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  1. Akash Kumar

    Akash Kumar16 hours ago

    This match was no less than War

  2. Hendra Pratama

    Hendra Pratama16 hours ago

    Forzaaaaa AS.ROMA ...!! INDONESIA .....!!!

  3. Giuseppe Salamone

    Giuseppe Salamone16 hours ago


  4. Denis Reva

    Denis Reva16 hours ago

    Penalty battle 🤢 Football R.I.P. 😒

  5. Faisal Hakim Rosadi

    Faisal Hakim Rosadi16 hours ago


  6. Follow That Dream

    Follow That Dream16 hours ago

    Tra un anno quando avrete finito di scherzare richiamerete Fonseca, vero?

  7. røsa

    røsa16 hours ago

    Cr7 penalty be like failed *SuCcesSfuLly*

  8. Sa Sa

    Sa Sa16 hours ago

    Lazio KOPLAKKKK From Indonesia

  9. ARIS Munandar

    ARIS Munandar16 hours ago

    Forza Atalanta FROM 🇮🇩. Save palestina

  10. Paskalis Raswantoro

    Paskalis Raswantoro16 hours ago

    What a weird refree He look like selling his card/penalty for everyone

  11. Maximiliano José Fanego Valenzuela

    Maximiliano José Fanego Valenzuela16 hours ago


  12. Bobby Saputra

    Bobby Saputra16 hours ago


  13. Gary RealG4Life

    Gary RealG4Life16 hours ago

    Pedro. 👍 Golazo

  14. Shubham Chaudhary

    Shubham Chaudhary16 hours ago

    under pirlo, no one knows which juve will come out to match they lose even with 11 players other one they will with 10 that to against league winners !

  15. Ulug'bek Xaydarov

    Ulug'bek Xaydarov16 hours ago

    Vperyod SSSR

  16. Pasang Ronaldo

    Pasang Ronaldo16 hours ago

    Serie A style of highlighting the game is unbeatable by any other leagues 👍👍👍

  17. Muhammed Vayoth

    Muhammed Vayoth16 hours ago

    Penalties for sale....🤣

  18. gladiriliandi

    gladiriliandi16 hours ago

    First 2 penalties were too soft. But the last one should never been a pen, he kicked the ball to the left then went the other way kicking Perisic's leg who literally just standing there. What a clown, cuadrado

  19. User Unknown

    User Unknown16 hours ago

    MOTM is the ref

  20. catalina Arias

    catalina Arias16 hours ago

    Te amamos cuadrado ❤️

  21. César Isaac Rodríguez Martínez

    César Isaac Rodríguez Martínez16 hours ago

    Cuadrado to the rescue

  22. Алекс Комаров

    Алекс Комаров16 hours ago

    Миранчук красава, дали поиграть парню и вот вам результат 💪💪💪

  23. prince

    prince16 hours ago

    Pirlo out,,

  24. Ahmad Firdaus

    Ahmad Firdaus16 hours ago

    3:13 😀😀😂 ternyata, jelas ada mafia di match ini, biar Juve ada peluang bisa ucl musim depan 😂😀😂😂😂😀😀😂

  25. RonMesReBaFoot 10

    RonMesReBaFoot 1016 hours ago

    Mkhitaryan world class

  26. ARIS Munandar

    ARIS Munandar16 hours ago

    What a lot penalty for these team


    ROHIT BADOLAA16 hours ago

    Although roma won but there is no team play they are playing on there own

  28. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre16 hours ago

    You can see they played like have no burden after they won scudetto, seems like we will see more goals from Inter for the rest of season..

  29. Ayah Rayya

    Ayah Rayya16 hours ago


  30. Zzz Zzz

    Zzz Zzz16 hours ago


  31. Shuxrat Matnizop

    Shuxrat Matnizop16 hours ago

    Eldor shomurodov.🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿😉

  32. Рустам Рустамов

    Рустам Рустамов16 hours ago

    Не Айтекин ли это?

  33. S O H A M

    S O H A M16 hours ago

    Chiellini uses his hands more than his legs

  34. Kyo Gisors

    Kyo Gisors16 hours ago

    Quadrado another spectacular dive

  35. febrianinho

    febrianinho16 hours ago



    FATAHILLAH RAMA16 hours ago

    Pasti juve dibantu wasit dikasi penalti

  37. Julkifli Marbun

    Julkifli Marbun16 hours ago

    Main kasar smua anjg . Ga ad seru serunya

  38. gregorius dimas

    gregorius dimas16 hours ago

    Predictable match. Why.? Inter absolutly wins the league And Juve catch the champions league ticket


    RODRIGO RUIZ GODIN16 hours ago


  40. Vipin CB

    Vipin CB16 hours ago

    Serie a only have one king and thats Juventus💥😍

  41. Nacmio Nacmio

    Nacmio Nacmio16 hours ago

    Because this competition not profesional to many mafia

  42. idiomadnese

    idiomadnese16 hours ago

    Glad to see Rube team celebrate a win to continue the Champions League dream like they just won Champions League trophy 😂

  43. Edy Hendra

    Edy Hendra16 hours ago

    Kontroversial game.....

  44. Nacmio Nacmio

    Nacmio Nacmio16 hours ago

    Nothing club italian will win champions League in 50 years

  45. Hilman Mau

    Hilman Mau16 hours ago

    Referee FC

  46. Giulio Chianese

    Giulio Chianese16 hours ago

    Quando conta i top player sono sempre pronti. Non ci sta niente da fare, in un mondo normale staremmo a parlare di una stagione fallimentare in cui l Europa league è pure abbastanza .. ma siamo in Italia; la storia infinita.

  47. jaywill4ever

    jaywill4ever16 hours ago

    Ugliest game this year.

  48. ryan sp

    ryan sp16 hours ago

    Inter you could've finished them off 😩

  49. Tomy Budi Abadi

    Tomy Budi Abadi16 hours ago

    Wasite blok wkwk

  50. MiNiSciuta MNS

    MiNiSciuta MNS16 hours ago

    leiva 40 milioni Luis Alberto 60 milioni Milinkovic 100 milioni.... Il più forte un primavera de 18 anni 😂!!!!

  51. Motseki Makhubo

    Motseki Makhubo16 hours ago

    Attack attack attack Atalanta

  52. arsenio salsabila

    arsenio salsabila16 hours ago

    Penaltty show

  53. Derisquad Deri89

    Derisquad Deri8916 hours ago

    J is penalty FC 😅

  54. JimJam

    JimJam16 hours ago

    2 fake penalties for juve. Calcio lost today

  55. Agus Fajar choyroni

    Agus Fajar choyroni16 hours ago

    Hahahahahahahaha stupied...

  56. Miyagi & Andy Panda

    Miyagi & Andy Panda16 hours ago

    Это что за игра 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. sw MAGHO

    sw MAGHO16 hours ago

    Israrl teroris

  58. Andriy Russu

    Andriy Russu16 hours ago

    Привет всем братьям из Узбекистана и России


    YOSIA JOE16 hours ago

    Penuh dengan mafia judi😂😂😂

  60. Motay grg

    Motay grg16 hours ago

    Juve defence need to be stronger they r playing bad

  61. Узбекистон Узбекистон

    Узбекистон Узбекистон16 hours ago

    Элдорга яна 1та харидор накд бу Аталанта!!!

  62. Nimm Buzz

    Nimm Buzz16 hours ago

    Is he a volleyball referee. Exactly.

  63. The Gabrigamer 010

    The Gabrigamer 01016 hours ago

    a rega dobbiamo parlare di darboe?



    Penalty match

  65. Scrocchiarello Inc.

    Scrocchiarello Inc.16 hours ago

    fonseca quasi quasi potrebbe rimanere nella dirigenza per gettare acqua sul fuoco a mourinho quando caga fuori dal vasetto.. sarebbe un connubio che potrebbe funzionare XD daje fonsè smetti di allenare e comincia una nuova carriera.. o sennò come secondo di mou? Non sarebbe un declassamento per te

  66. Erscii

    Erscii16 hours ago

    This is an example how boring today's football is

  67. Hanish

    Hanish16 hours ago

    Atleast Serie a has referees who use var

  68. User Unknown

    User Unknown16 hours ago

    I hope Torino stay up

  69. win sport's D

    win sport's D16 hours ago

    Two crazy red card

  70. The Batman

    The Batman16 hours ago

    3:22 This is not a penalty

  71. Узбекистон Узбекистон

    Узбекистон Узбекистон16 hours ago

    Somurodov Maestro

  72. Prabir Biswas

    Prabir Biswas16 hours ago

    Ronaldo ...always the best🔥🐐

  73. PES Mobile MY

    PES Mobile MY16 hours ago

    worst match ever

  74. Lautaro el Toro martinez

    Lautaro el Toro martinez16 hours ago

    CUADRADO l unico giocatore al MONDO che fa FALLO lui..e li si DA' PURE 1 RIGORE!!!! 1 GIOCATORE PIU SCORRETTO DELLA STORIA!!!!

  75. Bakwan Gorengan

    Bakwan Gorengan16 hours ago

    Forza roma

  76. Suresh Parakkal

    Suresh Parakkal16 hours ago

    Refreying is very bad

  77. Zzz Zzz

    Zzz Zzz16 hours ago

    Penaldo puventus peferee

  78. Regan Kiyoshi

    Regan Kiyoshi16 hours ago

    Juventus ❤️❤️