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  1. Paula Tyson

    Paula Tyson4 hours ago

    So sad life is so unfair

  2. Duggy Dugg

    Duggy Dugg5 hours ago

    ad chain

  3. Wilhelm Geisler

    Wilhelm Geisler5 hours ago


  4. Diane Idalia

    Diane Idalia5 hours ago


  5. anne erdman

    anne erdman5 hours ago

    I didn't see the "kiss' BUT GREAT LOVE heals the heart and soul

  6. Jeanice Hays

    Jeanice Hays5 hours ago

    Did that say ANYTHING about THE KISS AND WHAT IT DID??? I didn't see it.

  7. Alex Vivov

    Alex Vivov6 hours ago


  8. Showkat Khan

    Showkat Khan6 hours ago

    None of your videos has any actual footage, all are narrated stories. Please try to upload real footage.

  9. Dev Choudhary

    Dev Choudhary6 hours ago

    It’s called a tigeress and not a she tiger

  10. Charles Clark

    Charles Clark6 hours ago


  11. Cory Blum

    Cory Blum6 hours ago

    Wondering who are the 192 people who have no soul?

  12. Julite Folkes

    Julite Folkes7 hours ago

    I love him if is that god wanted him to do he was so do it thank you

  13. Grace

    Grace7 hours ago

    Don't u know that children may not be exposed on media. Sandra Snyman

  14. Annemarie Mayr

    Annemarie Mayr7 hours ago

    Thats unbelieveble...but animals are better then people...more heart...❤❤❤

  15. Mary Palmer

    Mary Palmer7 hours ago

    I fear this is not a unrealistic nor a totally true story. As the girl ages, so must the dog. The life span of a dog is not 15 years or more.

  16. Ken Cash

    Ken Cash7 hours ago

    This is a pic where the video this suck

  17. Celia Clarke

    Celia Clarke8 hours ago


  18. Mike Meaney

    Mike Meaney8 hours ago

    This dude must be reading a messed up script. After the birth is no longer a fetus. I wonder how some people get these jobs when they can't even say what's correct.

  19. Nadine Johnson

    Nadine Johnson8 hours ago

    Just a little unbelievable. Too many very unlikely things. Too good to be true.

  20. M Marie Markel

    M Marie Markel9 hours ago

    You got a thumbs down from me because your video didn't stay on topic, making your title CLICK BAIT. And when it was on topic it said the same thing each time, just changing the order of how they said it and the CC(closed captions) spelled his name differently every time they repeated the story. Get some REAL content instead of the click bait you're serving up now. It seriously takes away from the awesomeness that this nurse is doing and doesn't really show his viral dancing.

  21. Beautiful Julie

    Beautiful Julie9 hours ago

    Your introduction and your video are two different volumes. Your intro is okay, then the film is too low. So after you turn it up, the end speech is super loud. Makes it hard to watch. I have to be in front of the tv to turn it down.

  22. Kim Brownell

    Kim Brownell10 hours ago

    score one for the Cat

  23. The Truth Is Out 777

    The Truth Is Out 77711 hours ago

    I hate this guy, such a bullshitter

  24. Namoth

    Namoth12 hours ago

    respect wild life ,show you understand them....and they will do so in kind... all the ancient nature gods stories where made for a reason after all.

  25. Namoth

    Namoth12 hours ago

    help guard the forest so that all wild things can live in freedom in it....and know how it will reward your bloodlines as family. also... i think it was far lees that they where illegal poachers... as the fact they found it funy to murder defenseless cubs that is not hunting for survival...thats sadism and potential sociopaths.

  26. Namoth

    Namoth12 hours ago

    The spirits of tigers might consider ouer species unworthy of respect... but they sure as hekate is vindictive can show if they think an individual earned it ,or ther help

  27. Muhammad Hasnain

    Muhammad Hasnain13 hours ago


  28. Mary Spain

    Mary Spain14 hours ago

    I CANNOT believe this narrator's first language is English. 1 calling a baby a fetus and a child. 2. Give birth from her stomach ?WTH?

  29. Lynn Hall

    Lynn Hall15 hours ago

    I've watched a few of these stories now and what eally annoys me is the misuse of pronouns; for instance, referring to men as "she/her". In this story, it tells of the young woman "Mercia" going to meet the woman she loves. Furthermore, if "Mercia" and her husband were killed in the woods by two different vehicles, how can anyone possibly know that "Mercia" had saved a young cub from being hit? The baby is said to be seven months old, but when the grandparents finally found him a month later, they called to him to come to them! Miracle child walks at eight months old? The whole story is too drawn out and reminds me of a badly knitted jumper with too many dropped stitches and gaping holes. I don't believe a word of it; it's just a shaggy wolf story.

  30. Maria Dolores Gaz

    Maria Dolores Gaz15 hours ago

    Cannot see anything

  31. Nikki ninedoor

    Nikki ninedoor15 hours ago

    This sounds like BS

  32. Joan Johnson

    Joan Johnson15 hours ago

    Didn't know train windows opened

  33. Mike Waggoner

    Mike Waggoner16 hours ago

    Wolves are telepathic. They know your intentions. We are all telepathic-unless you CHOOSE not to is a small gift God is happy to give us.....if you want it.....

  34. Barby Bubbles

    Barby Bubbles16 hours ago

    I actually do love watching this judge. He is compassionate, considerate and fair. He doesn't just let everyone off the hook, but it doesn't hang everyone high by their toenails. He is a good man, inspiring, and promising. He gives me hope for the justice system

  35. Kari Schreiber

    Kari Schreiber16 hours ago

    this is absolute crap, has little to do with the headline.

  36. Danielle Kelly

    Danielle Kelly18 hours ago

    In a short show there are to many adds

  37. Danielle Kelly

    Danielle Kelly18 hours ago

    In a short show there are to many adds

  38. CeeA Charland

    CeeA Charland18 hours ago

    I (Gramma) have both my grand babies every single day. That’s the way I want it & I’m extremely happy It has worked out for me. My husband changed things around so I can stay home. No once loves your baby like family

  39. Amy Zamora

    Amy Zamora18 hours ago

    Dammit! I hate when I hear this doods voice. I know immediately I've been duped yet I stupidly listen hoping it will be different this time. NOPE! Never is!!!

  40. Shari Here

    Shari Here19 hours ago

    This story such bs is a fact. Keep changing pictures of people involved and never did show pictures from he set up camera - such total bs blocking it now.. click bate is all it is and all should block as well

  41. Jewell Marable

    Jewell Marable19 hours ago

    Love that dog

  42. Pauline Pylant

    Pauline Pylant19 hours ago


  43. Pat Clark

    Pat Clark20 hours ago

    Drags on to long

  44. JustHere

    JustHere20 hours ago

    We don’t like it when you have clickbait to have us watch. That is just lying to us. I won’t be back, and I bet there are others. NO CLICKBAIT!!!

  45. Simonya Crozier

    Simonya Crozier20 hours ago

    wanted to see him. too much talking and repetition in dialogue

  46. Bill Welsher

    Bill Welsher20 hours ago

    What bullshit this is

  47. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle20 hours ago

    Story sounds a little far fetched... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  48. Baloo Dances

    Baloo Dances20 hours ago

    The mother is an idiot, seriously these women that latch onto men at the risk of their kids safety and health should not be called mothers but selfish child bearers

  49. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle20 hours ago

    NOT a fetus. It's a BABY.!!

  50. Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis20 hours ago

    I remember this! I think they went into the woods to escape Stalin.

  51. Zebra Plays

    Zebra Plays21 hour ago

    I think animals are innocent

  52. Tracy Paxton

    Tracy Paxton22 hours ago

    1) The title is misleading; 2) The little ninjas are annoying. They should be a bit smaller and less frequent. Otherwise this was enjoyable.

  53. Jamie Robinson

    Jamie Robinson22 hours ago

    Click bait! Just a story with no actual footage.

  54. Justine Camp

    Justine Camp22 hours ago

    What a waste, stupid people think bear is dog.

  55. Marleen Buysse

    Marleen Buysse22 hours ago


  56. lynn howell

    lynn howellDay ago

    this is straight up click bait, dumbest damn one ive seen yet, dude must be pathetically lonely in mummys basement looking for new stories to yank to

  57. Lacey Ryan

    Lacey RyanDay ago

    Hi! Judge Caprio is the best. He has a very caring way with people who end up in his courtroom. He actually feels for people and he's a wonderful human being. May God continue to bless you, Judge Caprio.

  58. Sue Smith

    Sue SmithDay ago

    Oh man I was crying listening to that that was beautiful. Thank you

  59. Sarjo Drammeh

    Sarjo DrammehDay ago


  60. peter green

    peter greenDay ago

    what a crock of old shit

  61. Ryan H

    Ryan HDay ago

    Vary bad rating

  62. Ryan H

    Ryan HDay ago

    What is this bullshit

  63. John Cofield

    John CofieldDay ago

    Who writes this script?! Damn! GET AN EDITOR!

  64. Kenneth Baker

    Kenneth BakerDay ago




    80 year old trainers? Long matted beard ?

  66. Lamees Ahmad

    Lamees AhmadDay ago

    Shew. So sad

  67. John Cofield

    John CofieldDay ago

    SOMEONE needs to edit the wording here because it makes sense in some places but makes NO sense in others. You have work to do.

  68. Игорь Кунченко

    Игорь КунченкоDay ago


  69. Evelyne Joyal

    Evelyne JoyalDay ago

    None of the picture you show has anything to do with the story. I saw the same bear in two different stories.... I hope you are not expecting people to believe you fake stories.

  70. Marshall Velasco

    Marshall VelascoDay ago

    I think the Wolves thought when they saw the first time seeing a horse in the wild and huge as they see it, maybe just luck not yet to find out the taste of a new animal to their pack...

  71. Katie Burke

    Katie BurkeDay ago