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  1. Zachary Jones

    Zachary Jones9 hours ago

    Why my 8T don't look like that? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Lu Silk

    Lu Silk9 hours ago

    top marks bro

  3. Shishobhan Sharma

    Shishobhan Sharma9 hours ago

    Shifting from Apple to Samsung was among my greatest decisions ever

  4. Manoj Verma

    Manoj Verma9 hours ago

    No flagship at all for me...these tech companies make you feel the need for such high tech which never get utilized in day to day life...why to pay for it

  5. Javier Lombardo Von - Vietinghoff Scheel

    Javier Lombardo Von - Vietinghoff Scheel9 hours ago

    talking on eggshellssss

  6. EndRE32

    EndRE329 hours ago

    i watched this in 144p

  7. Fawry

    Fawry9 hours ago

    1:30 Nice

  8. ayoub elmimouni

    ayoub elmimouni9 hours ago

    Marques "get a grip" Brownlee

  9. Essence-Realzy -

    Essence-Realzy -9 hours ago

    Yeah apple will conveniently sell you a $30 usb c box 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  10. Rob Ch.

    Rob Ch.9 hours ago

    Marquees target audience is rich people

  11. WIO2189

    WIO21899 hours ago

    S20 FE has this shitty silver ring around the front camera. Not a big deal other than they obviously only made it to make it shittier. I can't accept that for USD 700 at all.

  12. ELN calls

    ELN calls9 hours ago

    Worked for the original MotoX. Too bad Google sold Motorola.

  13. Ajay Bhujbal

    Ajay Bhujbal9 hours ago

    Reverse Engineering = 2 LG Wings

  14. Django Reinhardt

    Django Reinhardt9 hours ago

    rename it Crapple!!!!

  15. \:D/

    \:D/9 hours ago

    Well done, Marques! Maneuvers, sounds, shooting angles - great video!

  16. Kaamil Mirza

    Kaamil Mirza9 hours ago

    Too bad, it did not have 120hz


    CHYESENG YAP9 hours ago


  18. Silver fang

    Silver fang9 hours ago

    You just proved that you're a racist.

  19. Critix Outsider

    Critix Outsider9 hours ago

    Buy one you get two. Very good offer.

  20. venkat krishna

    venkat krishna9 hours ago

    8:14 remind me wall-e

  21. Clout

    Clout9 hours ago

    OnePlus 8T is better at EVERYTHING and is a true flagship yet costs less. What's Google's excuse for this lack-luster device?

  22. B Kim

    B Kim9 hours ago

    Last time google pixel series wowed me was Google Pixel 2xl by LG. All reviewers either all had iphone or pixle2 xl at tech event. Pixel 2XL was a flagship.... even at midrange, competitiion is beter. Maybe they should collab with another company that has impressive hardware....for a "pro" version....(maybe another collab with LG? ) .

  23. Mike H.

    Mike H.9 hours ago

    Dear Google. Do more with that fingerprint scanner. Would be nice to use it for scrolling. Or maybe you can swipe down and it makes the display mini. So you do not need to stretch. Similar to Samsung and Apple.

  24. Second Grader

    Second Grader9 hours ago

    its amazing how 7 years ago 5 inch is considered the top but now its sitting below average even by midrange standard

  25. kent leonhart

    kent leonhart9 hours ago

    Basically you're paying for Google's software in this phone as it is using an old camera way way back from Pixel 2 and removing the interesting radar (RIP), using a midrange SOC, and other not so impressive hardware specs. I'm still impressed at the battery and camera, it lasts long, better camera than all the $1000++ flagships, plus it plays Among Us. You can't go wrong with all that.

  26. mickeytheking1992

    mickeytheking19929 hours ago


  27. vezo the great

    vezo the great9 hours ago

    So If I put a case on it can it read my fingerprints?

  28. karthik nair

    karthik nair9 hours ago

    The iPhone in the background kind of adds a value to this review.

  29. Igbo Bavarian

    Igbo Bavarian9 hours ago

    This is exactly what we thought the pixel 4 was going to be!

  30. Currythaking

    Currythaking9 hours ago

    To me google is kinda like the Porsche of phones

  31. Mo HW

    Mo HW9 hours ago

    It's not Wawei, it's Huawei

  32. ali boubes

    ali boubes9 hours ago

    It's stupid to try to make it worth to waste your money on that craps

  33. the Nutshell cracks

    the Nutshell cracks9 hours ago

    Sony should just let you speak for their launches. You promote better.

  34. Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker9 hours ago

    I'd rather keep a 60hz display for ever. For now, it doesn't bother me at all. Once I get a 90/120+ Hz screen, it'll annoy me to use 60hz, so I'd rather just keep 60.

  35. sam smith

    sam smith9 hours ago

    should have removed rear finger print not a fan of that .. other wise it's awesome

  36. John Zhang

    John Zhang9 hours ago

    Please, please ,DON'T BUY Huawei mate 40 series, so I might can have chance to buy one.

  37. M- Majed

    M- Majed9 hours ago

    which better for painting ?

  38. Meeral Khurram

    Meeral Khurram10 hours ago

    Can I have one?

  39. Oshungboye Oluwadamilola

    Oshungboye Oluwadamilola10 hours ago

    Nobody: Marques : Bells and whistles

  40. sneqkiii ఠ ͟ಠ

    sneqkiii ఠ ͟ಠ10 hours ago

    so youre saying i couldve gotten the ipad air instead of the ipad pro? bruh these people keep releasing the same things

  41. dream

    dream10 hours ago

    ui looks like ios ..

  42. Claudiu K2

    Claudiu K210 hours ago

    Scooby Doo

  43. sutmoeller

    sutmoeller10 hours ago

    Where can I get the wallpaper ?

  44. Leigh K

    Leigh K10 hours ago

    Google pixel review 1.2m views. Shows us an iPhone box 10m views 😂

  45. C_x48_wtchr.exe

    C_x48_wtchr.exe10 hours ago

    4:20 in the thumbnail, nice

  46. Daniel_81

    Daniel_8110 hours ago

    the fact that midrange phones are now costing $ 600 - $ 700 is simply nuts!

  47. Salam MSaif

    Salam MSaif10 hours ago

    Lol iphone12 review, not so much update, gotta use accessories(case etc) to not ending up as a 3minute video

  48. Rob Ch.

    Rob Ch.10 hours ago

    Just the 2 apple displays cost more than my car 😅

  49. Sergentspicy

    Sergentspicy10 hours ago

    1:33 nice

  50. T. O

    T. O10 hours ago

    I'm using that Pixel 5 right now (after a 4 XL) and I love it, even know I don't like some "not premium" things (ok sound, no tele camera, etc.). The Pixel experience is still my favorite, but I would love a "Pro" version, with the quality hardware of the iPhone (but with 90-120hz display, and USB-C, and maybe a combo with fingerprint scanner because you know, mask...)

  51. Rana

    Rana10 hours ago

    What the actual literal fuck? no charger?

  52. Mars

    Mars10 hours ago

    Watching on Pixel 5 from Germany ;)

  53. itzAbbas CH

    itzAbbas CH10 hours ago

    *iPhone 12 came out* nobody: YT recommendation: no, not the ip 12. just buy ip 5

  54. Luca Hermann

    Luca Hermann10 hours ago

    1:51 MKBHD: "no wireless charging, that doesn't work through metal" Pixel 5: *laughs in bathroom tile*

  55. Inma Torrees

    Inma Torrees10 hours ago

    i’m in love with the symmetrical edges

  56. Ilham Najib

    Ilham Najib10 hours ago

    I see that 69 reference

  57. BalmeirHat

    BalmeirHat10 hours ago

    Ayoo how am I going to charge my phone

  58. chris styles

    chris styles10 hours ago

    X box is biggest boring block for a console no imagination no pushing the limits of design they just drew 4 lines on a napkin & said done least playstation pushed the design & i think it looks great

  59. Stuart Mills

    Stuart Mills10 hours ago

    Shout out to the engineers, developers and design team at Huawei. Everything else aside we are all lovers of technology and we all dream of a better future for all humans.

  60. Pon Goni

    Pon Goni10 hours ago

    OnePlus 7t is still the better deal!

  61. AkIRA_22 Game-O-Rama

    AkIRA_22 Game-O-Rama10 hours ago

    Been using it for 2 weeks, and I think the compromises they've made are nearly perfect. To me the great photos and outstanding battery are exactly what I'm looking for. Add day and date android updates for 3 years.... Perfect.

  62. Kandarp Rastey

    Kandarp Rastey10 hours ago

    Please review the motorola one fusion+... same 730G processor but it's damn cheap and yet stock android... is it a poor guy's pixel?

  63. Edgar van der Meer

    Edgar van der Meer10 hours ago

    When it's been 13 hours and Marques hasn't uploaded a new video yet :\

  64. Rob P

    Rob P10 hours ago

    Glass on my 3A was also "loose", and since replacing it, the proximity sensor stopped working (PITA). Otherwise, I really like it, especially for the pictures. Now waiting on iPhone12 to be delivered.

  65. Jasmine Peake

    Jasmine Peake10 hours ago

    Imagine Huawei hardware on Pixel software

  66. Pding Nick

    Pding Nick10 hours ago

    JUST FYI, the front facing camera supports 3D face unlock ..:)

  67. Ben Liu

    Ben Liu10 hours ago

    Sony screwed up.. they are just not at the edge anymore and kept to same crappy conservative design whilst the other specs aren't on the same level as Samsung anymore.. Not to mention the camera and everything else. No DEX either for desktop mode. Little to no marketing on their mobile devices. Combine all of this and that is why Sony's market share is so low.

  68. Ambrose Jeffery

    Ambrose Jeffery10 hours ago

    The iPhone 12 has got to be the most scamming of all iPhones they can just add the charger because they’re just gonna force people into buying the charger anyway so this environmental friendly stuff makes no sense

  69. aleem azam khan

    aleem azam khan10 hours ago

    USlikes recommended this video after 7years

  70. kolombo

    kolombo10 hours ago

    Как всегда Гугл выпускает телефон который уже года на полтора устарел. Дырка под камеру мало того что большая, да ещё и не по центру. Ах да, и разумеется в компакт версии на 6-ти дюймах. Не знаю кому это вообще надо, ещё и за такие деньги. При всей моей любви к чистому Андроиду.

  71. Chromebook Unboxed

    Chromebook Unboxed10 hours ago

    Hey what's up! MKBHD here! 🤗🤗🤗

  72. ZoltanoMoltano

    ZoltanoMoltano10 hours ago

    0:57 no they make an overpriced 200 dollar unit instead

  73. Rohit Panwar

    Rohit Panwar10 hours ago


  74. Salman Al Karim

    Salman Al Karim10 hours ago

    Pixel 5 is just 200 $ more from being an excellent smartphone puchase.

  75. Nada M. Fab

    Nada M. Fab10 hours ago

    Flagship S20 plus 5G! Couldn't ask for more tbh

  76. Ian Balls

    Ian Balls10 hours ago

    Damn why is everyone talking about the lack of charger? The actual phones are looking great

  77. Shahjada Fahim

    Shahjada Fahim10 hours ago

    Poor phone very small for today’s world 🤣

  78. Nishchal G

    Nishchal G10 hours ago

    Bond, James bond Pixel 5, Google Pixel 5

  79. Bigmansuri

    Bigmansuri10 hours ago

    2:42 dwayne jphnson in his dms

  80. Dion Leuhof

    Dion Leuhof10 hours ago

    I'd buy this phone without hesitation if it still had Google. This machine is obviously "technically impressive", if not the best on the market, hardware wise that is.