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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.

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  1. redstart67

    redstart673 hours ago

    Wasn't this filmed around the time of those hairdresser murders that the police never solved because there were no fingerprints to give them a lead?

  2. Jarvalicious

    Jarvalicious3 hours ago

    Hey Tom, if you ever get the opportunity to drive through Portland, Oregon USA. I highly recommend it. If only for the experience of seeing an entire suburb made of tarps, tires, and pallets

  3. Jonathan Tanner

    Jonathan Tanner3 hours ago

    How did no one come up with protocopier?

  4. Gaia

    Gaia4 hours ago

    That "tecnically legal" just tickled the italian in me 😂

  5. María G

    María G4 hours ago


  6. Flipidy_Arif

    Flipidy_Arif4 hours ago

    I don't know gaming plane exist, them RGB's looks great

  7. jeremiahadam19

    jeremiahadam194 hours ago

    I heard about this cave years ago and couldn't remember the name and bam here is a code about this place thank you

  8. Stanley

    Stanley4 hours ago

    "A folk rock sea shanty band won't top the charts" 1 Wellerman Later...

  9. DarknessOfFido

    DarknessOfFido4 hours ago

    1:55 Me: Golden Horse Armor

  10. NUKE

    NUKE4 hours ago

    I don't see how I can be convinced by any of this

  11. Beshoy Kher

    Beshoy Kher4 hours ago

    Why the last 3 videos seem like an idea from AI XD, "England's Oldest Attraction Turns Teddy Bears To Stone", " The Beach Where Lego Keeps Washing Up " , This titles doesn't seem like one that human came up with XD

  12. Carpe Vinum

    Carpe Vinum4 hours ago

    I feel a lot more justified in my native tongue of North-Mid-East-Coast-Australian 😆

  13. kris9700 kris9700

    kris9700 kris97004 hours ago

    Sunday May 6th 2021 10:05 AM: 29,046,882 views

  14. Helveteshit

    Helveteshit4 hours ago

    Why is a Swedish flag on a New England beach? O.o

  15. Andy Zehner

    Andy Zehner4 hours ago

    That doesn't look fun at all. (And I typed that BEFORE seeing Tom's stitches.)

  16. Emma Cowling

    Emma Cowling4 hours ago

    there are some very funny videos on Uni of York's website of him dressed like a pirate and making fun of Derwent college.

  17. Masoud Maani

    Masoud Maani4 hours ago

    1.9M likes, 19k dislikes, code still working at 29.046.797 views. the date is 5.16.2021. entropy still unsolved.

  18. redstoneandstuff;

    redstoneandstuff;4 hours ago

    your program is incredibly accurate. i clicked on it today, 16 may 2021, the title saying it had 29,046,480 views and the view counter also did so. this also goes for every other time i clicked here, having a different view count every time but the title matching with the view count. so there were like 20 miracles, or your program is just incredibly good.

  19. Peter

    Peter4 hours ago

    “How Bethesda broke me, and here’s why I’ll keep buying their games anyway” is actually all of our relationship with Bethesda.

  20. [?] Question Block

    [?] Question Block4 hours ago

    Over 20M views and it is spot on. Every time i randomly check it is spot on to the view

  21. Polizey

    Polizey4 hours ago

    broke for a bit 30 views difference

  22. Marc Nemitz

    Marc Nemitz5 hours ago

    Thx USlikes Algo....

  23. Icebirb

    Icebirb5 hours ago


  24. Pavese शांति

    Pavese शांति5 hours ago

    I live in Salvador, there are some favelas around the city on some really stiep and irregular terrain, there are streets that I'd say reach 45º

  25. Elizabeth Harttley

    Elizabeth Harttley5 hours ago

    Show me how much you picked up Tom. I've picked up trash at any beach i go to for 25 years, every bit helps.

  26. controlfreak1963

    controlfreak19635 hours ago

    I started my Tenet loop in one of those!

  27. Gaia

    Gaia5 hours ago


  28. Ben Grinter

    Ben Grinter5 hours ago

    Ah so anytime I see an influencer taking pics of their meals, I can be sure they're crackheads

  29. Uber Raisin

    Uber Raisin5 hours ago

    Infest the area with killer bees and/or harmful plants

  30. Maxym Habarov

    Maxym Habarov5 hours ago

    The salmon thing is probably bc you could potentially hide a weapon in a whole salmon

  31. Duwindu Tharinda

    Duwindu Tharinda5 hours ago

    Was that Danish King... Eric? So after, Ericson?

  32. prodigalretrod

    prodigalretrod5 hours ago

    This is why I can't stand smokers who casually flick their butts on the street. The ocean is not your rubbish bin.

  33. Amrita Girish

    Amrita Girish5 hours ago


  34. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom5 hours ago

    The sad part is, when you pick up this plastic, and throw it in the trash, where does it go ? a large part of it just ends up where it came from, in the "trashcan" that is the ocean.

  35. Λίλα Ν.Π.

    Λίλα Ν.Π.5 hours ago

    "maybe take a bag with you and take some plastic away" Even if one collects it, won't it eventually end up in a similar place?

  36. LiMaKa •

    LiMaKa •5 hours ago

    Cyrillic words with Ә: Әмбебап Әрбір Әр Әскер Әктас

  37. LiMaKa •

    LiMaKa •5 hours ago

    Қазақтар бар ма?

  38. Colton Cain

    Colton Cain5 hours ago

    I hate to be the one but his figure 8 knot tied to his caribiner attached to the D ring doesn’t have a safety. Granted it’s a strong knot but it’s always good to have that safety knot to prevent slippage.

  39. MMT-Games

    MMT-Games5 hours ago

    we cant see the selfie stick in the shots where you recorded with the cam attached to the selfie stick. i guess selfie stick is a lie and cameraman is in the spectator mode

  40. EvanTwo

    EvanTwo5 hours ago

    still spot on

  41. Dan Lewellyn

    Dan Lewellyn5 hours ago

    Well.... fusion is about 10 years away so then we'll have plenty. But fusion is like a promise from Trump. It's always 10 years away.

  42. 101mfoxiwriteabit IG

    101mfoxiwriteabit IG5 hours ago

    Miracle 16th of May 2021

  43. Mason Tatum

    Mason Tatum5 hours ago


  44. Estell Dante

    Estell Dante6 hours ago

    The utter spot descriptively weigh because plasterboard totally spill against a rude beet. wandering, domineering hardboard

  45. FTWGaming

    FTWGaming6 hours ago

    what about the ofuksecond?

  46. The guy who jumped the flagpole in SMB2

    The guy who jumped the flagpole in SMB26 hours ago

    Dame tu cosita, ə ə

  47. French_bread_gud

    French_bread_gud6 hours ago

    still works

  48. Gaia

    Gaia6 hours ago

    Our cool teacher from highschool tought us about this just to troll other teachers who didn't know how a computer works😂 aah I miss him

  49. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur6 hours ago

    Still 100% on spot

  50. Kevin Svetlev

    Kevin Svetlev6 hours ago

    Challenge accepted.

  51. Abdul Hayi

    Abdul Hayi6 hours ago

    Mr beasts sounds smarter in this vid

  52. Valentino

    Valentino6 hours ago

    I'm from swindon this round about is madness but the same time it's so simple

  53. Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    Deyvson Moutinho Caliman6 hours ago

    The government should have built the road and paid him a compensation for the temporary use of his land instead of harassing him.

  54. Mason Tatum

    Mason Tatum6 hours ago

    Tom said “be kind” and a smile crawled across my face lmao

  55. Jumbo Bites

    Jumbo Bites7 hours ago

    Wow, it finally broke 🤔 Please fix 😊

  56. Shreyas Shinde

    Shreyas Shinde7 hours ago

    Watching 1 year later Still perfect

  57. Dan Bourton

    Dan Bourton7 hours ago

    I love you tom xx

  58. Maxpower Overdrive

    Maxpower Overdrive7 hours ago

    Tonight on Top Gear I shake a mat Richard flies a kite And James makes a beard.

  59. Hinge 45

    Hinge 457 hours ago

    Fun games until theres cracks and the water starts falling into caves.

  60. David

    David7 hours ago

    Still 100% spot on

  61. Hayley

    Hayley7 hours ago

    Shame the referendum returned the way it did. Nuclear has safety issues, but it's better than fossil fuels. Glad they've been able to make use of it though.

  62. robert17

    robert177 hours ago

    i dont know why i expected this video to be better

  63. Dick Nickler

    Dick Nickler7 hours ago

    Hiding it by leaving no traces on the surface is smart, but you should still leave warnings around the material itself! Onto the end caps, in every human language, just print the word "DEATH" over and over. Carve murals of death and suffering into the containers, then plate them with gold so that they never corrode or fall apart, then likewise surround them with people kneeling, weeping and grasping at the container, having their flesh melted and burned off. And then holding onto the container itself, a single skeleton of twisted, mutated bone racked with agony. If someone digs that up and ignores all the warnings, they get what they deserve!

  64. Gabriel

    Gabriel7 hours ago

    I saw this video after seeing MattColbo's Imitation of Tom and damn, the accuracy is unreal

  65. Jesse Krauß

    Jesse Krauß7 hours ago

    01:30 Star Trek can. 😉🖖

  66. WelshDuckMan

    WelshDuckMan7 hours ago

    There are two types of people, those who trust the electric fence is on, and those who have to piss on it.

  67. Isha Malve

    Isha Malve7 hours ago

    Am I the only one curious about the electric corsets?

  68. Isha Malve

    Isha Malve7 hours ago

    The Hindi bit hasn't been translated correctly!😂 But it's funny though

  69. The Royal Dutch Company

    The Royal Dutch Company8 hours ago

    So if this is better, why not do the same with an electrical motor? Just make the permanent magnets electric? You can have a bunch of the ‘permanent’ magnets instead of coils (not sure with the terms), and then the brushes wouldn’t wear out.

  70. Ofek Moyal

    Ofek Moyal8 hours ago

    title: 29,045,595 count: 29,045,595 👏👏👏

  71. Thomas Paris

    Thomas Paris8 hours ago


  72. akasso zen win

    akasso zen win8 hours ago


  73. Man-Ung Yi

    Man-Ung Yi8 hours ago

    Because backwards it spells In A Sad And if you spell Evian backwards, it spells Naive

  74. Malcolm Anthony Castillo

    Malcolm Anthony Castillo8 hours ago

    the real lego land

  75. Herpes-Lip

    Herpes-Lip8 hours ago

    Install an elevator. The turbine will power it.

  76. Jorge Renteria

    Jorge Renteria8 hours ago

    I’ve been here like 3 time already and it’s always spot on

  77. JamesTavRule

    JamesTavRule8 hours ago

    He's driving a go-kart.

  78. ollie pearce

    ollie pearce9 hours ago


  79. Tevvy Tevvy

    Tevvy Tevvy9 hours ago

    I haven't watched the video yet please let it be the earthing conduit please let it be the earthing conduit please let it be the earthing conduit please let it be the earthing conduit Edit: AAAAAAAAAA ONE OF THEM WAS THE EARTHING CONDUIT!!!!

  80. Jd Dennis

    Jd Dennis9 hours ago

    Tom coughed after the vape for 12 seconds. You were successful, Tom. If I wasn’t already vaping, I sure wouldn’t now