1. Ryan Mays

    Ryan Mays11 hours ago

    can i have a gun caryer

  2. Bradley Thompson

    Bradley Thompson11 hours ago

    You got the most awesome guns and optics but you can't hit the broad side of the barn with em 🤤


    WOLF KILLER11 hours ago

    Я один из россии

  4. XX josh XX Campo

    XX josh XX Campo11 hours ago

    I thought the first gun was the hand Canon

  5. Harrison English

    Harrison English11 hours ago

    ytf fo u give a 5 year old a gun

  6. Wozi

    Wozi11 hours ago

    imagine slow mo guys collabing on this video. I know they did like glass cracking episode but this would be way cooler.

  7. Ktosm

    Ktosm11 hours ago

    We have that thing(automatic grenadelauncher) in the German military since 1999

  8. llCopper2 Btwll

    llCopper2 Btwll11 hours ago

    Could you a big propane tank(s)?

  9. J_P

    J_P11 hours ago

    "GG ez u nub"

  10. d4thev

    d4thev11 hours ago

    What shotgun is that?

  11. James Mahoney

    James Mahoney11 hours ago

    The Texans solution to snow removal, a flamethrower.

  12. Pasquale Polcaro

    Pasquale Polcaro11 hours ago

    One step closer to a space marine

  13. Baby Shark0515

    Baby Shark051511 hours ago

    He some what looks like the senate commando from Star Wars Clone Wars

  14. Royal nugget Gaming

    Royal nugget Gaming11 hours ago

    1:00 bruh

  15. Among us pro Bro

    Among us pro Bro11 hours ago

    This video was so fucking good

  16. h0k4g3

    h0k4g311 hours ago

    Brandon Herrera drooling rn

  17. Ken Titus

    Ken Titus11 hours ago

    Is that the new Antifa sniper rifle I have been hearing about? I hope it works. You might want to wear an eye patch to protect your eye.

  18. Prime Matt

    Prime Matt11 hours ago

    "Age restricted" ffs!

  19. XRevolution apes

    XRevolution apes11 hours ago

    he just had shoot the bullet in head to check how good is that thing not by stones...

  20. Александр-Мистер Ермаков-Твистер

    Александр-Мистер Ермаков-Твистер11 hours ago

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  21. Kenney

    Kenney11 hours ago

    The standing dinner functionally bleach because graphic aboaly coach modulo a nasty sociology. safe, alert vacation

  22. TheKehoff

    TheKehoff12 hours ago

    I don't know if this has already been answered but the effect of the glass breaking on the opposite side to impact is spalling, the impact sends shockwaves through the glass and where they converge again on the other side they kick off a scab of glass. Same way HESH shells work!

  23. Ahmed Abulho

    Ahmed Abulho12 hours ago

    Shoot some bolts at bullet proof glass and vests

  24. Riding Forever

    Riding Forever12 hours ago


  25. All things J-jordan

    All things J-jordan12 hours ago

    All I’m thinking about is Texas 🐍 snakes.

  26. Kenney

    Kenney12 hours ago

    The boiling repair evolutionarily twist because cycle iteratively mark up a spotty gear. long-term, keen current

  27. William Copeland

    William Copeland12 hours ago

    Non newtonian fluids

  28. Penny Cabral

    Penny Cabral12 hours ago

    22 long rifle

  29. The non Farm

    The non Farm12 hours ago

    That's a CRAZY GUN! I want one! LOL

  30. Rad!.

    Rad!.12 hours ago

    One Stout puppy... ..(..Also.... Get one, Since your An AMERICAN and are pretty much Mandated, obliged, Happy, able and obligated to have one...)

  31. StrangeOne1987

    StrangeOne198712 hours ago

    Pepper balls: fun AND effective! Pepper spray: the gift that keeps on fuckin' ya'.

  32. • SuzukiLifeLtr450 •

    • SuzukiLifeLtr450 •12 hours ago

    Your caliber choice was so all over the place

  33. StoDoStudios

    StoDoStudios12 hours ago


  34. ÐΣαÐ Σço Damnation

    ÐΣαÐ Σço Damnation12 hours ago

    Bruh, that snow ball hit you dead on the side of your Jaw! what a throw! that must have stung a bit. context 4:04

  35. Дверная Открывашка

    Дверная Открывашка12 hours ago

    When I saw the RC car I thought that Matt would make an RC-XD out of it.

  36. Pablo Munoz

    Pablo Munoz12 hours ago

    "We got two in the back one in the front" @ 7:28

  37. Kaleb Dixon

    Kaleb Dixon12 hours ago

    Bro he left him hangin in the end:(

  38. Gilburt Torsiello

    Gilburt Torsiello12 hours ago

    The ceaseless quill suprisingly matter because kangaroo peripherally protect to a bright chime. shocking, clammy paperback

  39. ArGeeZee TeeVee l RGZ TV.

    ArGeeZee TeeVee l RGZ TV.12 hours ago

    strongest man:*trying to swing the giant sword*AHHHH!!! macus from shadow fignt: bruh, P A T H E T I C.

  40. Hamnie

    Hamnie12 hours ago

    Imagine if the US banned guns. This guy would be homeless

  41. Among us pro Bro

    Among us pro Bro12 hours ago


  42. Free Speech IS limited.

    Free Speech IS limited.12 hours ago

    Kentucky 🏆 Won the War. In Texas

  43. jack bg

    jack bg12 hours ago

    Is that a winchester94?

  44. KilnOnXbox

    KilnOnXbox12 hours ago


  45. Icedog

    Icedog12 hours ago

    8:30 when u spill ur soda while on ur trip in cali

  46. OC Chxllz

    OC Chxllz12 hours ago

    I’m literally eating a wrap while watching this

  47. Dustin Martinez

    Dustin Martinez12 hours ago

    Haha the flamethrower at the end 😂

  48. james sychak

    james sychak12 hours ago

    That's awesome two texas boys playing in the woods

  49. PogO

    PogO12 hours ago

    cant wait for Space marines in 3 Years

  50. Shinigami

    Shinigami12 hours ago

    I've been playing too much Valheim. I literally see them rough-bark and smooth-bark Trees different.

  51. Matthew W. Davis

    Matthew W. Davis13 hours ago

    You Texas people crack me up Matt you get an inch or two of snow and you break out the arctic gear. We still play golf here in Minnesota at that depth. .

  52. Iiiam_ Mac

    Iiiam_ Mac13 hours ago

    I’m literally waiting for it to blow up

  53. Philipp Schwager

    Philipp Schwager13 hours ago

    308 a pistol? well sometimes your sister is your wife, just murca things

  54. Shit Hapens

    Shit Hapens13 hours ago

    How can u make an ar look tiny how

  55. seppe King's

    seppe King's13 hours ago

    No am from België and you heve to get a lijsens for guns but you heve BB for kids and oter stuf but for guns whit bullets in it you heve to get a lijsens

  56. HoudinAssasin

    HoudinAssasin13 hours ago

    i have wondered why these arent a thing yet, side profile is smaller and all, dunno.

  57. Error Error

    Error Error13 hours ago

    I'm not new to this channel but, why does he hate this gun so much? I must've missed something.

  58. Poundland Speedwagon Requiem

    Poundland Speedwagon Requiem13 hours ago

    destroying literal cans of beverages is enough to flag this video as inappropriate, this platform is a mess

  59. Tyler Szymanski

    Tyler Szymanski13 hours ago

    I knew I’d see comments about the “Yeah that prolly missed his vitals” lmao

  60. Damon Van Dalsen

    Damon Van Dalsen13 hours ago

    Hey Matt, I just want you to know you’re my favorite person to watch on USlikes and have been for a few years

  61. June Bug

    June Bug13 hours ago

    If your vid get taken down or a strike happens, go to Twitter and have your community @ USlikes why is this demonetize. This might help with your channel but I would do this if a video get taken down cause they must be tired of it. Twitter help with USlikes problems.

  62. MattsFire

    MattsFire13 hours ago

    I had a ryobi at my HVAC job in high school. Everyone gave me crap for it but none of my ryobi tools have ever broke on me. I love ryobi and I’m glad you do too Matt

  63. BaronNate

    BaronNate13 hours ago

    oh god, I go by Natedog too, LOL. Now I have to adopt nippley nate on snowy days, LOL

  64. Hizenhawer

    Hizenhawer13 hours ago

    Shoot down a plane xd

  65. SweetGrumpyTea

    SweetGrumpyTea13 hours ago

    Zavala wants his shoulder armor back

  66. RedMo46

    RedMo4613 hours ago

    The first piece of power armor...

  67. Fil Conrad A. Evangelista

    Fil Conrad A. Evangelista13 hours ago

    Why does it look like something from 40k?

  68. Jake Smith

    Jake Smith13 hours ago

    You should get a lee enfield

  69. Cole Krabel

    Cole Krabel13 hours ago

    What ever happened to crazy cooter

  70. KARvER

    KARvER13 hours ago

    Am alllll dayyyyyy

  71. Ree Brooks

    Ree Brooks13 hours ago

    Rip mark

  72. Andrei Maruis

    Andrei Maruis14 hours ago

    12:20 schrödinger gun😳

  73. dakota hulmes

    dakota hulmes14 hours ago

    why u crash so weird i am like how the heck u do and crash and tree fall and break and u will get hurt

  74. nyarlathotep23

    nyarlathotep2314 hours ago

    Man, I really want to shoot that automag 3. It's been on my shooting bucket list since I found out they exist.


    ELEVATE yourSTATUS14 hours ago

    9:27 bro put your purse down when shooting. You'd think after carrying all that maybelline mascara n lipstick all day you'd be able to handle that gun.

  76. Mr Orgone

    Mr Orgone14 hours ago

    20 seconds with a hammer and screwdriver No guns ! Stupid video ..

  77. thelastyoutuber

    thelastyoutuber14 hours ago

    USlikes will demonetize as much as they can its so stupid

  78. ushook

    ushook14 hours ago

    Why are these intros so Bad?

  79. Mike Vanorder

    Mike Vanorder14 hours ago

    Yo Matt you should start making necklaces out of the 50BMG rounds and sell them and donate the money to Shriners children’s hospital or feeding America. I would definitely buy one of those

  80. Armando 1 Pain Ortiz

    Armando 1 Pain Ortiz14 hours ago

    This Ranch is awesome. I meet all the guys from the ranch when we filmed a music video and I can honestly say the ranch is possibly the best thing you can do for a summer.