fact you are still here with us to share your truth is something even those in spirit would genuine appreciate the value... Please, and ONLY if it’s something you are absolutely comfortable with, please look into venues for public speaking / mentoring / emotional support groups, just everything about the same thing you did here in this video. You speak and I swear not one single off putting, negative, superiority or privileged feeling comes to my mind. I just wish I could’ve protected you if nothing else. I watched this and just crumbled man literally!! But the most triggering part of this video for me was when you explained the LABELS!!!!! MY GOD!!!! TEARS ARE STREAMING DOWN MY FACE AGAIN! THE GUILT!!! THE SELF-DISGUST it all just overflowed from inside cuz I AM GUILTY OF IT AS WELL!!!! And I KNOW I’m NOT, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT IN MY MIND, the LEAST BIT of self absorbed/ self centered kind of a guy. And I don’t even look for it to be recognized I swear,. But when you said that you would never talk about your problems cuz of the Labels... Man...I’ll just say that I immediately vowed to NEVER be so ignorant about someone’s abuse...Just last year I had a heated debate with my child’s mother allowing a man to watch our daughter who’s father had a history of abusing his students..... I stood so firm and wholehearted on my ultimatum to NEVER allow our child to be exposed to such a thing. Out of the most compassionate place I could possibly come from while still being stern about my precaution. I’ve never felt so ashamed of any belief I’ve ever stood for. I have so much compassion for the suffering we all endure. This hit me so much deeper. I love you Tyrone and I mean that. You just don’t know how much Of a leader and positive influence you are for us all. I appreciate you of my control

  68. Steven Lewis

    Steven Lewis2 hours ago

    Imagine realising that was a mistake 😬

  69. Kaylynn Crawley

    Kaylynn Crawley2 hours ago

    She is beautiful! Has so much potential with her age and strength and wits!

  70. Spear Shaker

    Spear Shaker2 hours ago

    There goes myself born into a different circumstance

  71. mzhotniz86

    mzhotniz862 hours ago

    I thought this was Allen Iverson at first

  72. Gloria Wilson

    Gloria Wilson2 hours ago

    LOVE HER!!!

  73. Tom C

    Tom C2 hours ago


  74. Max Hardcore

    Max Hardcore2 hours ago

    She'll never get out. She is delusional and young and doesn't care. she doesn't realize each day that passes only makes it harder... She already has enough trauma... compounding more only makes it harder too. Time teaches us that. Unfortunately young people don't take the advice from older folk no mo...

  75. Jhayes14590

    Jhayes145902 hours ago

    He calls It social engineer somebody aka manipulate haha

  76. Kayak Cobber

    Kayak Cobber2 hours ago

    I think this interview was different..... because most of the times they are monologues. This is more a normal conversation. And like most people here the monologues I find very strong. No interruption.

  77. tawiwicury

    tawiwicury2 hours ago

    This should be a movie

  78. Saudade73

    Saudade732 hours ago

    This is the most confusing interview everrrrr

  79. Micky Kelly

    Micky Kelly2 hours ago

    My cousin, Sharon, she was 6' at 16 with thick long red hair to her belt. ( Everyone called her Fuz ) Fuz loved to party, her favorite was orange juice and vodka, she could score from any of the guys old enough. After high school she got tired of orange juice. After 5 rehabs, she woke up one morning at the age of 33, and went cold turkey. Several hours late we lost our Fuz due to cardiac arrest. I pray for everyone to get help, and find health. God Bless

  80. Sade Miranda

    Sade Miranda2 hours ago

    That girl making no sense , ol girl probably sleeping with her stepdad