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Taurus Tremani Bartlett, known professionally as Polo G, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record executive. He rose to prominence in 2018 with his single "Finer Things". In 2019, he gained mainstream fame with his single "Pop Out" featuring Lil Tjay which peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The singles were included on his debut studio album, Die a Legend, which peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard 200 and went on to be certified RIAA Platinum. Bartlett's second studio album, The Goat, peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard 200 and included ten Hot 100 charting singles.

  1. Songstats

    Songstats6 days ago

    Love this release!! Did you know that this track was added to 'RapRadar' with over 91.4K Followers on Spotify!

  2. MAMBA

    MAMBA6 days ago


  3. Zxrst IOS

    Zxrst IOS9 days ago

    More people need to see this wtf bruhh

  4. Chris gts

    Chris gts9 days ago

    I got a playlist for your heart girl pick a song

  5. Josh Bryant

    Josh Bryant9 days ago


  6. onyx lol

    onyx lol9 days ago

    why noone comment lol

  7. grabWebound

    grabWebound10 days ago


  8. Sam Stewart

    Sam Stewart10 days ago

    Polo really the goat

  9. Sam Stewart

    Sam Stewart10 days ago

    33 comments lol

  10. Diego Hoffmann

    Diego Hoffmann10 days ago

    Polos best song try to change my mind

  11. Simerk Afkguy

    Simerk Afkguy10 days ago


  12. Snow

    Snow11 days ago

    Put this on audiomack

  13. The builder Luigi

    The builder Luigi11 days ago

    how is there only 30 comments polo?

  14. Luke Roasts

    Luke Roasts11 days ago

    Polo is GOAT 🐐

  15. xPolo

    xPolo11 days ago

    this goated

  16. Syyrus

    Syyrus11 days ago


  17. Krismys

    Krismys11 days ago

    Polo you really some special my guy

  18. Omari Chaffee

    Omari Chaffee11 days ago

    Last 🐐 standing

  19. Fly C

    Fly C11 days ago


  20. GelloGonCrazy

    GelloGonCrazy11 days ago

    Only 73k views to lil tj 2 milli

  21. D0N4V4N 3LLIS

    D0N4V4N 3LLIS12 days ago

    Why the hell this nigga so good

  22. Official DB

    Official DB12 days ago

    It looks like only real polo fans here

  23. Richard Angel

    Richard Angel12 days ago

    Damn here before everyone gets here

  24. Joel Ober

    Joel Ober12 days ago

    Polo don’t missπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

  25. KapoReacts

    KapoReacts12 days ago


  26. Jadyn Rojas

    Jadyn Rojas12 days ago

    wtf does no one know he dropped shit has not even 40k views

  27. max maun

    max maun12 days ago

    Hey everyone

  28. Astro

    Astro12 days ago


  29. Quintino Yaiguluk

    Quintino Yaiguluk12 days ago

    polo g finna take this whole year polo a real goat

  30. Zino

    Zino12 days ago

    Man, This man polo makes u feel all types of emotions in one song, He the greatest frfr.

  31. ThatBoyPiro

    ThatBoyPiro12 days ago


  32. IThinkImELI

    IThinkImELI12 days ago


  33. Huber Huber

    Huber Huber12 days ago

    this is a heater

  34. Erratic Nonos

    Erratic Nonos12 days ago

    Damm this one gin blow up😭πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  35. Diego Bear

    Diego Bear12 days ago

    Best rapper alive

  36. Jordan Miks

    Jordan Miks12 days ago

    Like for the ppl who say he neva dropped nun but bangers

  37. Reaper_ 82007

    Reaper_ 8200712 days ago

    bruh there’s 4 comments where everyone at

  38. Jeremy Braxton

    Jeremy Braxton12 days ago

    why ain no one seen this?

  39. iidashawn

    iidashawn12 days ago

    Damn πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  40. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez12 days ago

    This one is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  41. Kush Patel

    Kush Patel12 days ago

    Straight Flames!!!!

  42. Lxmon

    Lxmon12 days ago

    sheesh πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  43. Kenji ramos

    Kenji ramos15 days ago


  44. Zino

    Zino16 days ago

    Polo do be unstoppable tho . can't wait fo da new project

  45. lIlIEyeSoldlIlI

    lIlIEyeSoldlIlI17 days ago

    His most unappreciated song

  46. Zino

    Zino18 days ago

    dat one friend that always talks fast asf me : wait slow it down, ok ok ok

  47. Kenzoε₯

    Kenzoε₯18 days ago


  48. big maino

    big maino19 days ago

    Shit run!!

  49. The Ghost Killer

    The Ghost Killer19 days ago

    is it just me or do I find that polo's voice is too melodic and not rough enough for this type of song (not hating just a thought)

  50. Reptic

    Reptic19 days ago

    Yes sir

  51. Imjonique

    Imjonique19 days ago


  52. Justin Martinez

    Justin Martinez19 days ago

    before tiktok

  53. ANT1_King

    ANT1_King19 days ago

    Here bfor tiktok

  54. Andurils

    Andurils19 days ago

    "i got shooters that don't even hoop"

  55. George Jane

    George Jane19 days ago

    remind me of old polo

  56. Q Spice

    Q Spice23 days ago


  57. prod.malachiii

    prod.malachiiiMonth ago

    polo if yyou read this, make more drill songs

  58. menace trapsin

    menace trapsinMonth ago

    Real shit

  59. Ternell Bienemy

    Ternell Bienemy2 months ago

    I played this bih 40 time ah day

  60. tt sinciair

    tt sinciair2 months ago

    aye whos the og people of this song? i remember when this came out lmaooo

  61. Josh Torres

    Josh Torres2 months ago

    yall need to stop with the "claimed before he dead" no one cares pray this man lives a long life tf

  62. Keira Kitson

    Keira Kitson2 months ago

    when he said rip juice i started party I'm like THANK GOODNESS SOMEBODY SAID IT

  63. Anthony Ambriz

    Anthony Ambriz2 months ago

    I knnnowwww

  64. Nw Mocha

    Nw Mocha2 months ago

    Hope you see this πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀟🏾

  65. lil Kayla

    lil Kayla2 months ago

    Cause opp gone be a oppπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―

  66. Roger Rojas

    Roger Rojas2 months ago

    This is pretty good

  67. Braden Toast

    Braden Toast2 months ago

    Some people don’t know this but this song was wrote to juice WRLD. RIP Juice fly high πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  68. Drippyb8ii

    Drippyb8ii2 months ago

    Was a fan in 2020πŸ₯Ά

  69. SimpSkull

    SimpSkull2 months ago

    Why is it not on Spotify

  70. Calvin Leonard

    Calvin Leonard2 months ago

    who else here waiting for polo to drop more bangers

  71. GX_SKYS

    GX_SKYS2 months ago

    i lost brother seen him die and i just seen him graduate🀝

  72. blyixz

    blyixz2 months ago

    Bruh this shit still slap

  73. October Maxwell

    October Maxwell2 months ago

    "I'm getting money but still hurtin that's why I'm bipolar" πŸ’­

  74. dawson lawrence

    dawson lawrence2 months ago

    did polo die

  75. Devon Fort

    Devon Fort2 months ago

    Now that's my man NLE Choppa he's a good singer

  76. Zxrst IOS

    Zxrst IOS2 months ago

    The beat ain't good ngl...

  77. 77 jay

    77 jay2 months ago


  78. H5n7?3 78

    H5n7?3 782 months ago

    Lets hide this please

  79. Shady

    Shady2 months ago

    Yeah im listening here rn

  80. Danny Crazy shi

    Danny Crazy shi2 months ago

    who else here rn waiting for polo to drop sum else we waiting polo anything