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11 months ago

Slime Art Challenge!
  1. Maya Donovan

    Maya Donovan11 minutes ago

    You should do one with Rebecca Zamolo

  2. Jasleen Sandhu

    Jasleen Sandhu30 minutes ago

    Dont Gat Slime For Me

  3. Jasleen Sandhu

    Jasleen Sandhu31 minute ago

    Nono onononono

  4. Jasleen Sandhu

    Jasleen Sandhu33 minutes ago

    Slimen Kit For Me🛍

  5. Jasleen Sandhu

    Jasleen Sandhu39 minutes ago


  6. Chelsea Keith

    Chelsea Keith49 minutes ago

    💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 i have no words

  7. Yosi

    Yosi49 minutes ago

    I- need Rachel to style meee. Thank you

  8. Amy Barrios

    Amy BarriosHour ago


  9. suzy ozkan

    suzy ozkanHour ago

    you guys are the best people on you tube cause your vidios accually make scence

  10. Beautiful wolf girl Wolf

    Beautiful wolf girl WolfHour ago

    My favourite princesses is a everyone. 🌸🌸🌸🌈🌈🌈🌟🌟💐💐💐🌹🌹🎄🎄🎄🦢🦢🦢🌼🌼🌼🌞🌞🦥🦥😘😘😘🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰😍😍😇😇😊😊😊😌😌😙😙

  11. Waiwera Pearce

    Waiwera PearceHour ago

    Your good

  12. fnaf fangirl1

    fnaf fangirl1Hour ago

    I want all your disney horror movies to be real thwy would be amazing also cam u do sleeping beauty next?

  13. Rachel Holman

    Rachel HolmanHour ago


  14. Rachel Holman

    Rachel HolmanHour ago


  15. JDUB OG

    JDUB OG2 hours ago

    I like belle

  16. Renae Skerritt

    Renae Skerritt2 hours ago

    Every one

  17. Lavita Williams

    Lavita Williams2 hours ago

    No matter

  18. Arianne Erasmus

    Arianne Erasmus2 hours ago

    Mine is elsa

  19. Z a R i A

    Z a R i A2 hours ago

    3:25 wow that's tough

  20. Bianca G

    Bianca G2 hours ago

    It looks soooo good

  21. Z a R i A

    Z a R i A2 hours ago

    1:40 ooop

  22. Z a R i A

    Z a R i A2 hours ago

    1:09 those mini lockers look so cooool

  23. Harps Far

    Harps Far3 hours ago

    I want my MacBook

  24. Angie Dobbs

    Angie Dobbs3 hours ago

    I like how Carly's saying "ha, did u see the hand touch?" And Spencer's like "her hands r.. really sweaty" edit: also it's like, in the pool like they're about to kiss.

  25. Angie Dobbs

    Angie Dobbs3 hours ago

    Me as soon as the video starts:"OMG I LOVE TANAS SHIRRTTTT"

  26. Edmund Gaughan

    Edmund Gaughan4 hours ago



    HAYLIE BROWN4 hours ago

    you are the best!!!!!

  28. Clemmie0920

    Clemmie09204 hours ago

    Do It Tomorrow!!! 😂

  29. Raymond Avila JR.

    Raymond Avila JR.5 hours ago


  30. Francisco Cruz

    Francisco Cruz5 hours ago


  31. mou sinharay

    mou sinharay5 hours ago

    I have a Spider-Man chart Love It

  32. DreamingOfSam

    DreamingOfSam5 hours ago

    I love all of Rachel’s outfits

  33. Kestly Sylvain

    Kestly Sylvain5 hours ago

    lol wtf

  34. DreamingOfSam

    DreamingOfSam5 hours ago

    How is that a boy he got rlly long hair then

  35. DreamingOfSam

    DreamingOfSam5 hours ago

    I love all of Rachel’s outfits

  36. وعد وعد حسن

    وعد وعد حسن5 hours ago

    قرجثيصيdisdsrjgfbeo2 jdf😁😄😊😀😁😄😙😘😚💓💕💖💙❤💗💚💛💝💝💞💟💖💙❤💙

  37. DreamingOfSam

    DreamingOfSam5 hours ago

    I’m living for the sparkling outfit

  38. DreamingOfSam

    DreamingOfSam5 hours ago


  39. DreamingOfSam

    DreamingOfSam6 hours ago


  40. Greogarery Rose

    Greogarery Rose6 hours ago

    You might be entitled to financial compensation Belle

  41. zahra khakeel

    zahra khakeel6 hours ago

    I don't like you style your weird and very inappropriate

  42. Anastasia Jesse

    Anastasia Jesse6 hours ago

    At the start of the video I thought she was a twin

  43. zahra khakeel

    zahra khakeel6 hours ago

    I hate no one every disney princess is my fav.

  44. Bella Lyons

    Bella Lyons6 hours ago

    I am 9

  45. Mewgulflover Kpoplover

    Mewgulflover Kpoplover6 hours ago

    I found her faces so cringy lol (Rachel I mean)

  46. kolim jone

    kolim jone7 hours ago

    It’s funny that Rachel’s outfits have evolved to just be “things you might see in blade runner”

  47. Nadine Hobday

    Nadine Hobday7 hours ago

    Is it just me or did the music change at the beginning!?!

  48. Jaime Julieth Naomy Quintanilla

    Jaime Julieth Naomy Quintanilla7 hours ago

    My favorite part was when Snow White and Jazmin were fighting about who should be eating the fries it was hilarious

  49. Lady Bug

    Lady Bug7 hours ago

    I would love to see him do something other than blonde or vivid colors like bayalage with more natural tones.

  50. midnight_rose

    midnight_rose8 hours ago

    Dang he does good on ariana's makeup

  51. Maria Fenger

    Maria Fenger8 hours ago

    The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen

  52. Kaylynn Jarzombek

    Kaylynn Jarzombek8 hours ago

    Ima purple people!!

  53. midnight_rose

    midnight_rose8 hours ago

    I have a yourky pom tea cut and shes brown and we named jer coco shes soo sweet

  54. Jean Sanchez

    Jean Sanchez8 hours ago

    Sicc edit %)

  55. midnight_rose

    midnight_rose8 hours ago

    Love wensday addams outfit ITS ME FAV U LOOJ LIKD HER Love love lovd

  56. Simply_squirrel

    Simply_squirrel9 hours ago

    OMG HER FACE AT 2:30 or 2:31 LMAOOO

  57. Marcos Manzo

    Marcos Manzo9 hours ago

    Me gustó mucho 💖

  58. Jen K

    Jen K9 hours ago

    I can’t believe he cut all of that beautiful, healthy hair. So sad. She needed layers but that’s about it.

  59. Christina Ring

    Christina Ring9 hours ago

    you should swap with jojo siwa or gabi demartino or emma chamberlin

  60. Swordchild001

    Swordchild0019 hours ago

    That mint bikini looks great with Niki’s colouring - don’t know why they don’t seem to like it 🤔

  61. Gacha_Gaia _09

    Gacha_Gaia _099 hours ago

    My favorite's princess is Belle and Mulan

  62. Stefania Stipo

    Stefania Stipo10 hours ago

    The hoodie is called Oodie

  63. Mr.Ditkovitch

    Mr.Ditkovitch10 hours ago

    I liked the actor who played pider-man ... but he's forgot my rent money again !!!

  64. Nina Petković

    Nina Petković10 hours ago

    9:52 hahahahahahaha

  65. Ashton Croley

    Ashton Croley10 hours ago


  66. Psycho Besh

    Psycho Besh11 hours ago

    The "e" in egirl stands for ethernet girl yw :)

  67. Ash pine

    Ash pine11 hours ago

    You are right Edit: JK, a meme gave me an idea

  68. Sanika Mahajan

    Sanika Mahajan11 hours ago

    0:22 you can see the drones shadow lol

  69. سدرين عزيز

    سدرين عزيز11 hours ago

    5 years subscribed

  70. Luce Goose

    Luce Goose12 hours ago

    She sounds like Mickey Mouse 🐭

  71. Tiara

    Tiara13 hours ago

    The hairstylist wasn’t drunk 🥴

  72. Paradise Stein

    Paradise Stein13 hours ago

    I love how self confident Rachel is :)

  73. ゆうまYuumaGaming

    ゆうまYuumaGaming13 hours ago

    I see Dua Lipa After that

  74. C D

    C D14 hours ago

    Missed Beth. Wish she stayed consistent on youtube. But she'll always be one of my fav youtubers.

  75. tope okunlola

    tope okunlola14 hours ago


  76. hadeel aldowikat

    hadeel aldowikat14 hours ago

    Suerman batman Spider

  77. Sana Peyrow

    Sana Peyrow15 hours ago

    2021 anyone

  78. Summer Haylee Asidera

    Summer Haylee Asidera16 hours ago

    *Nobody cares about Rapunzel's haircut*

  79. Badgirl Halo

    Badgirl Halo16 hours ago

    I love your hair Rachel

  80. Abbey Cam

    Abbey Cam17 hours ago