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  1. Rychoo

    Rychoo9 hours ago

    Absolutely. They've been selling you people outdated tech at top shelf prices for over a decade now.

  2. Piyawan Sirikit

    Piyawan Sirikit9 hours ago

    oh man that was to fix I think you need to fix the Samsung ok

  3. D_SQUAD 13

    D_SQUAD 139 hours ago

    I had my voice control on and when you said go home it took me to my Home Screen

  4. Willow Hopwood

    Willow Hopwood9 hours ago


  5. Danielcoolwhite15 Vids Channel

    Danielcoolwhite15 Vids Channel9 hours ago

    If I can give you my note 10 + I well😂. my charge port doesn't work this is so funny I pick up from I fix you break and that said that I have to change the hole phone mutherbord out. 🙄📱🔌😂😁😭

  6. The Best Of APPLE !

    The Best Of APPLE !9 hours ago

    So cool, I wanna know how to repair phones like you 🤯

  7. Piyawan Sirikit

    Piyawan Sirikit9 hours ago

    oh that's nice thing that is why do you buy new iPhone

  8. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez9 hours ago

    Samsung makes  parts because Samsung cores and other cpu chips are very cheap made so why not

  9. Piyawan Sirikit

    Piyawan Sirikit9 hours ago

    Hey your camera

  10. philly Fail

    philly Fail9 hours ago

    Does galaxy have this and grid pattern

  11. Hemant Mohbekar

    Hemant Mohbekar9 hours ago

    You are copying others

  12. A.j. Brown

    A.j. Brown9 hours ago


  13. Valeria Amaro lugo

    Valeria Amaro lugo9 hours ago

    Him: I Ned som new shows to watch tel me som in the coments Me: Atac on titan,demon slayer,Black butler,blue exsiorshonits, hykiu . The list goes on.

  14. Piyawan Sirikit

    Piyawan Sirikit9 hours ago

    man I like it

  15. Piyawan Sirikit

    Piyawan Sirikit9 hours ago

    wow iPhone x max

  16. Sebastián Lomelí

    Sebastián Lomelí9 hours ago

    Why does Apple doesn't make his own parts? I mean, they're practically selling 1k Samsung laptops lol

  17. nlspots

    nlspots9 hours ago

    What is reprogramming the screen needed for?

  18. RealGirlChip

    RealGirlChip9 hours ago

    I mean no shit apple is copying samsung but since apple is so popular people will buy it instead cause they're scared of others opinions

  19. •Nova Wizards•

    •Nova Wizards•9 hours ago

    No because androids are way different then apple I used to have a android and it wasn’t the best

  20. ItsMeAgain

    ItsMeAgain9 hours ago

    I had one of those! They sucked

  21. Kira Greatheart

    Kira Greatheart9 hours ago

    Teach me .... master

  22. Jasmine

    Jasmine9 hours ago

    You're that guy from Tik Tok right I follow you

  23. Aniah Zito

    Aniah Zito9 hours ago

    Just imagine... you have siri turned off😅

  24. Lo0

    Lo09 hours ago

    They are doing it with "style". Now on android wigets are not so good but on ios they are polishing this wigets to make them as good as thay can. For example i needed wiget that can show me photos. I had one but on galaxy s5...

  25. Brian

    Brian9 hours ago

    where can you buy those lights on the wall?

  26. Eric Xing

    Eric Xing9 hours ago

    Pretty sure all that dust comes from using it on the bed

  27. Lane Monroe

    Lane Monroe9 hours ago

    I did it nothing happened

  28. habito10

    habito109 hours ago

    Cuanto cobras para reparar pantalla de iPhone 7 Plus

  29. Eric Xing

    Eric Xing9 hours ago

    Apple making people pay more than half of the phone's price just to do a repair 🤦🏻

  30. dimentbarg

    dimentbarg9 hours ago

    Nahh this video has to be fake

  31. Ethan Cox

    Ethan Cox9 hours ago

    Do u fix air pods

  32. Mz.Unique's Corner

    Mz.Unique's Corner9 hours ago

    This is how I been using my phone for a week now the bottom part of my screen is cracked but the top still works it's annoying but I can still use my phone and that's why I will never go back to android

  33. ByT1mothy

    ByT1mothy9 hours ago

    I thought iPhone X is water prove

  34. trongamer56

    trongamer569 hours ago

    This is not fun when you're an android user. But how'd you do with a ps4 controller on a windows 10 pc cuz windows 8.1 was what I had and was easy

  35. Malakai Jamez

    Malakai Jamez9 hours ago

    Hey are you able to fix my phone if so how much

  36. Karson

    Karson9 hours ago

    This video defies all logic

  37. JustSomeMexicanWithaMustache

    JustSomeMexicanWithaMustache9 hours ago

    I hate apple maybe the macbooks are ok but they are literally making their iphones more expensive and stupid each time with useless shit and copied ideas, also the only advantage to having an iphone is that some games arent on play store on android and they can be but these stupid producers suck ass by puting the games only onto app store ☹️

  38. ByT1mothy

    ByT1mothy9 hours ago

    Who tf wants them getting repaired😂

  39. Robert Pittman

    Robert Pittman9 hours ago

    Do not ever ever put heat on a battery unless you don’t want your hands and fingers anymore! You should use denatured alcohol and it will dissolve the adhesive ! And you should use gloves. I don’t make the news I just report it

  40. ByT1mothy

    ByT1mothy9 hours ago

    They are not just copying it, they are copying and improving their features

  41. Abdiel Moran

    Abdiel Moran9 hours ago

    Do you know how to clean a xbox one bc mine is so dirty

  42. Ashot Hayrapetyan

    Ashot Hayrapetyan9 hours ago

    Theyre copying them but the same features look bad on android and ios just makes them better and beautiful


    JORD AWESOME9 hours ago

    Also, you shouldn’t let the fan spin

  44. Colonia Roberts

    Colonia Roberts9 hours ago

    My hero of academia

  45. Gianna Pons

    Gianna Pons9 hours ago

    My dude has NO GLOVES!!!!!-

  46. Barbie_ Artz

    Barbie_ Artz9 hours ago

    Josh connects bootleg

  47. Julian x30

    Julian x309 hours ago

    I think you can actully hit 1 mil next month

  48. Silly Chihuahua

    Silly Chihuahua9 hours ago

    As soon as apple adds 3 camera android said- ADD 5 CAMERAS NOW!!!

  49. Henbi

    Henbi9 hours ago

    Finally we’ve found him... the 1 other person who actually uses a thermal paste applicator XD

  50. Una1ive

    Una1ive9 hours ago

    I saw his face a bit

  51. ronald elcrack

    ronald elcrack9 hours ago

    He stoled iPhone Iphone: bonjour

  52. Jello 1234

    Jello 12349 hours ago

    Twilight its not my favorite but its my friends

  53. Allie Wood125

    Allie Wood1259 hours ago

    Riverdale and grey’s anatomy

  54. AshisAsh

    AshisAsh9 hours ago

    LMAO could you fix my iPhone 5!

  55. Alexs SuperVideos

    Alexs SuperVideos9 hours ago

    What are the rubber bands for?

  56. jabe rooney

    jabe rooney10 hours ago

    What is that thing you used to program the new screen???0

  57. Dyl C

    Dyl C10 hours ago

    Me: can't even walk without falling This guy: remakes a phone

  58. Reagan Brawley

    Reagan Brawley10 hours ago


  59. Jello 1234

    Jello 123410 hours ago