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Greg Renko
Greg Renko

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel!

My name is Greg Renko and my channel mainly consists of short skits about video games, comedy, and personal vlogs of my life. My love for video making and editing came as of recently in my life, but my passion for sports, video games, and comedy have all been apparent my entire life.

My video making career all started on tiktok in early 2020. I've been making short, 1 minute videos on Tiktok for quite some time now, and due to the overwhelming support I started to get on that platform I decided it would be a good idea to start migrating over to youtube. Little did I know my tiktok page would grow rapidly and next thing I knew I had just about half a million followers within a couple of months. I think USlikes is a fantastic opportunity for me to grow my following and get others who don't use tiktok to see my videos.

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  1. ¿•Tøxic Røse ?•

    ¿•Tøxic Røse ?•17 hours ago

    What kind of laughing is that-

  2. AiRsTrIkExXzZ

    AiRsTrIkExXzZ17 hours ago

    I prefer the wakizashi

  3. Deadline 72

    Deadline 7217 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how he be making these cool weapons

  4. GAMER BOY2467

    GAMER BOY246717 hours ago

    These sound affect are SO ACCURATE

  5. Perla Perez

    Perla Perez17 hours ago

    0:40 Noob was like: Say sike right now

  6. Kuroi Ryu

    Kuroi Ryu17 hours ago

    That sniper scope hits different on MWs Olympia

  7. Dave Arce

    Dave Arce17 hours ago

    A nice night to watch this it's almost 12 because it's 11:15 at the phi2

  8. Aleks

    Aleks17 hours ago

    0:17 if only this was cold war

  9. M1A2 Abrams

    M1A2 Abrams17 hours ago


  10. Guttikonda Jaganmohan Rao

    Guttikonda Jaganmohan Rao17 hours ago

    Loll Greg you are the best

  11. Killian Jerrr 2

    Killian Jerrr 217 hours ago

    Greg, I love you, but damn why the hard flex with the guns all the time? This was literally a showcase to flex on the less talented gun builders

  12. Rhune Claesen

    Rhune Claesen17 hours ago


  13. Bullyhunter XYZDragonCannon

    Bullyhunter XYZDragonCannon17 hours ago


  14. hazbinknight

    hazbinknight17 hours ago

    Why not you use the other desk for food and drinks

  15. ศรีสมร จงเจิดสิน

    ศรีสมร จงเจิดสิน17 hours ago


  16. galera picareta

    galera picareta17 hours ago


  17. 最近太った

    最近太った17 hours ago


  18. Gavin Arbogast

    Gavin Arbogast17 hours ago

    Can we talk about the guns for a sec

  19. Vamel de troll

    Vamel de troll17 hours ago

    No les pasa que*hum🤔*

  20. Seal Snatch

    Seal Snatch17 hours ago

    Like 90% of the bad ads are mafia city

  21. Jesse maina

    Jesse maina17 hours ago

    The only add I would watch 😂

  22. Milan Egly

    Milan Egly17 hours ago

    Every modern mobile games be like

  23. hEy

    hEy17 hours ago

    How much I need to pay for 9 season of this

  24. Dhruv Mukherjee

    Dhruv Mukherjee17 hours ago

    Yeah, these videos are cool and all, but what is he making the guns from?

  25. Caleb Jordan

    Caleb Jordan17 hours ago

    Is Dark Souls really that hard?

  26. Clowncar27

    Clowncar2717 hours ago

    I love these

  27. Those1guys

    Those1guys17 hours ago

    This one was especially entertaining

  28. Zi Slim 23

    Zi Slim 2317 hours ago

    Imagine getting refused for the first time and get angry

  29. mai wael

    mai wael17 hours ago

    Omg this is boring

  30. Tommy Lewis

    Tommy Lewis17 hours ago


  31. Tommy Lewis

    Tommy Lewis17 hours ago


  32. Rocky

    Rocky17 hours ago

    Man when he said hmmmmmm hit differently you know to the point i dont know how to feel

  33. Shane Godfrey

    Shane Godfrey17 hours ago

    "First time?"

  34. Sniper Hunter

    Sniper Hunter17 hours ago

    Man realy just made a Mozambique from apex

  35. Orie'G Property

    Orie'G Property17 hours ago


  36. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird17 hours ago

    Me in the flowers in ghost of Tsushima

  37. LoganG Boyd

    LoganG Boyd17 hours ago

    I can almost relate to this. I had a history test a couple of months ago and the study guid rarely helped. Luckily I got an A. But most of it was from just guessing

  38. SpaZzio On Mars

    SpaZzio On Mars17 hours ago

    “This is payback for killing my partner” “Huh”

  39. Cynthia Evangelista

    Cynthia Evangelista17 hours ago

    Why am I addicted watching these 😭😭😭

  40. Matyx_ d

    Matyx_ d17 hours ago


  41. Daryl Boo

    Daryl Boo17 hours ago

    Skiberdeedoo slumberrrrrrrrrr That brother gone

  42. Josiah D

    Josiah D17 hours ago


  43. Thu Nguyễn Hoài

    Thu Nguyễn Hoài17 hours ago

    I love the fake laugh so much is like everyone is a evil villain or somthing

  44. Retrothedragon

    Retrothedragon17 hours ago

    He’s using sniper scopes as binoculars

  45. elia piludu

    elia piludu17 hours ago


  46. Funny CookieCat

    Funny CookieCat17 hours ago

    me pushes my first door: I am a GOD

  47. Funny CookieCat

    Funny CookieCat17 hours ago

    If all people can push so we're all noobs?

  48. Shubhangi Satpudke

    Shubhangi Satpudke17 hours ago

    This time is not hmmmmm


    POLO OLOP17 hours ago

    That's how mafia works

  50. James Hemann

    James Hemann17 hours ago

    Not saying you should stop this content but you should make a gaming channel were you post stream clips.

  51. Adam Reeve

    Adam Reeve17 hours ago

    Mafia city

  52. Ahad Kirk

    Ahad Kirk17 hours ago

    Off course sniper scope

  53. Adam Reeve

    Adam Reeve17 hours ago


  54. SiL3nt BULLet

    SiL3nt BULLet17 hours ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t ask for a sniper scope

  55. Carson j

    Carson j17 hours ago


  56. Tre Monster Gaming

    Tre Monster Gaming17 hours ago

    This is me when I play fortnite alllll the timen¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  57. meme_ god

    meme_ god17 hours ago

    where are you getting these sound affects

  58. Barney The Dunce Dino

    Barney The Dunce Dino17 hours ago

    Do one like this when the people are dumb as hell and cant escape a box

  59. Ms Pretty Kawaii

    Ms Pretty Kawaii17 hours ago

    Imagine you talk like this to your mom.

  60. Fazira Aziz

    Fazira Aziz17 hours ago

    4 push up : 40 level

  61. TrazorDan

    TrazorDan17 hours ago

    Hm yes taking someone's hat turns u into a god

  62. Orie'G Property

    Orie'G Property17 hours ago


  63. Orie'G Property

    Orie'G Property17 hours ago


  64. Rooster HTC

    Rooster HTC17 hours ago

    It's amazing!!!

  65. Orie'G Property

    Orie'G Property17 hours ago


  66. scih

    scih17 hours ago

    So that's how you get a job

  67. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person17 hours ago

    When the noob opens the door: **Golden Wind Intensifies**

  68. Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Ferry Muhammad Nur17 hours ago

    When reloading in a videogame was more annoying than in real life

  69. I'm a fan of juice and von

    I'm a fan of juice and von17 hours ago

    Do more of these

  70. Mr Melon

    Mr Melon17 hours ago

    this guy has more ads than my amount of brain cells

  71. Dominic Myers

    Dominic Myers17 hours ago

    So accurate

  72. Tre Monster Gaming

    Tre Monster Gaming17 hours ago

    I love these its hilarious

  73. fil kan

    fil kan17 hours ago

    I mean it is a shotgun with good range so the scope is not the dumest thing

  74. Doomguy Furry

    Doomguy Furry17 hours ago

    When will the guy just say no

  75. Isoviikuna

    Isoviikuna17 hours ago

    Me a dnd player accurate

  76. Jowe Sapalaran

    Jowe Sapalaran17 hours ago

    When the nood is actually powerful dear god

  77. Elijah Defore

    Elijah Defore17 hours ago

    When are you gonna start streaming?

  78. Rahul Rajat

    Rahul Rajat17 hours ago


  79. Official_RARE_PLAYER

    Official_RARE_PLAYER17 hours ago

    Bhai saab kush jyada nhi ho rha matlab kush bhi😂😂

  80. Headedhorseman

    Headedhorseman17 hours ago

    Hat makes you boss - that's how mafia works Aperrently