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  1. Creed Lloyd

    Creed Lloyd11 hours ago

    This is fucking amazing

  2. Maximo Playz

    Maximo Playz11 hours ago

    I feel like they just made a racist joke about ksi without realizing it at 11:28

  3. Zrs

    Zrs11 hours ago


  4. Da Child

    Da Child11 hours ago


  5. T Dikkers

    T Dikkers12 hours ago

    My peeps! 7:25

  6. Cozy Doe

    Cozy Doe12 hours ago

    The thumbnail the name damn your Turing into tommy

  7. We like FORTNITE

    We like FORTNITE12 hours ago

    I remember 60k

  8. Travis Emmanuel

    Travis Emmanuel12 hours ago

    that pig is technoblade

  9. Acrimony

    Acrimony12 hours ago

    Tubbo calling ranboo "big guy" is very endearing

  10. Tubbi

    Tubbi12 hours ago

    . . .

  11. minedude563

    minedude56312 hours ago

    only OGs remember when i ballistic squid did this

  12. Persassy

    Persassy12 hours ago

    Does anybody else hear terraria music in the background sometimes?

  13. Appleanimations

    Appleanimations12 hours ago

    At 17:45 there's a mistake in the subtitles

  14. • Cloudi-Art •

    • Cloudi-Art •12 hours ago

    Every mcyt:funnier funniest funny hilarious mod

  15. mohd rahimie

    mohd rahimie12 hours ago

    hello from Malaysia i sub to tubbo

  16. Ready

    Ready12 hours ago

    How did you get uncracked Minecraft ???

  17. Sladewarrior55

    Sladewarrior5512 hours ago

    I remember when iBallisticSquid did this

  18. Rawrxd Help me

    Rawrxd Help me13 hours ago

    tubbo married god

  19. F.T.L

    F.T.L13 hours ago


  20. サウルディナ

    サウルディナ13 hours ago

    I'm only gonna say one thing You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round

  21. Finite Source

    Finite Source13 hours ago

    I remember playing a knockoff minecraft game that had this as the game except with shitty textures and like moon physics

  22. Gurt Games

    Gurt Games13 hours ago

    777k views lol

  23. Jacob Mangoba

    Jacob Mangoba13 hours ago


  24. YO man Lapu user

    YO man Lapu user13 hours ago

    Tubbo - "can I be half a God, a Demi God" God - "Boots" Tubbo - "Tommy I'm now a God"

  25. Clover. Claire

    Clover. Claire13 hours ago

    12:26 i just spoke to tommy innit...

  26. Lilah Philleo

    Lilah Philleo13 hours ago


  27. Park Ha Seok

    Park Ha Seok13 hours ago

    i think tthe barrel that they found is from tommyinit i think he is givng them a sign the he is jeaulus cuz thers litelary a disc in there

  28. PinkInfectedIvy

    PinkInfectedIvy13 hours ago

    THE DISC WERE WORTH MORE THAN YOU EVER WERE! (Line from old video of one of the squads channel)

  29. Summer Shine

    Summer Shine13 hours ago

    Every tubbo moment is the best tubbo moment

  30. JaxonIsDum

    JaxonIsDum13 hours ago

    forgive me i just realized I was not subscribed

  31. Damia Ramadhani

    Damia Ramadhani13 hours ago

    Can u help me kill my brother? hes very stupid

  32. Seth DeWitt

    Seth DeWitt13 hours ago

    The TommyInnit Jealousy Arc is all I need

  33. Ushmil Azad

    Ushmil Azad13 hours ago

    real ones know when iballisticsquid did this

  34. Mustafa Mustafa

    Mustafa Mustafa14 hours ago

    alright like you guys are funny and all but youve been making christian jokes for like 6 months and havnt realized maybe your making some people angry

  35. Braxton Burtis

    Braxton Burtis14 hours ago

    oh, ive played this map before, you guys did a better job with the game I did.

  36. nightmare foxy

    nightmare foxy14 hours ago

    im suprised this stuff didnt happen in 2020


    ANNA LYNN ESTANIEL14 hours ago

    im a kid but what did tommy said an dmeans im just using my mm's acc-_- that's y my pf is an adult -_-

  38. Kamani ff

    Kamani ff14 hours ago

    Sud to kamani ff

  39. Aleesha

    Aleesha14 hours ago

    *_b o o t s._*

  40. JinJanMcFlan

    JinJanMcFlan14 hours ago

    You gotta turn off stream notification noises my guy

  41. Akiara_is_sad

    Akiara_is_sad14 hours ago

    Tubbo I’m Chinese and those are not symbols 2:53

  42. Aleesha

    Aleesha14 hours ago

    **tubbo and tommy just playing a minecraft mod for a video** ranboo: *_IT IS ME... GOD_*

  43. Bermel

    Bermel14 hours ago

    I still wondering which super Mario song Tubbo and Tommy uses. Y'know, the TUUU TUUU TU TU TI TU TUU TU TURU TU TUUUUUUU

  44. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    pls i need more sp stuff

  45. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    pls play it

  46. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    lol it would be epic if you played fractured but whole

  47. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    so whens the south park content coming

  48. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    so whens the south park content coming

  49. xPanTrixisx

    xPanTrixisx14 hours ago

    I thought u would use Wurst, from its opinions Wurst is top 1 minecract hack client. But Sigma 5.0 may be better. From 1.8 - 1.16, includes a lot of hacks. 5 years of development! Try it out Tubbo_!

  50. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    so whens the south park content coming

  51. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    so whens the south park content coming

  52. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    so whens the south park content coming

  53. kenny mccormick

    kenny mccormick14 hours ago

    so whens the south park content coming

  54. Iona TB

    Iona TB14 hours ago

    I love the idea that tubbo messaged ranboo saying hey, you want to play GOD?

  55. Pie Launcher

    Pie Launcher15 hours ago

    me at 12:25 *I just spoke to tommyinnit he said give me a goddamn minute...*

  56. Cedric Lee

    Cedric Lee15 hours ago

    Tubbo: *quotes Sun Tzu: Also Tubbo: That was part of the bible

  57. Daniel Roman

    Daniel Roman15 hours ago

    This reminds me of that one mode that I had on minecraft for my Nintendo 3ds

  58. Beth M

    Beth M15 hours ago

    You guys literally make up the younger version of the Dream Trio🥺🥺🥺

  59. fausta

    fausta15 hours ago

    tommy come back noooo tommy

  60. Recon_Nuggets

    Recon_Nuggets15 hours ago

    whats the end music called

  61. Niko Xx

    Niko Xx15 hours ago

    "The man behind the wheel" My mind: The man behind the slaughter?????😲

  62. Fish GoMoo

    Fish GoMoo15 hours ago

    What is the song at 10:00 ? I really like it but idk what its called

  63. Cassius R

    Cassius R15 hours ago

    3:50 ummm lol did he just forget to have the editor blur out the client name?

  64. Richard Norris

    Richard Norris15 hours ago

    I have subscribed to all of the Minecraft youtubers now. Except Tommy. Never Tommy.

  65. King klause

    King klause15 hours ago

    Hey and my friends have made a fun mini game / map and would love some builders/testers please reply we need help

  66. MintyBear

    MintyBear15 hours ago

    Tommy wanted a woman. A few minutes later his mom needed him. You can tell me what you want, but his wish came true.

  67. Bree Crockett

    Bree Crockett15 hours ago

    Out of context, my friend was saying how she liked Tubbo_ and Tommy, and she said tubby, just thought I should share this with all of you and Tubbo_

  68. Dalila Dennis

    Dalila Dennis15 hours ago

    Tubbo jumping off with Tommy WILL be an edit

  69. Tay Law

    Tay Law16 hours ago


  70. Ray

    Ray16 hours ago

    “My helmet just broke.. **tubbo dies** and so did you...” I SPIT MY COFFEE EVERYWHERE RANBOO IS SO EFFORTLESSLY FUNNY I CANT

  71. nonspray

    nonspray16 hours ago

    “ *Hello God, I too will write a bestseller book* ” God. his humor is so underrated

  72. EPIC Art

    EPIC Art16 hours ago


  73. EPIC Art

    EPIC Art16 hours ago

    this is from a hacker: ITS WORTH IT. Impact client is free and safe

  74. Rhiannon Smith

    Rhiannon Smith16 hours ago

    Anyone else remember when iballisticsquid played this map? 🥺🥲

  75. ItsMeCorgi

    ItsMeCorgi16 hours ago

    I can't get over the fact that his subscribe sound is the sound you hear when you find a korok seed in legend of Zelda breath of the wild

  76. Ensar Qela

    Ensar Qela16 hours ago

    You have now 1.3 milion subs

  77. Frosty O

    Frosty O16 hours ago

    Mans has a 3090 what a god

  78. Ako vids

    Ako vids16 hours ago

    Boffy AND tubbo? Pog

  79. parkcxour

    parkcxour16 hours ago


  80. Alekitzu xx

    Alekitzu xx16 hours ago