Meet My Girl...

Meet My Girl...

27 days ago



2 years ago

  1. josiah josiah

    josiah josiah48 minutes ago

    My do yoda died 2 or 3 years a go I was crying I feel bad for you like if you agree

  2. Tsxmi

    Tsxmi54 minutes ago

    Proud of you man keep up the great work remember anthony this is only the beginning 👏🏼💙

  3. RaudelMartinez95

    RaudelMartinez9554 minutes ago


  4. Sa1ty on 60hz

    Sa1ty on 60hz55 minutes ago

    When he said I had to get this done I knew it was his dog and I miss him too

  5. ??????????????

    ??????????????Hour ago

    What happened after 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  6. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiueHour ago

    “You are so cute” she said it one million times😂❤️

  7. Chris Gomez

    Chris GomezHour ago


  8. Graham McNally3

    Graham McNally3Hour ago


  9. Swazey Danny

    Swazey DannyHour ago

    i saw the title and thumbnail far away from my phone and i thought this was a brawadis video 💀

  10. Chico Murrietta

    Chico MurriettaHour ago

    Better than Twilight

  11. Hilly Ort

    Hilly OrtHour ago

    of course Anthony misses his liquor store he got free alcohol

  12. Emily Rose

    Emily RoseHour ago

    Damn who would’ve thought Anthony would be this romantic 😂

  13. Helen

    Helen2 hours ago

    Omg Anthony is the cutest

  14. Gé -

    Gé -2 hours ago

    3:12 "... sponsord buy current" LMAO either funny edit or cant spell "sponsored by" 😅😁

  15. Combo Saucy

    Combo Saucy2 hours ago

    Anthony going to the mall after this video

  16. Positive Vibes Only Thoo

    Positive Vibes Only Thoo2 hours ago

    Lmfaoo if she’s says no she’s going off the balcony 😂😂👌🏼

  17. Emily Strahan

    Emily Strahan3 hours ago

    Lol where is your dad

  18. susana a

    susana a3 hours ago

    I’m loving all the new content 🔥🙌

  19. Konrad •

    Konrad •3 hours ago

    For what i received i passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day according to the scriptures 1 Corinthians 15 3 PS: "according to the Scriptures" - what the Apostle means is that Lord Jesus fulfilled prophecy's of the Prophets of God in Old Testament. There are like hundreds of Prophecies that Lord Jesus fulfilled, just look it up dear ones. God is our Father. He is the best of Fathers, the most lovable and merciful of Fathers. Read the whole uncensored Bible that is Catholic(The Original) and pray my friends. Wish you all well🙏amen🙏

  20. Serp Wïsdom

    Serp Wïsdom3 hours ago

    people who looked for gofundme

  21. Marlenne Garcia

    Marlenne Garcia3 hours ago

    It’s the fact that I knew your parents from Georgia’s liquor & they are the nicest people ! 🥺

  22. Laylaa Cruywagen

    Laylaa Cruywagen4 hours ago

    It's beautiful Anthony

  23. Holly Wilson

    Holly Wilson4 hours ago

    Make sure she doesn’t turn out like jackie

  24. WypAll

    WypAll4 hours ago

    What if in the middle of their dinner she said your the best friend anyone can have

  25. N!CK G

    N!CK G4 hours ago

    U should prank brawadis with Leslie and be pda

  26. N!CK G

    N!CK G4 hours ago

    Yo Sherman u should do a pda prank on Brandon with Leslie

  27. kevin jansen

    kevin jansen4 hours ago

    sherman looks like a cave man

  28. Gang time

    Gang time4 hours ago

    no love thing or kiss for outro or a transation of pics with music cmon marko

  29. Gang time

    Gang time4 hours ago

    was this done for a video like evryone there and the way you did could you do a regular way am i right like rug did which was simlar but not a lot people dark and not a purpose for a video or not for video but too much stuff before asking

  30. Gang time

    Gang time4 hours ago

    what was the music you put to her for her to hear and what we hear on video

  31. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    Burberry Roses or chocolate you were quirt on the burberry as you aint want to show you spent on may you be my girl wonder what it is

  32. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    you never talk to or repsect bosley anymore inerect in like 4 years or 5 even back then never but kinda normal to not lol

  33. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    dang a pug bosley son jk he cant get kids

  34. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    whose puppies are those and only for that event 💀

  35. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    Brawadis girl delia has on top shoulder tag and wirst stuff

  36. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    Leslie has a back tat shessh

  37. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    go fund me is the current link 😂

  38. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    why you overfilling for the drink the smooch and vibe 😂

  39. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    wasnt she ready your girl calling you babe staying with you and all

  40. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    why he lie when he brought the food not someone else and if someone else made it would be cold as hell or it suppose to be cold or he heated it up or put it in a storage to make it hot fresh ? who knows oh shermen expelaning stuff with context 😂

  41. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    that why it tech it just printoff sticker like some tats cheap but they overpirced that rip off on your skin nails you can just go to the print shop and put them on your nails non perment as a sticker or touchstick 😂

  42. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    pumpkin ball what ?

  43. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    her nails was good but you wanted to spice it up i see

  44. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    brought my nails lady ? thought it was your fam lady and first time for her or also her

  45. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    she wearing nike dunkes or low top js collab ?

  46. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    nigga said bae 😂

  47. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    high nail tech tf that a rip off

  48. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    nervous cause of your past 😂 thought of you talking and texting other girls and more 😂

  49. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    shermen went from simpin virgin to many girls and still talking to others to one but may still talk to others like he did to others

  50. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    shermen a e boy with love emotions and listens to emotionally scared etc and more 😂

  51. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    from f boy to a man last one and a half year

  52. Gang time

    Gang time5 hours ago

    let get it 👀

  53. EdwardsFam6

    EdwardsFam65 hours ago

    Your gf is beautiful. She looks so much like Kristin Kreuk.

  54. Lil Adonai

    Lil Adonai5 hours ago

    The fact she says “your so cute” 😆 that’s just warms my heart no cap, Anthony brooo goalssss

  55. Julian Marroquin

    Julian Marroquin6 hours ago

    This was so dope. Congrats Sherman!🍾🎉

  56. Its Linney

    Its Linney6 hours ago

    She looks like one of his cousins/sisters

  57. Damian Arambula

    Damian Arambula6 hours ago

    Y’all should make a USlikes account

  58. FaZe Nicky

    FaZe Nicky6 hours ago

    Your awesome Anthony

  59. Xbl Bermejo

    Xbl Bermejo6 hours ago

    Why do you don’t go to the haunted túnel

  60. Myunclesferrari

    Myunclesferrari6 hours ago

    How come you did not get a painting for Leslie


    JDNUTLOW7 hours ago

    oh my god erick oh my god oh my god erick oh my god ........oh my god oh my god oh my god erick . oh my god oh my god oh my god. So you dont have to go watch the video thats pretty much what the video gone give you . OH MY GOD ERICK

  62. Miss.Ellenwood

    Miss.Ellenwood7 hours ago

    She's so perfect for you Sherman!👏🏾 Congratulations to you both!! 😉

  63. DuhGreaT

    DuhGreaT7 hours ago

    Remember to use rubber fam . 30 seconds of fun not worth it

  64. Lily Jones

    Lily Jones8 hours ago

    I watched this video a hundred times and I want to say I'm really sorry for you during fat is that a husky cuz that's my favourite type of dog and I know it looks like a good dog and I really miss him too he was very nice it looks like he was very nice I'm sorry for you I just wanted to say this now because I never got to say anything I'm sorry for your loss I lost my cat and his name is Oliver and he was a nice he never did anything bad either my dad threw out the door and he broke his legs we had to be put down yeah so I miss him and I miss my cat sorry for your loss

  65. Haiali Ali

    Haiali Ali8 hours ago

    The best video

  66. Jonathan Sario

    Jonathan Sario9 hours ago

    Bro i still have my Christmas tree up

  67. Doyinsola Bello

    Doyinsola Bello9 hours ago

    Nobody: Leslie/Lesley: YOU ARE SO CUTE!

  68. AJ Rules

    AJ Rules9 hours ago


  69. Nikhil Chhetri

    Nikhil Chhetri10 hours ago

    U are so funny man

  70. Jeffrey Ohene

    Jeffrey Ohene10 hours ago

    Why is that up to this time I Don't trust this girl...

  71. OG Official

    OG Official10 hours ago

    LMAOOO Brawadis never juss said they both made a "X" in the bathroom🤣

  72. Jupoxfred

    Jupoxfred11 hours ago

    CUTE!!?!?!?!!?!? yh she fake lmao


    GENERATION-X12 hours ago

    Great bro u r just great I've been following rug since u and run 1st went to the haunted tunnel n since then I know run n u very well I 100% know ur struggles n u have overcome everything u are just amazing man more to come bro 🎉🎊🎁

  74. L i t t l e L e a h

    L i t t l e L e a h12 hours ago

    Weird to think he is a murderer now

  75. Márcia Elias

    Márcia Elias12 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Eric looks like The Wekknd?

  76. MARSHAL _391

    MARSHAL _39112 hours ago

    Sherman the fuckemen

  77. its FAISAL

    its FAISAL13 hours ago

    He didn’t do a painting of his dad

  78. Navishal Chandra

    Navishal Chandra13 hours ago

    Why he sound like Lamelo

  79. Holly Wilson

    Holly Wilson14 hours ago

    Anthony would be a good dad tbh

  80. Fijian Fresh

    Fijian Fresh14 hours ago

    Netflix : are you still watching Someone’s daughter : 9:21