Clayton Bush
  1. Nance Niesten

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  2. Liyaa Seals

    Liyaa Seals18 hours ago

    we stan simp clayton!!!

  3. Manuela Godoy

    Manuela Godoy19 hours ago

    She is very sweet and smart ( besides being beautiful), good job Clayton! Welcome Olivia :) I hope we see more of you <3

  4. Alex Tyer

    Alex Tyer21 hour ago

    Nobody: Clayton: BOOM

  5. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni23 hours ago

    you can’t post at the same time Brooke does Idk which one to watch! 😂

  6. Robie A.

    Robie A.Day ago

    Our little boy is a grown man now hahaha ♥️

  7. By Clara

    By ClaraDay ago

    No seatbelts?🤨

  8. Medyline Elias

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  10. DunjaGrace V.

    DunjaGrace V.Day ago

    She’s the cutness in person and sooooo beautiful !!!! 😳

  11. Aloysia Quiachon

    Aloysia QuiachonDay ago

    Omggg :((((((((

  12. Sydney Lawson

    Sydney LawsonDay ago

    “Ya feel me” is his nervous tick

  13. Mikala Martinez

    Mikala MartinezDay ago

    So happy for u clay

  14. Mikala Martinez

    Mikala MartinezDay ago

    This is so cute omg🥺🥺🥺🥺

  15. Emilia Martinez

    Emilia MartinezDay ago

    Is it me or clayton’s gf is identical to Brooke...

  16. nijuo joing

    nijuo joingDay ago

    you can’t post at the same time Brooke does Idk which one to watch! 😂

  17. Olivia Duncan

    Olivia DuncanDay ago

    My name is Olivia rose tooo

  18. annag cocl

    annag cocl2 days ago

    awww Clayton is so cute with Olivia😭

  19. lepeetitOui

    lepeetitOui2 days ago

    Rachel has such a good sense of humor, I love it! :D

  20. Graciella Anderson

    Graciella Anderson2 days ago

    you can tell Brooke edited this

  21. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo2 days ago

    awww Clayton is so cute with Olivia😭

  22. VlovesFAB

    VlovesFAB2 days ago

    OMG Clayton you and your new boo are the cutest couple ever. I literally almost started crying when she was opening presents, cant wait to watch your amazing journey together!!! :)

  23. Eliza Bowen

    Eliza Bowen2 days ago

    My hearttt, yes clay!!!!

  24. Eliza Bowen

    Eliza Bowen2 days ago

    Clayton just being so happy and excited and just wanting to make her happy and showering her in gifts 🥺💛💛

  25. Dennison Camingal

    Dennison Camingal2 days ago

    sana all ❤️

  26. Nikhil Kurdekar

    Nikhil Kurdekar2 days ago

    No matter what you do she's still gonna cheat on you bro, remember she's never yours it's just your turn.

  27. One G

    One G2 days ago

    Dope video brother

  28. B KiND

    B KiND2 days ago

    My heart just melted all over the dang place. Clayton you're a kind and hilarious soul ❤ SO happy for you!!

  29. Alexandra Brockhum

    Alexandra Brockhum2 days ago

    the nervous "keep going keep going" when she's opening the present! i feel like i'm watching my little brother have his first valentines day I'm gonna cry it's so CUTE

  30. Amy Fallon

    Amy Fallon2 days ago

    So happy for Clayton!!❤️

  31. Sammy Seliga

    Sammy Seliga2 days ago

    My guyyyyyyyy clay finally getting cuffed up.

  32. Julia Lingerman

    Julia Lingerman2 days ago

    hi from kelly and julia

  33. shani yan

    shani yan2 days ago

    Y yo por acá solita, más soltera que nunca

  34. Molly Biers

    Molly Biers2 days ago

    i smiled this entire video🥺

  35. Ash Nicole

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  36. shani yan

    shani yan3 days ago

    Awww Clayton such a sweetheart when it comes to her 🥺 and she’s so pretty too! Hopefully we’ll see her more in the vlogs !

  37. XxxCacaMousse

    XxxCacaMousse3 days ago

    Bro stop flexing, unsubscribed

  38. Shahbaz ahmed

    Shahbaz ahmed3 days ago

    Hi good morning nice video very much

  39. Kareena Goyal

    Kareena Goyal3 days ago

    Aww yay

  40. Grace Garner

    Grace Garner3 days ago

    I have a feeling brooke edited this

  41. citlaly perez

    citlaly perez3 days ago

    I’m convinced that everyone does a little British accent when they’re nervous

  42. Marycate McNamara

    Marycate McNamara3 days ago

    They are literally so cute I want them to make more videos right now as we speak omg

  43. misuyy fong

    misuyy fong3 days ago

    Awww Clayton such a sweetheart when it comes to her 🥺 and she’s so pretty too! Hopefully we’ll see her more in the vlogs !

  44. Anniston Stovall

    Anniston Stovall3 days ago

    Stop it right now!! This makes me so happy. Congrats Clayton. She’s so sweet!!

  45. Abigale L

    Abigale L3 days ago

    So many views... yet not as many subs 😒

  46. TFZ Bird Fan 2•0 X8

    TFZ Bird Fan 2•0 X83 days ago

    Eww grose

  47. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus3 days ago

    I want to live forever life is so amazing

  48. Mofe Adeyemi

    Mofe Adeyemi3 days ago

    I thought that was Charli Damelio in the thumbnail

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  50. Sarah Landry

    Sarah Landry3 days ago

    They’re so cute together omg

  51. Thomas Crowell

    Thomas Crowell3 days ago

    Your a bunt

  52. Tonycia •

    Tonycia •3 days ago

    Hi Clayton! Yay for you and Olivia!

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  55. Jeff Lol

    Jeff Lol3 days ago

    So that’s what a simp looks like!

  56. Jasmine Corra

    Jasmine Corra3 days ago

    Ewww is that your sister 🤢 🤮

  57. scottklaw

    scottklaw3 days ago

    Hi Mega Cool Dude.

  58. big boy

    big boy3 days ago

    Fake people make a video now that should be the title

  59. Samantha Valadez

    Samantha Valadez3 days ago

    36 on trend Congrats ❤️🎉😁

  60. Marsel A

    Marsel A3 days ago

    This shit is so cringe and the fact that they get paid more than teachers,doctors,firefighters,military and more

  61. Quentai Prent

    Quentai Prent3 days ago

    She’s beautiful and a sweetheart :}

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  63. Jones

    Jones3 days ago

    Bro put your seatbelt ON

  64. butti fdft

    butti fdft3 days ago

    Why is everyone that is in the family, and their dates the best looking people?

  65. cosmicmoxa

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    interesting site, cheers from Finland and USA

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    hi in the comments

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  69. natalie N.

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    Omg they are so CUTE

  70. Emmah Gmoser

    Emmah Gmoser4 days ago

    Yes clay got a gf 😂😁

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    What a simp lmao

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    omg Clayton is trending hahah

  75. Albert Rojas

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    I know her😜

  76. Harlie Barker

    Harlie Barker4 days ago

    She reminds me of Loryn omgggg love her

  77. Grace

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    ILY Clayton so happy you make videos now!!

  78. حياة

    حياة4 days ago

    Masha Allah Kubota club

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    I thought that was Charli in the thumbnail

  80. Orlando Moon

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    You are a very beautiful couple 💑.