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  1. Gourav Shrivas

    Gourav Shrivas12 hours ago

    My life was going smoothly until covid take away my job and then me start struggling 1:54

  2. Timmy Martin

    Timmy Martin13 hours ago

    at 27:50 2 subs are creasing and the other 2 are not lmao

  3. Jereme Tester

    Jereme Tester14 hours ago

    OH MY FUCKING GOD STEVE my guy ur my source of motivation for this kinda stuff but it spills over into everything I do mad respect

  4. Ground Zero

    Ground Zero14 hours ago

    The beast with in the beauty🙀

  5. Generation-X

    Generation-X15 hours ago

    man bro, that shts beautiful!!!

  6. Wayne Akui

    Wayne Akui15 hours ago

    What if my engine ground goes from my alternator bracket to chasis?

  7. Aaron Emberson

    Aaron Emberson15 hours ago

    Sooooo nice

  8. Donnie Grigson

    Donnie Grigson15 hours ago

    Where can I find them wire cutters at. Toledo ohio

  9. Chico Wavey

    Chico Wavey16 hours ago

    Florida avn

  10. ghostwarhammer007

    ghostwarhammer00717 hours ago

    This vidoe hits me hard everytime. 🤔wonder what it is?

  11. Daniel Helland

    Daniel Helland17 hours ago


  12. David Dixon

    David Dixon18 hours ago

    Meade aint to be played with when it comes down to the music game. Yall can't tell?! Look at all that equipment 🎶🔊 😳😖


    CARLITO’S WAY19 hours ago

    U the man with this audio shit brother 💯✊🏾💪🏾

  14. JCINE Williams

    JCINE Williams19 hours ago

    Man I need some help. I am looking at upgrading my 2010 Lincoln MKX audio (with THX and Navigation) I'm interested in Skar's SPX 65C. What would I need to purchase to have a complete system. Someone please help.

  15. Pablo Jhonny

    Pablo Jhonny20 hours ago


  16. worthey1969

    worthey196920 hours ago

    No fuses where are they

  17. Mopar Stephen

    Mopar Stephen20 hours ago

    Wow man - this is just some next level work right here! I'd love to see that in person, but I'm on the opposite end of the country.

  18. PincheBeto 714

    PincheBeto 71422 hours ago

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous truck

  19. Damian G

    Damian G22 hours ago

    The end result is beautiful.

  20. Daniel Rumey

    Daniel Rumey23 hours ago

    speechless bro!

  21. Meshal Hamzi

    Meshal HamziDay ago

    M surprised u get annoyed 😠 by the small noises while ur blowing peoples ears with that bass wierd

  22. German Soto

    German SotoDay ago

    What up bro, vids like yours are inspiring me to upgrade the audio on my 16 kia soul shoebox. Shoutout from Compton, CA!

  23. c s j

    c s jDay ago

    Game tight

  24. carlos melgoza

    carlos melgozaDay ago

    Lmaoo shits basically hybrid electric at that point

  25. justinbmx22

    justinbmx22Day ago

    Wow!!! Amazing. Looks really cool. I definitely want one

  26. Raul Laureano

    Raul LaureanoDay ago

    Question?, can the factory alternator of a 2016 Cadillac Escalade charge two batteries? I will be using 0 gauge wire from the alternator to the second spare battery positive terminal. Tnx

  27. Ward Life

    Ward LifeDay ago

    What year is the caddy?

  28. marcusadams02

    marcusadams02Day ago

    Is it good to use a lishen lithium power bank or normal XS batteries?

  29. team uncensored

    team uncensoredDay ago

    Great job bro🤘😎

  30. PG ROAD GLIDE 15

    PG ROAD GLIDE 15Day ago

    I can make those part's easy ,

  31. andrewpsfour

    andrewpsfourDay ago

    What it feels like to stop at a stoplight. And bump heavy bass. Then change the stoplight. Lol.

  32. BAYkuR 530

    BAYkuR 530Day ago

    Would it not be a good idea to crimp the wire ends with ferrules before putting them in the angled connectors? To keep all the loose ends tight and give the screws something to bite into?

  33. Dario Nunez

    Dario NunezDay ago

    How much does something like this goes for ?.

  34. Jb Wells

    Jb WellsDay ago

    What's your number

  35. Sgt Fish

    Sgt FishDay ago

    Sweet truck man minus the turkey poop..

  36. Bee Xiong

    Bee XiongDay ago

    Whats the offset?

  37. Brian

    BrianDay ago

    It’s super cool, but it just looks weird to me. Probably because the woofers look like they’re floating but idk, this box looks so bizarre compared to the say; the clear box for 6 6.5’s under the seat that Bobby gately built

  38. junior rios

    junior riosDay ago

    I would love that setup I have a 2009 lexus es350 and single father and I budget myself to maintain for my son and love the bass just can't afford to buy one. I put my priorities first so If I would win this would be a blessing!! Thanks for allowing the comment and God Bless!

  39. Guero Burban

    Guero BurbanDay ago

    300 watts wow!!! That’s a huge difference!!!!

  40. Rich Aquila

    Rich AquilaDay ago

    Oh SHIT!!!! When I heard the hummmmm then I saw the woofer flex I wasn't ready Lol

  41. Rich Aquila

    Rich AquilaDay ago

    EPIC!!! White & Black.......OH did I mention White & Black Flannel !! Is that for sale in for store? Nice work Steve!

  42. Adam Cruz

    Adam CruzDay ago

    Thank goodness 4 Kenwood

  43. Will

    WillDay ago

    Wire looks alot cleaner. Like the cover switch. Maby I would have gone with black bottom, but I see where your going, with it. The clear box reminds me of my next build. Like the neons!

  44. Andres Alvarez

    Andres Alvarez2 days ago

    All that ssshhh*tttt for listen nigga music...

  45. Kope Official

    Kope Official2 days ago

    i can't wait to drive so that i can do dumb stuff like this in front of my school

  46. Uğur B

    Uğur B2 days ago

    The Best ever video

  47. Bossmark

    Bossmark2 days ago

    I really want those old car stereos

  48. Moto Maddness

    Moto Maddness2 days ago

    I would give this to my father and put it in the trunk of his Jeep, would make a s ice fit. I’m from cold weather CT

  49. Giovanny gonçalves

    Giovanny gonçalves2 days ago

    merda. bosta de caixa, auto falante batendo invertido

  50. Elegant_Hustle

    Elegant_Hustle2 days ago

    Going real prestige ridiculous build showstopper coming together

  51. Hussle & Motivate

    Hussle & Motivate2 days ago

    what is it going into ?? sorry i’m a new subscriber lol 😂🤘🏾 H-Town and it looks so damn sick bruh !!!!

  52. Lee Carter

    Lee Carter2 days ago

    Love these videos!

  53. Pyrkhatlang Nong dhar

    Pyrkhatlang Nong dhar2 days ago

    Hello bro plz come in India 🇮🇳 also.

  54. Silent Haiku

    Silent Haiku2 days ago

    Love my Skar ZVX 8s!

  55. Daniel Wilson

    Daniel Wilson2 days ago

    When it comes to online audio “experts” , there’s an abundance of them and the horse shit they try to pass off as legitimate technical information gathered from their impressive experience and vastly superior custom installations, can be easily recognized by its putrid smell. Fortunately there are certified and trustworthy companies like SMD to provide accurate test results along with reliable installation information for many great components Thanks Steve !

  56. Carlos Berrios

    Carlos Berrios2 days ago

    Pure awesomeness bro that’s what I’m talking about man lol prestige stuff!!! Great quality and work.

  57. Dustin Sanderson

    Dustin Sanderson2 days ago

    Only 2 1500’s?

  58. Dr4nK5ippAx409 TNGIceyCL

    Dr4nK5ippAx409 TNGIceyCL2 days ago

    that sure is a pretty box I wouldn't mind having one for a Nissan Altima for 2 Nemesis Audio Mystic Series 15's lol

  59. Jason Jennings

    Jason Jennings2 days ago

    Like a garbage disposal. That’s some serious shit right there.

  60. Berrick Drake

    Berrick Drake2 days ago

    Im working on My Kawasaki ZZR600 upgrading it i wouldikw to put a 10' sub under the tail end any pointers

  61. xxxg0t3mxxx

    xxxg0t3mxxx2 days ago

    love the work as always bro i was gonna say it like i did in an older vid too bad that audio control cover wasn't white lol shout out from IN!

  62. Drexq One

    Drexq One2 days ago

    Well he got the complete package and it sounds awesome. This guy is amazing with this work

  63. Benjamin Henriquez

    Benjamin Henriquez2 days ago

    Hey can I push 2 12 Alpine Type R 4ohms with this amp?

  64. flash player

    flash player2 days ago

    me and the boys rollin in front of our school:

  65. kennedy wong

    kennedy wong2 days ago

    Bass for life ❤🧡💚💙💜🤎🖤💖💓💕❣💔🤍💘💝💛💚💚

  66. Brian Hiatt

    Brian Hiatt2 days ago

    Are there any creators as good as SMD to watch??? Even close? Please fill me in. I know Soundman, EXO, 5 Star etc!

  67. Brian Hiatt

    Brian Hiatt2 days ago

    Is there any creators as good as SMD to watch??? Even close?

  68. Mario Arizola

    Mario Arizola2 days ago

    All I have to say is chyea 🔥

  69. party parts

    party parts2 days ago

    Wiring is the best bit

  70. md g

    md g2 days ago

    Just.....beautiful. yadada....

  71. iiEnIgMaii

    iiEnIgMaii2 days ago

    Omg dj billy - beats 4 my van brings so many memories :D

  72. Vince R

    Vince R2 days ago

    Damn that is so freaking bad ass Steve. Awesome work as always

  73. Vince R

    Vince R2 days ago

    Damn the dm810 looks so fresh in white

  74. Darrell Hobbs

    Darrell Hobbs2 days ago

    This is awesome steve. I've always wanted a clear box. good job !!

  75. Atmospheric Pressure

    Atmospheric Pressure2 days ago

    Tampa/Dell 27"FHD

  76. A Ali

    A Ali3 days ago

    Im from jordan I have kia rio 2017