Dr. Hannah Straight
Dr. Hannah Straight
Dr. Hannah Straight

Hello! My name's Hannah, join me on my van life adventures in my off road F250 truck camper! Come along with me as I explore this beautiful world we live in!

  1. Mike Brown

    Mike Brown51 second ago

    She's definitely figured out the Google Algorithm...

  2. clearthejunk

    clearthejunk15 minutes ago

    I'm a dude.... and I'm scared to get stuck

  3. clearthejunk

    clearthejunk17 minutes ago

    She's a beast!!

  4. Gypsyjo Freemadic

    Gypsyjo Freemadic22 minutes ago

    I was waiting for you to submerge...never happened 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. notta3d

    notta3dHour ago

    I'm so jealous.

  6. geekbro

    geekbroHour ago

    "Good morning my friend" holy sh*t friendzoned right out the get go, you dont mess around! hahaha

  7. Keith Taylor

    Keith TaylorHour ago

    Some abandoned mine hazards that you should keep in mind. Ventilation - poorly ventilated mines can have areas or pockets of gas or low oxygen. Ground control - this isn't a natural cave. It's a manmade mine. All those timbers are holding up the tunnel. That cave-in you saw can happen at any time either on top of you or behind you, trapping you inside. Getting lost - it's easy to get lost in the network of tunnels and not be able to find your way out. Unexpected openings - there can be vertical shafts that are partially plugged until you walk on them. Then the ground gives way and you fall into a hole you can't climb out of. Mines are dangerous. That is why there are federal and state programs to close them, so people don't die inside of them. Please be safe.

  8. WD4ED

    WD4EDHour ago

    Very nice!!! I liked the video too!

  9. Shannon Carson

    Shannon CarsonHour ago


  10. robert

    robert2 hours ago

    whats funny is she is telling you her life in a truck yet makes sure you notice she puts DR. as a title. what is she in search of,,

  11. robert

    robert2 hours ago

    she would be a nut case to date

  12. Franklin Brown

    Franklin Brown3 hours ago

    Gorgeous and Intelligent! Thanks for posting these great videos. Be safe out there.

  13. Old Man

    Old Man3 hours ago

    With thumbnails like that I am surprised the feminists haven’t gone after you for objectifying yourself to get views.

  14. Tim Gruver

    Tim Gruver3 hours ago

    Sweet. Awesome body. And she loves showing off her stuff.

  15. James Dooling

    James Dooling3 hours ago

    Did you leave your common sense at home ??

  16. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson3 hours ago

    Absolutely gorgeous ❤️

  17. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson3 hours ago

    Such a beautiful young lady with a perfect body! Love your videos very well done!

  18. Mel Richardson

    Mel Richardson5 hours ago

    I love you're channel intelligence and beauty perfection.

  19. Tim Gruver

    Tim Gruver5 hours ago

    What an awesome body. Beautiful face and smile. Just right T & A. And she loves showing off her body.

  20. Carl Schmidt

    Carl Schmidt5 hours ago

    Get chains

  21. James At the water cooler

    James At the water cooler5 hours ago

    Awesome video! Just subscribe a week ago. It’s great to see your adventures and how you give ideas for camping 🏕

  22. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot6 hours ago

    You need to reshoot this video Hannah. Reshoot the video with you wearing red or blue tights. That black REALLY did you and us viewers a HUGE disservice. Couldn't see jack sh*t.

  23. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot7 hours ago

    You tease too much Hannah with your "UP CLOSE"! Zoom in more ... grr.

  24. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot7 hours ago

    Hannah is a very brave and beautiful woman. Hope all daughters go out solo adventuring!

  25. Ran Dom

    Ran Dom7 hours ago

    how do ppl stay in shape like that...amazing!

  26. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot7 hours ago

    There's this knot I'd like to show you Some call it the doggy knot love your choice of outfits in the vids!

  27. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot8 hours ago

    Memory Foam 2' x 6' $60 ff Walmart online store.

  28. Dean Iversen

    Dean Iversen8 hours ago

    out in snow n ice I run studs on all 4, chains work but are a hassle, I use plain wheels nuthin fancy and toss ona set of studs.. if you can't do that get your tires ciped in the winter or when heading out to snow, makes a big difference, getting stuck is for lamers.. at the very least get a 2 ft spike, sledge hammer and a come along..

  29. Charles Bownds

    Charles Bownds8 hours ago

    I would volunteer, but I don't think it will happen.

  30. 007 More

    007 More9 hours ago

    Tire chains doctor

  31. Happy Katz

    Happy Katz9 hours ago


  32. Dom Roc

    Dom Roc9 hours ago

    Beautiful energy girl..!

  33. George E

    George E10 hours ago

    Good lord...☺️

  34. John Thomson

    John Thomson10 hours ago

    Word of advice for you, air your tires down to 15 or even 10 psi and you will be amazed, you probably wouldn't have gotten stuck, or at least not that bad anyways. Make sure you have an electric pump to air back up when you get back on the pavement.

  35. Bo Goss

    Bo Goss10 hours ago

    Cops didn’t arrest her because she was hot. If it was a black dude, you all know what would have happened to him.

  36. LWRC SBR

    LWRC SBR10 hours ago

    Absolutely live your life the way you want to! Ask all those grandmas who have paid off their mortgages if they have the energy to do a truck camper build and to drive off into the sunset at 65?

  37. Randy Morris

    Randy Morris11 hours ago

    Honey you come up to North Idaho and I'll teach you how to fish proper I have some of the most fantastic fishing holes and beautiful scenery

  38. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd11 hours ago


  39. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd11 hours ago

    Pit mix love him and the dog will fight for you and they love the ride

  40. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd11 hours ago

    Hug the thug

  41. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd11 hours ago

    Do you sleep and feel better out in the sticks or at home in a electric wired home

  42. Stefanie Wiltner

    Stefanie Wiltner11 hours ago

    The humorous damage kelly retire because cover pathophysiologically dare barring a zany structure. fancy, dysfunctional pressure

  43. Ham

    Ham11 hours ago

    Negativity from others and fear of the unknown is what brings me down the most, and probably a whole cup of procrastination! One thing that never gets me down is a good winter storm though, wish I lived close to mountains so I could shred the fresh wisco just isn't cutting it.

  44. Johnny Heldman

    Johnny Heldman12 hours ago

    Looks like my home town. Minden, Nevada!! Right by Fuji Park. Love it! Cool Channel you have! :)

  45. Allied Sandblasting

    Allied Sandblasting12 hours ago

    Do you ever do any metal detecting

  46. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd12 hours ago

    Thank you be safe

  47. Ken Hightower

    Ken Hightower12 hours ago

    Im not even listening to what she is saying.

  48. Ken Hightower

    Ken Hightower12 hours ago

    I came for the shower

  49. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd12 hours ago

    Get in bed warm up sleep and tomorrow

  50. Anthony Sears

    Anthony Sears12 hours ago

    Do yourself a favor. Get rid of social media! No social media. Oh my god. The world will stop. NOT! Seriously. In this day and age. Firearm. Bow at the very least with nice razor broadheads at the end of your arrows. Oh yeah! Don't tell liberals though. Before you know it they will be after your bow and arrows. Eventually, your butter knives. Morons! By the way. Bear spray is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Just pisses off the bear. Guess you never really had a bear encounter.

  51. David Moskowitz

    David Moskowitz12 hours ago

    Always turn left.

  52. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd12 hours ago

    Chains and a shovel.kid

  53. David Reyes

    David Reyes12 hours ago

    Can I join you? I would be very resourceful!

  54. David Reyes

    David Reyes12 hours ago

    I’ll be your valentine and lifetime valentine!

  55. Ken Crouch

    Ken Crouch12 hours ago

    Question- Did you "air down " your tires? Meaning when you go off road you need to lower your tire pressure down for better traction. Usually go down to 15 pounds. Also - when doing this get a portable air compressor for airing back up again. Harbor Freight Tools has some in expensive winches. Also- I know you are following your own path alone but a good rule of thumb is never go off roading alone (there are off roading clubs on Facebook that will gladly let you tag along - just in case you so get stuck you will have someone to pull you out. Do you have a Satellite Phone - regular cell phones do not work good in the wilderness areas. Please reference: Tales of Wonderhussy and Matt's Off Road Recovery (both you tube channels)

  56. Randy Smith

    Randy Smith13 hours ago

    just reading a little, neat that you can use 110v for charge, But , Tesla is using Lithium battery, which I was surprised because Tesla has been developing their own battery that they praise for longevity. Here is the down side, Lithium does not like you when you try to charge 32°f or lower, YIKES. Lithium stores it’s anode side power in crystalline form. At 32° and lower, the crystals can not form, what happens then is anode metal terminal plates begin to electroplate a coating on the metal, which permanently builds up resistance on the damaging plates ( insulating them) the charged out put is reduced and reducing permanently the charged level capacity. Like your camera or phone, you never put them on the charger with the temperature that low. Imaging camping in the cold , you probably reduced out put at it is, your 256 miles from the nearest charge (hard to do stateside), but still , you would need a tow, and a thaw out. Electric vehicle owns should have heated garages over 33°. Electric is great for metro or home use. unless something has changed.

  57. Ralp Klien

    Ralp Klien13 hours ago

    Ok the silhouette stretching was just gorgeous!

  58. David Lee

    David Lee13 hours ago

    Wow, you are very well equipped: traction boards, a lot of lighting, shovel on top of the tires and lift. It's good to see that monster trucks also get stuck.

  59. John Doe

    John Doe13 hours ago

    Wow you are brave to camp there, in the middle of no where, so scary!

  60. Al Burke

    Al Burke13 hours ago

    Absolutely Beautifull and the scenery's not bad either

  61. Ross Montreal

    Ross Montreal13 hours ago

    Women 5’7 is pretty tall. Love content love the truck 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  62. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd13 hours ago

    Love to buy one but I can buy a house in the south for the price of the popup camper

  63. David Lee

    David Lee13 hours ago

    Looks like you got the 37 wheels after all. It sounded like it is not really necessary and has many downsides ...

  64. John Swigler

    John Swigler14 hours ago

    Good luck with that. Can't travel far on a charge and finding a charging unit out in the middle of nowhere.

  65. Bman 25

    Bman 2514 hours ago

    You are an amazing person

  66. Slugcatcher

    Slugcatcher14 hours ago

    I see something running just at the edge of the light. I know. I'll shut off all the cameras. FAAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEE

  67. LouB

    LouB14 hours ago

    Some people KNOW when to stop at the right part of the road!

  68. Bill Kop

    Bill Kop14 hours ago

    I don't care about the waterfalls, just looking at this beautiful Lady makes my day, nice to watch your videos Dr.

  69. Michael Olmstead

    Michael Olmstead14 hours ago


  70. Paul Pickhinke

    Paul Pickhinke14 hours ago

    Do you always travel with a companion? It seems that someone is doing your filming.

  71. John Bennett

    John Bennett15 hours ago

    Damn your sexy

  72. jon tru

    jon tru15 hours ago

    Informative video. I just had my labs done and I'm at 16.0 ng/mL very low. Thank you for the tips! 😀

  73. Justin Soukup

    Justin Soukup15 hours ago

    You're an inspiration, keep up the great work. Let me know if you ever are in Wisconsin.

  74. Theodore

    Theodore15 hours ago

    Air down to 20 lbs. It would have crawled out

  75. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot15 hours ago

    LOL doesn't matter to me if you're faking it or not, it's all good either way! THAT is one very beautiful gap view. That scenery was awesome.

  76. Mick and Sean's, life tips and reviews.

    Mick and Sean's, life tips and reviews.15 hours ago

    Wow that waterfall is amazing

  77. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot15 hours ago

    You need bigger FATTER tires...mud size tires to go through that deep snow.

  78. The Bible and the Bermuda Triangle

    The Bible and the Bermuda Triangle16 hours ago

    Hey doctor Hannah you're traveling a lot I really do Envy you do it while you're young and why can move around and things like that that's important what you're doing but be very very careful traveling by yourself always take extra precautions I've done a lot of traveling myself by myself I can move around and do a lot of things and meet a lot of people and everything else but just be careful I support what you're doing I support what you're doing you're educating other people in doing what you like think it's really great have a good time good luck

  79. Andy Wilson

    Andy Wilson16 hours ago

    The rods and reels you can buy at box stores are decent, but they usually use really cheap fishing line. Have a fishing shop put better line on your reel and this will help your casting. The better line doesn't knot up as much as it will allow you to cast further. Fish on.

  80. putrus andilious

    putrus andilious16 hours ago

    Like the waterfalls is Okay.. it's her that I like more