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✏️ ART TOOLS: Paint Tool Sai Version 2 (Drawing Software), Wacom Intuos Pen \u0026 Touch (Drawing Tablet)
📽️ VIDEO TOOLS: OBS Studio (Screen Recording), Sony Vegas (Editing)

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7 months ago

  1. Kyra *Bianca*

    Kyra *Bianca*10 hours ago

    Do you believe in life after love? | Critical Role SPEEDPAINT

  2. Morgane Baud

    Morgane Baud10 hours ago

    Why did you give Dock the most delicious shade of green ;^; I really, really like all of them... Also Bandit (pronounced the same as bandy) in french means a thief, but more along the lines of someone who will take the opportunity to steal what they can. Sort of like small organized groups of criminals, it's very associated with the middle ages (dark ages?) and fantasy settings. I think it's pretty fitting!

  3. Ava Wings.

    Ava Wings.10 hours ago

    How does studio clip art work, I can never figure out how to use it

  4. A Ufo

    A Ufo11 hours ago

    Paddy looks like tinkerbell :D I love this design so much I think its really creative and fun!

  5. Bluegachalpha Second channel

    Bluegachalpha Second channel11 hours ago

    Bruh Eira is my favourite already I just love the theme of blue since I love ice

  6. Recca

    Recca12 hours ago

    Aah you make it look so easy to use, though I know you knew the program already. It looks really cool! And the page look so good! The old ones were neat too, but I can definitely see the improvement. Especially in the way you set up the panels, a lot of thought went into that and that makes it look so much more clean and prof. ^^ I’m trying to create a webcomic on my ipad, and got Clip Studio because of the smart panelling tool, but I’m honestly SO confused everytime I open the program, because there’s so much going on! I don’t know how to get good at using it, besides of course “just using it”, but it’s hard because I get so overwhelmed and frustrated it makes me wanna quit before I get past the sketching stage. >_<‘ I’m only used to Procreate, and it feels a lot simpler to use, but I feel like it’s not as good to use for comics, especially because it has problems with scaling and rotating things without making it pixelated. I wish I had the brain capacity to learn how to use Clip Studio, but my two brain cells said NO.

  7. abfg616

    abfg61614 hours ago

    A few things: First of all, I love all of these designs. Secondly, why do they hate magic? I feel like Alastor would have some sort of personal vendetta driving him, like loosing a loved one to magic early in life, that's just kind of the vibe I'm picking up from him, but as for society as a whole, I don't think it really makes much sense for magic to be ostracized, considering how useful it could be. Thirdly, I think it would be cool if dock was less insanely reverential, and more clinical. Like he's driven by a lust for knowledge that outweighs his conscience, and he's really only in it for the test subjects, or something like that. Fourth... ly?, What distinguishes these guys' powers from magic? As it stands, there is no real difference between these powers and the magic of our heroes, and if it is magic, then why are they allowed to use it? I think a cool idea could be something like them having advanced tech, and maybe only Alastor has a kind of magic in his anti-magic. Lorelei could be pretending that her powers are supernatural or something to go with the whole idea of her being two-faced, and I like the idea that maybe dock just uses chemical warfare and his own custom poisons which he has perfected over a lifetime of human experimentation. If there's some in-universe difference, maybe in the principles behind the different magics or something like that, I'd be fine with it, but as it stands, I think that the villains' place as witch hunters makes little sense since they are essentially using the same powers as their sworn enemies. fifthly, I like Bandy's whole deal with only being in it for self preservation, and I could see an arc where he sees that the jury is losing and tries to worm his way into the heroes' group, only to be ignored as comic relief for a bit or tied up due to his inherent untrustworthiness given his previous spot as a high ranking member of the jury. sixthly, what are everybody's personal motivations for getting to the upper echelons of The Jury? As I mentioned previously, Alastor could have some personal vendetta due to the loss of a loved one, and dock could be in it for test subjects for experimentation, and I like the motivations for bandy and lance, but I think that every member should at least have a reason, and maybe only one of them should be in it out of pure prejudice. I personally think that Lorelei should be that purely hateful person, because she seems that way based on your description of her, but maybe there's another layer to that, like an inferiority complex that leads to her hating those born more powerful than her, i.e. wizards. This leaves only Diana, though you mentioned she could be a bounty hunter, and her just being there because she's paid to be could work.

  8. Tay Sonny

    Tay Sonny14 hours ago

    When you ask about a dudes relationship and instead you hear about his dead relatives, the magic he learned, and cool doohickey he, his ex and grandad worked on

  9. Victor The Collector

    Victor The Collector15 hours ago

    Damn, your old self was really bold tho, imagine being a beginner comic artist and trying out a pose with foreshortening and forced perspective on your biggest panel, legend. I do love the new one tho, it’s definitely way more readable and the highlights are where they should be

  10. Taylor Wow

    Taylor Wow15 hours ago

    God now if I got a manga/comic by you I would go broke. Quickly learning how scarily addictive your art is.

  11. Parker Marroquin

    Parker Marroquin15 hours ago

    Dock's power kind of sounds like Hidan's power from Jashin

  12. Taylor Wow

    Taylor Wow15 hours ago

    Covid killed my drive to draw, but I guess it’s time to start anew so here we go!

  13. TüthyLad

    TüthyLad16 hours ago

    how do you get cc wild words into csp?

  14. Hello There

    Hello There16 hours ago

    the softness of your voice makes me sleepy but I wanna pay attention to your content so a feeling that can only be described as **b r u h** rushes through me everytime you upload. In other words, I love your content!!

  15. BlueIron270

    BlueIron27017 hours ago

    How do you all draw so GOOD?! I mean I find drawing oddly hard. Probably cuz I don't rlly enjoy drawing much... But anyway, Absolutely LOVE you're vids! I get to watch you draw super cool/nice/cute drawings and I can listen to nice calm commentary?! HELL YEAH!

  16. Masayu Salma

    Masayu Salma17 hours ago

    this is super helpful for me that can't start with clip studio! your art is awesome and hearing you explaining the program while drawing is nice.

  17. Harpo

    Harpo17 hours ago

    Please tell me this is gonna lead up to a Heartless comic for our viewing pleasure

  18. Elizabeth Fiddler

    Elizabeth Fiddler18 hours ago

    What program do you use for drawing?

  19. Rita C.G

    Rita C.G18 hours ago


  20. Lemons

    Lemons18 hours ago

    i been waitin for this one TURN IT UP

  21. Marie Chu

    Marie Chu18 hours ago

    So Bandy can swap stuff. But how far does his power go like you said he can swap people around but like can he swap their insides as well For example her swaps heartless’s magic heart with someone else’s does heartless have a heart now?

  22. FlamingHeartComics

    FlamingHeartComics18 hours ago

    your character design gives me life ✨

  23. Quyet N

    Quyet N19 hours ago

    Will there be more of heartless? That would be so cool 😄

  24. *_DragonsBane _*

    *_DragonsBane _*19 hours ago

    Im so glad thomas saw this, I hope all the amazing work and positive fanart thomas sees of his characters (along with yours- Alex) it shows how many people support and love him- and I hope he knows how much better he has made so many peoples lives. This was fantastic and so well done!! Love ya thomas! Thanks for the memories. And thank you for the art help Alex. You two have helped out a lot <3

  25. Rebecca Pena

    Rebecca Pena20 hours ago

    I actually thought Lorelei design fit because her only black item was her coker with the symbol of the Jury (the 4-pointed star you put on all their outfits) and to me it represents how she's not what she seems. I also like the idea that when she snaps, her black swan outfit would have blue in it to show she's showing her true colors Edit: never mind the coker's white but I still agree with what I said before

  26. brandy price

    brandy price20 hours ago

    SAVE ME LOLLIPOP WAS MY FIRST ANIME AND ITS MY FAVORITE I LOVE them Nina, Iichi,Zero,San, and Forte they are amazing I love them so much now I'm going to re watch it now.

  27. brandy price

    brandy price20 hours ago

    Save me lollipop is my childhood favorite also.

  28. Aspen Pines

    Aspen Pines21 hour ago

    “All the way back when I last drew these guys-“ *me remembering watching that video when it first came out* holy crap I’m old

  29. Will Excel

    Will Excel21 hour ago

    Just a quick little critique. Don't space your sound effects so far from the action. For example, on this page, I would suggest putting the "snap" right in-between the two pieces of rope. You actually had it closer in the initial sketch layer. Great work though! I enjoyed this video, and I hope you do more like it!

  30. Reaper Mae

    Reaper Mae22 hours ago

    Oh its so good to have you back. I didn't realize just how much I missed hearing your voice until I started up this video but I have absolutely missed your gentle, caring energy. You come across as excited and very calm at the same time and its just so soothing. Plus I've absolutely missed watching you draw.

  31. Evee JoJo

    Evee JoJo22 hours ago

    This made me remember when I was first learning things of digital programs (best one of not knowing was I had DPI at 1000 for so long)

  32. Con Artist

    Con Artist22 hours ago

    great video!! your one of my huge inspirations :)

  33. Rayne Newberry

    Rayne Newberry23 hours ago

    POV: He mentions working on getting back into drawing in this comic-y style and you screamed, because that means you might get to see Heartless as a comic, and really that’s all you want in the world.

  34. Pluto

    Pluto23 hours ago

    its official your now my comfort youtuber (idc if that's not a thing it is now) you have a very calming voice and i love your art

  35. wolf pak

    wolf pak23 hours ago

    im thinking of making a manga on clip studio i have been using it for a while but im kinda bad with it and i need ideas for my manga i have a base idea but any tips for characters and personality for characters?

  36. Kaino-Phoeno

    Kaino-Phoeno23 hours ago

    Eat green

  37. Ciyochi Choco

    Ciyochi Choco23 hours ago

    I kind of want to buy Csp but i have no idea how the process of buying it even works, searched everywhere but haven't been able to find anything..can anyone help me?💀

  38. Kiara Alder

    Kiara AlderDay ago

    I can't get this out of my head- CREED LOOKS LIKE LEVI FROM AOT!

  39. Syn Syin

    Syn SyinDay ago


  40. Mathilda

    MathildaDay ago

    I like the top panel of the old version. It feels very shonen-manga to me. Of course the new version is also cool.

  41. Tay Sonny

    Tay SonnyDay ago

    Half of the comments: discussing the drawing, charecters, and campaign in general The other half: PADDY AND MALAK SHIP!!!!

  42. PearDrawsStuff

    PearDrawsStuffDay ago

    God DAMN I love your art dude

  43. Hamster Clult

    Hamster ClultDay ago

    I’m lesbian

  44. Jade Rush

    Jade RushDay ago

    26:44 "I'm gonna preemptively ask you to stop typing what you're about to type about your favourite Voltron man-" ASGHGAHGHAGHGH Everybody loves Lance, lol.

  45. Perła

    PerłaDay ago

    I reallllly want cilp studio but i dont like the fact that i need to pay for it every month :(

  46. Scarlette :3

    Scarlette :3Day ago

    That video was an amazing inspiration and was a cute little comedy i loved it so much honestly!

  47. Bluegachalpha Second channel

    Bluegachalpha Second channelDay ago

    Bruh when you said that he had a ball heart I imagined iron man

  48. Badreddine Kasmi

    Badreddine KasmiDay ago

    Your videos ooze care and love.

  49. Jade Rush

    Jade RushDay ago

    Dude, these characters are incredible! I would watch or read everything and anything about them right this instant. I hope with my entire heart, soul and body that you will end up creating some kind of a story around these guys in the end, because they are extremely interesting and I am already so fond of each and every one of them. I particularly like Alchemy and Doppel, I think they have the most unusual quirks and I just really like their designs, but everybody else is amazing as well. I know the set is complete, but I was thinking it'd also be cool to include somebody who'd not have magic into the group. To explore the magic-hating ways of the society a bit deeper or whatnot. Anyway, if this end up being a story, notify me by any means necessary, hunt me down like a wild animal, dig me out of my grave, please, I want to be there, I need to be there to see it happen.

  50. Fresh Milk

    Fresh MilkDay ago

    oof I forgot you could just use brushes for leaves and foliage... I drew them all by hand and It's by far the longest to do.

  51. Luciøle

    LuciøleDay ago

    Bel ami ✨😩✨

  52. Dreaming_Destiny

    Dreaming_DestinyDay ago

    (This video was made 1 month ago but oh well! I have an idea-) Alright so, For Lorelei’s “transformation”, what if she ends up falling in love with someone on the team? Heartless’ crew decides that in order to find out information from the other side, to trick someone, and Lorelei seemed the easiest. For this situation, let’s choose...Flint? Okay so Flint acts like he’s in love with Lorelei, and the two, really hating each other at first, Lorelei falls in love with him. She’s never had any real love before, and feels like Flint truly cares for her. That’s until in battle, the team ends up defeating her. She looks to Flint for help, he tells her the truth. I feel like a lot would have happened to Lorelei up to this point, like Alastor and her getting into a fight (cuz he would be jealous) that she is so fed up, tired and broken, that she just kinda...ends up screaming into the sky. Idk just something I came up with.

  53. A Familiar Sword

    A Familiar SwordDay ago

    Hey! I've already drawn comic pages for a comic, but didn't realise that there was a "safe space" that I needed to think about, is there any way I can save the pages by adding more space? If so how much should I add? Advice would be really appreciated I'm in dire need of it!

  54. Dovmirius

    DovmiriusDay ago

    Rapunzel's healing power came from the flower the flower came from the sun hence Sun god/goddess a.k.a. a Light Cleric.

  55. Callum Jones

    Callum JonesDay ago

    I would love to see this become a comic/webtoon because your manga page redraws look so good either way I just love to see the process of making it great job ABD illustrates! ✨😊

  56. Insomiac 1-800

    Insomiac 1-800Day ago

    okay i cant be the only one getting kill la kill vibes like look at lance and Uzu Sanageyama

  57. Kristina Lindsey

    Kristina LindseyDay ago

    I love all the speed lines and great expressions, on the old one I think it very clearly sets the mood :)

  58. Ducky

    DuckyDay ago

    When ppl use mAnga over monga I can help but laugh

  59. Trin Silvers

    Trin SilversDay ago

    Oh my goodness. The redraw is SO GOOD

  60. Koi Bubbles

    Koi BubblesDay ago

    So I’m a bit confused. Both the protagonists and antagonists have magical abilities, but what is the difference between a witch and a not-witch? Is it more social than physical?

  61. LoveMercy Yourshaw

    LoveMercy YourshawDay ago


  62. Cj Arts

    Cj ArtsDay ago

    Alex: Talkin about making manga* Me: Ohhh the Leaves are moving XD

  63. katwim

    katwimDay ago

    If you’re ever actually make this into a comic. I’d read it just to see Heartless. He’s so cute!