1. Grant Arbor

    Grant Arbor3 hours ago

    Sweet, heartfelt song/message. I can’t stop listening to. Loving your Demun said, “keep killing it!”

  2. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin6 hours ago

    Feeling this song right now! Remember everything you’ve been through!

  3. Matt S

    Matt S10 hours ago

    Almost turned it off then I remembered Calhoun was featured. He made it worth it lol and dude after was legit.

  4. Webber

    Webber10 hours ago

    My goodness!!!

  5. Scratching 4 The Win

    Scratching 4 The Win11 hours ago

    Rap Country is awful. Hope they don't sing about a squatted truck haha

  6. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams12 hours ago


  7. Thomas Webb

    Thomas Webb12 hours ago

    This bumps I love it #countrylife #bigtruckrider

  8. Daphne Beebe personal

    Daphne Beebe personal13 hours ago

    Anyone else waiting for this song to get onto Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc???

  9. Kayla Webb

    Kayla Webb14 hours ago

    Love.. You both did amazing on this.. Girl u have a beautiful voice..keep it up.. Love ya both.❤

  10. mullet dipper

    mullet dipper14 hours ago

    They should re do catch hell

  11. Diesel Marzolf

    Diesel Marzolf14 hours ago

    This song explains my life. As i grew up we moved around every 6 months bc my bio dad couldn’t keep our house hold steady. I was mentally and physically abused by him for 3 years and about a year ago I walked out in him... as my 16th birthday comes up in January I am changing my last name... I moved 2,000 miles away from him with my mom and finally letting go all the pain he caused me.

  12. Raelynn Gay

    Raelynn Gay16 hours ago

    Nah Katie is better

  13. azglockmaniac

    azglockmaniac17 hours ago

    Wow this song really hits home great song

  14. Mel B

    Mel B17 hours ago

    such a relief that real talent rising up, reminds me of 2000s all over again !

  15. Mel B

    Mel B17 hours ago

    She’s good! Best out there! bigger and classier!

  16. Owen Bernal

    Owen Bernal18 hours ago

    Nice video I really like it

  17. Anthony Sanderson

    Anthony Sanderson19 hours ago

    What an ugly ass shit stain, no tits no weird shaped ass, bitch and sexy for shit!

  18. Trevor Smith

    Trevor Smith20 hours ago

    This is much more respectful and better then what she's been doing with Adam calouhn

  19. mrsvis2009

    mrsvis200921 hour ago

    Yeesss girl! You’re killing it! Gained a new fan 😉

  20. Denita Edington

    Denita Edington21 hour ago

    Song hits home for me thanks so much

  21. Mossucco Films

    Mossucco Films22 hours ago


  22. Team Lip Rippers Logan Abell & Kyle Paul

    Team Lip Rippers Logan Abell & Kyle Paul22 hours ago

    Love it

  23. Waylon Jernigan

    Waylon Jernigan22 hours ago

    Hell Yeah I know who she is talking about and I been an Upchurch fan for a long ass time so who else is she going to call out bc I wonder who

  24. Jerry Hedge

    Jerry Hedge22 hours ago

    Am I the only one that don't find her girls don't act or dress like that but however do love the diss

  25. Phillip C

    Phillip C22 hours ago

    Omg love it.... so hot it sizzles!!!

  26. chris Logan

    chris Logan23 hours ago

    Damnn.. that was hott 4sho

  27. Loretta Swank

    Loretta SwankDay ago

    🎶🔥🔥👀listen to this all the time every morning!

  28. rockvillin

    rockvillinDay ago

    Dope!!!! She is Fire!!! Can see a feature with Jelly Roll that would be HYPE !!!! Keep it going soon you guys are going to change the way people view music.

  29. Christopher Lane

    Christopher LaneDay ago

    A lot lol and savanna xoxoxoxo

  30. Jonathon Banakos

    Jonathon BanakosDay ago

    This is that wack ass shit up church called out. But you do you and get that money while you can.

  31. Velius Kain

    Velius KainDay ago


  32. EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoon

    EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoonDay ago

    I feel so fucking bad for those trucks

  33. Francisco Aguilar

    Francisco AguilarDay ago

    damn babe, I love you

  34. Levi Johnson

    Levi JohnsonDay ago


  35. Edward Henry

    Edward HenryDay ago

    fuck savannah dexter she not country she is city andi know who she tryna diss and katie noel is better

  36. EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoon

    EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoonDay ago

    I’ve listened to his songs so many times I got them stuck to my head

  37. EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoon

    EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoonDay ago

    Eh I’d rather listen to Ryan upchurcch

  38. EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoon

    EvilDragonDemon LunarXEclipseXBluemoonDay ago

    This song officially hits the worst world record

  39. Alicia Morehead

    Alicia MoreheadDay ago

    I can relate!!!!

  40. L. G.

    L. G.Day ago

    YASSS! QUEEN!!!!! Omg love this so much!

  41. Creed Moore

    Creed MooreDay ago

    2.3 million in 1 month ...Hail to THE QUEEN.

  42. Shelbys GT2014

    Shelbys GT2014Day ago

    Wow she gorgeous and spitting raps

  43. forest gump

    forest gumpDay ago

    Is this parody? I mean these people can't be serious right? i·den·ti·ty cri·sis /īˈden(t)ədē ˌkrīsis/ noun PSYCHIATRY a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person's sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society.

  44. drew Corriveau

    drew CorriveauDay ago

    This my favorite song right now

  45. Katy Marie

    Katy MarieDay ago

    Drinking at 11 where were your parents tf

  46. Criss Dougherty

    Criss DoughertyDay ago


  47. Heather Fields

    Heather FieldsDay ago

    Savannah Dexter is what my life has been missing. She’s gorgeous and talented! Love this song! #savages #RHEC 💟☮️

  48. Jr Howard

    Jr HowardDay ago

    This song is amazing..savannah you killed it..this is one of my favorite songs from you

  49. Chevy Racer

    Chevy RacerDay ago

    The girl in the grey n white with strip of green or yellow flannel OMGoodness!! You single!

  50. Tanner Chance

    Tanner ChanceDay ago

    What a badass song 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  51. Tanner Chance

    Tanner ChanceDay ago

    Damnnnn 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  52. Oren Cox

    Oren CoxDay ago

    Damn this shit says alot more that some understand but your so fucking string what hit is when you said "been raped but ain't pressed charges" and been beat by the men of my dreams or something like that it tells that's youve been through alot and the fact that you don't give off super sad or emotional vibes but keep it still pop in your songs is actually kinda hard bc when I'm talking about my shit in whether it be a verse I can help but to show that in my voice even If I don't want to i can't record my shit yet I don't have proper equipment yet and don't know when the chance will arise to get a job I'm currently in a shit situation so now it's the time to write my songs and we'll see what happens after but this shows alot about you and no matter what those hard times will come to an end

  53. Tanner Chance

    Tanner ChanceDay ago

    😂🤣 Damnnnnn 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  54. Amanda Tardy

    Amanda TardyDay ago

    This song is amazing

  55. whiteorc3

    whiteorc3Day ago

    I've like her from day 1 I really want to see her continue shes a great artist and it shows keep it up girl you're killin it 🤘🏻🇺🇸

  56. Doug Fizer

    Doug FizerDay ago

    From day 1 church fan and fr like this girl to

  57. Vulkan

    VulkanDay ago

    This lady set the whole swamp alight.

  58. Bandit 1

    Bandit 1Day ago

    Is it bad that I'm 55 and know the whole backstory to this dis?

  59. chad vile

    chad vileDay ago

    This song is real and your best yet keep it up you're killing it!!!

  60. Chris C

    Chris C2 days ago

    Hit em in the chest, but it made his whole back different. What a great line

  61. Stephanie_ Raeanne

    Stephanie_ Raeanne2 days ago

    Man. I can relate to soooo many things in my life that you've said about yours. I'm proud you could Say it...

  62. GreenInTheSun

    GreenInTheSun2 days ago

    Oh god 🤢🤮. Only way y’all coulda made this song halfway decent is throw church on it.

  63. Carson Lavey

    Carson Lavey2 days ago

    Oh shit dam

  64. RahuL Pal

    RahuL Pal2 days ago

    Love this song

  65. Lisa Woodward

    Lisa Woodward2 days ago

    Pretty good song, sad story, I say it's fire 🔥 fr fr ❤️🔥🤟💯

  66. Robert Miller

    Robert Miller2 days ago

    Dam cardi b when did you start singing country same hoe different body and you stall don't have a ass try not to flatter yourself

  67. Robert Miller

    Robert Miller2 days ago

    Well y'all find the cardi b of country can't rap but dress half naked to get her views

  68. David Cafin

    David Cafin2 days ago

    What's tictock?

  69. David Cafin

    David Cafin2 days ago


  70. Reaper Drizzt

    Reaper Drizzt2 days ago

    Much love. This song hit me hard. My wife went thru the same thing. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like. Just know you got a family if you get down and need to talk. Ps. Keep up the good work. You’re giving us nothing but masterpieces

  71. Mike Church

    Mike Church2 days ago


  72. Aavant RHEC

    Aavant RHEC2 days ago

    You got it.

  73. kyler collier

    kyler collier2 days ago

    The best shit!!!

  74. bfd670

    bfd6702 days ago

    You have no idea, how much I needed to hear this! I left domestic violence, after 20 + years of in and out of it because he would stalk me and it was easier for me to go back because then at least I knew where he was. This song, it is like my life song now. I just didn't know how much other people could relate. I am learning to let go of everything because it will help me grow and heal. Thank you for speaking your truth!

  75. Jeremy Yarian

    Jeremy Yarian2 days ago

    Girl! Keep rising above the pain from the past because YOU are so beautiful and have so much talent! #BlessedUp

  76. Tim Barton

    Tim Barton2 days ago

    SHE my BABY!!! LITERALLY RAPPING THE LYRICS I BE SPEAKING TO COPS AND ANYONE CROSSES PATHS ON MY PATHWAY TO FELONIES. my name is jenn h reside in 80808 of Colorado. Please be thinking of me next week when I am on trial for every assault. Miss or felony that I've raked up after being drinvin to insanity by the antipsychotic drugs that they put in me STAT. Fn quacks. Thanks for feeling me from miles away savannah and Adam. I think you two might be sorta soul mates like tim and I are. You should look us up if ever in Colorado around 80808

  77. mike cogley

    mike cogley2 days ago

    Good song but we from the carolinas dont claim her 😆

  78. Brian Whitney

    Brian Whitney2 days ago

    Damn u are blowing up girl... Congrats

  79. Rachel Dean

    Rachel Dean2 days ago

    Imma listen too this tonight as we party 😂