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  1. Telic

    Telic8 minutes ago

    damn i hate when that happens to me

  2. Susan Christian

    Susan Christian8 minutes ago


  3. PSJish

    PSJish8 minutes ago

    I don’t think you can really call that helping lol

  4. Carmine Brothers

    Carmine Brothers8 minutes ago

    Cat: "Well then, someones been busy~"

  5. ᴀɴɢᴇʟᴀ.

    ᴀɴɢᴇʟᴀ.8 minutes ago

    The dog be like: I feel betrayed af im gonna eat your kid's homework, destroy everything in the household

  6. Abhinand Nandakumar

    Abhinand Nandakumar8 minutes ago

    The child belongs to the cat now

  7. naj987

    naj9878 minutes ago


  8. Alia Dias

    Alia Dias9 minutes ago

    I noticed nothing else except the DVDs ma dude

  9. AH! Why is there poop in your mouth

    AH! Why is there poop in your mouth9 minutes ago

    Makes sense.

  10. um ya

    um ya9 minutes ago

    some people in this comment section are just born stupid, tbf

  11. chloe devereaux

    chloe devereaux9 minutes ago

    cat.... ahhhh a new minion

  12. Sheen L

    Sheen L9 minutes ago

    So adorable

  13. sleepy shipper sails at sea

    sleepy shipper sails at sea9 minutes ago

    This the butler cat from the cat returns

  14. Kitsuninja

    Kitsuninja9 minutes ago

    0:06 satisfying

  15. GH05TM45K

    GH05TM45K10 minutes ago

    he is praying for god to save him from life responsibilities and hard times that he's going through:)

  16. Sheen L

    Sheen L10 minutes ago

    So sweet

  17. Skeppy

    Skeppy10 minutes ago

    are you stupid thats not a sword thats just a long knife also DONT PLAY WITH SHARP OBJECTS KIDS

  18. MG G

    MG G10 minutes ago

    Poor guy

  19. Mnemonic Hotpocket

    Mnemonic Hotpocket10 minutes ago

    Yo, its the belly button. Nothing more, nothing less.

  20. ZiggyWestGODX

    ZiggyWestGODX10 minutes ago

    the bellybutton just smells like shit

  21. onion wings

    onion wings10 minutes ago

    so no one is going to talk about the face that the cat was dead inside

  22. Michael Moore

    Michael Moore10 minutes ago

    Cat: Is it ready?

  23. Doe Mea T

    Doe Mea T11 minutes ago

    Poor dog hahaha

  24. Your friendly neighbourhood tea-sipping Grogu

    Your friendly neighbourhood tea-sipping Grogu11 minutes ago

    Dayum, dat curvy ass tho

  25. Maru

    Maru11 minutes ago

    el gato pensando aaaaaaaah asique hicisteis el delicioso sin respeto


    ADITYA DALAL11 minutes ago

    No one: Me while cutting my bday cake to distribute among relatives:

  27. Akash Giri

    Akash Giri12 minutes ago

    The poor lad knew he was about to die.

  28. Fco 64

    Fco 6412 minutes ago

    why do I imagine the cat driving the car to the hospital when the woman is about to have her child?

  29. Jennifer

    Jennifer12 minutes ago

    Lol how calm first I’ve seen a cat calm they are usually wild

  30. onion wings

    onion wings12 minutes ago

    You looked at the camera and avoided eye contact with the cat That's where you messed up

  31. Matthew

    Matthew12 minutes ago

    More fitting title: Battered woman tried to save their marriage by speaking Italian

  32. Sagar Jadhav

    Sagar Jadhav12 minutes ago

    He's not dancing you idiot, he's a Swan bender.

  33. Jinyeong

    Jinyeong12 minutes ago

    I don't think that's a adorable sound... it's more like a creepy sound to me...

  34. Leo Udah

    Leo Udah12 minutes ago

    I never see snow in my life

  35. GAPE

    GAPE12 minutes ago


  36. NoNut November

    NoNut November12 minutes ago

    Pathetic human, i will teach you how to be a real gentleman

  37. Taylor

    Taylor12 minutes ago

    I love that the teacher ignored it, so other students could still get academic aid. Cute beby though! Your teacher seems like a very understanding person🥰

  38. Lucas Toma - WLW Football

    Lucas Toma - WLW Football12 minutes ago

    If you say that in a highschool class, we will gang around you and call you an idiot.

  39. Byron Thompson

    Byron Thompson13 minutes ago

    Least she didn't throw it or feed it vodka

  40. Finner

    Finner13 minutes ago

    Why did you post my video that I made after lunch?

  41. Sam Adrian Shao

    Sam Adrian Shao13 minutes ago

    Danm, I guess he was c h e e z

  42. Novristxch

    Novristxch13 minutes ago

    Dogs would just bounce on it thinking it's a pillow or something

  43. Bryant Bridgewaters

    Bryant Bridgewaters13 minutes ago

    The cat knows.... Incredible... <3

  44. Lego Yoda

    Lego Yoda13 minutes ago

    Idk why but i feel disturbed

  45. Don't look at my pfp

    Don't look at my pfp13 minutes ago

    I'm purrty sure it drinks tea and loves ca' nip

  46. fatehyabali

    fatehyabali13 minutes ago


  47. The Blackfeather

    The Blackfeather14 minutes ago

    Who says cats don’t love or have emotion. Cats are some of the most understanding loving animals there are

  48. The Loner

    The Loner14 minutes ago

    Best NPC of any game

  49. Phoenix Gaming - Plaka Drakes

    Phoenix Gaming - Plaka Drakes14 minutes ago

    Wasn't this a meme video from like 2 years ago

  50. Radha

    Radha14 minutes ago

    *The cat looks like it's gonna summon something* 🤣

  51. Aje

    Aje14 minutes ago

    Mans got korin in his crib

  52. vigneshwaran ponnarasu

    vigneshwaran ponnarasu14 minutes ago

    Actually he hears the tummy and responds❤️


    WATCH MY MEMES GODDAMNIT!14 minutes ago

    *Reject modernity, Return to kitty*

  54. deVyte

    deVyte15 minutes ago

    240p and the audio is with latency. Unsatisfying

  55. olo olo

    olo olo15 minutes ago

    Who gives a shit

  56. Eshna Gupta

    Eshna Gupta15 minutes ago

    It's actually old as fuck

  57. Rin Kurusaki

    Rin Kurusaki15 minutes ago

    Its tooo loud to not be invited 👁👄👁

  58. Andromeda Prince Cj

    Andromeda Prince Cj15 minutes ago

    Dragon Ball Evolution deleted scene lol

  59. Lamyibe Zeliang

    Lamyibe Zeliang15 minutes ago

    Oww does it hurt 😂😂.try it again 🤣

  60. vini desu ne?

    vini desu ne?15 minutes ago

    4th grade me trying to stand for the pledge

  61. Serpent Goat

    Serpent Goat15 minutes ago

    Cats and dogs can smell the hormones that your body emits. I think that's how the cat figured that momma's pregnant! That's also why dogs will try to smell your crotch. They can literally smell how you are feeling by smelling your hormones!

  62. Random Anton

    Random Anton16 minutes ago

    that little paw raises, and her nervous laughter

  63. Abdul Ghani

    Abdul Ghani16 minutes ago

    he loves u me too

  64. Aqua GD

    Aqua GD16 minutes ago

    Im happy to be the father

  65. Ene Chan

    Ene Chan16 minutes ago

    This was unsettling AF. Even if you're checking the growth you could've been more gentle

  66. RxR Tamago

    RxR Tamago16 minutes ago

    Pretty sure that the cat is just checking if his prey is ready yet.

  67. CasT Foolish

    CasT Foolish16 minutes ago

    The cat was just attracted by the smell coming from the belly button

  68. Raoul B.

    Raoul B.17 minutes ago

    She’s “speaking” Italian and asking “Hello Sami, which one is your favourite?”

  69. Ichiro

    Ichiro17 minutes ago

    Her: speaks in italian Cat: im asian

  70. jerome dado

    jerome dado17 minutes ago

    Let say it was funny at first glance, but dogs looks hurts not funny at all.

  71. b Sofian

    b Sofian17 minutes ago

    I N T E R E S T I N G

  72. Walid Bougaila

    Walid Bougaila17 minutes ago

    The wigsplit soon followed.

  73. Tech Sufyan

    Tech Sufyan17 minutes ago

    I am disappointed the last line was not straight. I was not satisfied.

  74. Random Anton

    Random Anton18 minutes ago

    so nobody's getting tired of " You have chosen death, or ... "and I took that Personal"

  75. Onion Chan

    Onion Chan18 minutes ago


  76. hooman

    hooman18 minutes ago

    The paws touch her belly so gently

  77. Pj Om

    Pj Om18 minutes ago


  78. Blossxms

    Blossxms18 minutes ago

    Coryxkenshin with his katana on the snow:


    PARKOUR CREATOR18 minutes ago

    I thought it's a penguin 🤣😂🐧

  80. AbRa CaDaV3R

    AbRa CaDaV3R18 minutes ago

    I hurd the almost exact noise afew year back in south Africa like a rusted wind pump turning in the wind